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  1. If you didn't like the bloke, why did you fake an orgasm to make him feel better? (And WTF has this got do do with wealth taxes?)
  2. The thin ones can buy from the Anne Summers pre-pubescent range which doesn't attract vat.
  3. An open goal I am trying so hard to avoid 😁😁
  4. Did you have to.pay the 3% stamp duty surcharge when you bought your second home? That would piss me off if I couldn't reclaim it inside the 2 year rule.
  5. But. If you have to pay cgt on the last year, it means you have made more from the house than you would have done had you sold it a year ago - otherwise there would be no tax to pay. In which case you really ought to thank him for helping you make that gain.
  6. I do wonder if this whole mask think is counterproductive? I had no problem with the anti-social distancing; in fact it led to quite a few amusing incidents and co-conspirator nods and winks as we all danced around each other in the cheese aisle. But I hear now that distancing has pretty much disappeared as the masked think they are impervious. Have the masks created a false sense of security that does more harm than good? On that theme, it would be interesting to measure a driver's average speed over a set route. Then ask them to take off the seatbelt and drive the ro
  7. I wouldn't worry. The time you lived there, plus the last two years (might be less now, slightly out of date knowledge) will be exempt so it is very unlikely you will get any sizeable CGT bill.
  8. You will be surprised to know that I agree with you. I would be happy to see many drugs legalised, so that at least the quality and strength was controlled. Sort of along the lines that I would prefer my kids drank Smirnoff over moonshine. I can't (and wouldn't want to) stop them drinking, so would prefer it was as safe as possible.
  9. Is your employer entitled to take a view on this if they believe there is a likelihood you will be arrested, and therefore will bring the employer in to disrepute?
  10. 30 years. But yes, I know you don't need to seek out a dealer. There were always at least four parked in my street every night when I lived in Surrey. The lads always pointed out that it was much easier to get drugs than alcohol.
  11. Clive Patterson. Stephen Harris. Chris Andrews. Eddie Linfield. Andy Parker. Five of my classmates that died of drugs (not with) before they reached 21. We were a class of 18 boys. That might go some way to explain my position.
  12. But if he had met and abused them on his own time, and they had known about it, they would have had no reason to sack him?
  13. Did you actively seek out a dealer and buy your first high, or was it given to you?
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