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  1. Malthus

    The Wilsons

    Anything over say five houses in a portfolio the scumlord should have to follow the same rules as a housing association imho
  2. Malthus

    Money bags.

    Yes you could CA is not means tested She will have been getting DLA , he gets CA and income support , probably housing benefit as well If she never spent her DLA (£145 per week) , as soon as they had over £16k any income support and housing benefit is fraud When she died after 8 weeks everything stops and he had to claim JSA ( maybe HB) As he now had over £16 k these claims were fraud As I said earlier he would have signed claims forms confirming his financial details
  3. Malthus

    Money bags.

    When making a claim he signed a declaration which clearly set out the claimants responsibility In any other country with the level of fraud the gaols would be full of such chancers
  4. Malthus

    Money bags.

    It’s not the governments money It’s our money or made up money from the magic money tree Either way it needs to stop
  5. Malthus

    Money bags.

    Ignorance of the rules is no defence
  6. Malthus

    Money bags.

    Even if it was cash or gold it’s still fraud Gotta declare all capital As an aside this is why pension credit should be a loan against the persons estate
  7. A system where each adult in a household pays their share for local services might work Had it been tried ? 😀😀😀😀😀
  8. Perfect rugby weather 😀
  9. Yes A lot of the tax avoided is due to the U.K. plus in the long run the EU will have the same corporation tax to stop ROI taking the piss 😀
  10. As ROI joined the common market at the same time as the U.K. the sensible move would be to leave and have a joint trade deal with the EU Not possible for political reasons hence the shite about the border
  11. GB is ROI’s biggest market for agricultural products and a lot of the other exports go through the UK If tariffs are applied big recession in ROI also ROI has been a big nett recipient of EU investment , without the U.K. the other 27 will have to dig deep
  12. ROI is the biggest loser out of a hard Brexit, hence the made up problem of the border
  13. Been on my avoid list for a long time due to the lack of comic content