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  1. Great Guy

    tag heuer watches

    If you can make your way to the central belt of Scotland... Someone made a mountain bike track on our land. It was well impressive.
  2. Great Guy

    Retire in your forties

    Your gambling sounds like it would make an interesting thread...
  3. Great Guy

    tag heuer watches

    My parents own a fair bit of forestry and are buying more as they can pass it on IHT free.... The big conditions are that it has to be "proper" forestry and they have to own it for two years before it becomes IHT free. The negatives are you're pumping money into an asset that offers poor returns (IMHO) because it's been inflated to over what it "should" be worth.
  4. Great Guy

    Migration Advisory Committee - EU migrants

    I've been having email correspondence with the economics editor of a well known newspaper about this very subject... I just don't see how the average EU migrant makes a net contribution to the UK. You need to be in the top 20% of taxpayers to pay more in tax than you take out. I don't see how the average EU migrant is anywhere close to being a top 20% taxpayer. Even if EU migrants pay more in tax than they take out so what? Their presence makes the quality of life in the UK poorer. We don't want the congestion/ lack of space/ expensive housing associated with high migration. I was bored at work today and I decided to guessestimate the cost of congestion to the economy. Say there are 20,000,000 workers in the UK and migration adds on ten minutes a day to travel times. That's 3 million hours lost a day due to migration based congestion... At £10 an hour migrations cost £30m a day... Or about £8 billion a year.... As I said to the economics editor, the real measure of wealth isn't total GDP but GDP per capita.
  5. Great Guy

    Bent Archeology

    So Hadrian builds a wall to keep the Scots out and that good because it's a multicultural wall? Trump builds a wall to keep the Mexicans out and it's racist? I don't get SJW arguments.
  6. Great Guy

    BBC too shit to compete laments DG

    I think the problem women have is they feel the need to talk. If TV man knocks on the door you simply close it again. No need to enter into dialogue.
  7. Great Guy

    Good Obscure Films

    I thought it might be an idea to recommend obscure good films. One of my favourite films is "The Dark Hour". It's about a post apocalypse world and is in Spanish with English subtitles. I'm not going to write a pompous review but it's good
  8. Great Guy

    The Wilsons

    Tbh, I'm sympathetic towards the Wilsons... The Wilsons say that over 51% of people on benefits are behind in their rent. It seems a reasonable business decision to favour working people when renting property out.... He was also saying people should take charge of their own life...
  9. The telly was saying it's illegal in Hungary for lawyers to support asylum seekers 😊
  10. Great Guy


    One of Dubai's main industries is as a brothel for the Middle East. I've been to the York Hotel in Dubai and there is a nightclub with a couple of hundred working girls. Drop that into the conversation when someone mentions Dubai...
  11. Great Guy

    how dead is your local

    My brother was out on the town last night. Someone stole his jacket and he then had to wait an hour for a taxi home. Tbh, I see little appeal of going "out".
  12. Great Guy

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Surely AI must be close to making GPs redundant? It must be easy enough to enter symptoms into a computer and get the likely illnesses... obviously a computer won't put a finger up your bottom like the pretty GP at my practice. But you can't have everything.
  13. Great Guy

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Tbh, the NHS is what you get when small well organised lobby groups lobby politicians to favour their pet causes. The NHS shouldn't be involved with IVF treatment or be spending millions on kids that will never get "better". However politicians are petrified of bad publicity and cave in to unreasonable demands from vocal people.
  14. Great Guy

    Must have smartphone

    Thirty quid on a fucking phone!? You made of money or something? This phone cost me a tenner 8 years ago.
  15. Great Guy

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Tbh, the GP system really isn't that good. I get the impression GP surgeries are full of people that use a visit to the GP as a social event. My colleague is off sick with "stress", he gets his line renewed every week by the GP (I don't think there is anything wrong with him). IMHO, someone visiting the GP should pay £20. However any politician suggesting such a measure would be hounded by minority groups like the disabled and pensioners. So we'll continue on as before where someone that's not been to the GP for ten years gets a rushed appointment and the GP misses the correct diagnosis. To be frank, I think the NHS needs completely dismantled.