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  1. . . Then along came feminism and all the rest Ok it's a bit off thread You do get some laughs as life goes on. It does make you wonder what it's all about.
  2. Didn't the "youth culture" start in America the culture that glorifies youth? Elvis, the Big Bopper, Bill Haley, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly and so on. Eventually the UK got Cliff and skiffle (cheapskate skiffle twanging a wire attached to a box) - just a typical outcome of authoritarian UK. Youth culture - older than 30 and you're risking the old age dole. .
  3. There was no such discount shown on the bill - the waiter just chose to categorise them in that way. Maybe the waiter thought 80 years old was boomer territory. The restaurant might not even have a students' discount day for the miserable? young ones.
  4. twocents


    They'll be wanting more funds.
  5. Incidentally I don't think I've ever called anyone "old" no matter what age they are as I've always preferred to just refer to their actual age if there's ever been a need for "categorisation" for whatever reason
  6. When you're aged 16 it's those aged 17 isn't it Young One percent I wasn't being personal put it up to 80 or 90 etc if you like - it's clearly all relative. It's only a number.
  7. . Not intentional. The waiter meant to write the table number but the hand slipped. They must have been the only couple the waiter considered befitting of that description or the waiter would have been totally confused. They probably don't get much repeat custom once people look at the bill. Why not just put "about 80". Kendall, Cumbria - it'll be all young people there. The mail article describes the complainant as "the pensioner" - I expect they checked that description out - indeed the waiter might as well have gone the full monty and put "old age pensioners" on the bill. I bet there was no discount though and by the bill they didn't ask for one either.
  8. According to radio news today the trial will be next year and is anticipated to last 3 weeks. The radio news also named the alleged perpetrator and reported the court put a restriction on publishing photos of him from now on as there will be an issue of identification during the trial. Did they forget to put that restriction for all the previous cases where photos have been published of perpetrators often by BBC.
  9. The way the referendum's majority Leave vote has been dealt with is totally without merit.
  10. . Indeed. There's some more detail in the link below along with reasons they gave for the original rotten refusal. It's interesting that the news came out at about the same time as rumours were circulating that Boris Johnson might withdraw the "Prime Minister and Others" opposition to the claim. From the very start of the extension talks it's all been railroaded through without debate in a court of law. From the people's point of view and the majority who voted to Leave it would seem to be undemocratic and very unsatisfactory.
  11. . Baloney - if health and safety was a priority they could have already crossed the Atlantic and be basking in the hospitality of Soros in the US. Maybe preferably they could have been back and forth several times to some safe port in Africa.
  12. As far as I'm aware still no mention on BBC radio about a possible leaving date in the next few days. Whenever the issue is raised by them it still revolves around 31 October. If the UK does get to soar out in the next few days they'll have to pretend to be in total shock.