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  1. I got my shotgun licence renewed in December. I got it renewed OK. As you say, I think as long as your a sensible member of society it's easy enough to get a licence.
  2. Saudi are accusing Iran of the recent attack. This could escalate very quickly...
  3. I love spending time in the country but i reckon a winter on a farm would be a bit crap. Imagine being snowed in and being stuck with nothing but your sheep to keep you company.
  4. ^^ the white guy in the video was lucky to be able to walk at the end of it... Just imagine if ten white kids had given a black kid a beating? The media would have been hysterical with warnings about Trump and the right wing. This is why multiculturalism doesn't really work. People have more loyalty towards their own tribe. However we're meant to pretend that someone who got into the UK by hiding under a lorry is as British as someone whose family have been here a thousand years?
  5. The Liberal Democrats are dickheads. Our democratic system relies on the losing side respecting the results of elections. The LDs are riding over this convention and acting like third world dictators. It's not even like Brexit would mean that we never rejoin the EU - I'd be cool if we left then had another referendum in ten years to see if we wanted to rejoin.
  6. If someone with a drone can close Heathrow airport for a few days I don't think we can criticise Saudi too much.... What's the betting IS are looking at this and making plans...
  7. I used to work in Oman. To employ a westerner a company had to employ so many Omanis. It was known that some companies employed Omanis that weren't actually expected to work... They could literally stay in their house and no one would complain. We used to say "they got a job as an Omani". I generally quite liked the Arabs I worked with. However they generally weren't competent at technical subjects.
  8. I wonder how many western expats have decided not to go back to Saudi? There comes a point where no amount of money compensates for working in a shithole with the chance of being blown up. The entire Middle East is built on western competence. I can't help thinking the Middle East could implode very very very quickly if expats leave. How long would Riyadh survive if the electricity or water went? A couple of days? I used to have an emergency supply of water in my room. However 30 litres would really only last a few days....
  9. MSM message: we need immigrants from places like Bangladesh because they are hard working and intelligent. The reality: we finance crèches in Bangladesh because they can't organise it themselves and 40 kids drown a day. These people have nothing to offer us...
  10. The RNLI have put a statement out..
  11. I think as pieces of art goes it's actually quite good. It's making a statement on the real value of monetary wealth. Maybe more importantly it's also quite fun... If I was a billionaire I'd definitely get one.
  12. How many people work in the food industry? A couple of million? Each year each staff member will need trained on allergies. They'll get a classroom course somewhere and a multiple choice questionnaire.. The time costs will be tens of millions.... Then you have the staff costs of staff having to do deep cleans in case a sesame seed has went astray..... Then you have the costs of extra fridges/ food preparation areas/ ovens etc.
  13. The flats were about a century old. Originally (I imagine) a single landowner would have built the flats and sold them on. Over time individual people buy each flat. i look at buildings and it's generally the ones under multiple ownership that don't get routine maintenance (ie weeds growing in gutters/ communal areas falling apart).