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  1. No advantage there in being in the eu. At least typically not for British children and their parents who in that case were being subjected to an increased risk just through being in the eu.
  2. During a discussion on bbc radio this evening they mentioned that the police won't be taking the Brand case any further. They then went on to demonstrate their extreme bias and used all the reasons rejected for Count Dankula's defence as justification for Brand being let off - including context and it was a joke - but without any reference to CD's case - staggering in your face hypocrisy.
  3. Maybe - and to discourage people who want to listen to radio music - they might as well not bother playing it at all as it certainly isn't entertaining.
  4. twocents

    Next PM

    And he evidently has all the background attributes to be well at home in any part of the LibLabCon. Maybe not so much with Corbyn's lot but even there he would very likely fit in somewhere. Are they the sort of attributes the nation needs right now - "bringing the nation together" failed miserably under May. It's a slogan with as much credibility with most people as "all in it together".
  5. They seem to only report them now and then - recently 1 June and now 15 June - both Saturdays - fortnightly. Are they trying to pretend there aren't several boatloads arriving or being "intercepted" (escorted in) each and every day and probably at night as well.
  6. Bans on free speech. Bans on people who want to express an opinion from entering the country.
  7. twocents

    Next PM

    I'm surprised he didn't say he would launch a full government inquiry into manspreading and its causes and its consequences. They could still do that and sort it out once and for all - or at least until the next inquiry on the same subject. Some men do seem to exaggerate it a bit (probably some women as well) and as a result sometimes unnecessarily occupy a lot more than their fair share of seat. I might be wrong but I suspect an amount of manspreading is more to do with the bone structure around the hips with most women having a wider pelvis for childbirth which enables women to sit more comfortably and naturally without spread. Maitlis using male's own skeletal structure they were born with against them.
  8. I suspect on one issue at least 17.4 million people (the majority of people who voted) would disagree.
  9. twocents

    Next PM

    "Open Sesame" to the door on the way out.
  10. . . They must be specially built voting booths for rotten boroughs - I've never seen voting booths that will take more than one person. Most people have to walk into a voting booth and then reverse out of it - they're so small you can hardly turn round in them.
  11. Didn't they have specific security, fire alarms and cameras to minimise the risk so they probably thought there was no risk. It's still difficult to understand why their provisions weren't enough. Other than that likely it was like the banks in that all risks were covered by the government (taxpayer) in the event of mistakes.
  12. twocents

    Next PM

    Shouldn't he just refer to the Tory election manifesto.
  13. Yes - it was the radio so maybe they think they can get away with it as the actual video isn't being seen. Astounding brass neck piggy backing the presentation of the women's game on the back of the men's.