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  1. This was discussed on Question Time. The owner of OVO energy was on and he was saying the government should hand out free meals. Ffs, ovo energy took over SSE and made people redundant. My colleagues wife worked for SSE and lost her job. Talk is cheap for people that propose this type of thing. If someone like Rashford put his hand in his pocket I'd type of respect him. However I'd suspect he's not really put that much into his pet project.
  2. Transmission losses are only one part of the equation though... in the australian summer solar electricity is more or less worthless because there is too much of it. During the Australian summer we're having winter in Europe and need more electricity. It's hard not to think a massive transmission cable would be a good idea.
  3. It's just the double standards that get me in this type of discussion. On one hand as a white person I'm meant to feel guilt about african slavery which I honestly doubt my ancestors had much to do with. Then on the other hand followers of a religion whose founder was an infamous slaver get away with no criticism at all? Ffs, I cant help being white. But you can do something about which religion you follow. Just imagine the media backlash if a group of white people started a religion which considered a slaver as their hero.
  4. I think western politicians are just kicking the can along the road. Sooner or later we will need to start getting tough with people that quite frankly would either: A. Kill disbelievers. Or B. Do very little to stop the extremists in their community killing disbelievers. I'd rather have a full on Balkan style civil war than see the west become islamic. If it was me, I'd be sending to jail anyone that posted online "kill this teacher". It's incitement...
  5. I'm conflicted with free speech. On one hand I think its essential for a democracy and then I read some quotes from a certain religion renowned for its peace loving ways.. “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Those who follow him are merciful to one another, but ruthless to disbelievers.” [48:29] “O you who believe! Fight those of the non-Muslims who are near to you and let them find harshness in you.” [9:123] “Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve." In all honesty, I dont see how the above cant be considered hate speech.... If you were a fo
  6. In australia it must be getting into the summer season? The problem with solar is it's "feast or famine". I'm not really surprised electricity is worthless when the sun is shining and it cant be stored if I lived there I'd be "storing" electricity by freezing water in a giant chest freezer. When the sun goes down you can still run your air conditioning by using the frozen water. I'd just hope in a few decades that we have power cables from australia to europe.... it genuinely would be awesome using electricity in the european winter produced in the Australian summer.
  7. The uk cant treat brits and EU migrants differently though... Britain has crumbling infrastructure etc. Money spent on that would also boost the economy....
  8. Zulu. 1964. I cant see a film about a small island of white people being nearly overwhelmed by a tide of brown people being made today.
  9. The thing is if benefits are massively reduced you'll end up with a society like South America. You'll have a small section of rich people and a massive criminal underclass. I'm not sure I'd like to live in that type of society... We should start deporting foreigners that are on benefits though....
  10. In WW1 etc you had kids lying about their age so they could join up and fight the Hun. Nowadays you have Afghan men pretending to be kids so they can flee war in Afghanistan? It's very very hard not to have contempt for asylum seekers.
  11. How can that be safe for the other kids? You'll have a teenage Afghan in a class with kids 5 years younger than him.
  12. I think it depends where you live. I cant see them bothering going to remote houses on the off chance someone is in and they sign the form saying they watch telly without a licence. The success rate of TV evasion officers knocking on doors must be tiny. With the virus I bet they can't do their job
  13. I can get a pineapple from Marks and Spencers for 75 pence... it provides a good 4 portions.... that's less than 20 pence a portion. A kilo of rice is about £2 and provides about 15 serving of rice. Put some frozen peas into the rice and it's still only about 30 pence a portion...
  14. You could double benefits and some kids would still go hungry.... If someone had a dog and it went hungry the RSPCA would get called in and the culprit would go to court and the media would criticize them. However if it's a kid going hungry it's all the fault of the nasty tories! Some people just shouldn't have kids. If someone puts buying fags/ booze/ scratchcards ahead of buying food they should be charged with child cruelty.
  15. I think the problem is that certain viewpoints just aren't tolerated in workplaces etc. If I went into work and said "immigration is shit for native Brits, especially brown immigration" I'd be hauled into HR despite my viewpoint being objectively based on fact. It's the same with school and university etc. We all have to play the "diversity is great" game. It must have been like this in nazi Germany and Soviet russia where you couldn't say certain things. Thank god we can discuss things in dosbods....
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