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    Malthus reacted to ccc in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus August onwards 2020 (Part 4)   
    Probably same for most illnesses known to man. 
  2. Lol
    Malthus reacted to maynardgravy in Nuclear incident - Lithuanians advised to stockpile food   
    If they're telling Lithuanians to stockpile, my local lidl will be empty in minutes.
  3. Lol
    Malthus reacted to Libspero in Boobs Advent Calendar   
    You’re welcome..
  4. Agree
    Malthus reacted to eta-carinae in New vaccine and moral dilemmas   
    The sooner people start being vaccinated against this, the sooner we can stop destroying the economy and our quality of life. I doubt it will take a particularly high percentage of people taking the magic vaccine before the hysterical media and hypochondriacs drop the topic completely.
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    Malthus reacted to Frank Hovis in trans madness   
    I don't think it makes them happier.
    Genuine intersex aside it stems from being deeply unhappy as they are and seeing a sex change as a new start that will fix everything.
    When the reality generally is that it makes things worse.  Whilst in law they may change sex in reality they aren't becoming men or women they are becoming trans men or women which is obvious to everyone who encounters them.
    When you are not accepted as a man by men, or as a woman by women, then surely that is going to simply make you even more unhappy than you were in the first place as the only social situation in which you're going to fit in without getting some uncomfortable reactions is amongst other transsexuals.
    Whilst counselling would be a far better option than surgery from what I read treatment for mental health in this country ranges from poor to non-existent so that option does not appear to exist. 
    Hormones and surgery are instead a simple if fairly sledgehammer option that ticks a box and sends them away happy for a short while until they realise that whilst yes they have changed sex it is actually to being a transsexual rather than to a man or a woman.
  6. Lol
    Malthus reacted to NewryH in trans madness   
    From the article ..
    'Hannah Bryan came at a later stage and tried to pull them off, but was also seen trying to kick the male.'
    Well, I suppose that may distract them.  
  7. Lol
    Malthus reacted to King of Fools in The Woke BBC personality of the year award   
    Oh come on, he beat up a defenceless black man.
  8. Lol
    Malthus reacted to ashestoashes in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    thought Belgium was supposed to be boring
    Police raid lockdown orgy in Brussels: Hungarian MEP for Viktor Orban's anti-LGBT party resigns after being caught at 'mostly male' 25-strong sex party also attended by diplomats
  9. Lol
    Malthus reacted to The XYY Man in Cunts Corner   
    So would regular ccc shag tranny ccc...?
    I think we need to know...
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    Malthus reacted to sarahbell in I'm trying to take my former LL to court for not protecting deposit. - Am I screwed?   
    Small claims court.
    But write her a letter before action.
    Assuming you broke nothing and left the place clean.
  11. Lol
  12. Cheers
    Malthus reacted to JoeDavola in Christmas presents. Ball ache.   
    So my brother just called over, with three huge bags.
    In the bags he has a total of 25 boxes.
    He has created in effect the world's largest advent calendar, buying me 25 gifts, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas. Sounds like it took him about 10 hours to put the whole thing together, sourcing the boxes and labels on ebay, buying the gifts (a spreadsheet was involved to track/organize it all), then building the boxes and putting the labels on ect...
    He did the same thing for my parents too.
    It's a lovely thing to do, and I'm touched, and I'd never have thought about doing such a thing, but it would appear that the Christmas present ballache is back on after me just wanting to not have to bother with all that!
  13. Agree
    Malthus got a reaction from JFK in Has Coronavirus officially killed the housing market?   
    Very well done but looks like someone has watched a lot of property porn on tv and taken a lot of drugs 👍
    Needs 50% off minimum 
    One to watch @JoeDavola, do I nicely for you if there is another crash 👍
  14. Lol
    Malthus reacted to JoeDavola in The economy is totally and utterly fucked   
    BBC NI just published an article about UBI in NI:
    “Those involved have picked out an area between the Falls and Shankill Roads in Belfast - a place of historical division and deprivation - as somewhere a potential trial could be carried out.
    They have suggested sample sizes for a trial, ranging from between 1,000 to 10,000 people”
    ....so basically a bunch of chavs and paramilitary thugs are gonna be given even more free money.
  15. Agree
    Malthus reacted to spunko in Has anyone else heard the Irish complain recently about their past ill treatment in these easily offended times?   
    If you want to hear an Irish person moaning constantly about the English, give Sinead O'Connor a call... or join the Democrat party. Nearly all of these hard-line Irish moaners are actually claimed 18th generation Irish or some such nonsense. Kennedy family, Biden family, etc etc.
  16. Lol
    Malthus reacted to Gordie Lastchance in The laws of genetics with regard to eye colour   
    As we say in our part of Jockland:
    "Pontoon eyes" - where one twists and the other sticks! 
  17. Lol
    Malthus got a reaction from Gordie Lastchance in The laws of genetics with regard to eye colour   
    As we say in NI 
    One eye looking at you the other looking for you 😜
  18. Lol
    Malthus got a reaction from stokiescum in Fatties first   
    Need to vaccinate tax payers for all STD’s , we are going to be f**ked 😜
  19. Agree
    Malthus got a reaction from stokiescum in New ball please   
    Fair enough and arguably a bit lenient 
    Doubt it’ll be universally applied , same as the UK 
    Tough talk, joke application 
  20. Lol
    Malthus reacted to Oskar in "And now on the UTV...."   
    Wow thanks Joe, that bought back a lot of memories! Sitting in the front room of a crappy student house, smoking hash, eating chups'n'corrie sauce and watching shit TV. 
    Those were the days!
  21. Lol
    Malthus reacted to Loki in Fatties first   
    Probably demand seconds too, fat fucks
  22. Lol
    Malthus reacted to twocents in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus August onwards 2020 (Part 4)   
    Apparently "Mad Dog" Whitty is bent on introducing another stat - death within 28 days of hugging someone.
  23. Lol
    Malthus reacted to The XYY Man in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus August onwards 2020 (Part 4)   
    Invite me.
    I'll show you how much drinking is possible in 90 minutes, especially if you are paying for it...!
  24. Agree
    Malthus reacted to dgul in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus August onwards 2020 (Part 4)   
    So R is now <1.  So it is completely clear that lockdown works.  Yeah!
    I really don't believe the stats coming from them any more.
    I'm sure it'll be back to >1 about 15 days after the lockdown stops.  Bloody teenagers misbehaving, probably.
    And then they can have a nice new lockdown after Christmas.  And that way it'll be obvious to everyone that they have to clamour to get the lifesaving vaccine that'll make everyone happy and make the disease that killed 7% of the population go away.
  25. Informative
    Malthus reacted to Caravan Monster in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus August onwards 2020 (Part 4)   
    Since the April - May above average rise and fall in overall deaths in England / Wales, UK Column have been pushing the idea that the majority of deaths in this period were due to lockdown and these deaths have been hidden in the statistics and blamed on 'covid'. I thought they were exaggerating, but am becoming increasingly unsure about this, particularly as the inaccuracy of testing, death certificates and data collecting became more evident. Maybe the NI numbers are more honest than those on the mainland.
    On a similar theme, a Johns Hopkins University  researcher recently released an article illustrating that US death rates have remained normal in 2020, suggesting the number of deaths actually due to covid has been greatly exaggerated. The article was rapidly removed from the university website for some reason  By the magic of the internet, the original article is here:
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