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  1. Are her parents "refugees" who didn't have passports/documents to prove where they originated from.
  2. twocents

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    The video's interesting though being about the general discontent in the eu, Britain, france, Italy etc and Salvini's proposals - gold etc. Even if his proposals go nowhere. Maybe a combo mask might eventually become popular. Guy Fawkes, Trump, Salvini and so on.
  3. twocents

    Brighton tragedy - man killed last night

    Interesting how the rear offside wheel of the VW seems to have become a bit detached without much damage to the bodywork. Presumably that's not his car but one of the cars that he drove into. If it is his car maybe that rear wheel became detached and he lost control of the car and one of the drivers of the cars he hit didn't like his car being damaged?
  4. twocents

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Salvini's the man.
  5. twocents

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Yes the employee is represented disgracefully in almost every employment circumstance and that includes things like competent advice on company pension rights as well.
  6. twocents

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Shocking. All I could find doing a quick search on payroll is the bit below. I thought the union would pay them something for their work but it seems that all their income comes from their employer. I assume that applies to both public and private sector representatives.
  7. BBC radio reported about her and her baby on every single news narrative broadcast today. In this evening's broadcast bbc was having a go at the new name for ISIS (normally pronounced like ICE IS). They were trying out IS IS - wIth the first IS pronounced the same way as the second IS is normally pronounced. I expect it would go also along with the story that she didn't know what she was getting into.
  8. twocents

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    Outside the So-Called BBC - Media City I believe the offices are called. TR insitu on the actual site of the planned Saturday 23 February 2019 event.
  9. twocents

    Macron - how long before wheels fall off

    The YVs really can't be categorised in that way as they have no mission statement and no leaders. They're just a bunch of ordinary people showing up to show their extreme discontent with the direction that France is being taken in by its so called "leaders" - such as Macron. Of course there'll be all sorts there including anti-semites and pro-semites, right/left - you name it they'll be there such is the discontent - but it's not right to categorise them all as such a thing - in fact it's deeply dishonest and manipulative - oh it was the So-Called BBC - they're being exposed for their dishonesty next Saturday at their Salford offices. They just can't help themselves though.
  10. twocents

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Apparently the Eventbrite platform is being used by Stand Up To Racism Birmingham which apparently has close ties to the TUC so it's tantamount to the average unions being involved as well - their silence seems to give implicit agreement. Maybe some of the average unions will decide to deny it though - I doubt they will do that. Are you saying the public sector union reps (for instance UNISON reps) are paid directly by the government for their union duties. As far as I'm aware they get paid by the government to do their normal job (non union job) and then their union rep job is paid from union members subscriptions which comes out of income paid by the government - granted there's not much difference to it all coming from the government (with VI) but there is a slight difference.
  11. twocents

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Eventbrite It's a surprise that they are allowing their web site facilities to be used as a platform for hateful, untrue, anti-democratic and even racist political expression and facilitating interference in the politics of other nations and considering all the banning of free speech and de-platforming of people there's been recently.
  12. twocents

    Tommy Robinson thread

    By the unions own actions TR has effectively exposed the unions as well as bbc. Two birds with one stone. It'll be interesting to see who else volunteers in the next week to side with all the twisting, the lies and all the other awful stuff that TR is against.
  13. twocents

    Tommy Robinson thread

    The serious antagonism of the unions to Tommy Robinson and his exposé of bbc is interesting as you would maybe think the unions had suffered from bbc misinformation over the years as much as anyone. Yet they're mobilising what might turn out to be something like an antifa opposition to TR's exposure of the way bbc lies and twists in its output. Also you might expect many union members to be in agreement with TR about how twisted bbc output seems to be and in agreement with TR about the things TR is concerned about that are going on in Britain. The unions generally seem to be useless in defending workers interests and have strange bedfellows in apparently supporting both antifa types and private companies. The message calling for opposition to TR at the exposé seems to be almost as deluded, biased and twisted about TR as bbc and the rest of the MSM are. Maybe those currently running the unions are just happy with things as they are and with the status quo - along with their own generous wages, pensions and other benefits and are just another group who don't want their cushy applecart to be upset by the exposé.