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  1. Tell the fuckers to build, it will burn down faster than they can throw it up.
  2. Today is Bloom’s Day, the day celebrated in Joyce’s unreadable tome, Ulysses. I will mark the occasion by spending the day driving a safety boat down the sailing club. My children may notice my absence but it’s unlikely.
  3. @The Masked Tulip Excuse my ignorance, but in which god forsaken Asian hellhole is Trimsaran & Pinged? I served in several horrible hotspots thanks to that nice Mr Blair but I don’t recognise the names....
  4. Assuming that Bojo does win, will this mean the return of Grant Schapps/Michael Green to front bench politics? He is appearing in a lot of photos with Bojo’s campaign team.
  5. 19 seconds of your life well spent. It’s so short it doesn’t need a précis. https://order-order.com/2019/06/14/toby-young-destroys-socialism-one-sentence/
  6. I disagree regarding the Peterborough result. Labour was shipping in activists from as far away as North Wales. That level of focus couldn’t be achieved in a GE. BXP are organising as quickly as possible. The Tory leadership race gives the BXP the Summer and they will be better placed come any election in the Autumn. If the new PM prevaricates over Brexit, he will be playing into their hands.
  7. I was there for the rugby final last month and I was suitably impressed. Unfortunately we didn’t stay as my 13 year old son isn’t yet ready to meet the ladies of Newcastle on a Saturday night...
  8. A linky or even a brand name might help those of us without the ability to recognise shoes at a single glance. And do they come as slingbacks?
  9. I have posted elsewhere that homosexuality has gone from being banned, to being tolerated and is now celebrated. The only remaining step is to make it compulsory!
  10. While your crystal ball is warmed up, will Chukka have joined the BXP by then? Unfortunately I suspect that an unholy rainbow alliance of Libs, Labs & Nats would coalesce to block Brexit.
  11. I think I have cracked your name! It’s Miss Andry, isn’t it?
  12. He would need to stand on the despatch box, instead of standing at it....
  13. Now discussing Jo Brand. ‘Comedienne’ making excuses and drawing comparisons with Paras using a Corbyn target. In the meantime the world, particularly the Gulf of Oman, burns.