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  1. That was me. I will go out for a drink next week but the media hype put me off venturing out today.
  2. Bit late. All ours turned up two months ago. Astonishingly, this is the first time since lockdown that the neighbours haven't had visitors for the weekend.
  3. Tea is a funny thing. Ginger bloke I knew at school would apply cold tea bags to sunburn. Swore by it as a soothing mechanism.
  4. You took a picture of your food? FFS I know we don't have a banning rule here but that is really pushing the limits.
  5. Nope. Blue. Beef is never served any other way in this house.
  6. Mrs Flight's birthday on Tuesday. I have a superb USDA Chataubriand that I will cook at home. So much better than going out. Sadly.
  7. It was mentioned a while back about testing at sewage works to spot local outbreaks. Does anyone know if this is being done?
  8. You can't even blame it on being early. No tables are laid up. I bet they still asked 'Does sir have a reservation?'
  9. Thanks. It is getting very hard to distinguish guidelines from laws.
  10. I understand the average age of an infected person is now below 40. That might explain the lack of deaths.
  11. They have no choice. Unless they want to lose their licence.
  12. I hear that all flights out of Oz are cancelled. Is that true?
  13. I went to Cuba. On Concorde (the only time it flew there) and was personally greeted by Castro. Does that do the trick?