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  1. Posted elsewhere previously but; 2 years ago I was in a posh restaurant in London to celebrate the birthday of my business partner’s wife. Kanye & Kim Planetarse came in to eat. My business partner met Kanye in the gents and asked him to wish his wife happy birthday on the way back to his table. A few minutes later, Kanye passed our table and said “Paula, Happy Birthday!”. At which point my business partner responded “Not now Kanye, we’re with people”. Kanye & Planetarse sulked out shortly after...
  2. As I posted upthread, I think it’s a calculated gamble on Bojo’s part. Bring back a ‘deal’, to be voted down. Side step the Benn Act, and exit on no deal. The worst that happens is the WA is voted through. He then goes to the country having delivered the only deal parliament would accept. Either way he has a strong narrative compared to Lib & Lab. BXP will be neutered in the eyes of enough people to make a difference. Cummings gets to shape the negotiations around future trade etc and everyone’s happy.
  3. Please don’t use the phrase ‘kill several birds with one stone’. I like your posts and would like to be a character witness for the defence when you’re on trial for being a serial killer.
  4. I was watching the local rugby team play a few weeks ago. The squeeze of one of the players was talking to her friends nearby. Her & Chad* had recently bought a flat. According to her, he had painted the entire place ‘mongolia’. It cheered me up immensely as the team were playing shite. * I annonymised his name but I believe I have retained the flavour of the relationship.....
  5. I never diminished your accomplishments, however you are, on here, an outlier. Unless there’s a bunch of Lotharios here that are keeping schtum, you are operating on a different (note I don’t say better) level than the rest of us (myself included) here.
  6. There’s a category for that on Pornhub....
  7. To echo my previous point, Dodds now complaining that the WA doesn’t detail the future relationship. This was never part of the WA.
  8. No I don’t. I was making reference to Annelise Dodds’ general ineptitude. As did @Bedrag Justesen in the comment to which I responded.
  9. Former member of the Luftwaffe reliving the days of her youth I presume and nothing to do with the RoP?
  10. Do you laugh at crips & other handicapped people?
  11. How can you amend a treaty? What’s on the table is what’s on offer. Like it or reject it. If they like it, Boris ‘has delivered’, and if they reject, it’s no deal and Boris ‘has delivered’. Choose your poison Jezza. Based upon Labour’s stated policy of rejecting any Tory deal, it’s logical to assume that the ‘rebel alliance ‘ will vote down the deal. Benn Act side stepped and no deal legally viable again.
  12. Surely that’s entirely at the discretion of Bercow? Only if the EU holds to the no extension promise, can Bojo retain the whip hand...