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  1. I can offer you a diagnosis there: Homosexuality. Hope that helps
  2. I was bullied at primary school. As others have said, it was because I was eminently bully-able- middle class parents, introvert, one of the smartest kids in the class, and a bad case of hygeine OCD which I made the mistake of not hiding. I used to get a massive adrenaline rush and fight like an enraged badger when I was picked on, so I seem to recall that older kids regarded baiting me as something of a sport. Kids in my own year eventually backed off once enough of them had been on the wrong end of the badger treatment. Complain to the school first and give them a chance to do something, they may have an effective anti-bullying program, or they may not. In the meantime if your son is 12/13 he's old enough to start on this: https://stronglifts.com/5x5/#gref If he sticks 12 weeks of it he will become a really dangerous opponent, as in reality nearly all fights become a wrestling match after the first punch or two is thrown. He's also likely to become a lot better at other sports, which (in my day at least) was the main determinant of a kid's place in the social pecking order.
  3. I voted 6 as my skirting boards still go a reasonably long way up. Started losing my hair at 21 and it was pretty much all gone by 25. My dad went bald in his 30s and my maternal grandad was bald as a coot. My younger brothers lasted a bit longer, indeed my youngest brother has yet to bite the bullet and shave it all off at the age of 33, but he's not got long, really. He dresses like a geography teacher anyway so possibly his plan is to just to go for the mad professor look.
  4. I'd have definitely given it a go. I rode one of those concrete luges in the Alps when I was about 10, it was the absolute bollocks. The first time I rode it I caught up with the rider in front so for my second go I deliberately faffed around for ages getting the sled on when it was my turn. Then I went the whole way down not touching the brake once, I was catching air off some of the drops and going pretty much vertical on the tighter banked turns. I think it might have been in Morzine as the one there looked very similar to how I remembered it when I went back there for a mountain bike trip last year. I don't think it was running else I'd have had another go. One of my big regrets is that I never went to Fantaseas in Dartford; kids at my school used to rave about it but it closed before I managed to persuade my parents to take me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantaseas
  5. Rave

    Happy ULEZ day

    I've only been in to Exeter a couple of times, once to drive four of us to a funeral (so much cheaper to drive down from London than buy 4 train tickets) and once on a coach on my way to Plymouth. On both occasions the traffic was absolutely mental, worse than you'd ever be likely to find in London during the middle of the day. So there might not be any justification for an emissions charge, but I could see the case for a congestion one.
  6. Rave

    Happy ULEZ day

    London's not an island FFS. I'm hoping to make a bit of money exploiting the likelihood that T-Charge exempt cars will be worth a little more in London, but I'm not expecting to retire on the proceeds. Similarly a non-compliant diesel car might be worth a few percent less due to a reduction in demand from Londoners living inside the zone, but they're not going to suddenly become worthless.
  7. No probs! I know they have a few other fans on here as well. They get next to no radio exposure in the UK for fairly obvious reasons but do a sell out tour here every year or so, I've seen them pack out Wembley Arena twice, pretty much all due to word of mouth I guess. As every one of them is an outstanding musician they are well worth seeing live, though the last time I went there were a lot of dickheads in the crowd. I might just accept that I'm too old and grumpy to stand at the front next time and get a seat instead. Their first two albums are the best, Balls Out really is a tour de force.
  8. Exactly what I was going to suggest. Irrespective of whether the lyrics are amusing or puerile (I tend towards the former, being puerile myself), they are genuinely one of the greatest rock bands of all time IMO- they certainly knock all the hair metal bands they parody into a cocked hat. Nothing like some proper hard rock to get the testosterone flowing.
  9. Rave

    Happy ULEZ day

    No, it's a 12V triple, from before they were popular. Hopefully it'll be windows down weather so I can listen to it singing along the country lanes...
  10. Rave

    Happy ULEZ day

    I'm off next week to collect a cheap Euro IV petrol car from the wilds of Scotland. I'm mainly doing it for the adventure, but I reckon I'll be able to cover the cost of the trip by punting it on here in London where I reckon a tiny car that's t-charge exempt and 30 quid a year to tax will be considerably more sought after.
  11. Rave

    Happy ULEZ day

    I confidently predict that the T-Charge will make absolutely fuck all difference. Road transport contributes something like 45-50% of NOx and particulate pollution in London, but of that private cars will be a smallish fraction. TfL are getting rid of shitty, smoky old buses and replacing them with particulate filter / adblue equipped hybrids, but only slowly. And emission standards make no difference to brake and tyre dust particulates, if anything heavy modern cars are worse. I guess it will make a difference if it actually succeeds in reducing the overall level of motorised traffic, which I guess is a possibility. One thing I hadn't considered until a moment ago is that potentially when they roll it out to the South Circular in 2 years time that could suddenly make the parking situation round here a nightmare as people drive in then ditch their cars to do the last few miles by bike or public transport. The previously completely empty side road by my mum's house has become a park all day for free destination in the last couple of years, which has made moving my stuff out of there a bit of a pain in the arse. I'm still not quite sure who's parking there and why.
  12. At my biggest I was 13 1/2 stone at 5'11. I've lost nearly all of it now, haven't lifted for years, back down to 12 stone. Now I've got into cycling I probably won't ever want to get that big again, don't need an extra stone to lug up hills. I might see if I can get back to being able to squat 150kg and deadlift 180 at 12 1/2 stone, I'd be happy enough with that. As for outrunning a lion, it would really depend on how long the chase went on. I was a 400 metre runner as a lad and can maintain a pretty decent power output on foot or on a bike for about a minute. After that I'm done, never really had any endurance capability.
  13. Setting my alarm for 4am tomorrow, my friends will be ringing my doorbell at about 5.45am for our day trip to Newcastle
  14. They just don't create enough chances, too much passing the ball around without ever trying to play a quick one-two or whatever to get through the opposition defence and create a bit of panic. I've seen the ball passed back all the way from the edge of the opposition box to the keeper way too many times this season. I personally am of the opinion that managers don't actually make much difference to how a team performs, and that the 'great manager merry go round' is just part of the soap opera that professional football has become in the mass media age. However even I am becoming dissatisfied with Hodgson now, he basically never makes a sub until we're chasing the game, and doesn't seem to be encouraging the players to play quick, aggressive football. I'd rather see us lose 4-1 because we were trying hard and got hit on the counter, than see us trundle around for 90 minutes with barely a shot on target. Almost certain to get spanked. However we have a surprisingly good record against them at home, I saw us win 2-1 at Selhurst a few years ago (probably the most exciting game I've ever seen there) and we stopped their 17 game winning streak there last season (which was one of the few games I've missed, I had a bad cold and couldn't be arsed).