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  1. She gets mentioned a lot by BLM, in fact. The case did attract a lot of attention and people are rightly outraged about it. If your question is more along the lines of why her death didn't start this massive wave of protests/riots while George Floyd's did, I can only assume that it's because of the widely circulated video showing the latter being callously suffocated to death in the street.
  2. Right so hang on, let me make sure I've understood you correctly. Are you saying that these peaceful protestors who are just there to defend some statues against BLM aggression should violently assault anyone with a camera in order to criminally damage their equipment, just in case those people with cameras use them to take pictures of the peaceful protestors not being peaceful, which would be a complete misrepresentation of their self-evident peacefulness? Is that about the size of it, or would you care to clarify if I've got the wrong end of the stick?
  3. Yeah you're preaching to the converted there Joe, I bought a Dreamcast a couple of months after they came out then went mental buying games and accessories for it; think I worked out I'd spent over 900 quid within 6 months of getting it, including coughing up for import versions of Space Channel 5 and Jet Set Radio because I couldn't wait for the UK releases. I had the Samba Maracas, fishing controller, light gun, two arcade sticks, the lot. Ought to get them all out of the loft at some point.
  4. Decided I fancied a play on Mr Driller, one of my favourite Dreamcast games. Downloaded the original arcade ROM but couldn't get it to play without glitchy sound. So I downloaded the Dreamcast ISO instead and installed a DC core into RetroArch, that worked perfectly. Might try a 3D Dreamcast game next for a laugh just to see how it runs, this PC has 12 cores and 24 threads (albeit slow ones) but only a pretty basic graphics card.
  5. You don't even need a Raspberry Pi to play Megadrive games, various decent emulators exist for PC, I use one called Fusion, which works perfectly. My mate showed me how to download plugins for it which perform various upscaling tricks on the graphics, some of them look quite cool, we played through Streets of Rage with it looking way better than it ever did back in the day. I bought a Pi Micro or whatever the £4 ones are called on a whim a few years ago, and put RetroPie on it, and it works great; but I haven't actually used it much because it's easier to just switch my PC on. I use a SNES-style USB joypad which cost me £4 delivered from ebay, Megadrive style ones are available for a bit more. I had a sudden urge to play Puzzle Bobble 2 a couple of months ago, so downloaded RetroArch and a zip file of every Capcom CPS2 cart that ever existed. Predictably that worked great as well, I had a quick go through Vampire Saviour for old times sake, which seemed to play every bit as well as it does on a Saturn with a 4MB ram cart .
  6. Equally, if your software solution has solved the noise problem and your CPU temps are in the 40s I'd say you have absolutely nothing to worry about. When I started overclocking in the early 2000s you'd find that instability set in above maybe 60 degree core temps, but nowadays 80C seems to be a perfectly acceptable operating temperature, and temps into the 90s only cause the chip to start to throttle, rather than die. So you should be fine now and still fine even if ambient temps ride 10-15 degrees. Keep the inside of the PC free of dust obv, but I'm sure you knew that already...
  7. I haven't even read the story, but I can confirm that I'm not going to call for Corbyn to resign his position in government.
  8. Yeah, I mean why on earth would a decent and principled man like Steve Baker object to blatant hypocrisy and contempt for the public when he sees it? It's a complete fucking mystery alright.
  9. This is not a left vs right issue, it's a wrong vs right issue. I'm more right wing than this Tory government, and I'm arguing that he has behaved appallingly. We on this forum are all capable of finding out our own information and making our own decisions. You either think that what he did was acceptable, or you don't, and the media have precisely fuck all to do with it. Nobody cares what we on this forum think, I am merely pointing out that a lot of people on here are being intellectually dishonest in defending Cummings' actions. It is possible to feel sympathy for him, and to think that he is such a valuable asset to the government that we will all be worse off if he departs, and still think his position is untenable and that he should resign. Those contentions are in no way mutually exclusive. The facts of what he did are pretty clear. He himself has given an account of them which I take at face value, and I think that it clearly proves his hypocrisy; he is damned by his own words. Now to argue otherwise based on the facts of the case is fine; to ignore the facts of the case and instead bleat on about a left wing media conspiracy merely marks one out as an intellectual pigmy; a dipshit; a fuckwit; a sheep.
  10. OK, so you're saying that the public are easily and cheaply influenced, yes? Do I have that right?
  11. Sure, but you can still answer the question.
  12. Hang on, I'm confused now. This is all about Brexit right? So is the good sense of the public to be trusted and respected, or are they sheeple whose opinions should be ignored? Be grateful if you could clear that up for me .
  13. I have become more annoyed about it as time has gone on, as have a lot of people if you look at the polls, public opinion has hardened against him since his interview if you look at the Yougov poll I posted. I would have accepted a grovelling apology from him on Friday when the story broke, but it's the attempt to rationalize it since that really sticks in my craw. I don't know why I'm giving you a polite rebuttal anyway, I've done plenty of psychotherapy in my time and I'm considerably better acquainted with my own thought processes than you are, so fuck off.
  14. Haha...I guess everyone's got their own individual snapping point!
  15. Yes, very, because I really don't like my elected leaders taking me for a mug.