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  1. History - recommendations?

    History is unfolding before our very eyes. I’m struggling to keep up with what is happening now, Trump, Brexit, Islamification, Transnuttery, SJW’s & the collapse of civil society. Who has the time to study the past right now, and I am a history geek.
  2. Extreme Way To Escape London

    I may have made an error, was it you or @MrPin that fought the battle of the fatbergs?
  3. TONA reborn - a vanity blog

    Don’t beat yourself up! From the sound of her domestic situation, she was likely to have to explain a late return home. Awkward when it’s the first date. Yes, she bailed but by your own admission you had come on pretty strong. It’s possible she just wanted to avoid saying no again. After a good start, you made some errors ( who hasn’t), learn and improve. Considering it’s your first/second date in how many years, you’re doing fine. Keep the faith.
  4. Extreme Way To Escape London

    Paging @Cunning Plan! https://m.independent.ie/world-news/europe/britain/does-anyone-have-a-fag-mans-first-words-as-hes-rescued-after-three-days-trapped-in-sewer-system-36613528.html
  5. Steptoe and dead child abuse dosser

    Portugal, as one of the PIIGS that got financially waterboarded by the EU, was a very grim place not so long ago. I left Ireland in 2010 for similar reasons. Thankfully it has worked out thus far, but there for the grace of God go I.
  6. Islamification of Europe

    There’s nothing I could dream up that would be cruel enough for these fuckers. And until we are prepared to match their levels of barbarity, they will continue to indulge their basest desires with our children. Petrol and a burning rag is too good for them.
  7. Baby news

    Yeah well my real name is Mohammed. I don’t contribute much to the Islamification of Europe or Van of Peace threads*. *I’m a bad Irish Catholic and herself is an ‘inhumanly filthy’ Scots Baptist. Whoever thought that theological discussion could be so entertaining and energetic!
  8. Baby news

    Sorry to bang on again but, why isn’t the child in care? Ok, the mother for reasons she doesn’t need to explain, won’t breastfeed. In normal circles you go out and buy a tub of Aptamil*. If for reasons of principle, you don’t want formula, you pay through the nose for a wet nurse, if you can afford it. You don’t concoct your own homemade brew of infant food, which is exactly what this fucked Up family have done! As a dad of 4 I’m tremendously annoyed by this piece of self indulgent fuckwittery! * Other brands are available.
  9. Baby news

    Fuck me but this is experimentation on a newborn child! If a baby feed manufacturer wanted a license for ‘transgender milk’ feed they would have to jump through a world of testing and regulation. Some ‘cock inna frock’ decides to take a cocktail of drugs so he can express ‘milk’ just because the biological mother isn’t interested, and it’s happy fucking days! Either I’m suffering some sort of early onset dementia or the world has become truly fucked up...
  10. 4x more blue badge thefts...

    And her pension book?
  11. Transgenders in team sport - so it begins

    I coached at a club where on the final Sunday of the season, the coaches played a match against the colts (adult players next season). It always started with a warning about child welfare and to take it easy. About 10 minutes in word would come that ‘on no account were we to lose to these fuckers’. Happy days
  12. Transgenders in team sport - so it begins

    It was a few years ago, but it could also be why they have rebranded as World Rugby and moved to that stronghold of rugby, Switzerland!
  13. Transgenders in team sport - so it begins

    I know a professor of endocrinology who was approached by the old International Rugby Board on this topic. 2 Romanian ‘women’ that had played lower level club rugby in France as men wanted to be eligible to play for the Romanian Women’s team. He went away and researched average heights and weights of Eastern European men & women. He examined how much testosterone a teenage woman would have to consume to achieve the level of muscle mass a teenage man achieves. Ultimately he rejected the proposal on several scientific grounds and the IRB accepted his recommendation. Subsequently, at an unrelated public meeting, this man with 15+ years of training and expertise in his subject was verbally abused by a person whose only qualification was a cock in a frock!
  14. You're all black originally

    Yes, but not for the benefit of white people.