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  1. I had that on the balcony of a very high hotel, very scary I’m fine being in high buildings but the door/window will be staying closed from now on
  2. Malthus


    Anyone notice that the price of flights is well up, guess Greta’s sour face and boat trips haven’t dampen demand at all
  3. Top of the So-Called BBC news feed What a bunch 😢😢
  4. Malthus


    Don’t forget Adolf, Stalin , Nixon and Chaing Kai Shek
  5. Serious prison time needed, the problem is though that in NI that costs £80k per year so the taxpayer gets screwed again 😡😡
  6. Flip side of this story and will get very limited exposure £100k stolen from tax payers , 12 months probation and pay it back , likely at £1 per week
  7. Head torch and tie a plank to your feet, be grand 😜
  8. That’s how socialism works, wealth transfer 😜 I almost wish he would win and wipe out all the dickheads who support him
  9. Disagree , the problem with any social security system is that people don’t give a shit about society and always act in their own interest So if your thick and the market rate for your labour is 50p an hour why would you work if the state is daft enough to give you £200 a week or more if you pop a few kids or let on you are mental
  10. Cold at night in the desert ? Are you on the sauce @stokiescum ?
  11. Malthus

    Northern Ireland

    Out in Belfast today at the rugby and a few beers passed @JoeDavola gaff it’s hard to believe the changes in the last 25 years Positive is that the place has come to life and everywhere is bouncing plus no bombs and security everywhere Negative there never used to be beggars everywhere and walking up Botanic is like being in Mogadishu
  12. Malthus


    40 footer of money will be at yours shortly 😜