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  1. Batten's opinions on the dangers of organised Islam seem to be very much in alignment with Waters', so at the moment relations between For Britain and the rump of UKIP that remains with Batten in charge seem to be pretty cordial. However, if you look at the rest of For Britain's manifesto it's the same old lefty big government shite as all the rest of them- saving the NHS, funding more police to focus on law and order etc. etc. It would be nice if this new influx of 'classical liberals' could take UKIP in a more libertarian, small government direction.
  2. Rave

    Free Speech, the defence of

    There's no legal requirement for a hustings to go ahead, it seems. Anyway, must get my own formal complaint in soon...
  3. Rave

    Flipping cars

    I like the 'oh putain!' from whoever was filming. Amusing that the Mail don't bleep foreign swearing! Albeit that the roundabout appears to be rather off camber that's still a pretty poor show from a £80k car, you'd have thought the ESP should have done something to save it. My dad rolled his Jeep Cherokee on a French autoroute years ago, in snow I think, on his way to the Alps for a skiing holiday. He claimed not to know how it happened, possibly a tyyre blowout. The insurance company repaired it and gave it back to him AFAIK!
  4. Rave

    When the cost of washing becomes just too much

    I have a shower every day and use antiperspirant deodorant but will quite happily wear a shirt for a week or more. More often than not I have to put them in the wash because I've spilled something on them or picked up some dirt, rather than because they smell of BO. The one exception is football replica shirts, which inevitably smell bad after I wear them to a match, I think it's the combination of my nerves/adrenaline and whatever man made fibre they're made of. I also agree that kids need to wash less than adults. Prior to hitting puberty I used to shower about once a week.
  5. Rave

    3 killed by train in South London

    Yup, you'd be fine. Live rails are dangerous, but you see track workers walking around on live sections of track all the time, so it's clearly possible to step over them. At 1am in the morning on an unlit section of viaduct though, all bets would be off. But I still think it's more likely they were completely surprised by a train coming up on them at high speed. Not that I ever plan to be trespassing on the railway, but if I did find myself needing to dive out of the way of a train I'd aim to hit the deck between the outer running rail and the wall, rather than between the tracks. Same as if I ever fell off a station platform.
  6. Rave

    3 killed by train in South London

    The circuit is completed from the live rail to one or both of the running rails. The running rails are completely safe to touch. The only way to electrocute yourself with a live third rail is to make a circuit between it and ground, the presence of a train doesn't make any difference unless it knocks you onto the live rail or you make a circuit between the live rail and the train. A passenger train running out of service at 1am could quite easily have been travelling at a fair lick along there, if (as is being reported) it was the straight line down towards Herne Hill. It's possible one panicked and got electrocuted and the others tried to go to his aid. I personally don't mind those colourful big tags and I really like graffiti art. The trouble with it is that it encourages a load of talentless vandals to then come along and just spray their shitty monochrome tags everywhere in silver paint, which spoils things.
  7. Rave

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    The stone age didn't end because we ran out of stones, as the saying goes. We already have the technology here in 2018 to pretty much do away with fossil fuels, and indeed in first world countries consumption is pretty stable or declining as I understand it. Right now while oil and gas are still relatively cheap and abundant it doesn't make economic sense to rush absolutely headlong into renewables, so we're proceeding at a moderate pace. But that pace will accelerate as the technology continues to improve and prices continue to fall. It'll be accelerated further if fossil fuel prices start to rise. 30 years ago wind turbines looked like a slightly glorified version of the sort of windmill you saw in western movies pumping water out of wells, and a big one made 10kw on a windy day. Now we're throwing up 5MW monsters in their hundreds. Dinorwig pumped storage station was finished in the mid 80s, it's only the cost that stops us building a couple of dozen more of them. A solar panel install pays for itself in under 10 years in the UK even without any government subsidy (IIRC), and we're over 50 degrees north of the equator. I'm not saying there won't be a mass hunger event caused by oil shortages some time in the next 40 years, but it is absolutely not inevitable, or IMO even at all likely.
  8. Rave

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    One big wind farm in the North Sea could power the whole of the UK if we found a way of storing the energy. We're not even begun to seriously exploit wave power yet. There are loads of big solar projects getting built in North Africa, etc. The ROEI on a wind turbine or solar panel installation is 10:1 or more now. We really will be able to generate all the energy we need from renewable sources in 50 years time, it's only political and economic reasons stopping us getting it done much sooner.
  9. Rave

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    I'm genuinely not the slightest bit worried about peak oil, as I firmly believe that we will sooner or later have such a surplus of renewable electricity that we'll be able to suck CO2 out of the air and turn it back into fuel/store it as hydrogen etc, despite that being pretty inefficient. We really are just getting started with genetically modified crops as well, once they create a strain of wheat that can fix its own nitrogen from the air then there'll be far less need for fertilisers etc etc. The future is bright, I really wouldn't waste a moment worrying about the future of the human race. Edit: well to be more accurate, I wouldn't worry about a mass die-off caused by starvation. A decline in living standards caused by economic mismanagement/ perverse incentives/ wars caused by not confronting unreasonable ideologies early enough, they are still legitimate concerns.
  10. Rave

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    So Saudi Arabia's reign as a rich exporter of malign influence around the world won't come to an end when their oil runs out, because they'll start exporting sand instead? FFS.
  11. Rave

    Return to ToS: Website Improvements

    I've always worried that he took the fasting for days a bit too far! Or maybe it took him to a higher plane and he achieved a one-man singularity, and now he looks down over us all from a place of divine bliss and all-encompassing knowledge.
  12. Rave

    Free Speech, the defence of

    Young People's Party 18. That's a better reason why there's no hope. Economy going to shit, average house price in the borough well over 400 grand, and the only party with a radically different economic offering came last. We'll keep on keeping on and try to do better next time, but being realistic we're just going to have to wait for the inevitable debt apocalypse before anyone's going to be in the mood for trying something different. Hang on to your gold and bitcoins people.
  13. Rave

    Free Speech, the defence of

    Yeah I ragged on the reporter on twitter for that after she complained about being on the receiving end of a pile-on. I was probably being a bit of a twat TBH, I daresay getting loads of abuse from Anne Marie Waters' devotees is pretty unpleasant, and I half-heartedly apologised when she showed me the other story she'd written about it, which is here: http://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/16287473.Election_event_where_anti-Islam_candidate_was_due_to_speak_shut_down_by_police_over_public_safety_fears/ Still not a particularly fair account of the proceedings though, I reckon. Though I am of course still furious about what happened. I saw her at the count tonight and thought about apologizing in person and then bending her ear about it some more, but I thought better of it as there were lots of Waters' party members about and I'm a skinhead myself, though for practical reasons not political ones...
  14. Rave

    Free Speech, the defence of

    Sorry, I forgot to thank you for this when I first read it. That's very interesting about the Public Meeting Act, and it also referred me to Section 97 of the Representation Of The People Act 1983. I shall be mentioning them both in my official complaint when I get round to it. Cheers!
  15. Rave

    Free Speech, the defence of

    It really was no more than about 2 minutes, she flounced about a bit but more or less everyone in the room was booing/heckling her so her pronouncements were not being listened to. The camera picks them up as it was close but I couldn't hear anything she was saying from 10 yards away. I was told at the time that the police couldn't just physically bundle her off until she did something illegal, but that tearing in half one of the A4 sheets of paper counted as criminal damage, which is when they pounced!