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  1. Don't trust any male contraceptive pills. They are all based off giving you transgender hormones! As was originally said, best option would be vasagel, but it's taking ages. The snip will do in a pinch. If you ever do want kids after having it, they can always directly extract the swimmers, but I'm told it's an extremely painful operation. Yeah, some women very much dislike it when told, particularly in their 30's, but that is prime baby rabies season...
  2. Bought my own domain, and attached it to a Business Office 365 E3 email account for £11 odd a month, which includes Office. It works well, it's pretty secure, and it's their problem & I don't have to worry about it. You cannot compete with these services (Office 365/Google Business) on cost or functionality. Every business I know is migrating to these as it gets rid of headaches and frees up IT staff to get stuff done that has more value attached.
  3. The rumour is there's now more votes than registered voters in a couple of states that Trump was winning. Banana republic!
  4. It's an Intel CPU, so the pins are on the motherboard.
  5. You can, but the performance is crap compared to two identical sticks as you lose half the bandwidth and it operates at the worst timings.
  6. Windows works fine through system transplants these days, may take a bit but will work. You'll lose the activation though, but it's not a biggie as you can buy an OEM copy of windows 10 (I suggest pro) from Ebay for cheap, they'll send you a key via email and it works fine. I think I paid £7 (bought pro and got enterprise, bonus!). Fully suggest upgrading the ram to a 2 stick kit, else you'll lose performance as mixed ram sizes/speeds don't work in dual channel mode. Don't get anything above 2666, as I don't think your motherboard will support it (it will just run at slower speeds).
  7. Got one of these on pre-order, for note taking/technical manuals. The gen 1 version was well-reviewed. Also have a kindle oasis for casual reading. https://remarkable.com/
  8. Normally it means they are on benefits, work for the public sector in a non-job (diversity officer or similar) or got a good divorce settlement.
  9. Use germaloids for the pain and anusol suppositories to manage it. For very bad episodes i dip a small piece of cotton wool in warm water with a few drops of witch hazel oil and tea tree oil, and use it as a suppository. Initially a bit painful, but sorts it out.
  10. Suffer from this occasionally myself. NHS treatment is awful now, they basically refuse to do anything, unless it's major! Got it treated privately, and they injected them with a derivative of almond oil, which took a few minutes and was relatively painless but rather uncomfortable. Reduced them right away, with no reoccurrence for months. Will probably get it done again soon.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Given your description earlier, i thought so, something only in extremis then! I'll stick to the ventilin inhalers i obtained online then. Plus the tea tree/Eucalyptus!
  12. @Conniption Just wondering about your thoughts that inhaled oil of oregano may be a useful treatment for covid19? Was thinking of the old steaming bowl of water, with a few drops of oregano oil in it, towel over the head and inhaling. Done it with tea tree (for acne) and Eucalyptus (cold), but as you say oregano is very different! Do you think it may work, and how much to use?
  13. Oh the placebo effect is very real! We don't understand the brain-body link, but i guarantee there's a lot to it. On homeopathy itself, don't want to derail, but I can see part of it warranting investigation, a small amount of poison to stimulate an immune response, that sounds plausible. It's the diluting it so much that it's probably below the quantities already in tap water, because "the water will remember it" where it loses me!
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