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  1. Cunning Plan

    Jumpers for goalposts

    Why don't you just stop talking about it and start the the thread?
  2. Cunning Plan

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    Was that £120 each night? How many of you?
  3. Cunning Plan

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    Excellent. I just need to forage a house and school fees and I can avoid tax altogether.
  4. Cunning Plan

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    That would be great. Would probably just about pay my council tax. Can I live on foraging?
  5. Cunning Plan

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    Except by 2020 it drops down to any business turning over £10k or more.
  6. Cunning Plan

    And you thought GDPR was bad

    So we have just got the hang of GDPR and auto enrollment pensions. And now this .. MTD for VAT From April 2019, businesses that are registered for VAT and have turnover above the VAT registration threshold of £85,000 will be required to keep digital records for VAT purposes and submit their VAT return to HMRC through MTD compatible software. Businesses will need to keep the following information as digital records: Business name, principle place of business and VAT registration number (to also include the VAT accounting scheme used by the business) The VAT account showing the audit trail between primary records and the VAT return Details about supplies made and received Businesses will need to submit their VAT returns using compatible software, which will pull information from the digital records. Digital records will need to be preserved for up to six years. I honestly wonder how the average bod has got a hope in hell of keeping up with all of this stuff.
  7. Cunning Plan

    If you want something done .... get a man to do it.

    There is a 'men in sheds' group I know of. Women are asking if they can join. They just don't get it.
  8. Cunning Plan

    No longer Made In India

    My mother lives on a sort of island in Naples, Florida. Most of her neighbours have golf carts for their daily trip to the shops etc. Seems to work very well.
  9. Cunning Plan

    Westmister car of peace

    Reported 11 injured. Come to your own conclusions.
  10. Cunning Plan

    Excessive credulity in smart people

    Don't forget your student discount card
  11. Cunning Plan

    Islamification of Europe

    Next time a form asks for my race I am going to put 'atheist' Seems only fair that we should all be able to pick our race.
  12. Cunning Plan

    Excessive credulity in smart people

    I recall it was a gradual decline due to climatic change. We were getting very excited about the heavy metal discoveries from strata of the right age. But bear in mind we were 15, being lectured in A Level geology in our lunch hours by a failed schlumberger employee who nowadays wouldn't be allowed within 100 yards of children. Sort of Dead Poets society for science geeks.
  13. Cunning Plan

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    You mean Ryka's for Bikers? I don't recall a pub though?
  14. Cunning Plan

    Excessive credulity in smart people

    I studied Geology in the early 80s when the current dinosaur extinction theory was just forming, and borderline heresy. Thankfully my teacher was a total nut job with the biggest TFH I had met at the time. He tought me to challenge everything.
  15. Cunning Plan

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    Would any bike go in the back of a car? Surely you would need to put it on its side at which point you would have a leaking fuel problem?