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  1. Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    What the actual fuck!
  2. Ch4 news

    Love this one!
  3. give blood

    O neg, so they always want me to donate. Do so when I can, but they like delay long my donations due to foreign travel!
  4. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Out here yes. People actually get married from it. The weird ones are those that are there for friends or networking. Really don't get that, and neither do the dates I talk to about it!
  5. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Indonesia, so far prefer it to the Philippines, despite the creeping takeover of Islam here. People talk about it interestingly!
  6. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    So a report from my trip to asia. Remarkably not many scrapper birds, and I've been looking on tinder of all places! A week and a half in, and it's stupidly easy to get dates! I just don't have the time in the day... And that's with me being totally open and honest about how long I'm here for (just under 3 weeks). Meeting lots of nice women, who I'm having deep conversations with, as well as the expected tarts who are only good for a bit of fun. Thankfully the pros and the lady boys are easy to filter out! Got to the point that I'm going to give serious thought to the expat life out here, will mull it over when I return. Thankfully my job means I can work anywhere, just need the right role / employer. Joe, you need to get out here!
  7. Building a new PC for my son

    At home I have a 250Gb M.2 NVME drive and a 1Tb SSD (then 3Tb of local spinning rust and finally a 24Tb NAS), but SSD's are expensive and it's an obvious saving. He'll just have to get used to un-installing and re-installing games! Just mount storage on the NAS as iSCSI or a simple network share. Looks like the right processor. Another option is get the local computer shop to upgrade the BIOS for you using one of their processors, but it will probably end up costing you about the same.
  8. Building a new PC for my son

    It does support it (here), but needs a BIOS upgrade. Do you have another processor you can put in there temporarily to flash the BIOS? The problem with the newer processors is that I've heard that they don't overclock as well as the old ones.
  9. Building a new PC for my son

    It's a newer generation processor. What's your motherboard? The problem you have is that you need a CPU in there to upgrade the BIOS, if your mobo doesn't support the new CPU, you are fecked.
  10. Building a new PC for my son

    Radiator size depends on what you can fit in the case, thinking about it you'd probably want a 140mm at a minimum. A 1070 should be fine for a few years, it's the kind of thing that depreciates pretty badly / innovates a lot, so better to replace it in a couple of years than try to buy for more than a couple of years in the future now. I'd suggest a samsung evo for the SSD, you probably don't need more than 250Gb.
  11. Building a new PC for my son

    Sounds like a gaming rig. Take it you are limited by the existing motherboard, else I'd actually suggest AMD CPU's currently. I might suggest getting an AIO watercooler for the processor, rather than the noctua, like this one. Relatively easy to fit and good performance. GPU prices are crazy currently! Don't bother with SLI, nothing modern can really use it (unless they support DX12) and unless you are gaming in 4k, fairly pointless. 16Gb of ram should be fine. Otherwise, what are you doing for storage? Tried looking at Scan and the like for their today only deals? You may get better prices or a steal.
  12. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I'd also say co-habitation - no; due to the sporadic pushes for "common law marriages".
  13. The Wine Thread

    Quite enjoy an english white myself, chapel down is a good vineyard. Buy a case of the bacchus reserve every so often. Keep meaning to go on a tour at some point. Their sparklings are pretty damn good as well.
  14. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    It's amazing to see exactly the same lines of argument used here against men talking frankly, that are used elsewhere against discussing the ROP. Disagree all you like, but this is a forum to have free discussion. If you want a similar low opinion of women, look at mumsnet.
  15. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I'm off to Indonesia for most of December, come along if you need the moral support.