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  1. Islamification of Europe

    Tbh, the woman in the blue top looked quite "western". It makes me question the loyalties of all muslims.. Even the ones that dress and act like westerners.... It's not good for society having a section of society that can't really be trusted. PS. I agree that Hindus and Sikhs are pretty sound Imho.
  2. Islamification of Europe

    I'm watching it too. I was just about to post something on the stealth forum. Are the So-Called BBC trying to radicalise indigenous Brits into hating brown people? Honestly, that Asian woman in the blue top bleating on that the women IS volunteers were just misguided is speaking absolute evil.
  3. Islamification of Europe

    I remember I had a conversation with an ex paratrooper at 3am when I was in Iraq. He was saying he was in Ireland doing surveillance on a known IRA member, he was hiding in gardens etc just watching the guy. One day he was on his base and he saw this IRA member enter a house on base. He went up to his boss and said "I know this sounds crazy, but I'm sure I saw IRA man on base". Two seconds later everyone else in the room was ordered out and his boss told him "yeah, we let him stay here as he's an informer and sometimes he needs time to de stress". I think there's a lot of things were not told about. However I agree that justice has to be seen to be done.
  4. The big Oxfam thread

    Tbh. I don't give to many charities as I'm not sure they really make the world a better place. I thought Band Aid was meant to solve African hunger and it turned out that it really just made the underlying issue of overpopulation worse. Anyway, we save so many Africans from starvation and that means they have more kids and they destroy natural habitat for farming etc. How is driving elephants to the edge of extinction a good thing? Then I don't give to the likes of MSF as they clearly make Europe a worse place to live by shipping third worlders over. To be frank, if you have spare money you might as well spend it on meal and give employment to someone in Britain.
  5. Shithole Countries

    Seemingly a lot of Africans have been heading to South Africa because it was a relatively good country in a continent of shit countries. So now Cape Town has a water crisis that was likely exasperated by so many African migrants. The knock on effects are that wine growers can't get enough water for their grapes. It will also likely mean that the tourism industry suffers (who wants to go to a hot country and not be able to shower). You can see how quickly South Africa could go down the pan. Who would invest in agriculture etc when your crops will wither and die every hot summer? It's frustrating watching the only "decent" country in Africa turn into a shithole. I can only hope the Western world learns a lesson in that some cultures just can't run modern successful countries.
  6. Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

    I often think the water companies should send out free plumbers to fix leaking taps in houses. If you've got a leaking tap and put the plug in the basin it's amazing to see how much water you're wasting.
  7. Nowt as queer as folks

    A story I heard was that a Royal Marine team were doing some surveillance in Sierra Leonne. They were hiding in some bushes when a local goat herder came along with his goats. The goat herder then proceeded to fuck one of his goats with the RM team ten metres away trying not to laugh.
  8. Yeah... Maybe Burma has some lessons for us as well...
  9. Trivial Things that annoy you

    Maybe the extortionate prices are "good" as it keeps many tourists away? Imagine how busy these places would be if the prices were "cheap". One problem places like the Isle of Skye have is that loads of people take campervans over and clog the place up. Yet they don't spend a lot of money as they bring their own food and accommodation. Imho, popular tourist places like the Lakes and Skye should be charging £20 a day for anyone that brings a campervan into them.
  10. How can you build a successful multicultural society when one section has people like this in it? I no longer trust Muslims that wear obvious Islamic clothes and I don't even trust people from an Islamic background. The parents of one of the Beatles were on the telly. They were wearing western clothes and seemed to stay in an OK house. If they can produce such monstrous offspring it shows we can't really trust any of them.
  11. Lauri Love wins appeal

    I find the whole message about disability confusing. One minute we're getting told that we should treat disabled people like any other person. Then the next minute a disabled person pleads for special treatment due to their disability. I wish they'd fucking make their minds up.
  12. The good thing about this is that it will waken more people up. It's been reported that they were trying to get back to Europe. Even the most moronic SJW must wonder why we should let them into Europe. Let's face it, it's about time we had a nationwide debate about what to do with returning IS fighters. Killing them lets the politicians off the hook Imho.
  13. The Times

    I was a loyal FT reader for 25 years. However the pro migrant bias stopped me buying it.
  14. Lawyers+wimmin v. Tescos

    I'd imagine most shop workers live quite close to their work places. While I imagine most warehouse workers live a fair distance from their work places. Maybe warehouse workers get more as compensation for a longer commute?
  15. You're all black originally

    So the media are saying white people evolved from black people? Does this not reinforce the idea that whites and blacks are two different species? One thing is for sure. Very little obscure scientific research makes the news headlines. This research is only getting reported because of the multicultural spin getting put on it.