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  1. You never seem to get mixed race lesbian couples in these ads.
  2. That's their own fault though, isn't it? They'd had plenty of warning that things were changing.
  3. What's stopping them from retiring?
  4. The other annoyance is that when actually having a meal in a restaurant, the ambience is somewhat ruined by the constant stream of delivery drivers in and out and hanging around waiting/getting shouted at for being late.
  5. So I guess all those clapping at the end feel the British Empire was a power for good?
  6. Sent from a Muslim colleague of mine
  7. Ringing up a girl to ask her out and having to explain the purpose of your call to her dad first.
  8. It doesn't say why house prices would decrease in the event of a no deal BREXIT either - it just says they could decrease and BREXIT will be the sole cause. 'UK house prices could drop by 6.2% next year if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 31 October' that statement is 100% true, as is 'UK house prices could rise by 6.2% next year if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 31 October'. My money would be on a devaluation of sterling resulting in an increase in the nominal value of assets priced in sterling - just like what happened after the BREXIT vote itself (maybe the highly knowledgeable BBC journalist could have offered that as a counter argument). I like how they think saying 6.2% adds some suggestion that there's actually some scientific calculation going on in the background, and they're not just making these figures up out of thin air.
  9. I don't know for sure, but I have an inkling that that guy is a complete dick, especially to anyone that doesn't agree with him.
  10. I have to second Graeme Greene, a mind blowingly good author. To anyone who's ever loved someone they shouldn't have or been loved by someone who shouldn't have loved them, no matter how long ago, I'd recommend read 'The end of the Affair', it will break your heart all over again!
  11. 'Pulling muscles for Michelle' by Squeeze.
  12. Yes, it's inevitable. They've now exhausted this old chestnut for getting GDP moving. Immigration now remains their only option. The problem with immigration as a means to boost GDP is that those that benefit from economic growth don't suffer the downside of unfettered immigration and those that suffer the downside of unfettered immigration don't benefit from the economic growth.
  13. Small, but important point - there was never a vote around joining the common market in 1973, we joined without a vote. There was a vote in 1975 around continued membership It's worth noting that the most vehement objectors to the common market were the Labour Party and the Trade Unions (due to the pact on the wages of UK workers).