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  1. It's probably a generational thing. A lot of guys buying stuff to relive their youths.
  2. Apart from dosbods one of the joys of the Internet is that it enables fools to be parted from their money. Have a look at some of the prices for old football shirts... Twenty years ago that stuff would have been binned or sent to the charity shop...
  3. And Priti's solution to the migrant crisis in the English Channel is to send the Royal Navy in.... What are they meant to do? They can't shoot them or sink their boats. They'll end up picking the migrants up and taking them to England. A half decent media could tear Priti a new arsehole on this policy. The "solution" being presented will make the problem worse.
  4. Wow! You have the same number on the back and front of your car?
  5. I've got a thermal camera and things like stones really get hot... I'd guess roads and buildings get similarly hot. Human activity also produces a lot of heat. A litre of diesel has about 10 kWh of energy in it. A courier van might use 10 gallons of diesel a day? That's about 450 kWh of heat from one van a day...
  6. Great Guy


    From the link.... "While people from all communities and backgrounds do give blood, fewer than 5% of our blood donors who gave blood in the last year were from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. This is despite black, Asian and minority ethnic communities representing around 14% of the population. We want to try and readdress this balance." Maybe a lot of BAME cant donate due to travelling to shitholes. Or maybe they aren't community minded... However we're constantly told we need brown people for our society to work while in reality they are basically parasites.
  7. If we deported them as soon as they got to the UK they wouldn't come. It really is that simple.
  8. FFS, there is no chance she will spend any real length of time in a British prison. If she came back to the UK and spent thirty years in a hard jail I'd be cool with her coming back. However we all know if she comes back she'll get a free house and a social worker to look after her. She'll then write an article in the Guardian about the evils of Islamaphobia.
  9. Fucking Coronavirus again. It's morphed into blowing countries up.
  10. The news was saying something about confiscated high explosives...
  11. Yeah, nice one. A character reference from you is a bit like getting a character reference from Dr Harold Shipman.
  12. Tbh, I can see Rave's viewpoint. However it's a viewpoint that really belongs in an ivory tower.... We're at war with Islamic State. Tbh, I want to win this war and quite frankly I don't really give a fuck about the human rights of the enemy.
  13. Yeah, it's so morally wrong for a government to use laws to keep a member of a homicidal cult out the UK.
  14. Have a look at this house... It's like a three year old girl decorated it. Post local houses with equally nice decor.