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  1. Horrified Onlooker

    Things you wish you didn't know.

    Thanks Spunko! I will be giving lunch a miss today!
  2. Horrified Onlooker

    5g and Bristol University suicides

    I tried to inject air into my veins in year 3 of Uni. Living with friends, I had never been lonelier and couldn’t share what I was thinking. The feeling when I woke up was dreadful. Failure to top yourself is the ultimate in failure! It took 2 years to work through it. Never underestimate the effect of isolation. I have never shared this before now, despite having served with some relatively special parts of the military with screening processes in place. BTW 1g didn’t exist then!
  3. Horrified Onlooker

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    More fuckwittery on an epic scale... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/10/17/kleenex-ditch-mansize-tissues-gender-inequality-complaints/
  4. Horrified Onlooker

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    Well I will defer to your expertise on that subject...
  5. Horrified Onlooker

    The Germany is fucked thread

    I have a 14 year old daughter and I am terrified of the world she is growing up in. We bang on here about obesity and young women, but where would you let your teenage kids walk these days?
  6. Horrified Onlooker

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Young Grasshopper may be ready to leave the temple...
  7. Horrified Onlooker

    "im Milwall"

    Her madge is a West Ham fan obvs....
  8. Horrified Onlooker

    Question Time

    Mrs Onlooker is a Scotswoman, and even she acknowledges how insular and parochial the Scottish QT audiences can be...
  9. Horrified Onlooker

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    I lived outside Maldon for 6 happy years. Don’t knock Norf Essex!
  10. Horrified Onlooker

    Have we got everywhere covered? England

    29. Shropshire. Irish by birth and temperament...
  11. Horrified Onlooker

    Islamification of Europe

    Is she referring to the army being sent to Bradford & Luton?
  12. Have you considered moving to Romania? I hear there’s a lot of space there these days...
  13. There will be a ‘soft’ deal that will turn us into deal takers with no influence over the EU juggernaut. Punitive tariffs will be imposed on services ‘pour encourager les autres’. Immigration from the 3rd world will continue. Wee Krankie will make another bid for independence while the political Neanderthals in Norn Iron will continue trying to live in the 1950’s.
  14. Horrified Onlooker

    Additional Voluntary Council Tax

    Only if I can have a say in how my council tax will be spent.
  15. Horrified Onlooker

    Something sick happened in Belfast hospital

    There aren’t too many scenarios where I could advocate mob justice, but this is one. For once a punishment shooting is inadequate and something much more medieval is called for...