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  1. Horrified Onlooker

    Is this site a balanced mix of opinions?

    My username on ToS was John the Pessimist. I also feel that muzzers are under represented on this forum because they seem to be every where else in society.
  2. Horrified Onlooker

    Princess Latifa

    I assume that they are the daughters of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_Latifah ? If so, I never knew that the MOBO scene was that controlling! It’s as bad as the Middle East!
  3. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Has anyone here experienced the audience screening process? I ask because they simply have idiots asking idiotic questions for the most part.
  4. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Interesting to see a professional god botherer admit to voting leave. I thought we were all ignorant manual labourers...
  5. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Is Rayner ill? She looks gaunt compared to how she was. (Not a fan, genuine question and wouldn’t wish illness on her)
  6. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    DD has done well so far. Greens lady earned my first ‘Oh fuck off!’ of the night.
  7. Horrified Onlooker

    The overpriced tat thread

    You are a marketeer and I claim my £5!
  8. Horrified Onlooker

    Priti Patel; rampant racist

    Please see my earlier post, I just happen to be a gentleman...
  9. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Listening to some of the garbage spouted last week, I assumed they were all comedians.
  10. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    5:1, you assumed that Dimbledore is an impartial chairman....
  11. Horrified Onlooker

    Priti Patel; rampant racist

    Thick thighs & calves. Always a giveaway sign that weight will go on later in life. Not as attractive in the flesh.
  12. Horrified Onlooker

    Priti Patel; rampant racist

    1. Ireland is a net exporter of food. It may not be the most exciting fare, but they won’t starve. 2. The EU would immediately reciprocate the arrangement, the U.K. is an importer of food. We would be in trouble a lot sooner. 3. There’s already a ferry service between RoI and France. Priti Patel was my MP for 6 years. She never lets details like mere facts stop her from getting headlines.
  13. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    She bangs like a shit house door in a storm?
  14. Horrified Onlooker

    Tonights vote - how many will vote to depose Treason?

    58, and she will be bulletproof for another 12 months, by which time her work here will be done....
  15. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    At the last minute the no confidence vote will be postponed, but we will be reassured that it will happen, sometime before the 21st of January. Remember where you heard it first.