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  1. According to Wikipedia, Belmarsh is often used for the detention of terrorists. It's a category A prison used to hold 'those whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or national security.' Jeffrey Archer was imprisoned there.
  2. In the video Stiglitz states that: 'The fact is that we will be experiencing, in the next couple of years, our first trillion dollar deficit'. Not wanting to disagree with a 'Nobel prize winning economist', but a 10 second internet search informed me that the first trillion dollar deficit was in 2009 ($1.4 trillion), with further trillion dollar deficits in 2010, 2011 and 2012 ( Am I being thick, or do I need a Nobel prize to get to Stiglitz's level of economic understanding?
  3. So the plan is to train children perseverance so they can persevere in their training? What happens in severe cases where a child doesn't have enough perseverance to get through the perseverance training?
  4. I thought it was another suggestion for what to put on the DOSBODs mug.
  5. I agree with the idea of buying little. I'm not a fan of buying something for the sake of buying it. Traipsing round the shops looking at tat has no appeal. I will use what I have until it needs replacing.
  6. Hypocrites. Those who get angry at Grenfell, but insist in not getting angry at the Manchester bombing. Who pore over the motivations for the murder of an MP but look the other way when the motivation is a certain religion. Who go on a quick skiing trip to the Alps and tweet from their iPhone the dangers of climate change. Who would report in a heartbeat any abuse to a child, but look the other way when it comes to FGM. Who think that global warming is the number one issue facing mankind but insist on open borders. Who go to the Calais jungle and get all teary for the cameras and insist we help economic migrants but only if they're housed outside of their gated compound.
  7. I once pushed the button on the lights and didn't cross the road. Probably won't do it again.
  8. Was it George W Bush who helped promulgate the notion of Islam being a religion of peace after the September 11th attacks? Maybe this mouth breather at the Home Office has decided that there haven't been enough terrorist attacks in the name of Christianity recently to properly qualify it as a 'religion of peace'.
  9. That depends - are they going to limit police cars?
  10. I really don't know how her kids are going to cope. Having to jump over an 'impassable' waist high hedge to play in a park where someone told them 3 years ago they weren't allowed to play in. Poor her and her poor kids. I guess they'll just have to play on the adventure playground that's literally across the road. Or perhaps they could have a go on the athletics track and football pitches run by a charity that their house backs onto. Or maybe pop into the climbing center that's next door, but you probably have to pay for that, so maybe not.
  11. A group of disaffected SNP radicals watched the in flight documentary on Carlos The Jackal before going crazy and demanding the plane be diverted to their homelands. Now the So-Called BBC and BA are trying to cover it up for the sake of Brexit?
  12. I would have thought the Dems only option would to accept that maybe they were wrong. But why have a double down when you can go full on triple down?
  13. I predict he has a fight on live TV with a large number of Trump supporting dwarfs in orange wigs who will continually pummel his face with giant inflatable hands whilst he screams 'He's a traitor, he's a traitor!' again and again until he succumbs to the pain and wets himself. Or something.
  14. The Maher audience normally whoop like crazed chimpanzees biting each other's faces off with any derogatory mention of Trump, but the little tittle to this suggests that maybe he has lost his mind. His derangement syndrome may well reach new levels not yet seen.