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    Great Guy reacted to One percent in UKIP release interim manifesto
    The manifesto covers a wide range of policy areas, from the NHS and transport to fisheries and small businesses, with policies including: 
    A limited points-based immigration system NHS health cards for British citizens to prevent 'health tourism' & free parking at hospitals  An extra £2bn a year for adult social care & £500m a year for mental health  Abolition of stamp duty and inheritance tax Introduction of new grammar schools  Scrapping the overseas aid budget  Scrapping guidelines on 'subjective' hate crimes Scrapping the climate change act, stopping subsidies for wind turbines and solar voltaic arrays and seeking to rejuvenate the UK's coal industry Scrapping the So-Called BBC licence fee in favour of voluntary subscription Repealing hate speech guidelines, the Equality Act 2010 & shutting down the Equalities and Human Rights Commission
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    Great Guy reacted to Game_of_Homes in Death by Private equity list   
    So, what is going on with John Lewis and their massive fall in profits? I always thought that they had a unique ownership structure in that each worker had a stake in the company?
    To be honest, I think people just don't have much money these days and nobody is buying expensive furniture because they have no space and no permanent home. It's also too expensive to have a high street shop once you factor in rates, taxes etc all whilst the big companies are able to (legally with the help of the Government turning a blind eye) avoid as much tax as possible which other companies can't.
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    Great Guy reacted to Talking Monkey in Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...   
    Bloody hell 39K that is a yuge starting salary
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    Great Guy reacted to Errol in Black guys and white women in adverts   
    Percentage of knife crime in london carried out by blacks has got to be 80%+.
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    Great Guy reacted to spunko in Black guys and white women in adverts
    London violent crime to be tackled with new unit https://

    Didn't know where else to post this. Seems the So-Called BBC is being slightly underhand here.
    Oi bruv, wuss 'appening to yo' hands?
    Nuffin mayn. They jus gan all whitey, innit doh.
    Cos you bin on dat BBC bruv innit?
    Yo, dey photoshopped muh motha fucking hands.
    Oi, dat’s well rayciss bruv!
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    Great Guy reacted to spygirl in Interesting dog revenge attack   
    50% of the 'Staffies' i see are fucking american putbulls - see my earlier post.
    Why the fuck are the police or council not scooping these fucking dogs up?
    Its hardly as if the people who own them are nice, law abiding tax payers.
    100% scum.
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    Great Guy reacted to Bakez in How to make democracy work   
    Democracy doesn’t work and especially not in populations that aren’t homogeneous 
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    Great Guy reacted to wherebee in How to make democracy work   
    because they are the ones sent off to die by the elected representatives. Plus, they tend to be a bit more realistic in terms of BULLSHIT detection.  
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    Great Guy got a reaction from the gardener in Question Time   
    What gets me with Bremoaners is that they regularly say Brexiters are stupid. Then you get Bremoaners saying "look at all the money the EU gives us"... The EU is giving us some of our money back....
    You'd literally have to be retarded to think the "EU gives us money" is a valid argument for Bremoan.
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    Great Guy got a reaction from the gardener in Question Time   
    We give the EU £20 and we get £10 back and bremoaners thank the EU for the £10? Absolutedly bizarre.
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    Great Guy reacted to The Generation Game in Croydon cat killer   
    If it was foxes then it is non-criminal. But that doesn't mean that they weren't hate incidents. I imagine South Yorkshire police phones have been ringing off the hook. 
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    Great Guy reacted to null; in Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?   
    Currently on the So-Called BBC website there is a hit piece onMartin Sellner, putting that aside for a moment, the link to that piece in the right hand side bar has another story above it which is about how we defeated the Nazis in WW2.
    It's an old and subtle trick but one still used very often, but not one that a state broadcaster should be using.
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    Great Guy reacted to JoeDavola in Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...   
    Top end of the payscale for a Solicitor with Belfast City Council is just under 43K, that's a job I always assumed paid really well.
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    Great Guy reacted to Frank Hovis in Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...   
    Bedrag is jesting Stokie; though I agree that sometimes it is hard to spot that.
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    Great Guy reacted to stokiescum in Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...   
    i disagree,many carefirms run on agencys and foreighners.and the agencys are mainly staffed by foreighners.lets ignore the fact many wont work has they get to much on bennies.if carefirms paid enough evenchualy they would be fully staffed its simple economics.i admit the aspiring youth will realise care in spite of it being one of the only growth rate sectors out there ,there is little chance for progression.many do go on to become nurses ,but for most the top rank is supervisor.another one that struggles to get english involved has temps is amazon,its damed hard work but the temps aug-january are mainly foreighn if they get hard to find amazon would have no choice but offer more money...again maybe hardwork and to much in bennis scares the english off however even they would work there is enough cash on offer
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    Great Guy reacted to wherebee in Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...   
    I was earning ten pounds and hour working in pubs in London and the south east thirty years ago.  If you want an example of how mass immigration has eroded the value of labour, the above story gives you all you need to know.
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    Great Guy reacted to DocH in Fat shamed by Piers Morgan   
    Storm in a DDD  cup.
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    Great Guy reacted to Van Lady in Fat shamed by Piers Morgan   
    Definitely, from my observations of my relative over the years!
    It’s been sad to watch at close hand but overall she’s an arrogant loud mouth so my compassion is neutered.
    Currently my obese relative has Alexa set up to turn lights/tv/music on because she doesn’t have to move to retrieve a keypad or hit a light switch. She’s disclosed more than a few times that she waits until she can’t hold off any longer to relieve her bladder. Waddles very slowly from the close distance from her house to DLA car to go to ever diminishing places due to extremely limited ability to walk.
    Two weeks ago she said she’d set a target of 1000 steps a day on a step monitor. WTF! I’ve probably done that no of steps before 8am. Maybe she’s getting worried now.....she’s a product of our NHS. Sister grade diabetic nurse until retirement on health grounds. Up until retirement she was working in hospital and home visiting “advising” people about diabetes. 
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    Great Guy reacted to maynardgravy in Fat shamed by Piers Morgan   
    Once you start getting fat hands it's game over. Your body has run out of places to store lard.
    Pretty soon she'll identify a corpse. Way to go girlfriend. 
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    Great Guy reacted to Byron in Fat shamed by Piers Morgan   
    Well I don't find her 'stunning' I think that she looks grotesque.
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    Great Guy reacted to Van Lady in Fat shamed by Piers Morgan   
    I’m not a piers Morgan fan but he’s correct IMO to tackle the celebration of obesity. It’s good to hearing a dissenting voice.
    It’s about health. The human body doesn’t function at its best when one is morbidly obese. Common sense really.
    Morgan is a self promoter at all times regardless of how he plays the game.
    The obese person in the article is 33 and 21 stone. If she’s lucky she’ll get to late fifties and be 30+ plus stones but then she’ll barely be able to move.
    I have a close relative who reminds me of the dismissal that Holliday displays about her obesity. It doesn’t affect me blah blah blah!
    Oh I think it will affect you sooner or later tess holiday. Celebrate being obese in each day because if you don’t slim down your health and ability to even walk about your home will decline.
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    Great Guy reacted to XswampyX in Far Right Attack @ Al-Majlis Al-Hussaini mosque in Cricklewood   
    Yep. Our ignorance is their strength.
    It's something Tommy Robinson was going on about some Al Mohamed cultural center was hosting multiple ISIS fighters and the name literally meant "kill the jews", but only to the people who know what it means. 
    To the rest of us it was just another islamic name.
    They are treacherous liars that are lying to us.
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    Great Guy reacted to snaga in School canteen spiked with laxative   
    I assume the camera man is prime suspect.
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    Great Guy reacted to Frank Hovis in School canteen spiked with laxative   
    There's some powerful laxatives out there!
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    Great Guy reacted to Hopeful in Unintended consequences of making people work until they drop   
    That was another thing that pissed me off with my workplace and made me leave
    People not retiring and going on to 70 and beyond while drawing a salary, a state pension and final salary pension, and claiming expenses.
    Whenever I challenged them, and I did, the anwswer was always "But I can't afford to retire'.
    Well, IMO, if after a well paid life you can't live off more money than new entrants are getting paid, not only are you blocking new entrants but you don't deserve any more chances for cash AFAIC. And, it was endemic. So, it wasn't just the occasional person that you could ascribe to a genuine hard luck story.
    These wealthy people would think nothing of having young graduate volunteers work for them for no benefit other than being able to add 'work experience' to their CV.
    I just couldn't be around these people.
    But, in my view, the real reason these people persisted was not financial but rather, it was for self-indulgent self-esteem in order to be perceived by others as important and valuable. Really? Get a life!
    So, if self-esteem was the real underlying reason, I'd have no problem with retirees continuing in the workplace for free and passing on their wisdom, although obviously, I'm not taking about driving buses.