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  1. How good would it be if super hot South American girls were streaming across the Atlantic in boats to claim asylum? If they were i'd do my bit and put a couple up.
  2. That's the thing though. Remainer arguments really are crap. Remainers have to resort to petty insults like "Brexiters are stupid/ misled" because their arguments are genuinely crap. 3 years after the referendum and i'm still to hear a half compelling argument for staying in. The only good thing about the EU is the free trade arrangement... and even Japan has one despite them being on the other side of the world....
  3. The irony of a policewoman protecting men that consider her a white prostitute....
  4. Thinking about it, I'm not even sure if an accuser should have a right to anonymity. If you're accusing someone of a crime maybe the public should know who you are? There does seem to be a problem with malicious rape claims. Maybe that's a bigger problem to society than rape itself? I'll be honest if i was on a jury for a burglary etc I'd probably find the guy guilty*. However if I was in a jury for a rape etc I'd be a lot more open to the idea that the girl was a liar. * I'd obviously consider the evidence. However IMHO, 99% of people being tried at court are guilty.
  5. 102 dead in a ferry tragedy in Mosul, Iraq. It was at a theme park and an overloaded ferry capsized.
  6. In this day and age he can stuff like this be kept secret? We've all been to school and know information like this spreads like wildfire. You can be virtually sure all her schoolmates knew it was her.
  7. Maybe have bespoke ones as well? Send in photos of your female colleagues and have them printed on the mugs then have them rated underneath.
  8. The media is really pushing the "we didn't know what we were waiting for" and "we've changed our minds" approach. It's an absolute crap argument. Imagine I said "Bremainers didn't know how bad bad the EU was and that's why they voted Bremain. They now realise they were wrong and are glad we voted Brexit".
  9. The news is really pushing the "poor Muslims" and "nasty White extremist" viewpoint. The difference between Islamist attacks is really noticeable.
  10. How do you "smash" a seagull into a wall? It must be or more less impossible to pick up a seagull and throw it into a wall...
  11. In light of the attack NZ is to ban some classes of gun. Tbh, I'm a gun owner and I think that's fair enough. No one really needs a semi automatic centre fire rifle. If banning guns makes people safer I can see the point of doing it. However after an Islamic attack there's fuck all discussion about what government should do to make us safer. You have a media that paints a picture of "truck attacks", as if trucks turn into sentient beings and mow down people.
  12. The NHS says you should limit yourself to 14 units a week spread over at least 3 days.. 14 units is circa: 6 pints of beer or 6 glasses of wine or 14 measures of spirits... It's not a lot... Edit by spunko: I've added a poll. Units calculator:
  13. There's just something I find terrifying about Islam. How can showing video of a terror attack ever be justified at an election rally? Were any turks killed in Christchurch?
  14. ?? i think the point is that we've been repeatedly told immigrants are doing us a massive favour by coming to Europe. This incident shows that third world immigration isn't always good....