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  1. Malthus


    As well as the abuse of the scheme by well members of “disabled” people’s families my main grip is that if you are going to have such a scheme at least insist the cars are built in the U.K.
  2. Malthus

    Genuinely great bands

    Saw the Rolling Stones in Dublin last night, great show and amazingly so considering the age of the band members
  3. Malthus

    Royal Wedding or Cup Final.

    FA cup for me , no interest in the match but a traditional day out on the beer with the mates
  4. Malthus


    BBC reporting highest Palistinian casualties since the 2014 war or is that highest casualties since they last attacked their heavily armed neighbours ? Either way all very sad, if only both parties realised there is no after life
  5. Malthus


    But they are if they do the paperwork to normalise their situation Can’t be arsed doing that then deal with the hassle
  6. Incidents like this and some of the other threads about feral behaviour really have me wondering if the thin veneer of civilisation has been worn through and we are heading for social norms last seen in Victorian times
  7. Malthus

    Old Car Spotting

    I saw a reliant robin yesterday , still crap after all these years and looked to have been painted with imulsion which didn’t help
  8. Malthus

    When did Nelson become controversial?

    Time to learn German, French, Spainish, Russian, Chinese and Icelandic etc ? The next time someone wants to invade the UK we are fecked, may as well speak the new overlords lingo 😜👍
  9. Judge can soon put a stop to that , make him marry the lovely lady 😜
  10. Malthus

    Universal credits starting to bite?

    Prescriptions are free in NI, cheers English taxpayers 😜
  11. Malthus

    The ultimate SJW

    Ultimate dickhead more like 👍
  12. Malthus

    Universal credits starting to bite?

    These sob stories are all the same , give us an income and expenditure breakdown or it’s a non story
  13. Malthus

    You must be fucking joking

    Inappropriate personnal email addresses on job applications are always a laugh not sure that hotmama or buckylover emails would help to get a job ps made up examples that are similar to ones I’ve seen used
  14. Malthus


    My cousins are all Aussies, get on great with them all but I’ve only met them a handful of times
  15. Sectarian hate goes down the generations unfortunately