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  1. Small, but important point - there was never a vote around joining the common market in 1973, we joined without a vote. There was a vote in 1975 around continued membership It's worth noting that the most vehement objectors to the common market were the Labour Party and the Trade Unions (due to the pact on the wages of UK workers).
  2. Used a pay phone to call the station master and tell them to leave a message for Dave, arriving on the 12:32 from Manchester, that we'd left the White Hart and we're now in the Rat and Ratchet. Find a stash of porno mags in the woods.
  3. So, just a temporary law? Is that a thing?
  4. They are fuckers aren't they? Wasn't it passed into law recently (by a single vote) that we couldn't leave with no deal?
  5. What boils my piss is self service baggage check in at airports. Jesus wept, you're not paying me so stop getting me to work for you. For the record, I always refuse to use self service check outs in Supermarkets, to the point that I'll make myself a massive pain in the arse.
  6. Propaganda needs to be broadcast constantly to be effective. the So-Called BBC is an establishment mouthpiece the aim of which is pure Cultural Marxism, the total destruction of the existing culture so that it can eventually be replaced by something else with little or no resistance. Unfortunately for the So-Called BBC propaganda also becomes entirely ineffective the moment people realise it is just propaganda. So we find ourselves in a situation where a large proportion of the British people still put their trust wholeheartedly in an altruistic, benovelent self titled 'Auntie' whilst the rest of us know it's all bullshit Here are some nice quotes from Goebbels on the subject of propaganda, keep the So-Called BBC in mind as you read them
  7. I think you mean Right Wing Incidentists
  8. Here's the actual survey btw. Good luck finding the figure the So-Called BBC quote:
  9. A more balanced article Funnily enough, the So-Called BBC are just pretending it didn't happen. Misinformation by ommision being one of their favourite tactics
  10. That's the Guardian font isn't it?
  11. Isn't Corbyn a white male? Seems a strange thing for a white male to protest against.
  12. Remind me. What exactly has Trump done that's so bad? Oh that's right he's anti globalisation and anti establishment makes perfect sense that the Labour leader would protest against that.
  13. Particularly as we know that any new referendum will read something like this 'Do you wish to leave the EU under the govs crappy deal (i.e. remaining in the EU under a worse deal than we currently have) or remain in the EU under the current deal? We also know that the establishment will take a remain vote in such a referendum to mean that we have learnt our lesson, will no longer be silly sausages, and that we would all like to fully embrace the European project moving forward. The real harm in removing no deal from the equation is that it has removed any incentive for the state to negotiate anything even resembling a good deal for the UK. A much better referendum would be, accept the govs deal or no deal because that would at least force the gov to negotiate something people might actually want.
  14. The people that write this stuff are not like us. They are the enemy.
  15. Here's an article that the sentiment of which I agree with, but the way it's reported will have most people dismissing it as nonsense: Two things, the pictures of the supposedly middle class couples. Secondly, this 'It warns of a destabilising impact if this section of society - defined as earning between 75% and 200% of the average income - continues to feel that prosperity is slipping away. In the UK, almost 60% of people live in households classified as being in this middle-income group.' So 60% of the UK are earning between 75% and 200% of what the fuck?