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  1. Not everywhere. Here's one I took of Ryde High Street last weekend.
  2. I think the level of fraudulent claims for benefits will dwarf those that came out of Grenfell.
  3. Sad to say but he will discover he is just a paycheck to them. Voice of experience.
  4. It is my favourite marina. Partly for the sign saying ' to the ablutions centre' You can't get posher than that.
  5. Yes. I make him pay up front. My main debtor now is a famous children's hospital. But the accounts department seem to have gone home for the duration.
  6. Lucky you. We are having Victorian decade.
  7. No. Just the sandbanks in Chichester. Not a mistake I will make again.
  8. That is what I predicted would happen. I actually got a remittance advice today. For £360. I had almost forgotten what they looked like. The flow of money has pretty much stopped in B2B.
  9. Not really. Bearing away 5 degrees by letting out a bit of main sheet is no grief. Doesn't even require putting down the g&t in a gentle sea. If you can't spot the transit of another boat then you shouldn't be out there.
  10. Because it isn't really true. It is the case when the travel is constricted by road width, but not for a parked car.
  11. Update. I have finally managed to find who to contact at Santander. They are currently looking at 7+ working days before they can call me to open discussions. As I said, they can't cope with this.
  12. I just did a little job for them printing the cards that they sign to give away when they are asked for their autographs. They only wanted 250. It was a repeat order from 2013.
  13. I could go along with something like that. What is clear is that the banks just don't have the manpower or desire to process the amount of loans required under their normal lending rules. An alternative would be for the government to guarantee 100% of the loan, with the Director signing a PG for (say) 50%. Banks then have zero risk. So should only be allowed to charge 2% over base as a cost of facilitating and collecting the debt. That would unblock the system.