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  1. Dangerous things we do every day

    Stairs are bloody lethal!
  2. The point isn't necessarily to dispute the facts as reported by the So-Called BBC (although they are frequently incorrect) but to realise how the So-Called BBC misleads by ommssion - why have they decided to focus on those court cases in particular at the expense of reporting on other issues? How much airtime did/do they give to the activities of the Muslim rape gangs in Rochdale?
  3. Why do so few question why the state television channel feels the need to go out of its way to manufacture anti British sentiment in this way? Shouldn't our state television channel misrepresent the truth to the benefit of the British public? (Edit - rather than misrepresent the truth at the detriment of the British public).
  4. Trump: Nobody Does it Better

    When polled, the electorate of western nations have consistently, almost without exception, named immigration as a major concern for the last 50 years. Politicians are therefore happy to play on this concern if it wins them votes. As history tells us however, in reality none of them have lifted a finger to stem the tide. But why would they? Immigration equals increased consumption and lower wages which in turn, helps politicians achieve their primary aim of a greater share of the pie for them and their mates.
  5. Disgustingly White London

    If you listen carefully at 18 seconds in, it sounds like there's someone moaning about house prices!
  6. I caught literally 30 seconds of BBC breakfast in a train station waiting room this morning. We were being informed by the cheery presenter that future automation would not result in job losses, but in job 'displacement', as the uplift in economic activity generated by the automation would create many new and interesting jobs for humans in fields that they hadn't even considered. No one in the (full) waiting room looked convinced, or even the slightest bit interested.
  7. Blue badge fuckwittery

    Surely you'd be within your rights (technically speaking) to make use of those spaces in that situation?
  8. North Korea fires another missile

    It doesn't look that confusing to me tbh, I guess backed up by the fact that this is the first time it had happened.
  9. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    I've just realised that this guy was the ultra controversial figure that caused that poor girl to get interrogated at that college in the States It seems insane to be so desperate to shut down such perfectly reasonable and logical arguments.
  10. No. It's all centrally controlled.
  11. Favourite Youtube Videos

    I'm sure this is probably posted somewhere, but if not, here it is, it's great fun:
  12. British Army now has a unit of JEDI Warriors

    The French have been here before us:
  13. My thoughts exactly. I have no opinion either way on this guy, but have you ever heard one, single, positive word about him in the msm in this country? You'd think he was Hitler, not the democratically elected leader of our closest ally.
  14. Shooting the youtubed messenger

    You mean like this piece of front page news from today?
  15. Apparently 400,000 fewer people watched the second episode than watched the first.