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  1. You would think they would at least have fenced it off or drained it or whatever.. Another unsatisfactory article from bbc. It's probably end up being blamed on climate change.
  2. It doesn't say whether they've tested the water. You'd think that would be one of the first things to do - especially as they've put an image of it with dead elephants beside it
  3. They found one? - he must have bolted to South America.
  4. Presumably they searched the house and grounds to make sure Epstein isn't living in the hidden cellar, loft or underground bunker.
  5. It could have been to try to avoid the media rather than avoid the FBI. Maybe also to avoid vigilantes.
  6. If that's an image of dead elephants right beside a watering hole then presumably for those particular elephants poisoning of the watering hole must be suspect (poisoning accidentally or on purpose or maybe just foul water for whatever reason). Maybe other elephants managed to get some distance away from there before keeling over. The surface foam or whatever it is looks like it might not be entirely natural.
  7. The hospitals claiming to be treating 5000 cases and on investigation actually being empty and under construction refurbishment (Brazil), identical numbers coming out from different US states, if you've had a cold before they can't rule out testing positive for CV19 and if you go in for any health problem (say kidney stones) you'll get tested for CV19 - also the contradictions of for instance why are church/houses of worship gatherings etc banned but you can go to crowded Walmart/Costco etc. It's mainly about the US and with reference to the world in general but the UK doesn't sound much different.
  8. Remarkable that this reduction in total case numbers is revealed now and a bit more than 5 months after the first UK cases were confirmed on 31 January - and now that the scary message has already been well propagated. They can afford to reduce the numbers a bit to counter some of the weeks of criticism about apparent double counting etc to be portrayed as honest brokers. Don't hold your breath for a similar adjustment to the figures anytime soon for deaths registered as caused by CV19 but in fact due to other causes. "Who can you believe?" Indeed - a good question. Incidentally what happened to the first confirmed cases in the UK - apparently two members of the same family, understood to be tourists who came from China on holiday to the UK and were in a York hotel before being transferred to a Newcastle hospital. It's surprising that there hasn't been media coverage considering they were the first UK victims.
  9. twocents

    BLM UK

    Some thick and some in on the deceit.
  10. The regular flu has been eradicated - it's not even mentioned when people get ill.- it's always CV19 now. Even in CV19 studies of people with the symptoms they seem to forget that it might just be regular flu. People with "flu like symptoms" get automatically diagnosed as having CV19 now. Or at least it seems that way. It might be worth having the regular flu jab as long as they aren't sneaking the CV19 jab in at the same time - if you don't want the CV19 jab (I'll need some convincing to take a CV19 jab that seems to be rushed into action with accelerated testing etc - and after taking it if you get ill due to the CV19 jab not working or maybe even due to the CV19 jab itself it's easy to see the VIs claiming something like it's because of the regular flu). Apparently the regular flu jab isn't 100% foolproof - for instance apparently the jab in late 2018 missed one of the flu strains that year and it caught out a lot of people that winter.
  11. twocents

    BLM UK

    Apparently even the most blatant ones - at a time when the average person was being told how awful communism was. Actually they still are telling people that - we're supposed to be living in a capitalist society.
  12. Christopher Francis Patten, Baron Patten of Barnes (Pang Ding-hong aka Fat Pang) seems strangely quiet on this issue. He was the tory bloke who governor of Hong Long until the sovereignty transfer. It's not him in the image below but it's the governor's hat. He was reported not to like it and some reports claim that he never wore it.
  13. We all stand and deliver. Adam Ant sang about it but it's never been as blatant as now.