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    twocents reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Ghislaine didn't kill herself   
    Yes like Elvis.
    For decades Graceland visitors were not allowed upstairs because that's where The King lived. Recently that changed.
    My guess is he died.
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    twocents got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Ghislaine didn't kill herself   
    Presumably they searched the house and grounds to make sure Epstein isn't living in the hidden cellar, loft or underground bunker.
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    twocents got a reaction from The Masked Tulip in Ghislaine didn't kill herself   
    It could have been to try to avoid the media rather than avoid the FBI.  Maybe also to avoid vigilantes.
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    twocents reacted to Virgil Caine in Ghislaine didn't kill herself   
    One of the proven best defences for the accused in these sort of abuse cases is to have an accuser who can shown to be unreliable or a fantasist so I would watch out for claims that are hyped up by the media. Also worth watching if the case concentrated on certain testimony and ends up chasing one or two of the accused while ignoring others. Prince Andrew looks a particularly suitable high profile patsy in that respect. There are a too many witnesses out there for the accusations to be dismissed but what we are going to be presented with as a narrative in court may not be the whole truth as both prosecution and defence will be trying to frame the way the case is presented. There is also a political angle playing into the US election that is also present. The timing of the arrest now rather than months ago when Epstein was charged seems particularly odd. Why the long delay ? There is also the question that if Maxwell was Epstein’s procurer as alleged she  seems to have ceased to act in that role some time ago. What has happened to the other women he was using to entice in girls. Have they been arrested and are they going to be prosecuted ?
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    twocents reacted to stop_the_craziness in Communities to end knife crime   
    I lived in an area in Coventry called "Paradise".   It was not.
    Edited to add:  Just Googled it.  They've paved Paradise and put up a Student Village  - Joni Mitchell would be proud
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    twocents reacted to Option5 in Pay coconuts get monkeys   
    Monkey see monkey do.
  7. Informative
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    twocents reacted to eight in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Government would probably give them assurances of a free pass.
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    twocents reacted to Harley in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    All part of the "charm" offensive to get us consuming and back to work.  Apparently the polos will be doing road shows next week to talk things up.
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    twocents got a reaction from whocares in Old Statues   
    They should also be given the option of being returned to their homelands.  Though it's doubtful any would take up that offer of course.
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    twocents got a reaction from Mike Roberts in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Remarkable that this reduction in total case numbers is revealed now and a bit more than 5 months after the first UK cases were confirmed on 31 January - and now that the scary message has already been well propagated. 
    They can afford to reduce the numbers a bit to counter some of the weeks of criticism about apparent double counting etc to be portrayed as honest brokers.
    Don't hold your breath for a similar adjustment to the figures anytime soon for deaths registered as caused by CV19 but in fact due to other causes.
    "Who can you believe?"  Indeed - a good question.
    Incidentally what happened to the first confirmed cases in the UK - apparently two members of the same family, understood to be tourists who came from China on holiday to the UK and were in a York hotel before being transferred to a Newcastle hospital.  It's surprising that there hasn't been media coverage considering they were the first UK victims.
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    twocents reacted to Mike Roberts in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    Who can you believe?
    The UK government has adjusted the total case numbers today due to double counting of a few positive results
    There are 30,302 fewer cases than previously stated.
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    twocents got a reaction from Kilham in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    We all stand and deliver.
    Adam Ant sang about it but it's never been as blatant as now.
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    twocents got a reaction from Frank Hovis in BLM UK   
    Some thick and some in on the deceit.
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    twocents reacted to AWW in BLM UK   
    What better way for our corporate-funded politicians to implement socialism (but only for the rich and/or feckless) than a) to tell everyone that we're living under capitalism and b) allow the proles a vote every few years between supposedly right and left leaning parties.
    That the mainstream left hasn't cottoned onto the fact that the west is already quite a long way from capitalism shows how thick they are.
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    twocents reacted to Virgil Caine in Ghislaine didn't kill herself   
    Another thing I find odd is that someone potentially facing criminal charges and who is deemed a “flight risk” has not legged it to France where she would be beyond the immediate reach of US law months ago. It is not as though there were financial or legal constraints limiting her movements and she is not short of passports. One might almost think she has been waiting around for the Feds to turn up. As always with the Epstein case everything seems rotten wherever you look.
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    twocents reacted to The Masked Tulip in Ghislaine didn't kill herself   
    That is interesting.
    How many in The Guardian are of the opinion that Trump is like Epstein whilst ignoring Bill, Hilary and the long, long list of people who flew to Epstein island. But you are right - it will be interesting what narrative the media in the US and UK decide to give us.
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    twocents reacted to Virgil Caine in Ghislaine didn't kill herself   
    As always with the press the wording is interesting. Maxwell is described as “ on the run” but as far as I can discern this is the first criminal arrest warrant issued against her. All the other legal actions involving her were civil claims. So the Guardian is already setting up a narrative here of her being a felon trying to evade the authorities in recent months. Worth watching what line the media spin this saga from now on because you can be sure that whatever they tell you is almost certainly not going to be the truth.
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    twocents got a reaction from Caravan Monster in BLM UK   
    Apparently even the most blatant ones - at a time when the average person was being told how awful communism was.
    Actually they still are telling people that  - we're supposed to be living in a capitalist society.
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    twocents got a reaction from OurDayWillCome in BLM UK   
    We get it now.
    Defund the police means give BLM the money instead.  We should have known that from the start.
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    twocents got a reaction from stop_the_craziness in Localised Lockdowns, how you gonna act?   
    It's interesting that it's just Leicester.   There are so many other possible places even in the midlands.
    London seems to be a more likely place for a local lock down due to it's extreme congestion and proximity to major airports handling infected arrivals - but no it's somewhere out in the so called sticks.   
    Of course London would be inconvenient for them it currently being the main hub for the UK and where the self styled the great and the good mainly live.  Leicester not so much.  They probably had some fun with a lottery bag - "aand it's Leicester".
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    twocents got a reaction from The Grey Man in Islamification of Europe   
    Some of the weaponry openly on display in broad daylight in street battles between different groups of immigrants in large numbers in Dijon is a bit concerning.
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    twocents reacted to Caravan Monster in BLM UK   
    Ange with another border wall builder, unlike Trump trying to stop people coming in, Honecker gave the order to shoot comrades attempting to escape socialist utopia

    Ange & Fidel, Cuban communist utopia is so great comrades are still swimming across the sea to freedom land to escape it 

    She certainly got around back in the day. Can't deny the commies have done an excellent job of infiltrating Western institutions. I wonder if the corporate support of blm is genuinely down to not doing due diligence rather than more sinister motives.
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    twocents got a reaction from DeepLurker in Three million more immigrants - Hong Kong   
    Even if they contribute the policy and the numbers wouldn't improve the quality of life for the people already in the UK - it would just increase the awful congestion (not to mention aggravate the housing and infrastructure issues) and as the job market in the UK seems to be already so saturated with make work jobs it would almost certainly increase the numbers of effectively unemployed UK people.
    There's no guarantee that they'll be coming instead of BAMEs - it's more likely they'll be as well as.
    They might indeed contribute - especially to the 1% - but that's what they said about the Ugandan Asians (and Windrush but especially the Ugandan Asians) which seems to have been the thin end of the wedge for the current statue toppling and all the rest.
    3 million extra (or whatever) doesn't help with limiting immigration to "tens of thousands"