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  1. @spunko on the edge here. Probably best deleted.
  2. Wight Flight


    Nah. That's a wig.
  3. Bramley I hope. Non of that French Golden delicious crap.
  4. Wight Flight


    Had one of these for thirty years. Has travelled the world with me and still going strong. (it's an Akubra for those that aren't fashionable)
  5. I was at school with Bill Pertwee's son. Never got amorous AFAIK
  6. I was outside this morning and the neighbour was talking to her cat - it was clear she thought the cat could understand her. I went back inside and told my dog. We both laughed.
  7. I think this is clutching at straws. Surely anything that Parliament does has a cost attached? (Albeit not always so much)
  8. This will put Macron in a seriously bad mood.
  9. When do the Lords step in? My understanding is that they tend not to overrule anything in a manifesto. So they should stand by the leave government's position? Or are they the remainer's reserve cavalry.
  10. Well I do write my own websites; my mother seems to be good at collecting houses and I could apply for a position at the local abbey without needing a hair makeover. Does that help?