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  1. Rave

    The great crash sweepstake

    More in hope than expectation I'm going to say October 2018, when Italy defaults .
  2. Rave

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Sorry if I'm missing something, but she seems to have been given a 9 month sentence and had 12 months of her previous suspended sentence activated, so 21 months in total?
  3. Rave

    Diabetes - Public Health Scandal

    Lobbied hard for the Sugar Tax, and went on the telly the day it was announced to claim credit say how pleased he was about it.
  4. Rave

    Diabetes - Public Health Scandal

    Yes, this. If you look at the nutritional info the DrP and Old Jamaica most likely have just under 5g of sugar per 100ml and a dose of Aspartame or similar grot to make them sweet enough. If you don't mind the taste of Aspartame then all well and good, I don't actually believe that it it does you any real harm, I just can't stand the taste of it. The Wagon Wheels are almost certainly fine, however :p . I attempted to clean Poundland out of the old recipe Irn Bru before the sugar tax came in, even got 4 for a quid in one store, but I'm running out now. I also stocked up on Rockstar Energy Guava (also made by AG Barr), which used to contain 16g of sugar per 100ml, it's as delicious as you'd expect. I've managed to stockpile about 100 cans of the stuff. I recently found that my local Poundstretcher still has the good old stuff in stock but I don't really have the room to stash any more, and now I'm not going out mountain biking as much I have less need of a sugary caffiene sharpener beforehand. The new formulation is the same 4.9g of sugar per 100ml; my wife bought me a four pack for Christmas knowing I was keen on it, but I knew something was wrong as soon as I opened the first can, sure enough I checked the nutritional information and the ingredients and knew the game was up. Fucking Jamie Oliver, I wouldn't piss on the fat arsehole if he was on fire. Cunt.
  5. I had that a couple of months ago, but it's now disappeared. Possibly because my account has dropped back into not being profitable since I opened it, lost a few lays recently.
  6. Just got back from an airport run hence why I'm posting at 5am. Haven't really got time to check the rest of the thread to see if this has been picked up already, apologies if it has, I need to get to bed. Anyway- if you wanted to get back into it, look at SMarkets. 2% commission and no premium charge. I don't actually know how they work, whether they're a true exchange or whether they take your bets with their own money, assuming that the prices on Betfair are accurate and just assuming that the 2% will be their margin overall. Certainly over the last couple of years there's been less liquidity than BF and prices tended to correspond with Betfair exactly; you could sometimes trick them into taking your lay by sticking an opposite back on Betfair then quickly removing it once you were 'matched'. However, recently money has started to show up for football matches on SMarkets before Betfair, so I think the lure of reduced comms and no premium charge might be starting to attract more serious players. I'm an arber rather than a trader; I don't think SMarkets are as good for in-play trading- I rarely do anything in-play, pretty much only when I've underlaid something and want to lock in more profit. They don't have as many markets as BF but are improving rapidly in that regard. I wouldn't be surprised if Betfair are forced to cut their comms or scrap the premium charge to compete, sooner or later.
  7. Rave

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I pulled in a club once as well- rather I was pulled; having caught the eye of a girl on the dance floor and exchanged a few lingering stares she walked up and dragged me off! I'd just turned 18 and obviously thought clubbing was absolutely brilliant. It never happened again, of course. I reckon I could have pulled a few more had I not been so fucking useless, though. Years later I'd picked my wife and her girlfriends up from a night in the pub, and yapping with one them in the car I asked if a girl dancing next to you, repeatedly bumping into you and occasionally catching your eye meant she was interested. It does, apparently.
  8. Rave

    STIs, what are the real risks in 2018?

    The real danger is that you end up needing to go to the GUM clinic for a test, and having a cotton bud or two shoved in your jap's eye. Not an experience I ever wish to repeat. What made it worse is that I was entirely innocent, she turned out to have thrush in the end.
  9. Rave

    The normalisation of female obesity

    So I said slap that and ride the ripples
  10. Rave


    Ah, well I'm a silly old bugger all right, but no kids and few responsibilities . It's 8 weeks now since my crash and I can now just about lift my arm over my head if I bring it up from the front- but I still can't hold it out sideways at shoulder level. The actual bone break seems pretty much healed, but the shoulder is still in a bad way, whether that was from the crash or the subsequent operation to pin the humerus I don't know. I can ride a bike fine though, it was a bit sore when I first went out just over a week ago, but it's no bother now. I'm not going to go back out mountain biking yet though- I would be OK riding, but if I went over the bars I'd not be able to lift my hand to catch myself and/or would probably really hurt myself trying. What I am going to do before the race is get back to a reasonable level of strength doing free weights. It's years since I last lifted and I think my bones have probably got soft. A bit of regular stress on them lifting a barbell ought to toughen them up again. If I'm honest I've not really bothered with much of an investigation of the Lezyne software beyond deciding that it didn't look as good as Strava, or as easy to navigate. I have the Lezyne app on my phone, which isn't very intuitive, but once you've figured it out it syncs rides with Strava easily enough. I daresay it would be equally easy to plug the unit into a computer and extract the ride record file to do what you want with it, they seem to be a standard format. I had vague plans to use the Lezyne for navigating rides, and still do I guess, but I was mainly prompted to buy it when I found that Stava won't run on my latest phone, it keeps crashing. I rarely if ever found that Strava killed my battery, though.
  11. Rave


    Yeah the cut bits will just be boring, it's not like they're stretchering dozens of people off the mountain every year. The snow crashes are fast, but snow is soft enough. I'm extremely unlikely to qualify for anything other than the duffer's 'get yourself down the mountain at whatever pace you can and collect a cheapo medal at the end' event, though I'll probably have a go up until the point I either crash or scare myself silly. I managed to time it fairly well on this year's trip to the Alps, left it till the last day to break my arm so didn't miss out on much riding. Edit: Not that they would have saved my arm this time, but next time I'm going to overrule my tightwad tendencies and spend a couple of hundred quid on one of those lightweight body armour suits, and decent knee and elbow pads that fit properly. My cheapo GPS is a Lezyne and their software isn't up to much- unlike Strava's, which is bloody good IMO. I have a couple of KOMs on obscure out of the way roads that nobody else can really be bothered with, but mainly I just like to see how far I've gone and how much climbing I've done. Haven't used it much this year though, admittedly.
  12. Rave

    Great Game soundtracks

    Plenty I could post, but I maintain that the first level of Space Channel 5 is the best bit of game music ever- and one of the most brilliant game introductions ever, come to that. I got the demo on a Dreamcast magazine disc and loved it so much I imported the game from the US as it wasn't yet on sale in the UK. Disappointingly, the rest of it is good but not anything like as good as the very first section. The good bit starts about 3:00 in: "Tonight I'm investigating reports that Aliens have invaded, and are forcing people...TO DANCE!"
  13. Rave


    I turn 40 in June next year. Doing the Mega in July. What could possibly go wrong I have a £60 GPS computer. I then upload the rides to Strava...
  14. Ooh I'd forgotten that little trick. Only on Level 4 so haven't got either yet anyway. Cheers!
  15. Decided to spend a few hours playing Dune II last night for retro kicks. Harder than I remembered! I need to try and figure out how to get the DOSbox window to scale up a bit, it was a bit fiddly playing at 640x480 on a 23" 1080 screen.