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  1. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Imho, windrush is a relative non story. You can't tell me that the So-Called BBC can't find more important stories that some Jamaicians that have been in the UK for fifty years and never bothered getting British passports.. Where were the So-Called BBC during the likes of Rotherham? How about the So-Called BBC tells us about Christians in the Middle East? Or about white farmers in Africa? How about some solid investigation about third worlders abusing the NHS? Windrush is just another excuse to bash whitey for being so racist. #whitelifesmatter
  2. Windrush

    I'm getting fed up with the So-Called BBC banging on about this...
  3. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    Tbh, I think modern guys watches look stupid as they are so oversized...
  4. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    I had one as well... Seemingly the CIA consider it an indicator that the wearer is Al Queda...
  5. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    That's three people here with Seiko 5's... Do you wear it all the time? I've heard they are more accurate if you do.
  6. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    Small world! It does look an amazing watch but my heart is set on a leather strap.... How accurate is your grandfather's watch? How often do you get it serviced and how much does it cost for a service?
  7. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    I have to admit I have an automatic Seiko 5 (it winds itself up when you move your arm). It cost £70 and is accurate to within a minute a month or something. Tbh, I just find it awesome that a cheap mechanical watch can be so good. I bet it's better than a top Rolex of thirty years ago. Any chance of a pic? Where did you get it from?
  8. Come back knockoutjohhny!

    I'm half thinking of getting a vintage Rolex. Does anyone know how accurate/ reliable they are? I think knockoutjohhny would know but he seems to have buggered off I'm thinking of something like this, a 1958 Rolex Oyster. If it was going to be reasonably accurate I would get one. However I bought a fancy Atmos clock from the same era and it's rubbish.... I have to admit I prefer the understated style of this Rolex compared to the "look at me everyone, I've got a Rolex and I'm a car salesman" style of the modern Rolex.
  9. Disabled People

    I walked to the local shops amd I had to struggle to get past a car parked on the pavement. I look in the window and they have a blue disabled sticker. There's plenty parking about fifty yards away. I barely managed to get past so someone with a pram etc would need to walk on the busy road. IMHO, anyone that parks on the pavement and forces pedestrians into the road is a 100% wanker (unless parked for a few minutes etc). I then get stuck behind some disabled person at markies that seemed to take forever buying her messages. She seemed to want to chat with the cashier as she bought her six items, the cashier then had to put her messages in her bag then put it in her electric scooter. I Had to go to another cashier and I swear I bought my items/ put them in a bag/ paid for them while she was nattering away to the cashier putting her bag into her electric scooter. I have to admit, I think the disabled community have more than their fair share of self centred dickheads. Don't get me wrong, it must be hard having a disability, however it's not a reason to act like a knob.
  10. Windrush

    Tbh, I don't believe someone could come here as a kid and never go back to their home country for a visit. They must have been back home to see grandparents and for family weddings etc. I bet they have went back home for visits and used Jamaican passports... Sorry, if they don't have a British passport but have a Jamaican one they can't consider themselves British...
  11. It's easy to slag the police but IMHO they do a difficult job and are overwhelmingly decent people... One of my brother's mates is a cop. Seemingly he went to the scene of a burning car and there was a charred body in the drivers seat. The fire was almost out and he opened the car door, the oxygen got in and the fire started up again, the "body" then starts moving because she's still alive... Seemingly it was a suicide attempt. Tbh, that would give me nightmares.
  12. Take any sick leave off their holiday entitlement... My last line manager was literally off sick every month. The strange thing was he never showed any signs of illness the day before he was sick and when he came back he never showed any signs of illness. Usually when someone takes time off sick they look sick the day before or complain about not feeling well. He was a bell end.
  13. I worked with someone that took months off with stress every few years. IMHO, anyone that takes time off with stress should be demoted.... They clearly can't function at the level they've been promoted to.
  14. Seemingly the mot is hard to pass in Japan and it effectively means cars have to be replaced every few years in Japan. The old cars are obviously exported.
  15. Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I'm watching a programme on BBC about the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Ffs, the black community are suffering an epidemic of killing each other and the So-Called BBC decide to do a programme on a murder 25 years ago. There have been racist murders of whites that get no where as near much attention. This is why I hate the So-Called BBC. They continually paint the white community as aggressors and the non white community as victims of white racism. I honestly think the So-Called BBC increase racial tensions. They piss the White community off by constantly telling us how racist and intolerant we are. They continually tell the non white community how horrible white people are. I thinks it's about time that non whites showed us a little appreciation for allowing them into a first world country..... This constant complaining is getting boring.