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  1. Discussed at length with Minor Onlooker #1 tonight. BBC had no discussion about the role of parents, immigration or the fragmentation of society in the increase in violent crime numbers. More police and longer sentences (albeit the proposals from Bojo) were the only options explored by the state sponsored propaganda network.
  2. My other half is white British, in keeping with the black male & white female in ads thread, I’m the wog. The Irish are the blacks of Europe, and I’m Dubonnet O’Nlooker the horrified. There must be a claim of some sort there!
  3. I’m ‘posh Southern Irish’, albeit living in various places around the world for the last 20 years has moderated that accent. Apparently I sound ‘mid-Atlantic’ whatever that means. I’ve only ever been shown the door in Portadown, NI, unsurprisingly. I’ve been accused of being ‘exotic’ in Suffolk! In Brussels (not EU related), I was perceived as some sort of sex God, dunno why.
  4. Worst: Geoff Boycott’s variant of Yorkshire. It makes me want to punch the 7 shades of shit out of something. Essex (nafink) makes my skin crawl. Best: Derbyshire, by a country mile. However Scottish Highlands is a strong runner up.
  5. There appears to be some articles coming up with various methods to circumvent BoJo between now and Oct 31. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/can-a-no-deal-brexit-be-prevented-by-the-uk-s-parliament-1.3978413?mode=amp http://www.democraticaudit.com/2019/08/05/is-it-too-late-to-stop-a-no-deal-brexit/
  6. Elvis Costello’s early ‘80’s hit, which according to my mum, was called ‘I love a zombie’ (Oliver’s Army).
  7. There’s an old saying in the food industry, what’s the difference between a terrorist and a supermarket buyer? You can negotiate with a terrorist!
  8. Dunno about that.... it’s been an impressive batting collapse! Woakes is trying to put a veneer of respectability on the score.
  9. Obvs your neighbor likes Thai or Lebanese food....
  10. I wouldn’t fret. Flights subject to threats are sent to Stansted or Prestwick. Stansted has the Paras 30 minutes up the road in Colchester, and Prestwick is full of Glaswegians that are happy to punch a burning man with their bare fists. If it wasn’t diverted to those airports, it wasn’t a problem.
  11. We have all read the stories about parents that send their kids to school not able to wipe their own arses. Where are those kids going to gain any sort of moral compass, if not at school? As long as the core message remains ‘don’t be a dickhead’, does it matter how it’s dressed up. A lot of our cultural heritage in this country comes from the Christian tradition. Even if the reasonably bright kids see through it by the end of junior school it helps them understand our common identity. On other threads we lament that the British identity is being replaced. Faith, for better or worse, shaped that identity.
  12. An old friend inherited a a cottage near Seahouses. I can’t recommend enough. Beautiful part of the world. If you’re there and you meet a part-time cameraman/archeologist, say hi for me!
  13. “Never buy a calf until you’ve looked at the cow”. How her mum treats her dad is the acid test for me. That is the relationship model that she will be hard wired to emulate imho.
  14. 205 for 5 now, effectively 83 for 5.