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  1. Tommy punches a migrant in Italy

    Maybe Mr Robinson also intends to read some small parts in German as well as English - not necessarily perfectly of course. That might be innovative for the second round at Speakers' Corner. Diversity and inclusion.
  2. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    Several manufacturers did suffer the corrosion problem even across whole manufacturers' ranges. It's a bit of shame that there doesn't seem to be any obvious range that fills the similar very cheap and cheerful niche for small cars any more. I expect it's partly due to safety reasons.
  3. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    Indeed they were far more suited to the Italian climate but from memory I used to see quite old versions of those old tiny Fiats on the roads until say the 1980s well after they stopped production. They were very basic and cheap and being mechanically basic very cheap to maintain. There's still quite a few around and lots priced on a par with the modern ones and some even multiples of that - as classics.
  4. Islamification of Europe

    . Why pick on the British - it's happening in Germany as well. It's racist, discriminatory and some might even say hateful - as well as being against eu law. Ab endemic and institutionalised racism against the indigenous and other British - and not a word against that discrimination and racism from the British government.
  5. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    I 'm sure there is quite a bit of that as well and I touched on it with the Focus increase in length after 2005. The surprise to me is that the Fiesta hasn't increased in length to fit nearer to the old Focus length. The Ka could maybe do with a bit more length as well. Perhaps it's all in the pipeline. Though I still think that the US is the main factor except maybe in the very small car range. What is quite astonishing is the high price of the small Fiats compared to what they were some decades ago - relative to other cars and in real terms.
  6. Fatter, longer, heavier - Cars

    The modern Fiesta is about the same size as the Escort. The Focus is about 8 inches longer now (and slightly wider) compared to when it first came out - with a larger turning circle which is a shame as the increased length is just too much now. Many mid range cars in the Ford, Audi, BMW etc ranges are about the same length. I think it's because they're designed mainly for the US market and the UK just has to accept that - they're not going to design for the UK and get the US to accept the result. Some of the 4X4s etc are just daft for the UK roads and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger every year.
  7. Islamification of Europe

    Mr Robinson should be congratulated in the name of Free Speech. He didn't necessarily agree with the speech but he felt it must be heard. It's not at all clear why the speech was banned and it seems like the authorities can only be judged to have been discriminatory and racist - based on eu law. Even institutionally discriminatory and racist.
  8. Islamification of Europe

    Indeed and eu spokesman also seems to forget that the eu including Britain is still at war with ISIS as a result of the bataclan attack and even though "the allies" (for want of a better description) claim victory ISIS has not signed a surrender document. Then there's the mass attack on women at Cologne station, the London underground attack and many other extremely awful incidents.
  9. Islamification of Europe

    The eu spokesman has got the sequence of events wrong and is exonerating terrorism. All the more reason to to leave the eu as soon as possible - right now wouldn't be a moment too soon.
  10. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    There's some more on the timeline in the guardian link below. Now there are 400 witnesses. . I think they've published about 20 seconds of that so far. The couple walking past the cctv camera - the blonde person carrying a large red bag.
  11. Nasty bridge collapse in Florida

    If you raise problems and don't sign it off then fast track to the dole. Professional engineers competing with people with few if any qualifications for cheap labour and expected to train them before fast track to the dole or no redundancy pay. Continual white heat of technology promises by crooked and bent politicians and any company promises to employees broken at the first opportunity.
  12. Who do you think actually did it then?

    That seems to suggest it's very likely that they have a very weak hand and they don't want it further exposed.
  13. Islamification of Europe

    The damage will be huge and lots of it won't yet be apparent. On the basis of broken window economics for sure the government will be delighted with the exponential increase in make work through people having to repair the many bodges and repair the damage to stuff in the vicinity of the original "work". Every scrap of statistically manipulated and statistically crooked GDP helps them to con people into voting for them and their "successful economy". They cover their ears to the broken window fallacy.
  14. Who do you think actually did it then?

    On the So-Called BBC news yesterday they were making it clear that they thought the London death was likely to have been ordered by definitely-not-gay definitely-not-gay Putin because of apparent wrongdoings to Russia. I agree they didn't seem to be suggesting that it was linked to the Salisbury incident. Maybe that's still in their locker. Interesting points about the hit list and the train line. Maybe the two Russians knew each other. Maybe it was Glushkov who carried out the nerve agent attack but likely that's stretching things too far.