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  1. I personally find it offensive that people come to the UK and seemingly they are as "British" as me. My family have been here for the past thousand years. How can someone that got here by hiding beneath a lorry be "British"? I just wonder why Western Europe got so Liberal. A hundred years ago the Dutch went to Souh Africa and they were hardcore racists that treated Africans as inferior. Now the Dutch are the most PC in Europe... I can't help thinking the pendulum is swinging back to whites thinking they are superior....
  2. I just looked and it seems half of oil is used for petrol/ diesel.... I work in construction and electric vehicles are starting to make inroads. Electric planes are getting developed... Its feasible that petrol can be made from wood etc... (The Nazis did this).
  3. I get the point your making. However when you look at brown immigration into the UK it's been overwhelmingly negative.... Yeah, we all know many brown immigrants are decent hard working people. However they don't make up for the likes of Rotherham or Manchester. They also don't make up for the tens of billions of taxpayers money brown people receive...What I suspect many people object to is the media pushing the "diversity is strength" down our throats with no real evidence. Id suggest people against immigration are just better at looking at evidence and looking at trends...
  4. Environmental legislation is certainly going against the internal combustion engine. As technology advances I can see most cars being electric in twenty years.. I dare say the third world will keep petrol engines. However as long as Saudi doesn't have so much influence over the west it has to be a good thing.
  5. I'd agree that most Muslims will become "western". However not all of them will... Hooky Hamza started his working life as a bouncer in strip clubs then he went onto supporting terrorism... There's countless cases of British born Muslims going to fight with IS. The actions of the good Muslims don't outweigh the actions of the bad ones.... If Pakistani Muslims are fundamentally "OK" why is Pakistan such a corrupt shithole? If Somalians are fundamentally "OK" why is somalia such a violent shihole?
  6. The sooner the world stops using oil the better.
  7. The really fucked up thing about WW2 is I bet the average SS soldier and American soldier would have shared a lot of opinions. They were both hardcore racists that thought whites were superior. I love pointing out to SJWs that hardcore racists from the Deep South of America helped defeat the Nazis.
  8. I've noticed that the Nazis have always had a bad reputation and are regularly demonised in the media. Yeah, the Nazis were a supremacist ideology that thought they were the "master race" and considered others as sub Human. They are well known for their hatred of homosexuals and Jews, they especially hated people that turned their back on their ideology. They also caused the deaths of tens of millions of people. However, IMHO it's completely wrong to judge an entire community by the actions of a few bad apples. There were 8.5 million Nazi members in 1945. Only a tiny number of them were involved in killing the Jews. Even the head Nazi (hitler) didn't kill a SINGLE person in WW2. Everyday Nazis were just like you and me. They worked hard and loved their families. I think we should try to rehabilitate the Nazi image by getting an attractive German girl to present a cooking show. I think the show should be called "Food fit for the Fuhrer".
  9. ^^^ even if we had an immigration system that only allowed brown people in that were beneficial it would still be unethical. Brown countries are generally fairly crap and it's genuinely not right to take doctors/ nurses/ engineers away from them.
  10. Why do you read this thread if you find it boring? There's threads on here that I've never looked at because they don't interest me. However I wouldn't post on them telling others to stop posting. Maybe you could do us the courtesy of stop posting here telling others to stop posting?
  11. Imho, the mass immigration of brown people that have nothing to offer us and fundamentally hate us is the biggest threat facing Western civilisation... You might disagree with that viewpoint but it's one I could present half decent arguments for. I can't think of many "brown" countries that are democratic and respect the rights of minority groups.... What negatives have you faced from climate change? Probably not very many? Yet the media etc coninually hector us about it....
  12. It happened about a year before I joined the company. One of the other workers committed suicide by jumping beneath the wheels of a shovel (a bit like a bulldozer but with wheels). One day my SJW teacher flatmate was all hysterical because she thought a colleague had died in a car crash. She was all "bloody Arabs aren't mature enough to drive". She then found out her colleague had actually died because he jumped out a window and she returned to her SJW self. In all honesty though the approach to H&S is slack out there. When it's all in Allah's hands they don't need to bother with H&S.