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  1. BBC R4 pushing this narrative at length at the moment. Currently interviewing someone from the So-Called BBC’s ‘Jihadist Media Monitoring Team’. Mina al Amin is her name!
  2. A neighbour of mine in Essex flew Lancasters in the second big mistake. He identified Blair as a charlatan long before he became PM. He was convinced that we are going through another ‘appeasement phase’ before he passed away 4 years ago. And yes, he referred to Cameron as Chamberlain long before the referendum.
  3. I’m not a bad man. I have a dog that I like, and as much as animals can, she likes me. I have a son & daughters, and I have taught them to respect each other and their mother. Today I took my older kids to a Stand Up Paddleboarding session where we were all coached on the basis of our ability irrespective of creed or gender. None of this would have come as a surprise to my late father or (paddleboarding aside) his father. Yet I fear that my daughters and their kids will not enjoy the same freedoms. I find myself supporting TR, a man vilified by the establishment and someone I would have rejected a handful of years ago. Some bastards are responsible for this, and I am as angry as hell. The day is coming when people like me will kick back. Unfortunately it happened in Central Europe in the ‘30’s, and the outcome wasn’t pleasant. TPTB have no idea of the forces that they risk unleashing. Nor is there any evidence of them being able to control those forces. This is not a future I wish for my children. We have been let down by our ‘leaders’, and I suspect that the fallout from Brexit will be the least of their woes in due course.
  4. Thanks for all your feedback and advice. Minor Onlooker #2, despite being a capable rugby player, is a gentle lad and therefore perceived as bully bait. I will advise the school in writing that he has an issue with these boys. Once the school is warned, I will monitor what happens and if need be, encourage him to take a stand at a time & place to his advantage.
  5. Minor Onlooker #2 is in year 8 at the local comp. It has come to light over the Easter holiday that he is having lumps kicked out of him for no reason other than being Irish. It’s my intention to go in next week and raise a major fuss. As things stand, I plan to complain to the academy, the LEA, and OFSTED. I would be interested in the learnings of the hive mind about the best way to get the school managers to pay attention.
  6. Facebook have activated their crisis response. All will now be well....
  7. Trust the plan! Happy Easter all, off Godbothering shortly with the kids and then to the sailing club. Steak off the bbq for dinner later.
  8. No chocolate but epic amounts of booze. After much campaigning, the sailing club has finally got satellite sports and I have had my ticket stamped to watch rugby there all weekend while imbibing cheap beer!
  9. Fuck off! We don’t want it. They’re all nutters up there...
  10. Every year in September, hundreds if not thousands of recreational divers put their equipment away just when the seas are at their warmest. And each year at the Easter weekend they pile back into the sea when it’s pretty much at its coldest. < scratches head and sighs>
  11. And our newcomers, whom the likes of Lammy et al believe are as British as us, are likely to ‘get over it and move on’?
  12. Let’s not lose sight of some simple facts of NI history. The current sectarian shambles is a direct result of TPTB performing a social engineering project by importing a large cohort with a different religion that wouldn’t integrate with the indigenous population. Think about that for just a little while.
  13. Because the average African is as stupid as dirt and corrupt as well. Civic society and a belief in a commonwealth where everyone benefits has never taken root in Africa. There was a veneer thin layer in colonial times, but now everyone makes out like a bandit at the earliest opportunity. And this isn’t limited to Africa btw.
  14. I don’t have a front fence, but if I did and some SJWs glued themselves to it, I might just have a little spill of petrol while filling the mower, very very close to them...
  15. No highly paid council executives will be hurt in this process, but a Grade II Clerical Officer will be given a warning.