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  1. Computer illiterati of the week. Just had a client send me an email. She wants to place an order. She has put what she wants in her basket on the website. But rather than click 'checkout', she has taken a photograph of her screen (NOT a screendump) and emailed me the picture. How do some people's minds actually work?
  2. That doesn't really work as the Lord Protector is allowed to nominate his heir. So you just get a new Royal Family.
  3. For those that want to replace the current system. What would you replace it with?
  4. The nice bloke in Creed was a very nasty bloke in Black Panther. Though I don't think Mrs Flight was focussed on character traits.
  5. On that topic, why was Black Panther heralded as the first ever all black film? I watched Creed again last night. Apart from Stallone, not a single white face. I guess it was good enough to stand alone as a film, without the race card being played?
  6. I agree with this. When Charles becomes King, he would be wise to be a king in name only and pass a lot of the heavy lifting to William and Kate.
  7. Classic BBC obfuscation on Lisa Mandy. Whereas, in reality Will they ever tell the truth?
  8. It appears, to appeal to the working man, they are offering a Knight of the Realm, a Lady and the granddaughter of Lord Byers. Oh, and a couple of thick bints. Tricky choice.
  9. You have finally mastered the ancient conundrum of how to get a cup of tea in America.
  10. In a normal world I would agree. But we are in a world where you can lose your career for saying you wouldn't rape someone.
  11. 55 minutes of Tommy staring? Sounds a bit dull.
  12. I do not partake of ' The Devil's Drink' (© Pope Clement the something) so have no need to carry around a cup.
  13. @JFK Might be wise to remove the last line.
  14. Wight Flight

    OK buster!

    That is not a real word and we are not German. Kindly remove your tiles from the board and forfeit your turn.
  15. Wight Flight

    OK buster!

    We were taught an easy way to remember this at primary school. Loose morals will lose your virginity. Stuck with me all these years.