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  1. The eu should be grateful to the UK for taking in hundreds if not thousands of ISIS and spreading the threat to the UK as well.
  2. Joking aside it is surprising that in 2019 no UK politicians have ever come up with anything at all along those lines for the UK. Maybe it's something to do with subsidising the sector in overseas countries - overseas coming first as usual (no pun intended).
  3. There doesn't seem to much benefit to the UK or the UK people though. Of course there are benefits to the politicians through foreign aid linked cushy sinecure jobs mainly in banking through the aid associated debt and corporate development that never seems to develop anything (including influence) except TPTB bank balances and politicians' cushy sinecure jobs.
  4. To put the current situation in perspective how about putting Adolf?? (including the question marks) because that's what it might be leading to - although that might easily be misinterpreted and might also be too close to reality in the eu these days.
  5. Corbyn's broadband policy did sound quite good though - free fast broadband for the hoi polloi and the general population and the bloated internet corporates to help to pay for it. Boris saying it was crazy communism didn't sound that balanced to be fair - he was just interested in keeping corporate taxes down at the expense of everyone else and then him landing some cushy sinecure jobs on top of his cushy gold plated pension as an MP and Prime Minister etc. Also to be fair the UK is currently well beyond the better dead than red territory and in fact it's nearer the opposite. Apart from that Boris doesn't seem to see the employment opportunities that he's normally quick to seize on when one of his chums is opening some minimum wage zero hours type of business which might include estate agency and property development and so on. Not that any of the others in Parliament are any better and that includes Corbyn's Labour.
  6. Indeed and I have long believed there is such a niche/an opportunity on the high street although you don't have to necessarily go that far back to supplement your menu. There were plenty of good reasonably priced high street restaurants/cafes leading up to and including the 1970s/1980s which served up good British fare before they suffered the castigation and went out of fashion in the name of diversity food and everything from overseas was wrongly claimed to be automatically better and the indigenous were then home food disenfranchised along with all the other indigenous disenfranchisements.
  7. There's no policy as after the election on gaining power they would immediately renege on it - but if it was binding then policies to reduce population (in a civilised manner), reverse immigration, reduce congestion and reduce house prices would be a start.
  8. Today seems to be the day when the electoral bribes start to be revealed along with them all insulting each other's bribes as they're revealed. Electoral bribes to be implemented by 2030 - typically not this year or next year but in 11 years time if you're very lucky - but realistically speaking never to be implemented. The electorate will most likely fall for it all yet again - they always do. I suppose it's just too much to expect some detailed factual debate from the LibLabCon parties on the advantages and disadvantages of Remain v Boris's WA/Surrender Treaty v No Deal v Corbyn's WA/Surrender Treaty v 2nd Referendum v ......................and so on.
  9. . More companies threatening to quit the UK Off you go then.
  10. Since I posted the post you quoted I've looked at his voting record and a statement of his on 25th July 2019 partly about the WA. I don't think he's really a full blooded remainer (revoke Article 50/Remain) as although he voted remain in the referendum he seems to be in favour of the WA/Surrender Treaty - but he's against No Deal. Indeed the coloured chart posted above more or less confirms that. Maybe Gill is being a bit misleading in calling him a remainer in that context - if Jonathan Djanogly is in favour of the WA (BRINO) then I don't see that Boris has deceived anyone as the WA/BRINO is stated tory government policy and the Brexit Party are of course well aware of that. It might not be ideal but what else did the Brexit Party expect to happen. No Dealers are thin on the ground in the tory party that is if they actually exist at all now. Are BP trying to work up justification for withdrawing from their decision to not stand in 317 seats - if only to some extent.
  11. They just need some cheering up - maybe things like less crazy house prices and fewer politician's lies. That looks a bit like Boris on the right - did Dahl know him as a child. Boris would be about 15 when Dahl wrote that book.
  12. What's remarkable is that no matter where they're from, what they look like, what they say and how they say it male or female etc once in power they all seem to favour the same general policies despite their promises (apart from tinkering around the fringes) along with the identical uninspiring and meaningless code words and phrases.
  13. If the Brexit Party is just going to accept that then I suppose they could try to de-select him and any others the day after the election. Is a condition of being in a safe seat that they'll accept the "Brexit" whip and won't vote against a tory government in that matter?
  14. Tory is used as shorthand for Conservative but that word has also been politically meaningless for a long time now - as are the names Labour and Liberal Democrats. The only names that have any meaning are UKIP and the Brexit Party as their core policy is actually in their names. It's often got the tag neoliberalism but that isn't what's being forced on people under the LibLabCons. It's closer to NeoDespotism where they just seem to do as they please under undemocratic orders from TPTB.
  15. Interesting stuff although if he'd fielded a candidate in every seat as he said he would it's just possible that he might have gained a Trump type of momentum. In the absence of a UKIP threat at the moment (there's no reason why UKIP shouldn't re-emerge in due course given a clear out of their NEC and another good leader) then vote Brexit Party as there's not much of a choice. Not a great message admittedly. I must admit I'd rather they hadn't put the word "Change" in their election slogan - it's very much overused.