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  1. Been doing this for a while now. are good if you are a heavy computer user. Got my last 3 pairs from them.
  2. So it's being reported that John Major prorogued parliament during cash for questions. Seems a bit rich for him to threaten legal action over it now!
  3. Going into this eyes wide open, I've heard about the whole thai bride problem/cultural divide, not what I'm doing. Any sign of asking for anything more than cab money and its next! Just nice to date women who are behaving nothing like their counterparts in the west!
  4. So I'm currently in Vietnam, and the difference between the women here and in the west, is night and day. Women here, even those I find on tinder, are feminine, slim and agreeable. They'll even happily cook for you. They seem to be looking for a provider type, but don't seem that money hungry (but ultimately that will take time to figure out). They seem to genuinely like westerners, one of the reasons being that they are more emotionally accessible than the local men, and they are loving my politeness and height. Oh, should also mention that unlike elsewhere in Asia there's some depth to them, they have hobbies and interests outside of shopping and drinking! There's also quite the parental pressure to get married by their mid twenties. Seems like a good place to find undeluded birds to me. Obviously there's other problems!
  5. Put £100 @4:1 on no deal. Won big on the Brexit referendum/Trump, so no biggie if I lose. At this point it's no deal or its lamp posts and piano wire tbh.
  6. inactionman

    UK internet

    This just reminded me to setup the extension for my browser, so it's all over my VPN. Buy stock in VPN providers! haha
  7. Glad that I did not take the job offer from Hammerson!
  8. I hear it's due to "hovering", women who don't want to sit on the seat because of the piss on it. Of course they then just piss all over the seat...
  9. 250Gb? I suggest you get a HP Microserver Gen10. Put an additional 8Gb of RAM in there. Add 3x drives to your liking for software RAID5 (these are pretty good). Then install the open NAS software of your choice (I prefer FreeNAS as it's pretty well used, but opinions vary), and setup SMB/CIFS sharing. Connect your workstations and transfer the data across and job done. You can then get it natively backing up to the cloud solution of your choice overnight. About £800 inc VAT (which I'm sure you can claim back). It will be pretty quiet and small; so very portable. Will also last you a fair old time. I have the gen8 under my desk, and it's virtually silent in normal operation, sounds a bit loud on initial start up though!
  10. If you just want it for file storage get a nas. Theres also the option to DIY as well, I got a hp microserver, put a USB drive in it (for the os) and a bunch of hard drives (4 x 6Tb), and put freenas ( on it. Basically it's an easy to manage appliance now and you can set it up to back up to the cloud as well.
  11. My plan is to relocate to Singapore (probably around the next scheduled general election). I'll adjust somewhat to working in probably the most westernised bit of Asia for a couple of years, then see what the rest of Asia has to offer.
  12. Been to a fair few places in Asia (Philippines, Indonesia) on holiday, but this is a scouting trip to see if I can live & work there. Going to be a bit different from a holiday!
  13. Currently off to Vietnam in April for 3.5 weeks, tempted to extend it as it will be prior to me starting a new job, maybe add Thailand, or may just add the Singapore trip I'm planning? Otherwise, planning a scouting trip to Singapore later in the year to check things out, will add somewhere else in asia for a proper holiday.
  14. Because the largest democratic mandate in British history was given to leave in 2016. The the remain side was clear that this meant no customs union, etc.