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  1. Say the word Joe and I'll air drop some deep fried Mars bars from scotland.
  2. You know our political class are shit when this is never discussed....
  3. Lol, this is when I love dosbods. You can express a view that would get you banned from most other forums. However here it's discussed calmly and the controversial opinion is largely agreed with....
  4. "Notably, the company focuses on three primary areas: measuring potential beyond academics delivering job-focused training via applied learning programs helping diverse groups of young people build social capital and strong networks As per the company’s claims, 55% of apprentices placed by Multiverse are people of colour. 22% are black and 53% are women, including in tech roles. 33% have received free school meals." I'm not really sure what the company actually does? If a company wants to recruit people why dont they just recruit people? Why does Euan Blair ha
  5. Seemingly we've had GCHQ involved....
  6. My employer is still fucked over from this hack... not going to get resolved until february...
  7. So basically the Swiss system is that the Swiss taxpayer compensates Swiss citizens by building infrastructure to compensate for housing immigrants with them? Maybe the Swiss taxpayer should just build the infrastructure and not house the immigrants?
  8. Honestly, think about the space a development of 800 flats and houses takes. That's about what we need every single fucking day to accommodate net immigration.
  9. I'm thinking of getting a job at the BBC. I plan to say mass immigration is shit at the interview. I'll tell you if I get the job.
  10. I think it was Pin that suggested mass immigration didnt effect house prices. 2021 January Flood thread. Page 3. @spunko
  11. Even if land isnt being used for agriculture I'd still prefer it was used by wild life than being used for houses. What's net immigration? 300,000 people a year? Or about 800 people a day.... that's about 200 houses needed a day just for net immigration... that's a lot of rabbits and squirrels losing their homes each day
  12. I cant help thinking every single problem the country faces is made worse by mass immigration.... Some things I think are made worse by mass immigration include: Building on greenbelt. High rents. Low wages. Lack of jobs. Traffic congestion. Covid spreading in crowded houses. Pressure on NHS and schools etc Lack of taxpayers cash for public services. Increased crime. Terrorism. Society becoming fractured. Pollution. Yeah, you can point to individual immigrants that are beneficial. However overall mass immigration is j
  13. Channel 4 news are doing their bit to attack Trump. I think Trump is a bit of a twat. However if I was American I'd rather vote for him than Biden. The media must be pissing off a lot of Trump supporters.... The media should be asking why nearly half of American voters voted for Trump... maybe it's because they think mainstream politicians dont listen to their concerns?
  14. Your argument really only works if everyone is on minimum wage and paying a rent dictated by the LHA...... Even your response above indicates supply and demand does have some impact on rents.... It's what I've been saying.....
  15. The laws of supply and demand.... It's just a fact that massive net immigration increases rents....
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