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  1. Great Guy

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I was watching the So-Called BBC news discuss the Brexit issue. A bremoaner says "we need to stay in because migrants work in the NHS". How can the So-Called BBC be considered a reputable broadcaster when such simplistic arguments aren't rebutted? I bet there are virtually no Brexit supporters that would be against essential health workers migrating to the UK. If a Brexiter said "we should leave because we are swamped with Romanian beggars" the So-Called BBC reporter would sneer about racist Brexiters. I just wish the So-Called BBC was a bit more impartial.
  2. Great Guy

    Question Time

    "Leavers fell for lies on side of bus." "Leavers didn't know what they were voting for." Fuck off QT.
  3. Great Guy


    The thing that gets me is if we had voted for Bremain the UK would slowly have morphed into an EU superstate. Brexit voters would have been ignored (as they have been for 40 years). However we voted Brexit and Bremain voters have to be continually consulted?
  4. Great Guy


    The only good thing the EU really offers us is free trade. If places like Japan can get a free trade deal with the EU why can we not get one?
  5. Great Guy

    'Worrying' lack of diversity in Britain's tech sector

    Maybe there are just genetic differences between the sexes? Small boys tend to play with guns and small girls colour things in.... I studied engineering at university. 90% of the course were male. I work in an engineering office and 90% of the engineers are male. What do we do? Force women into a course/ career they don't want to do? Why don't we celebrate our differences instead of trying to form a homogeneous world?
  6. Great Guy

    Unmentioned history constantly being mentioned

    Tbh, I'm not sure how much of the UK's wealth can be put down to our involvement in the slave trade. Places like Sweden were never really involved (?) in black slavery and they are equally wealthy to the UK. So it's hard to say that slavery made the UK rich. Also this BBC Scotland programme says "every brick used in Scotland was due to Scotland's involvement in slavery". However slaves never built any buildings in Scotland. It's probably fair to say slavery made some Brits exceptionally rich and gave them the resources to build huge houses. However the craftsmen that built these houses would probably have built other things if the UK wasn't involved in slavery. I'd genuinely have a lot more respect for blacks if they campaigned against modern day slavery (which exists on a huge scale). However they continue to bang on and on about nasty whitey buying blacks from other blacks 200 years ago. I refuse to feel guilty about slavery, that was stopped by Britain 200 years ago, that had nothing to do with me or my family.
  7. Great Guy

    A world without empathy

    Fact: Africa has more than its fair share of violent failed countries. Fact: African areas in western countries have massive problems with violence. There has to come a point where we just have to admit "yes, some races are just more violent than others". It doesn't really matter if this is genetic or cultural. It's just an observable fact. The first step in overcoming a problem is to admit there is a problem. Blaming whitey for the failures of non whites isn't going to solve any issues....
  8. Great Guy

    I have seen the future

    If anyone wants a good laugh buy your friends a fake scratch card. It's amusing to watch them think they've won £50k.
  9. Great Guy

    I have seen the future

    The paradox is that the people that play the lottery are probably the people that couldn't really handle having a large sum of money. Imho, winning something like £10k is probably the "best" sum of money for a 17 year old. It's enough for a good holiday and a cheap car. But it's not enough for someone to say "fuck it, I'm finishing my studies and going to magaluf".
  10. Great Guy

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I think attractive girls in their twenties are probably the most spoiled demographic in the UK. They can literally do anything and get treated like goddesses by blokes. Let's face it, a fit bird can go out on the town and literally never have to buy her own drink. On the negative side I'd imagine the process of ageing really has a huge mental effect on girls/women. I used to work with a guy. He said when he was a young man he and his mates would go out on the town and shag a prostitute at the start of the night and then spend the rest of the night having a laugh with each other. I have to admit I thought he was a perve at the time. However now that I'm older I appreciate where he was coming from.
  11. Great Guy

    I have seen the future

    Tbh, I think she comes across as being fairly smart. This could be the start of a media career for her. In a lot of ways I think winning a million at 17 is more a curse than a blessing. At that age it would probably destroy her motivation to work but it's not really enough money to last the rest of her life.
  12. Great Guy

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    What exactly is wrong with "nationalism"? It's becoming increasingly clear that some nations are just better than others. Anyone really think Afghanistan is the equal to the UK? No Brit want to go on and live in Afghanistan. Many Afghans want to live in the UK. People are literally risking their lifes to get to Europe. That shows that the western world is better.
  13. Great Guy

    Happy State Pension Equality Day!

    How come you're always saying you have a full head of hair when your profile pic suggests you look a bit of a slap head?
  14. Great Guy

    Happy State Pension Equality Day!

    It's amazing how many things come back to immigration. Kick out migrants that are a financial drain then lower retirement ages for Brits....
  15. Great Guy

    Bad taste now a hate crime..

    Sounds interesting. How about sharing the story?