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  1. Who was it hoping to get a cheap diesel car after Dieselgate?

    Apparently JLR have recently shared their operations strategy with their suppliers. 3 models that were to be made at a plant in Europe are being brought back to the Midlands. Which is fine as long as you’re not a supplier that invested a pile of money in a plant in Slovakia that would be near the site producing the models now being made near Brum. There’s a lot of unhappy people right now...
  2. Who was it hoping to get a cheap diesel car after Dieselgate?

    Looks like Opel/Vauxhall are ‘reconfiguring’ their dealer network. https://www.irishtimes.com/business/retail-and-services/opel-puts-all-its-european-dealers-under-notice-1.3464395?mode=amp
  3. Windrush

    The first hour of 5 Live’s prime time evening programme was given to Windrush and the debate whether or not parliament should have been consulted on bombing Syria. There was no discussion of the growing body of evidence that there was no chemical attack (Robert Fisk et al).
  4. twitter is down

    How sad....
  5. Here we go...Chemical weapons kill 70 Syria

    So what do 16 shadow strike missiles cost? Not to mention the cost to put 4 tornadoes in the air to launch them. Morality aside, why are my taxes funding the bombing of yet another third world country that has done me no harm?
  6. Universal credits starting to bite?

    Her comment above sums up this woman’s attitude. This woman has pumped out 6 children without any plans on how she will provide for them. She then waits for the council to tell her what they will do for her. Get up off your arse and help yourself, and keeping your legs together would be a good start
  7. Islamification of Europe

    Deportation delayed indefinitely while he undergoes assessment. In the meantime he gets bed & board at the expense of Herr & Frau Taxpayer. I suspect that even a German prison may be a more attractive prospect than life at home.
  8. Italy

    I have been approached about a potential job near Bologna in Italy. It’s by no means a done deal. I have a smattering of Italian and the family don’t speak a word of it. As a refugee from ToS, I promptly looked at house prices and was pleasantly surprised. Were I successful, there would be a 20% uplift in gross earnings (I’m already well paid). Has any member of the hive mind lived in Italy? How does the cost of living compare? I haven’t been there in nearly 20 years. Are there any hidden costs, local taxes etc? It may come to nothing but it could also be a once in a lifetime opportunity, even if only for a few years.
  9. You must be fucking joking

    I’m hoping that with GDPR I can get myself removed from all databases related to HMRC <crosses fingers>.
  10. Zuckerberg - nasal, whingey, lying, useless cunt.

    Worth pinning this thread for that comment alone...
  11. Veganism

    As she’s a ‘green’ candidate, surely this can be marketed as some form of ‘reduce, reuse, & recycle’ initiative?
  12. Vehicle Crashes into crowd in Germany

    Clearly it’s the work of the West Swabian Liberation Front. Damn those difficult seperatists....
  13. Chinese spam again?

    I’d like mine with fried rice....
  14. Islamification of Europe

    No, most people don’t analyse current affairs closely. They accept the MSM. TR is tainted as a dodgy bloke. I don’t disagree with anything he has said, but he is unelectable and likely to be limited to being a fringe character in future events. We need a spokesperson that doesn’t have a troubled history to push the anti Islamist agenda, not someone that spends 50% of their time explaining their past.
  15. Please let Clooney & the Baldwin clan be the first to go.....