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  1. I think you might have misread. Though I do like the idea of @man o' the year carrying his 15 year old up Vesuvius.
  2. My wife and I have worked together for 25 years. In fact so long that her redundancy pay would be bigger than the divorce settlement.
  3. What does your son want you to do? I think I would start from there. And make sure he knows that is is not his fault he is being bullied. He has opened the dialogue with you so you can take strength from that.
  4. Got it. So you had a job offer from a firm in Thailand. Needed to attend an interview. Perfectly understandable and allowable.
  5. Agreed. But again why? Who benefits?
  6. Seen him in concert 7 or 8 times. Total showman. Half the excitement was wondering if he would drop dead on stage!
  7. Ok. But in the manner of a 10 year old - but why?
  8. I can easily understand why the muzzers want to blow up churches and kill Christians. I am at a total loss as to why the msm want to keep the facts hidden. And, to me, any enemy I don't understand is much more of a worry.
  9. You are projecting your own ethos onto others. It is the same mistake our politicians made.
  10. Yes. But which community? Probably not mine.
  11. This. The last three years have all been about MPs finding a way to remain in the EU without taking any personal blame for it happening. No different from Simon Cowell reverting to the public vote whenever he thinks a decision will make him unpopular.
  12. I understand the hotels were hosting an Easter breakfast. Might explain the lack of hard line muzzas?
  13. Highly recommend 'The Pillars of the Earth' by Ken Follet if you want to understand the lives of the people that built the great Cathedrals.