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  1. Yip , her only skill seems to be persistence 😡😡
  2. The tv programs are good entertainment in a “homes under the hammer” style Never be a serous money making way The best classic cars are either restored professionally or by someone who knows what they are doing and happy to spend 10 years at it Both are great buys as the money or man hour expended will never be reflected in the price you pay Such diamonds are very rare in a world of bodged junk 😜
  3. Tank museum Bovington excellent Titanic Belfast boring rip off Giants Causeway - always good but under no circumstances pay to go into the rip off National Trust visitor centre Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbour , really well organised and very moving Hawaii big island volcano, probably the best day out looking at stuff I’ve ever done , and very reasonable Petra, Jordan chaotic and the most expensive day out I’ve ever had but an amazing place and well worth seeing Dubai , amazing and very expensive Chiangmai , fantastic place
  4. I think the Brexit betrayal threads will be a potential goldmine in future to hold the lying politicians / boe etc to account when they deny the fear monger shite they talked
  5. Not a problem evading arrest if the police can’t find the right house 😀😀
  6. After the first bottle all wine tastes the same
  7. Pay some posh twat with a daft name to review it and say it’s the must have wine this year kerrrching
  8. Sandra Bullock at her best in very tight trousers 👍
  9. The lottery love stories like that, in the weak minding it drowns out the losses of several million other mugs 👍
  10. I know every generation thinks are young people are stupid However millennials might just be that generation, I think it’s because all information is at their finger tips. The ones I work with have no problem solving ability and are totally flummoxed when something doesn’t work
  11. Malthus

    trans madness I’m speechless so make your own jokes about that one 👍
  12. Unless someone gave the the ticket that’s not worth the risk 😜 Very undosbods
  13. Roads have always been closed in NI,ROI and IOM for motor sport events Takes a special type of crazy to do road racing Tarmac rallying is great and not quite so mad
  14. What country’s national dress is that ? Sofaland ?