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  1. ^^ the thing is if you only saw the second part of that video you'd see a cop punching a woman without any context. With the guy that died we've seen him getting held down. But we don't know what he was doing before hand. Context really is everything.
  2. slave (n.) late 13c., "person who is the chattel or property of another," from Old French esclave(13c.), from Medieval Latin Sclavus "slave" (source also of Italian schiavo, French esclave, Spanish esclavo), originally "Slav" (see Slav); so used in this secondary sense because of the many Slavs sold into slavery by conquering peopl
  3. What I find amazing is how little is known about brown people enslaving whites... The Turks used to enslave Slavs from places around the old YugoSLAVia. The word "slave" was born. North Africa used to raid all of Europe for slaves. They used to raid up to Ireland and Iceland. In the late 18th century America became independent from Britain and was no longer protected by Britain. North African states started capturing American ships and enslaving their crews. The yanks gave these slaves states 10% of their tax income to leave them alone... Without weapons etc I'm sure the brown world would still be enslaving whites.
  4. Can you name many African contributions to the world? I dare say some African counties are OK. However the continent does have a habit for ethnic genocide/ mass starvation/ extreme poverty/ massive overpopulation/ destroying the environment.
  5. It's not as if the guy that died was a saint. I understand he was getting arrested for using counterfeit currency when he died. When the gangster Mark Duggan was shot by police London rioted for weeks. Are these the people the black community want to riot for? It's very very hard not to have contempt for black society. You can see why Africa is a violent shithole and black areas in White countries are shitholes.
  6. ^^ I wonder what the chances are of someone wearing a t shirt with "better together" being a democrat? I bet she's had her world view changed....
  7. a bullpup usually means the working parts of the gun are in the stock, it means the rifle is shorter overall. The SA80 is a bullpup and it's a compact rifle. a carbine means the barrel is relatively short.
  8. Tbh, I think this thing makes Cummings look more human. He was looking out for his kid, it's hardly crime of the century stuff. Two months in and I still don't know anyone that has knowingly had the virus never mind died of it.
  9. Can anyone recommend a pinpointer? The brand name ones are over a £100....... There are cheap ones on Amazon for £20 which get a good review. I don't want to shell out £100 but at the same time I don't want to shell out £20 for cheap crap. Any suggestions?
  10. Great Guy

    Got wood?

    The BBC would be a more trusted source if it actually discussed the environmental costs of their mass immigration utopia. How many trees and fields are destroyed each year to house a couple of hundred thousand immigrants? How many millions tonnes of CO2 are produced by new "Europeans" each year? As it is the BBC has a schizophrenic viewpoint where there are absolutely no disadvantages to mass immigration while at the same time we should be panicking due to global warming.
  11. The crazy thing is there's not a guy that wouldn't be tempted to try a doll like that. It's not like the uk is blessed with a surplus of sexually attractive twenty year olds.
  12. Tbh, scratch cards are like a tax on the underclass.... At least some of the money goes to good causes. It's either that or the money goes to the local drug dealer/ tattoo artist/ Nike shop.
  13. Do you not need to report a neighbourhood dispute if you sell your house? I'd be careful what you do here... If you look at Google Streetview you can look at views from years ago. You can see how long aerials have been installed and if they have moved. But yeah, it's no good having a pensioner with dementia living next door. How about coughing through her letterbox?
  14. Surely putting a mask in a microwave for thirty seconds would kill any germs?
  15. Anyone reading this that has been tempted to stop paying their TV licence should consider that under lockdown it's unlikely anyone will be knocking on your door.... I've not paid it for two years. Why should I pay an organisation that constantly sniggers at things I believe in? Ie Trump and a white Europe.