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  1. They can drive. And pay National Insurance.
  2. I would like all benefits to be handed out on a pre-paid debit card. This card could look and work like every other card around - so no 'stigma'. EXCEPT that it could only be used to pay for things that are zero rated for vat. Because that is what our Government has decided are essentials. If it attracts vat, you can't buy it. If you need it, lobby the government to change VAT or suck it up.
  3. Anyone on benefits that plays the lottery should hand over any winnings to the Government. That would actually help a lot of people.
  4. I would just like to say that I think @spunko is a really top bloke.
  5. That's more like it. People that enjoy going shopping. Anything by Shakespeare.
  6. Being self employed I couldn't get a mortgage. So I would need to buy cash. Out of taxed income. There is no point even trying. I buggered up my chance. Hopefully my kids will fare better. But probably not in the UK.
  7. You do realise that I don't own a house, and, despite earning a good wedge, it is very unlikely that I could buy one? I hope I don't make old age. Some cunt of a landlord deciding that he wants to tell me and Mrs Flight that, at 78, we have 2 months to move out, is not an attractive prospect.
  8. Thread crosser. Just get yourself a Peleton. That will hold all the clothing you need.
  9. Either is allowable. But given some twat purchasing manager will have agreed to pay £50 per letter, buses would have been the frugal choice.
  10. That doesn't explain why you don't care that your children will never be able to buy a house.
  11. So why does the fact that they won't be able to afford a house not affect you in any way? (Or they will move thousands of miles away to afford a house)