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  1. Blair speaks again about more dunderheadism.
  2. How could they - they aren't the same are they. They aren't linked in any way. Having the words Throwheed Jamath in common is just a coincidence. It's not as if TNTJ being "a precursor organisation to ISIS" means they're linked or anything.
  3. I have to question what the text in the link below means (a link that that I just came across in trying to find out what Throwheed Jamath means). Something just doesn't add up. "..the TNTJ ... is a precursor organisation to ISIS" just doesn't sound good does it? Should we be terrified or what?
  4. .They deny any links I suppose we can say thank goodness that National Thowheeth Jama'ath has no bases in "india, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Bahrain, Brunei, Oman, United Kingdom, France, United States of America, Australia, London, Singapore" like Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath claims to have?
  5. Yes looking at the above video and the drone video below (originally posted by onlyme) there are 2 (or more) lifts outside the scaffold and maybe one within the scaffold nearer the spire.- with maybe 2 more outside the cathedral at the south east corner. There seems zero likelihood that the ones outside the scaffold would cause such a fire and the one apparently near the spire almost zero chance considering the lead lined roof surface, the scaffold being metal, the lifts not being in use after work and circuit breakers etc - I agree as a matter of course the possibility would be considered especially the supply electrics. Incidentally in the drone video below there are three large holes shown in the ceiling. One directly under the spire (presumably caused by the weight of some of the spire collapsing vertically downwards), another to the west of the spire (presumably due to the top part of the spire that apparently fell in that direction) and another to the north of the spire in the transcept area. The reason for the latter seems unclear but it's just possible that's where the fire started (for whatever reason?) and where there might have been unusually intense heat.
  6. It sums it up. You are far right if you're not happy being terrified, terrorised, murdered and seriously injured. They should have made that more clear during WW2 and also when the IRA bombings were in full swing. I suppose it's quite remarkable that yet again political and media places have been totally free from attack and have escaped the latest mass murder and general carnage totally unscathed.
  7. Searching for NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama'ath) now throws up links to the terrorist group - compared to yesterday when searching for NTJ it threw up an international group interested in "community work". It was top of the list. Now the "community work" group is called Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath.- and doesn't seem to rate a mention under a search for NTJ but it does come up under TNTJ. The name's changed? What it all means is anyone's guess and for sure it will all be above board.
  8. i couldn't see any elevator(s) in the drone video or in other videos but I wasn't looking for elevators then and the videos were at a distance. There seemed to be several scaffold stairs but an elevator would be handy for the workers and for materials of course. Though heavy materials could be lifted by crane or cherry picker. There was a cherry picker on site the following day (and from memory a crane) and shown on the drone video apparently removing a statue.
  9. If it was a construction elevator I would expect it to be ground to roof and near to the scaffold outside the cathedral and being in the open air little or no fire risk to the cathedral - or near the spire and little or no fire risk for the reasons you give. I don't think they've revealed where the elevator was located yet though - or its purpose
  10. If the then young soldier did commit an offence likely no action was taken at the time because if he was found guilty it would also implicate his then seniors and so on up the line. Nearly 50 years afterwards how many if any of them then in control are now still around after drawing their pensions undisturbed.
  11. With the death toll apparently more than 200 dead and 450 injured (even bbc admitted the numbers) unfortunately the thread title doesn't do the full scale of the terror justice now - although correct at the time and bad enough then.