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  1. From the most recent mail link above (October). Scientists are excited by the new imagery, which they believe will enable them to assess how the virus controls our bodies +9 A bag of dyed blue chicken wire offcuts, a bit of aluminium coat hanger, rainbow and white candy beads, a bit of plain plastic carrier bag and some pasta with blueberry yoghurt drizzle. Mix it all together and bend as necessary - deadly, do not come in contact - wear a mask. Makes a scary photo image though. "Scientists are excited by the new imagery".
  2. This month. From January They're images of the virus - the same virus? The images don't look that similar - maybe the new image is of one the other viruses they've reportedly let loose inside of China this year. If they can accidentally release such a "deadly virus" that is a "virus killing millions around the world" and then by all accounts almost immediately afterwards let loose other viruses inside China then to be fair it's just possible they might have got them all mixed up.
  3. If they can do without the sales from those aisles for weeks and maybe months on end so that they cover them up just like that then it's evident that supermarket margins aren't as thin as they always like to claim in overall profit terms. On top of that they're still open for business with government subsidies including paying even more discounted wages now with massive Covid subsidies from the government (taxpayer), tax reductions and so on - on top of all the normal subsidies. The bloke said something like since when did kids and baby clothes become non-essential - too true.
  4. If the car's registration number wasn't caughr on the mobile cameras it would be on the garage cameras. That is if the police pursued the matter.
  5. Violet's false logic. Even the government doesn't claim that wearing a mask offers protection to the wearer.
  6. By implication what the Doctor put forward applies to all those others who claim to have/have had Covid but haven't been tested but support the official narrtive. It's doubtful if that point would be made to them though - such claims supporting the narrative would just be accepted. The couple might or might not have had that thought in mind at the time.
  7. The so called experts who appear on shows like that are all just narrative pushers. Official narrative. They're the same on the radio. Maureen had a good opinion and the Doctor treated her similarly face to face as Brown in bigotgate with Gillian Duffy. It was reminiscent of that. Reasonable if maybe a bit patronising at some points. Maureen's husband made up for the patronising bit. I dare say unlike Brown the Doctor didn't say anything amiss after the interview though.
  8. Those who use agressive meme sound bites as "persuasion" are likely best avoided It's copycat culture - like politicians and sales people who use the same methods.
  9. "Personality"- is that the sideways sliding movement of the head back and forth along the shoulders and the relentless verbal abuse she's referring to. To be fair I'm sure she's nice enough but the current popularity of body covering tats, piercings and general lardarse-ery is difficult to comprehend. Though they must get something out of it.
  10. There was another famous pop singer around the 1980/90s interviewed just recently on radio and going on about his poor background and poor parents who could still afford to buy him and his crew a van and their musical instruments a few decades ago, their life savings, and how he also was poor as a pop singer and in the next breath mentioning the ferrari and maserati he had at the time. They just love broadcasting about their victimhood of fame as they sing their own bits of propaganda
  11. Indeed. It all just gets worse and worse - and there's no political opposition by the main political parties to it. It's a bit like the terrorist threat levels. Before they were introduced you could even go to airports and have some innocent entertainent on viewing platforms or in cafes watching planes on the tarmac moving around and taking off and landing, Now it all seems to be blanked off apparently for security. So many similar instances of similar restrictions. Now it's the Covid restrictions on top of it all.
  12. Early last January and before UK Covid the MSM reported that there was a tenfold increase in flu hospitlisations in December compared to the previous winter. There was no panic lock down to save lives including parents and grandparents or to protect the NHS despite in previous years MSM headlines about hospitals being full and stretched to breaking point more than ever before. Then everyone just had to take their chances - for sure that would be because "the economy stupid".
  13. Interesting that the Scottish five levels start from Level 0 - not from Level 1. In the article Level 0 is claimed to be "nearly normal" but still has serious restrictions compared to the old normal. Presumably that means that to get back to old normal she (or whoever is in charge) still has to make an announcement that Covid is no longer a threat and the five levels no longer apply. You could say it's the same if they started from Level 1 but there is a subtle difference in perception and propaganda terms between claiming to be at zero Covid level and still being at level 1. That
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