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  1. Am I the only one who remembers when a trip to Paris was an opportunity to visit arguably the most civilised city on the planet?
  2. @Conniption Now that you have joined the internet’s ultimate time sink, you’ll never make anything else ever again!
  3. Just tell me what direction that wall faces. With the photo time stamps, and the shadows in this and your sideboard photos, I reckon your stash is now mine! Mwah hah hah ha! I’m only fucking with you. @spunko sold me your IP address as soon as you mentioned ‘stash’!
  4. You my friend, are failing to buy into the ‘British Dream’ (to own a shitily built Persimmon slave box). The Koolaid is over there in the corner. Have a sip....
  5. I heard this on the radio. I can’t understand why they are waiting until Monday?
  6. I love the sideboard. Unfortunately Mrs Onlooker isn’t a fan.
  7. Are they going to send the OP a complementary box of tampons?
  8. Has anyone stockpiled their prescription medicine? If so, was there any ‘pushback’ from the pharmacy?
  9. The government strategy of ‘Contain, Ignore, Prevaricate, & Panic’, is dependant upon people self isolating for up to a fortnight. The combination of zero hours contracts and living paycheque to paycheque means this strategy won’t work. Surely we should ‘embrace the virus’ and prepare for it to become endemic. Let’s convert suitable accommodation (We’ve halved the army in the last decade or so) and prepare to look after ill people away from our current hospitals. On the positive side, loads of spreaders attending work should mean the supply chain should be able to limp along and keep some shelves filled.
  10. Your puppy wipes its arse? Have you trained it to flush as well? <disappears off to have a stern word with the dog>
  11. FAIL! Prepper#101; Don’t tell people that you have a stash. When its needed, you’ll have a queue of desperate people outside your door, and some of them won’t be asking nicely....
  12. @spunko this thread needs pinning!
  13. Back in Dubya’s day, there was an excellent spoof Whitehouse website. And even they never had George W spout such rubbish. Mike Pence was so much better once he began speaking, and he gave it a thin veneer of plausibility. Trust the plan, my arse!
  14. Well he was never gonna say ‘Fuck this! I’m off to Walmart before the shelves empty!’
  15. Apparently the UK is the second best prepared country in the world? According to the Don...