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  1. Wight Flight

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I think they closed Bedlam a few years back.
  2. Wight Flight

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I see what you did there. Using the American spelling. Very clever.
  3. Wight Flight

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    And another 0.5m get the right to vote. And despite what the msm may say, they are a long way from all being remainers.
  4. Wight Flight

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I like to think if there was an election there would be a mass of independent candidates with just one agenda. Brexit then stand down. UKIP is now poisoned so I think it might just work. Would get my vote at least.
  5. Wight Flight

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    They didn't vote against TM's deal. They voted against Europe's deal. It is an important distinction. She is just the messenger.
  6. Wight Flight

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    Both of my sons are staunch leavers. Which might be my fault. But oddly they say that nearly all their friends are the same. More so for the younger one. My guess is that there is a marginal group (20-25) who are remainers but those that are following are more enlightened.
  7. Wight Flight

    When they came for the Volvo .. I said nothing

    You clearly have no idea. My last house had a magnificent open fire (with bread oven). Sheepskin rug in front of it. Something of a miracle that I only have the two children. (But Christmas with them was magical)
  8. Wight Flight

    The degradation of work and wages

    That explains a lot 😁
  9. Wight Flight

    Man with 'massive machete' tasered at Tulse Hill tube station, London

    They could have got a better stunt arse. The one they used has eaten far too many pies.
  10. Wight Flight

    The degradation of work and wages

    Not Paul Flowers by any chance? No great surprise he didn't talk about it much. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/nov/23/coop-scandal-paul-flowers-mutual-societies
  11. Wight Flight

    The degradation of work and wages

    Good post. My dpd driver (just left sadly to escape surrey) always seemed very relaxed but was very organised. Always phoned up to check we had a collection. Some days we didn't which would. That was a few minutes saved. Multiply that across all his collections and it becomes much easier.
  12. Wight Flight

    Ahh was pikey

    This could well be a contender .. https://www.eagleradio.co.uk/news/local-news/2781686/serious-assault-in-woking-town-centre/
  13. Wight Flight


    It's the 'must lie down in a totally dark room, nausea, want to die sort of thing.' I don't think it is food related - he doesn't vary his diet much and only gets one every six months or so when stressed. Some good advice on here so far though. (as expected)
  14. Wight Flight

    The degradation of work and wages

    Landfill tax.
  15. Wight Flight


    Yes - self diagnosed. He has only had them on a few occasions (maybe four or five in the last few years). Normally he is OK with stress (the application is about as stressful as you can get) and I think it may be psychosematic - hence the thought that a placebo / homeopathic remedy would be worth a try.