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  1. Thanks for the advice. Given your description earlier, i thought so, something only in extremis then! I'll stick to the ventilin inhalers i obtained online then. Plus the tea tree/Eucalyptus!
  2. @Conniption Just wondering about your thoughts that inhaled oil of oregano may be a useful treatment for covid19? Was thinking of the old steaming bowl of water, with a few drops of oregano oil in it, towel over the head and inhaling. Done it with tea tree (for acne) and Eucalyptus (cold), but as you say oregano is very different! Do you think it may work, and how much to use?
  3. Oh the placebo effect is very real! We don't understand the brain-body link, but i guarantee there's a lot to it. On homeopathy itself, don't want to derail, but I can see part of it warranting investigation, a small amount of poison to stimulate an immune response, that sounds plausible. It's the diluting it so much that it's probably below the quantities already in tap water, because "the water will remember it" where it loses me!
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    It's over

    Just like the great porn wall! Go long on vpns...
  5. A lot of good stuff there, but i have to disagree here. As a physicist, this is bunkum. Homeopathy is to physics like astrology is to astronomy. It's pure placebo effect, no medicine there, unless you believe in the spiritual side. But it's definitely not scientific. Some ancient medicine is good, and the pharma industry is a bit broken (pushing drugs, with drugs to treat the side effects of drugs), but we need to have some scepticism.
  6. The situation in China sounds so dire now that it wouldn't surprise me if they deliberately infect other countries to make sure they aren't disadvantaged when we all come out of the other side of it! Very black pill i know.
  7. Just so that you know, PrEP can be bought legally online in the UK as a heterosexual individual having unprotected sex with a "consultation". Just make sure to answer the consultation questions appropriately. Google will point you in the right direction.
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    If you are running an android phone, you probably have enough storage on the associated Google account to backup your important files and folders. There's loads of tools out there to do it. If you have an office 365 account, the cloud storage they include there is huge, and it's easy to set your computer up to store basically everything there. You just need to setup your computer login to be your o365 one. It's basically foolproof. On the password front, use a password manager like keeppass or lastpass, much easier to use and very secure. Finally make sure to use MFA on all your key/cloud accounts via an app on your phone. The Microsoft one is good if your are on o365, or the Google one works fine otherwise. This prevents someone in China breaking into your accounts.
  9. Here it is. Cancelled my membership after this.
  10. It's good. Use it myself as a 4k blu-ray player. I find the optional extra remote fine.
  11. Been doing this for a while now. are good if you are a heavy computer user. Got my last 3 pairs from them.
  12. So it's being reported that John Major prorogued parliament during cash for questions. Seems a bit rich for him to threaten legal action over it now!
  13. Going into this eyes wide open, I've heard about the whole thai bride problem/cultural divide, not what I'm doing. Any sign of asking for anything more than cab money and its next! Just nice to date women who are behaving nothing like their counterparts in the west!
  14. So I'm currently in Vietnam, and the difference between the women here and in the west, is night and day. Women here, even those I find on tinder, are feminine, slim and agreeable. They'll even happily cook for you. They seem to be looking for a provider type, but don't seem that money hungry (but ultimately that will take time to figure out). They seem to genuinely like westerners, one of the reasons being that they are more emotionally accessible than the local men, and they are loving my politeness and height. Oh, should also mention that unlike elsewhere in Asia there's some depth to them, they have hobbies and interests outside of shopping and drinking! There's also quite the parental pressure to get married by their mid twenties. Seems like a good place to find undeluded birds to me. Obviously there's other problems!
  15. Put £100 @4:1 on no deal. Won big on the Brexit referendum/Trump, so no biggie if I lose. At this point it's no deal or its lamp posts and piano wire tbh.