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  1. The lad was very surprised how many at his school (all of whom are destined to be officers) were working class. Very bright, but not posh. There were also a few that he really didn't think should be in command of a toaster, let alone a platoon. They got weeded out over the two years.
  2. I must have missed that. What was the criteria?
  3. When we have jabbed all the documented population, what do you think they are going to do about the undocumented? I think Boris has mentioned immigration amnesties before?
  4. Perhaps they will all use it to buy those laptops for their kids that they keep banging on about.
  5. I have lowered my expectations. If I can just get some sunny days, pack a picnic and set off to somewhere scenic to enjoy a glass or two that will do me for now. And not even Whittey can ban the sun forever. Oh. And bbqs. I need to get that going again as soon as.
  6. That, right there, is your problem. Those of us that didn't are doing fine.
  7. They are higher end. Avoid Fairways at all costs. But again it all depends what you are looking for (and what is open)
  8. That really depends on what sort of holiday you are looking for, and if you have kids how old they are.
  9. They have a problem with this. If they let the jabbed think not only are they safe, but also they can't infect anyone else, there is absolutely no reason they can't return to normal life. TBTB need to delay people thinking that for as long as they can. At some point they will have to do a u-turn as it makes the argument for a vaccine passport invalid.
  10. Yes. I am moving. One bit at a time.
  11. If you take them apart properly, you can get two double beds in the back of a Honda Civic.
  12. Beautiful warm sunny day here today. Sorry.
  13. Chap where I used to live had F1LMS. Which was cool. Except he was in double glazing.
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