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  1. Horrified Onlooker

    Islamification of Europe

    Clearly they’re over enthusiastic hotel porters trying to get their guests bags to their rooms toot sweet!
  2. Horrified Onlooker

    Off work with stress?

    Stress, real stress, can be a hugely debilitating disease that genuinely destroys lives and mental well-being. Unfortunately too many shirkers associate a work load, or the risk of being found out, with stress. Clinically proving the difference can be difficult.
  3. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Congratulations, clearly your mother is Irish, probably from Kerry, and at worst you’re only half Yorkshire. Go buy a lottery ticket, your luck is in this week!
  4. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Christian Brothers School, in Tralee, South Western Ireland. It’s like Yorkshire but full of truly gifted and wonderful people - so completely unlike Yorkshire in that way....
  5. Horrified Onlooker

    The UKIP Roll of Honour

    You get the right to tell foreigners to fuck off...... I jest, and am Irish. I canvassed and leafletted for UKIP in 2015 in the Witham constituency. Unfortunately the candidate was a loon, and Priti Patel was a shoo in. I’ve since moved to Shropshire, and they could nominate Jimmy Saville’s corpse for the Tories and he would get elected. First past the post has a lot to answer for! However I never joined as I’m guest in this country.
  6. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I’ve always liked it since I first heard it at CBS Tralee.....
  7. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Unfortunately he has had 2 years to resign and has only done so when it became obvious to a blind man on a galloping horse that Brexit was to be reneged upon. To attack May he would have to acknowledge his own role in taking us to this point. He is damaged goods and will only lead us to another compromise.
  8. Horrified Onlooker

    Anyoneuseing Virgin media

    I use filthyslutsmedia.co.uk and you wouldn’t believe what I can access.......
  9. Horrified Onlooker

    Shots Fired

    I have no idea how that could be considered a lawful discharge of a firearm. There’s no way it could be justified on this side of the Atlantic.
  10. Horrified Onlooker

    The Workhouse

    150 years of emigration at levels unknown elsewhere in the Western world? 80 years of post-colonial angst? The control of the churches over primary education?
  11. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    According to Guido Fawkes there will be yet another rebellion tomorrow against the attempt to bring forward the recess. Has any other government in living memory descended into such a shambles?
  12. Horrified Onlooker

    Islamification of Europe

    Read the article at the link, definitely not pikey....
  13. Horrified Onlooker

    Bye bye Treason May?

    They could have the 48 letters in a heartbeat. That only triggers the contest. The 150 or so votes to displace her is the problem. And if they fail, they cannot attempt another heave for 12 months.
  14. Horrified Onlooker

    Islamification of Europe

    Nobody has never left a ‘Spoons still a virgin?
  15. Horrified Onlooker

    Heads up for QT tonight

    How do they select the QT audience? Based upon tonight’s discussion I suspect that they offer random people a warm dry place to sit....