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  1. That sounds bad. However what's the normal death rate for an ICU?
  2. Maybe this virus will push society right wing? It must be making a lot of SJWs realize that life can be absolutely shit even in Europe. Why should we be bunging £12billion a year to the third world? Why should we allow third worlders into Europe? Why should smackheads get benefits? Maybe, just maybe this virus will mean that productive members of society get a larger slice of the cake?
  3. Tbh, I dont think the NHS can be blamed for not having face masks etc. How many will they need for this virus? A million staff using a new one each day for 3 months... that would be about 90,000,000 masks... If the NHS had 90,000,000 masks people would criticise them for spending tens of millions on a product that would eventually get thrown out.
  4. That's genuinely cool. Any chance of some pics?
  5. Any rifle over 12 foot pounds needs a firearm licence. It doesn't matter if it's powered by air.
  6. Here's another one from the armoury. A two hundred year old blunderbuss. The end of the barrel was flared so it was easier to reload if you were on a horse etc.
  7. For me it was easy because I said I could shoot on my dad's land (yeah, I'm a lucky bastard). If you don't know any farmers etc I think you're semi forced to take up clay pigeon shooting. You seem a solid sort of guy and I'm fairly sure you'd get a licence. However I think the police would expect you to demonstrate some previous interest in shooting. How about getting an air gun? Or join a target club etc? Do you know anyone that shoots clays?
  8. I shoot roe deer. As long as the bullet is over 50 grains and 1000 foot pounds I'm OK.
  9. ^^ I think with healthcare demand always expands to meet supply. You could double the number of ICU beds and they will be full. So these stories about ICU wards being full is a bit of a non story. Its the same with handing out any free stuff. You could double the number of food banks and the Guardian would still have stories about starving people not getting free food from food banks.
  10. I honestly don't know what value you can place on the video from one tearful doctor. In the UK we've had a nurse on social media getting hysterical because she couldn't buy any fresh fruit. He's arguing that all people, regardless of age, should get the same treatment. He's a doctor FFS. He must know that healthcare is rationed even in normal times. It's shit, but respirators should be given to those with the best prognosis.
  11. The calibre is 223 Remington. However the ammunition I use is from Winchester. It's more or less the same calibre as the military 5.56mm. Yeah, it's a silencer. I've wondered if it effects the power of the gun. I don't have a chronograph to measure bullet speed. However I'd guess the silencer reduces speed (power) very very slightly. One thing you notice with the silencer is that it reduces recoil.
  12. You can buy a vintage shotgun for not a lot of money. Some of the old ones with external hammers look good imo. You can't fire it but they are nice to admire.
  13. The rapid 7 was a theoben? Back in the day you could have air rifle with 12 foot pounds without a licence. I think you now need a licence for that power. However I believe it's just a case of filling a form in. What did you shoot? I'd imagine 40 foot pounds would be a fairly awesome rabbit gun?
  14. I'm thinking we need some non virus threads.... There seem to be quite a few gun owners on dosbods. Here are my babies. Top one is a semi automatic berreta shotgun in super magnum (kicks like a mule). Middle one is a century old boxlock shotgun. Bottom one is a bolt action rifle in 223. I use them for vermin control - my big hobby in life is forestry. I hate when a deer or squirrel etc browses my trees :( I've fired a lot of guns... AK47, M16, SA80, M60, pistols. I started shooting as a kid with an air rifle. I have to admit I'm tempted to get a pre charged air rifle. My brother has one and he loves it.
  15. I'm watching telly and two people shook hands. The first thing that jumped into my mind was "wtf? Are they suicidal". It's amazing how your "normal" can change.