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  1. BBC talking about the collapse of British Steel. Seemingly one of the problems BS had was a "weak pound". Imagine paying for their economic analysis... Why can't the government not step in to save BS? Ohh, we can't because of EU rules.
  2. Many Germans moved to the UK in WW2? You smoking something?
  3. No it doesn't... In the blitz in WW2 did many Londoners move to Germany? Some cultures/ countries are intrinsically broken and their citizens want to move to more peaceful places.
  4. Tbh, i think the fact is that brown people just want to live in white countries. If we bomb their home countries or not they still want to move to the West...
  5. I can believe that "mainstream" Muslims suffer some sort of backlash after terrorist attacks. However the backlash has been absolutely tiny in comparison to the provocation. Would it not be more productive if mainstream Muslims criticized the extremists and not Brits that look at them a bit funny? It honestly seems that Muslims just lack empathy.
  6. Someone in Channel 5 likes Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.... A programme 2 days before the EU elections that's about Asian grooming gangs in the constituency TR is fighting for.
  7. This was the schoolgirl that was murdered in Blackpool and was rumoured to have ended up in kebabs. There is a documentary on Channel 5 now...
  8. Let's crunch the numbers... 60 million adults in the UK. Say they go use a self service till once a week. That's £30m a year... It's fuck all in government terms....
  9. It genuinely seems to me that the “left” and “right” just process things differently. The right seem to look at the facts and logically process the information before making a decision. The left seem to use emotion to make decisions. You can see this in how the different political tribes responded in the migrant crisis. The right didn’t want the migrants in because they’d reduce our quality of life while the left used their emotions before deciding to let the migrants in. This milkshake guy is probably frustrated because he (and his SJW colleagues) can’t present arguments that support his emotional viewpoint. It honestly seems to be the left that resort to insults and violence. After all, three years after the referendum result there has been very very few rational arguments as to why the brexiters were wrong. However there as been numerous petty insults aimed at Brexiters like “racist/ didn’t know what they were voting for/ big red bus”.
  10. does anyone have a screenshot of BK telling people to throw milkshakes?
  11. Surely using SJW logic this whole story is a good thing? We're often told that "diversity is strength". So Muslims having a different viewpoint toward homosexuals has to be a good thing!
  12. Stories like this are brilliant as they show what the Muslim community are really like. I bet in many SJW households there are many pennies dropping.
  13. People would be OK with asylum seekers if they went home when their country was safe. However they just never go home... We should be throwing Sri Lankans and Syrians out the country now... In WW1 a couple of hundred thousand Belgians came to the UK for asylum. They went home again after the end of WW1.
  14. I gave TR £50. I had the same thought process as you. However I thought if TR is willing to put his life on the line the least I could do is bung him £50.