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  1. Here's an interesting thread from a Burnley supporters forum. Most posters are clamouring to express their disgust at the events, but when a few posters ask why it's disgusting they are only met with insults and, from what I could tell, not a single reasonable argument.
  2. I'm a Saints fan so enjoyed the game to a degree. It's been obvious for a long time though that there is a concerted effort to destroy football as we know it. As one of the the last bastions of the white working class male it simply cannot be allowed to continue.
  3. Was just watching Norwich v Southampton, spotted the following (but sure I missed a few things) - massive rainbow flag behind one of the the goals, an NHS heart on the front of the shirts and BLM symbols on sleeves and wording on back of every shirt. Pundits were wearing NHS and BLM badges.
  4. Same for me, bit if I click on the tweet I can view from Twitter itself
  5. Even though I didn't need to, I decided to apply for a 3 month mortgage holiday last week. It felt wrong but in the end I thought I'm not missing out on the 'stimulus' this time round (having missed out on ppi etc previously). The process involved me entering 3 or 4 basic bits of information on the bank's (Clydesdale) website and ticking a box to say that I was suffering financial hardship because of Covid-19. Two days later I got a text saying all had been approved. No mention of higher repayments once the holiday was over (although I'd used an online calculator to work that out - approx. £20 a month). I suppose I will take the maximum break possible and build up a nice lump sum - I can always pay that lump sum back in a couple of years once this has worked its way out of the system.
  6. I suppose we're just getting a taste of what life will be like after the Great Islamic Revolution.
  8. The company I work with has a flagship head office for around 50 people just by Liverpool Street Station. They've gone the whole hog - bean bags, beer fridge, pool table, X Box, Pick and Mix etc. Senior Management have now started to question why they've bothered as productivity is much higher with everyone working from home.
  9. In the UK, one government will never do anything that could in any way be used to benefit the next government.
  10. There are Coronavirus vaccines for cats and dogs I believe.
  11. A friend of mine whose 60 year old father was put on a ventilator a week or so ago was told by the Dr that the mortality rate for those on a ventilator is around 50%, typically they will be on a ventilator for 2 to 3 weeks if they are to recover however the likely outcome becomes clear by the end of the first week.
  12. Maybe point out that if you end up buying your own kit there wouldn't be much point in continuing your membership in the future.
  13. Did the same yesterday, and they were really well stocked - (linked included as I noticed there's a few people local to the area on here). They had reduced the offering a bit so there were big kg packs of of mince, braising steak, chicken breasts etc and you just took what you wanted. Loads of other fresh stuff like vegetables, eggs etc and 25kg sacks of potatoes for a twelve quid which I thought was a bargain and should keep us going for a couple of weeks. I went quite early and it did feel a bit like just before Christmas when everyone starts piling in for their turkeys and pigs in blankets etc. Fair play to them, I know they struggle for business a lot of the time. The owner said they'd be open to the bitter end, whatever that means!
  14. The company I work for (small IT consultancy) has just put a post on LinkedIn saying how amazing the NHS is, and as a show of support, they will allow anyone in the company whose partner works in the NHS unlimited paid time off to support their partner during this time. Nice offer, except there's only 30 of us in the company and no one has a partner actually working in the NHS, so just typical virtue signalling with no actual need to do anything.