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  1. ^^ If only there were come countries where Blacks were in the majority. If there was blacks could show what they could achieve when they're not being held down by a white racist majority. I'd imagine black majority countries would be heaven on earth! No starvation/ violence/ civil war/ corruption!
  2. I have to admit, some people are just fucking stupid. Even "easy" jobs like cleaner and McDonalds worker require a certain level of initiative. I worked on site as an engineer. I had a chain boy whose job was basically to whole the end of a measuring tape. He couldn't even do that...
  3. This was on the telly last night. The woman was complaining about the cost of fags, it was costing £100 a month or something. IMHO, she was close to unemployable due to her chronic stupidity.
  4. My hobby is planting trees. You notice a massive amount of difference between soils with different land uses: Grazing land. Doesn't hold much water as sheep eat the vegetation and it doesn't compost down. Soil compacted because sheep are heavy and compact soil. Forestry. Holds lots of water. Leaves land on ground and rot down to form compost. Worms etc create tunnels in soil.
  5. Those two whining British fuckers on the cruise ship have got the virus.
  6. I reckon getting a cruise ship from the USA to Britain would be OK. Plenty time to read a book/ watch telly/ stroll the decks/ eye up the grannies/ brilliant food. Certainly better than sitting in a cramped seat for ten hours.
  7. I knew a German girl (very attractive in her twenties). She went to a sauna with a bikini and she was told to remove it because it was "unhygienic".
  8. Maybe property works better when a single large owner owns an entire block of flats? What's better, having ten individual owners not being able to decide how to run a block of flats or one single owner making decisions...
  9. Great Guy


    I used to work in the Middle East. If a British expat woman had a baby in a local hospital would anyone consider the baby an Arab? However some Jamaican arrives in the UK and has a baby and the baby is British? These Jamaicans were just wanting a better life when they moved to the UK. You can't blame them for that. However at the same time we shouldn't pretend that they were wanted in the UK or that they've been much of a benefit to Britain.
  10. I don't pay my TV licence because I find the So-Called BBC biased. I'd suggest anyone reading this should watch the So-Called BBC and see if they ever present the viewpoint that immigration is bad for native Brits. I work in construction and wages have been lowered by mass EU immigration. There aren't enough school places and Doctors appointments to go around. Yet the So-Called BBC just never present that viewpoint. FFS, the So-Called BBC ignored the industrial scale rape of white kids because the rapists were brown. I don't pay the TV licence and I just don't feel guilty about it. There comes a point when it's morally wrong to give money to an organisation that campaigns against British people.
  11. I genuinely don't get how "coloured" is an insulting term for brown people but "person of colour" is OK. Tbh, I think brown people just love taking offence. I suspect they know it's a way to beat whitey up and get some extra taxpayers money from whitey.
  12. We should really be going to a 4 day week as standard. Most office jobs are 37.5 or 40 hours a week. Four days at 9 hours really isn't far off a normal working week.
  13. Fuck off with your boring talk about central heating. We really want to know where you place your remote control when you're not watching telly. I sometimes keep it on the coffee table. However when I leave for work I prefer to keep it on the sofa. It goes without saying that I make sure it's never under a cushion as I don't want to risk the batteries getting drained or a fire.
  14. Great Guy

    TV Licence

    The argument for immigration that really gets me is the "we need immigrants because some work in the NHS" one. FFS, it's the logic of a 12 year old. It's like saying "the Nazis were good because they invented the technology for rockets which led to space travel".
  15. I'm watching a Leaders debate. I have to admit I just don't like Thornberry. I can't see how she would sit well with the average Labour voter. They're talking about immigration now. Seemingly immigration hasn't reduced wages and we're a nation of immigrants. Ohh, some immigrants work in the NHS as well so we obviously should worship the contribution of immigrants.