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  1. These girls were radicalised here. Syrians & Kurds want rid of them. Ethiopia is saying nothing and could argue that the problem was created here. Until we solve how & why they got radicalised, it doesn’t matter whether they come back because we are still producing more of them, here, now, and we probably don’t know who they are. Fix the cause, and then we can decide what to do with them. They may even have a role to play in solving the problem, either as a good role model, or as a truly horrible example.
  2. Who woulda thunk it? And who paid for the research and why?
  3. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Seems to sum up the answers about Brexit, Scots Indy, Liam KKK Neeson & Westminster boozing
  4. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    JRM on next week!
  5. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Even more garbagetastic than usual. Should come with subtitles when north of Hadrian’s wall...
  6. Horrified Onlooker

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    It would be extremely foolish not to, especially if he had dependants. It’s not like he was having to choose between eating or paying for insurance.
  7. Horrified Onlooker

    Football star goes missing over English channel.

    Body must be recovered for a timely payment by insurance company. Even if the clubs weren’t insured, he (Sala) must have had life insurance. Family doesn’t want to wait 7 years hence the urgency and private search. Cynicism to the power of infinity...
  8. Horrified Onlooker

    The mother in law on holiday avoidance thread

    Tourettes could be a suitable diagnosis....
  9. Horrified Onlooker

    Never mind the rape - just get on with the race-baiting

    I take it that he has a movie that needs publicity?
  10. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    I hadn’t realised that I had been that generous....
  11. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Can you please return any likes I may have shared with you in the last 2 years?
  12. Horrified Onlooker

    Northern Ireland

    A certain generation of NI Catholics were very bitter about partition and the role that the RoI (Freestate) had in it. As did many Southern Catholics. This is why many in RoI want nothing to do with NI and happily abandoned the constitutional claim as part of the Good Friday Agreement.
  13. Horrified Onlooker

    Allah loo roll

    My toilet paper is bought in Lidl & Aldi. How come he can afford M&S? He better be a brain surgeon...
  14. Horrified Onlooker

    Baby station

    Conveniently timed feel good tale about a non indigenous medical student doing good? Just in case Mrs Miggins has doubts about sending all her ‘interesting’ neighbors back to Nomoneystan/Eastern Shitislava...
  15. Horrified Onlooker

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    When and where can I find out/confirm how my duplicitous weasel of an MP voted?