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  1. Great Guy

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Yeah... The crazy thing is over the last thirty years anyone stating such an obvious fact was branded a heretic (racist). We watch programmes on witches getting burned at the stake 300 years ago and wonder how our ancestors could be so stupid. I bet in 100 years time our great grandchildren will wonder how we could be so stupid to believe in multiculturalism.
  2. Great Guy

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    You're forgetting the wildlife charities in Africa. the So-Called BBC news also had a bit about Prince William interviewing David Attenborough about wildlife getting wiped out. Not one mention about massively increasing human population being in conflict with wildlife. Giving money to poor Africans means there are more Africans and less elephants...
  3. Great Guy

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    BBC news has a bit on climate change in Africa. A farmer is interviewed and the reporter says climate change is the cause of the problems in the area (ie lack of food). It also said the farmer had ten kids!! I'm not saying climate change doesn't have a major impact on Africa. However surely overpopulation has a major impact as well... However the So-Called BBC will blame whitey for problems in Africa and never Africans. the So-Called BBC has almost childlike reporting.
  4. Great Guy


    Those Zimbabweans can really show what Africans can do without the jack boot of white oppression! It's a joy to watch Zimbabwe go from strength to strength! I bet white South Africans are getting joyful about South Africa going the same way.
  5. Great Guy

    Blood Moon?

    Anyone give a fuck about it?
  6. Great Guy

    Settled Status

    Got a criminal record? Back to Europe. Dont speak English? Back to Europe. Not been working? Back to Europe. Work in a NMW job? Back to Europe.
  7. Great Guy

    Settled Status

    She was absolutedly stunning.... No pics though :(
  8. Great Guy

    Settled Status

    I agree. I don't think there are many professions that can really be described as "highly skilled". However I do remember having a conversation with a Greek girl that was doing pharmaceutical research. She said Greece had no pharmaceutical industry and she "had" to work here. I'm genuinely OK with migrants like her.
  9. Great Guy

    Settled Status

    When we voted for Brexit did anyone else think a lot of EU migrants would be asked to go home? Brits have never really been asked if we wanted millions of EU migrants coming here. Yet somehow EU migrants are the victims because they're getting asked for £65 to stay here? Tbh, I bet EU migration costs the average Brit a lot more than £65..... Dont get me wrong. I'm cool with highly skilled migrants that contribute more than they take out. However we should really be getting rid of all EU migrants that don't contribute. I'd suggest that must be over half of them.... I think this is another case of the politicians not delivering Brexit...
  10. Great Guy

    Favourite Food?

    What you do this weekend you southern monkey? Nice glass of white wine with the neighbours then down the golf club to shows off the new BMW? Get some hair on your balls and come up to the real "north Britain" that is Scotland.
  11. Great Guy

    I Chose the Wrong Profession?

    The thing is you see the countryfile calendar and the amateur photographs are genuinely awesome. I think any keen amateur photographer could produce photos that equal photographs from professionals. So how can professional photographers claim any massive skill in photography? It has to be the art form that's the "easiest". No matter how hard I tried I'd never be a good pianist or portrait painter. However I could probably bang out some fairly good photographs.
  12. Great Guy

    Favourite Food?

    Fuck off with your "north British" you southern monkey! Newcastle is clearly in the southern half of Britain you Morris dancing twat!
  13. Great Guy

    Favourite Food?

    At the risk of sounding a chav my favourite food is a cheeseburger and chips. IMHO, it doesn't get much better than 'spoons.
  14. Great Guy

    Mediteranean Migrant Watch

    I was at my parents last night watching some celebrity quiz show on the So-Called BBC. The two celebrities that won had some refugee charity as their nominated charity. the So-Called BBC donated £1k to the refugee charity. FFS, that's seven people that have paid their BBC licence that have funded that! I'm so glad I no longer pay my TV licence.
  15. Great Guy

    I Chose the Wrong Profession?

    A guy at work does some DJ work on the side. He was saying he's got booked for one wedding and is getting a grand. FFS, how hard can it be playing some music and nodding along to the music? I used to work beside a wedding registrars office. Someone at work played the pipes and he used to get £100 for dressing up in his kilt and playing for half an hour.