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  1. Great Guy

    When prophets fail

    How many retards must have been involved with digging the body up? It must have been the pastor and a good few family members.... What a benefit these people must be to developed first world economies...
  2. Great Guy

    "Smart" meters debacle

    At the moment some wind farm companies are paid money to turn their windmills off when there is too much electricity.... Anything that prevents this happening has to be a good thing. People shouldn't be using electricity for "discretionary" things like refrigeration/ heating/ laundry at peak electricity demand. IMHO, if smart meters help push electricity demand round they are a good thing.
  3. Great Guy

    Wtf happened to respecting women?

    What happened to the woman in question respecting herself? She meets four guys on a night out, goes to the beach with them and then back to their apartments? IMHO, unless she has drugs in her system it's hard to know what went on here and if she consented. It seems rubbish that 4 guys will be associated with being rapists for the rest of their life's and the women is being painted as an innocent victim. I worked on a building site where there was a decent looking lass working in a cafe. On a night out she goes back to the rented houses of some of the workers and gets banged by four of them. In the morning she leaves and goes back home for a wash and change of clothes. She then goes back to the rented house for second helpings.....
  4. Great Guy

    Soft Fruit Industry...

    It's the same with washing cars. You'd think they could invent some kind of machine that washes cars instead of relying on people that got into the UK hiding under a lorry....
  5. Great Guy

    Soft Fruit Industry...

    Tbh, that's the basic idea of mechanical black currant picking right there. Get machine to shake bush/ collect currants and twigs on tarpaulins/ use air fans to separate twigs from currants. Result: two guys on a tractor do the work of 20 hand pickers. Productivity of labour increases ten fold.
  6. Great Guy

    Food preparation hardcore

    I met a guy that would put offal etc in the hole before he planted a tree. Tbh, it's a nice thought that a dead deer is helping a tree to grow. I go shooting with my brother. It's amazing how quickly a carcass disappears... Once we left a deer carcass out and it dispeared to a few bones in two days.... We assumed it was badgers... I've heard one "trick" to feeding pheasants etc is to hang a dead sheep in a tree. The maggots soon take hold and they fall down where they can be eaten by pheasants. I really fancy trying it....
  7. Great Guy

    Food preparation hardcore

    There's a lot of nutrients in the guts/ skin/ bones etc. It seems a waste dumping them in a bin. IMHO, it would be better burying it in a garden/ field etc so that the nutrients are returned to Mother Earth.
  8. Great Guy

    Soft Fruit Industry...

    The thing is I bet that's what farmers are paying just now.... i just used an inflation calculator... £1 in 1988 is worth £2.50 now..... I'd work on a farm for £7.50 to £15 an hour....
  9. Great Guy

    The normalisation of female obesity

    Tbh, fatties eating fuck all in public and eating like starved horse in private is a well known fact...
  10. Great Guy

    Soft Fruit Industry...

    You'd never get a job for the So-Called BBC with that type of attitude.... Honestly, how good would it be if the So-Called BBC journalist just asked a farmer "do your workers earn the minimum wage?" or "why not pay more if you can't get workers?". Anyway must dash, I've got an interview with the So-Called BBC. I want a new BMW but only want to pay a maximum of £20. The taxpayer should really give me £29,980 as a top up to buy the BMW. I'll be on the news next week stating my case.
  11. Great Guy

    Soft Fruit Industry...

    The local news is banging on about poor hard done by fruit farmers that can't find enough workers to work for the square root of fuck all. Seemingly they can't find enough EU workers so they want to employ non EU workers..... This article has some interesting facts.... There were 9255 seasonal agricultural workers in Scotland mostly working in soft fruit... The Scottish soft fruit industry is worth £115m a year.... Is this the type of industry we should be supporting in the UK? The economic output per worker must be less than minimum wage.... Tbh, I try and avoid buying fruit grown in the UK because the soft fruit industry makes the country poorer... It's basically a job creation scheme that gives jobs to poor migrants that think £3 an hour is a lot money.
  12. Great Guy

    Off work with stress?

    I'm sure there are a lot of "genuine" people that have taken time off with stress. However my direct experience of people that have taken time off with stress is that they are malingerers. The guy I talked about in the first post was also involved in a very very minor car collision and he's claiming for whiplash.... Yeah, maybe he has got whiplash in a car accident that didn't damage his car. Maybe he's also suffering stress. However I think he's just taking the easy route in life.... i hope the next year is better for you.
  13. Great Guy

    Excluding terror attacks ....

    Sheesh only 9% of crimes end in someone being charged. It seems reasonable to think that someone charged with crime has actually committed ten times as many crimes than he's been charged with.... imho, court sentences should reflect that....
  14. Great Guy

    Off work with stress?

    Yeah... I was self employed but jumped to employee as the political direction of travel is clear.... In construction most "self employed" are effectively employees...
  15. Great Guy

    Off work with stress?

    Tbh, I'm not sure myself. However i suspect you could be volunteering for a bum fucking if you got rid of someone that was on the sick.... It's no wonder self employed contractors earn so much more than employees. If this guy does take time off with stress I'm effectively subsidising him as he sits in his house watching telly.