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  1. You forgot drink less. Wine is not my friend.
  2. Simple. You can only book online using a code. To start with, yes. But that is how all these things work. £20 per month for the first 6 months and then move onto full price. By which time you have them over a barrel as you control their data.
  3. No. You are confusing travel from London to the North. From the south to the north is is absolutely bloody hopeless. You either head out to Bristol or piss about with tubes and walking around London. Southampton to Manchester or Birmingham - take the plane every time. Much cheaper and much quicker.
  4. That's one way. Feedback form / special offers etc. If I go to a restaurant and think I will go again I am always happy to give my email address so long as I think I will get some benefit such as special offers or advance news on menu changes etc. The large chains are very good at it (Beefeater / Pizza Express etc). Small restaurants are mainly useless. Going back many years, The Chicago Pizza Pie Factory used to just have a jar for business cards on the counter by the exit. Drop your card in and every week they had a draw for a free meal. This was pre email but they built up a very solid customer list.
  5. Not a carbuncle as such but looks like they let the work experience lad write the description. No wonder the profession has such a low reputation. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-64579959.html?utm_content=v2-ealertspropertyimage&utm_medium=email&utm_source=emailupdates&utm_campaign=emailupdatesinstant&utm_term=letting&sc_id=16575383&onetime_FromEmail=true&cid=65133102-d676-4ae6-92a8-fa7a55ba1114&csg=4c0f57b12f9f14f6542c399057f04c760df317fc6cd3f5207d58a4dd89663dd6
  6. I'll throw an idea out there. As stated above, marketing is key. In my view, most small firms don't have the time or skill set to do it. Restaurants fit right in the centre ground of businesses that should do something and don't. Most don't even bother trying to harvest email addresses. Probably because they don't now what to do with them. The plan is to design a linked website and marketing database for restaurants. You supply the templates and they upload their menu etc. You then design marketing templates. They can log in to their account, pick a customer set, choose a pre-written (but modifiable) email and within 10 minutes they have sold out Wednesday night. Your advantage is that you can get feedback about what does and doesn't work in terms of the offers being run around the country. Therefore not only do you have the app, you also have the knowledge that would be very valuable to the restaurant. The one thing I do like about this is you have a defined customer base and a way to reach it. It is one thing saying that the entire country could be a customer, but you have to get to them. With this, a few ads in Caterer etc, a paid for review and you can get to your customer base very quickly and cheaply.
  7. It's funny. You would have thought that the internet would have meant the little guy could compete equally with the multinational. In reality, it has proved to be the opposite.
  8. Good effort but not that one. It had a meeting of the Charity trustees. They all got in the lift and when the doors opened on the 3rd floor they were all asleep. The meeting had four or five secretaries on the grounds that at least one would be awake at any time. I know I shouldn't laugh but it was full on falling off the sofa funny.
  9. My granny didn't have a first name. She was known as Mrs S..... to everyone, even to Mrs Paternoster, her neighbour for 30+ years.