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  1. Malthus

    'drop in the number of EU and non-EU migrants'

    Capped at 2 kids, fit and able people expected to work 35 hours per week Capital limit of £16k Self employed after the first year assumed to be earning MW for the hours they work, if it’s less than 35 hours expected to look for more work Should fix most of the problems with Brown’s disaster of tax credits
  2. Malthus

    'drop in the number of EU and non-EU migrants'

    With the current economic inactivity rates and the predicted automation of many jobs I see this as a very good news story for the U.K.
  3. Malthus

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    The proposed “back stop” is always described as legally binding Once out of the EU and a sovereign nation once again if we tell the EU to stick their back stop what legal enforcement options would they have ?
  4. Malthus

    Age Tax sounds like it's happening

    Easy answer to this problem is to scrap Attendance Allowance and use the money for actual care of the elderly
  5. Malthus

    One hit wonders

  6. Malthus

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    This The whole backstop is a load of bollox The UK will never put extra border checks for customs on the Irish border, If the EU want to that’s there problem so why should the UK give them an insurance policy Feck off
  7. Great peice of self promotion , bet he gets his leg over as a result 👍 is that you @Turned Out Nice Again?
  8. Malthus

    Philip Green

    All of the allegations both business and touchy would suggest that this quite old billionaire may not be a particularly nice bloke, truly shocking
  9. Looking at flights to the US next year, anyone recommend booking sites or should I book direct with the airline ?
  10. Malthus

    Fantasy investor 2018

    £100k on LNGA looks like a US gas spike, but far to risky for real money as I found out when the wave of fracked gas arrived 10 odd years ago its at 32.88 today for the record
  11. Malthus


    add an extra ball to get something much more interesting 👍
  12. Malthus

    Ahh was pikey

    More Brexit nonsense and probably an attempt to get more funding Most Irish travellers seem to live in England now and the common travel area will continue after Brexit
  13. Malthus

    Poppies. Yes or no?

    Is that you Susan ?
  14. Malthus

    Poppies. Yes or no?

    Are you Wayne’s dad ?