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  1. I suggested Mrs Flight might cook dinner. Anyone know a good divorce lawyer? ... and a good takeaway?
  2. I thought this was 9pm on Channel 4. Did I miss something?
  3. Odd. Why not 'our wedding anniversary'? Or does he not celebrate it?
  4. Not a euphemism I have heard before. 😁😁
  5. He is a sarcastic bastard so yes, probably mine. Unless he is Gove's. Might need a wee chat with Mrs Flight.
  6. My father's day card from the eldest was a picture of him 7 years ago shaking hands with Gove. Not sure what he is trying to say.
  7. Is it normal to ask for your date of birth?
  8. How about things you have seen that can't be unseen?
  9. Childbirth. But actually I think the old way of sitting in the pub down the road with a cigar was preferable.
  10. WTF is happening? Just seen the Lidl advert. I couldn't really count but out of 40 or so people about 4 were white. With black boyfriends. Just who do they think their target market is?
  11. Not until you have got over your anger issues.