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  1. WHO is a perfect example of a bureaucracy with only self preservation in mind and with a vested interest in more ill health all around the world.
  2. Regarding a vaccine people have to be realistic - that won't happen until the world's population is down to 500 million. Remember the Elbert County stone slabs.
  3. Globalisation is carp isn't it.
  4. The authorities love all this stuff though - quarantines, orders, lockdowns, patrols, arrests, self important meetings with the full publicity glare and generally pushing people around and so on. One of the reasons the WHO won't declare a pandemic is because its leaders enjoy the attention so much.
  5. It's probably not relevant but it is quite interesting that so far the worst affected places all seem to be on roughly the same latitude. Wuhan, Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy and now Spain has its third case. Admittedly there are other countries well outside of that latitude zone but maybe not so badly affected.
  6. Fair enough although I understood from earlier on in the thread that Coronaviruses got the corona name because of being shaped a bit like a crown which in turn would be similar to the sun - circular with bits sticking out - as A(H3N2) flu has a similar look the coronavirus similarity to a crown can't be the full story. It seems a bit virusist to exclude flu from the corona categpry when they apparently look so similar. Even the common cold gets the coronavirus tag despite it being so common.
  7. It's hold up. What's the vault combination.
  8. A(H1N1) does look a bit like that doesn't it. What about the A(H3N2) - I don't think there's an image of A(not subtyped) - 73% of cases.
  9. It's a fascinating subject and I came across the image below of flu type A(H3N2) - which is apparently the flu strain along with A(not subtyped) together constituting the majority (about 93%) of the roughly tenfold increase in flu admissions reported for week 51 of 2019/2020 in the PHE report I posted earlier today. Flu A(H3N2) looks just like a coronavirus - is there a particular reason why it's not termed as such. A(H1N1) isn't portrayed as much different.
  10. I'm sure - like a lot of UK properties are. In the case of the UK on the inside they're very often divided into flats. In the UK there are proposals for average new build to be even smaller in future. I'm referring to the average size from the statistics I've seen. Actually it is possible that the average Chinese home is larger than the average for the UK as the Chinese stats are sparse - as far as I'm aware. Large single ownership houses tend to increase the average size statistic as well. Looking at that video posted yesterday about all the locked in and quarantined Chinese people shouting and screaming from their mega high rise flats you can start to see the sort of accommodation units many urban Chinese live in.
  11. Good question. One way or another don't they all end up on the taxpayers' tab.
  12. Maybe they needed to make room for the last batch of people?
  13. If it was a new virus I expect it would take some time to identify? and the Chinese apparently weren't being transparent so the UK would have to start afresh. Unless as you suggested earlier (I think it was yourself) the Chinese knew about the virus already from their lab work. Some of it does indeed seem to reduce down to when did it actually start.
  14. Although the symptoms are similar hasn't it got a higher death rate - but yes if you survive and without having been tested then it sounds like many people would think they've just had a bad case of flu (or a very heavy cold).
  15. I believe the symptoms are very similar though.