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  1. Wight Flight

    Hardware (network) advice please

    Thanks. I guess servers are from the days of dumb terminals? All my software is run on the local machine, with just data held centrally. I did say it was a legacy system!
  2. Wight Flight

    Hardware (network) advice please

    Not without broadband at the moment :-( But I am not a big fan of the cloud - OK for backups but prefer a physical drive. I just don't quite get what a server does that an NAS doesn't?
  3. Wight Flight

    Hardware (network) advice please

    I currently have a very large, old and noisy Dell Poweredge as my network server. This is a legacy from when we had 15 or so staff accessing it. However, it is probably time to pension it off as I won't have a separate space to house it. There are now only two or three of us accessing it. Do I actually need a server anymore or will a NAS do exactly the same thing (I.e. act as drive h: to anything on the network)? It would be nice if it could be remotely accessed as well. Any suggestions? TIA. Edit. To add a complication, I will need to be able to access it from an PC running XP.
  4. Wight Flight

    Dosbods Island

    Room for 12 families here... http://www.wightagents.co.uk/property/springvale-hotel-68384.aspx
  5. Wight Flight


    Why on earth do you all put up with this shit? Wouldn't you be happier and better off working for yourself?
  6. Wight Flight

    superhero flooring

    My own fault for having York stone paving in Surrey Probably some kind of cultural misappropriation crime now.
  7. Wight Flight


    Earn? Would you like to rethink that word?
  8. Mrs Flight was a hairdresser. She refused to work on any black females. Not because she is racist, but because it is totally different and she didn't have the necessary skill set.
  9. Wight Flight

    superhero flooring

    Don't bloody joke. You know my patio was stolen. Pissed me right off.
  10. Wight Flight

    Because Brexit

    No. It is because of universal credit. Suddenly 50% of their customers can't afford a couple of weeks in the sun every few months.
  11. Wight Flight

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Feck. Was he the songwriter for R.E.M?
  12. How the Feck do you spend Ā£161k on a basic static website? Oh. I get it. It wasn't your money.
  13. Wight Flight

    Iā€™m the threadstarter, twisted threadstarter

    Don't fret Carl. You will always be a loser to me. Long may it continue. šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜
  14. Wight Flight

    Islamification of Europe

    Just happy I married one of the 20%. Or did I use my male privilege to make her that way?
  15. Wight Flight

    Tommy Robinson thread

    You may stretching the definition of paradise.