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  1. Bad start to the day

    Well I am having a good start to today. Currently enjoying the sunshine on the isle of Wight ferry and looking forward to a little bit of research and a very nice tax deductible lunch overlooking the ocean
  2. Disabled People

    But I know a lot of people that do...
  3. Disabled People

    No, I don't.
  4. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    It is the one and only thing they can't beat me with. And I have made sure they can't beat my kids either.
  5. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    No because they have just increased the floor before you start paying, and will continue to do so. I can also laugh because, despite being offered a place, I couldn't afford to go.
  6. Disabled People

    I am going to have to disagree with that unless you can provide evidence.
  7. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    No. It's stupid because the useless wasters get four years pissing about knowing they will never have to pay it off as they will never earn enough. Whereas the ambitious are deterred because they know they will be paying it for many, many years. It is an inverse incentive.
  8. Screwing the young just a little bit more

    It should always have been something like an extra 2% on employers NI for all graduate employees no matter when they graduated. That was the only fair way.
  9. And we wonder why uk productivity is shite? But fair play, that is pretty much how everyone seems to work nowadays so I don't blame you.
  10. Bad start to the day

    We're you on the Windrush?
  11. Tax avoidance - a moral duty?

    Does he work in the print industry?
  12. Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    They are all youngish yet wear glasses. What are the odds on that? Or perhaps some of the spectacles are a 'look at me' thing?
  13. If it's a Willy waving contest, I have had one day sick in my life. They did manage to remove my appendix, so it wasn't exactly time wasted. I will confess to having a few days that I was operating under par.
  14. Starting the research tomorrow Could probably get this for £1,500 per month - cheaper than a flat round here...
  15. An old colleague, in his previous job was a manager at one of the certification bodies. He had a member of staff off for six months or so on full pay with stress. He was very surprised to find her working the tills in Tescos. So he sacked her. Then lost the tribunal as the doctor had diagnosed 'a period of low stress work' to aid her recovery. Which sort of sums up why I will never take on staff again.