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  1. Is this it? I quite enjoyed it if I'm honest, the music's pretty shite (though I do quite like Don't Cha) but they really can dance.
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelshellenberger/2019/11/25/why-everything-they-say-about-climate-change-is-wrong/#3972da7512d6 It's almost certainly all bollocks. We'll be fine. I personally am entirely on board with aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, as we'll need to be at least getting close to avoid a significant drop in living standards when we really start to run out of oil and gas. I did a hustings today and there was some frankly mindbending fuckwittery on display. The Green candidate blithely reckoned that they'd spend 100 billion a year on decarbonizing the economy, as if 1) over £3k per worker per year was an entirely reasonable spend and 2) that would easily be enough to do it. She came up to me during a break and said 'you know that LVT is a Green Party policy right?' (I'm standing for a Georgist party). When I responded, in so many words, "yeah, but everything else you stand for is fantastical nonsense" she reckoned that no, it was fine, because scrapping the Trident replacement would save £200bn a year (the CND said so, apparently). Unfortunately I got picked first to answer the question of whether I supported the building of the SIlvertown tunnel. To which I of course responded yes, the Blackwall Tunnel is massively overwhelmed every day, all those cars sitting in a traffic jam belching fumes is terrible for air quality, and it's very clearly needed. The Lib Dem then answered and reckoned "well we've noticed that if you build new road capacity, traffic ends up growing to fill it". ... ... And? Does he think that people see a new road and think "oh look, a new road, might go for a drive down that" and before you know it the road's clogged to fuck and everyone's wondering what they're doing there? It never seems to occur to these people that at least 99% of people using a road are using it because they're going to work, or are actually working delivering stuff, or are on their way to see friends or family, or going for a nice day out spending money into the economy. It was honestly depressing. The next hustings is actually billed as the Extinction Rebellion hustings. I'm really looking forward to that one.
  3. Apparently dogs like rolling in shite and rotting animal remains because the stink disguises their natural dog smell, thereby increasing their chances of sneaking up on prey undetected. One wonders why prey animals haven't evolved to be wary of corpses and turds sneaking up on them. Well that assumes you actually want to assist the process of natural selection in foxes. They seem to be managing absolutely fine as a species even being culled by entirely random methods, so I'm not sure why we'd want to help breed a race of super ones...
  4. Rave

    Vikings vs Virgins

    Not a question directed at me, but as a Georgist I'll stick my oar in anyway: The house and the possessions in it were created by human labour; the land they sit on was not. Now I appreciate that a hoard of coins was created by human labour, but clearly that was so long ago that the current landowner cannot claim the credit, any more so than they could claim the credit for a diamond deposit or a structure full of oil that sits under 'their' land.
  5. I'm standing in the election (for a Georgist party) and one of the guys who always organises a hustings has apparently joined XR and rebranded them as the 'XR hustings'. So that should be fun .
  6. I was given a Tassimo as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and it's great TBH. I normally stock up on the pods when Sainsburys are doing them for 3 quid for pack of 16, so they're just under 20p each. I like a milky americano rather than a latte so I do them in a big mug, top up with milk, and bung the result in the microwave for 20 seconds to get it properly hot. I could probably get the price per cup a fair bit cheaper if I bought a proper machine, but 100 quid buys 500 pods, and I'm not convinced that the machine would last all that long with our hard water. The Tassimo just needs a run through with diluted vinegar every few months. They sell pods for cappucinos and lattes, but they're a con...you get 8 coffee pods and 8 pods of condensed milk for the same price as 16 proper coffee pods .
  7. When I finally get round to learning to play guitar or bass properly and forming a pub band, I plan on doing a hard rock cover of this:
  8. Actually that's Kelly O'Keefe, Lisa Armstrong is the brunette who doesn't appear to do much. Still a cracking song though.
  9. Nonsense, this pop masterpiece will clearly outlast any of his contributions to popular culture.
  10. I highly recommend the half price cookies this weekend. Usually the best flavours sell out quick and latecomers get left with the dross, but the cranberry and white chocolate ones are easily the tastiest IMO, and are seemingly the least favoured. I'll be popping down to grab another 6 packs this evening.
  11. That's surely not even controversial. Edit: apart from amongst wankers who think they're actually doing everyone a favour living in the countryside and/or miles from work, I suppose.
  12. Not everyone on the roads at that time is going to work. And so people whose journey is not time critical would, hopefully, be persuaded to travel earlier or later to save on road charges. Others who can do so might opt for more flexible working hours; or move closer to work, or use another method of transport. Those remaining would pay more but have an easier journey. Or we could do nothing and continue to waste millions of hours every year sitting in traffic jams. But that seems a bit silly to me TBH.