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  1. twocents

    Islamification of Europe

    Emily is losing her grip - she'll be storming out next. On top of that she actually believes the official statements
  2. twocents

    Send the UK immigrants to Japan for training first.

    Yes they could have been made to start the way they should be expected to carry on. Get with the extreme bureaucracy sort of thing - but the authorities will do everything possible to avoid discouraging them. They can always blame the indigenous when the tyre washes up on the beach.
  3. twocents

    London - Grenfell House

    . That's staggering. After the Ronan Point tower block collapse there was a government inquiry (probably more than one) and official reports after official reports and £millions were spent on research and then remedial and strengthening work of other similar blocks to prevent any risk of another catastrophic collapse of any other system built panel construction tower blocks in Britain. It was all reported in the press and the MSM and far more thoroughly and openly than would likely be the case these days. All of the remedial work would have been checked and approved by the relevant councils being the responsible client organisations and they would employ building specialists to identify which blocks were affected and to design the appropriate remedial work. Then to carry out and to finally inspect and sign off the work - it would be illegal not to carry out that work. Have they now discovered that the work was possibly done in a jerry built and haphazard way - and how did they find out now after all this time as progressive collapse issues are something quite different from the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy - Grenfell Tower a building which although badly fire damaged is still standing and apparently not at any significant risk of progressive collapse. It doesn't look like a Ronan Point type system built panel block. Are there going to be prosecutions and insurance claims to compensate taxpayers for the apparent incompetence and the cost of demolishing and replacing the buildings or is it going to be just another cover up and whitewash at taxpayers expense. If they've found two blocks already then I expect it might turn out that there's a lot more. At a guess they've discovered or perhaps just decided that the strengthening work won't last long enough to support the buildings in the event of a Grenfell Tower type fire.
  4. twocents

    World Cup 2018 thread

    Yes at one point when the So-Called BBC radio commentator was building upto a crescendo because England had put a pass together then it was "he slipped" - you just sort of knew - 52 years of ert.
  5. twocents

    Las Vegas shootings

  6. twocents

    World Cup 2018 thread

    There wasn't a squeak out of them about Cable's racism, ageism and stereotyping at the LibDem conference during his speech about who voted for Brexit.
  7. twocents

    Trump's progress

    I bet he wouldn't be stopped from entering Britain.
  8. twocents

    Islamification of Europe

    Maybe it's because the street rules aren't their rules? Will they be asked to cough up like the rest of us would be?
  9. twocents

    Trump's progress

    Agreed - after publication on the So-Called BBC news etc the video was used by Live Aid (Live Aid was originally founded for and centred on the pop concert at Wembley Stadium which was followed on the same day at the JFK Stadium in the US) and the video was repeated constantly on the day of the 100% televised all day concert about the issue (not unlike the 9/11 video loop). As usual the same images used over and over and over on a never ending loop and intermingled with Geldof being interviewed and regularly shouting "Give us yer ***** money" at viewers. His ******* language apparently given permission for that day when normally it wouldn't be acceptable for broadcast.. There'll always be a reason and a country. Then it was Ethiopia and now it comes under the tag of "Syria". More than 30 years on and the general issue still isn't sorted out. I wouldn't mind quite so much if it was being dealt with honestly but it isn't - enough is enough.
  10. twocents

    Trump's progress

    I think that's the video they used all the time on tv when giving all day coverage to the 1984 Live Aid concert. That's whenever Gelfof wasn't shouting at the camera "Give us yer ****** money" or something similar.
  11. twocents

    Explosion at Southgate

    Exploding cigar?
  12. twocents

    Islamification of Europe

    The German Green Party MEP referred to official statistics German and eu politicians should be grateful to Poland for granting them Poland's share of the enrichment - when it comes to elections the electorate will reward them for it.
  13. twocents

    Islamification of Europe

    There's a massive amount of stuff covered up by tarpaulins on one of the decks of that boat. What are they trying to hide. What else might they be smuggling apart from (openly) smuggling illegal immigrants. Incidentally where are the children and pregnant women on deck in the video - they all seemed to be young men of fighting age and I question how many were from "war torn" Syria.
  14. twocents

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Compromise. They can have 1 day for so called islamophobia and the rest can have the remaining 364 days to represent rational fear. 365 days in a leap year.
  15. twocents

    Trump's progress

    Playing recordings of crying children. Emotional blackmail - despicable and some would say sadistic - they're more interested in recording them rather than comforting them - that is if they weren't child actors like used by the white helmets in Syria.