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  1. Rave

    Bus bashing..

    Sure, I agree, assault and/or threatening behaviour does cover it, and I'm not in favour of the idea of special protections for minorities, or the seeming drive to classify as many things as possible as 'hate incidents'. People shouldn't be being abused full stop, whether it's because they're gay, ginger, or just because the abuser doesn't like their face. And equally clearly it would be a nonsense to involve the police in all but the most egregious cases of schoolyard bullying, which is why it falls to the school to do it. As far as I can tell gibbon seems to be proposing that schools shouldn't be doing anything; it seems to me though that if kids grow up learning that there are no negative consequences for being an abusive arsehole, then there's a reasonable chance they'll carry on with it into later life. But gibbon hasn't yet replied, so maybe that's not what he meant.
  2. I'm an antisocial bastard and I'm rarely buying much so I'm quite keen on self service tills, and have become pretty good at not upsetting them. The ones in Lidl give me cause for concern when you put a (say) 500g bag of pasta in the bagging area and it pops up an error message saying "expected weight 495g, actual weight 490g", I've seen that happen quite a few times, and funnily enough the weight discrepancy is never in my favour.
  3. I've used Purple Parking and Airparks, both seem to be well run and I've had no problems, though none of my cars are particularly appealing to joyriders. They both park them on the site where you drop them off as far as I can tell, so they'd have no reason to abuse them on the roads taking them elsewhere. Remember that they have to start the car to return it to the collection point at the end of your holiday, and so their motivation for unplugging the dashcam is likely to be the entirely innocent one that they don't want the pain in the arse of your car not starting when they go to retrieve it. I used a smaller operator too and they were also fine, I forget their name now, but I think it included the name of one of the local villages. I've always just used the price comparison sites and tried to get a sense of whether they're a serious operator by checking google reviews or similar, or for the sake of a quid or two I'll just go with one of the ones I've used before, for fairly obvious reasons the prices on the comparison sites don't tend to vary much. Edit: Gatwick is quite easy to get to by train and the station is right in the south terminal; the monorail between the terminals is free and doesn't take long, so you could think about getting someone to drop you off in Croydon or similar. I rarely park at the airport now as I can usually get my mum to drop us off and pick us up in my car. Be aware also that the M23 is being upgraded to smart motorway which means the usual 50mph average speed cameras and delays during the day; it's usually OK early in the morning.
  4. Rave

    Bus bashing..

    It's not a straw man, it's a reductio ad absurdum, intended to demonstrate the vacuousness of your 'let kids be kids' slogan. If you don't in fact believe that kids should be allowed to do whatever they want, then the question of how and when we intervene in their actions is in play. Hang on, is teaching kids to hate people right or wrong? I'm confused now. There is a difference between having a private prejudice against a group of people, and acting on that prejudice by openly abusing those people. A free society is not actually free if people are not at liberty to go about their business without being abused. Now whether or not you take the story that this thread is about at face value, the fact is that if those women were assaulted for being gay, or even just verbally abused for it, that's not something that a civilized society should tolerate. I don't have a particularly high opinion of lots of groups of people, but I don't go around abusing them, because I try not to be a cunt. I don't think that teachers should be trying to indoctrinate kids with lefty bollocks either- but two wrongs don't make a right.
  5. How much do you want to spend? Most compact digital cameras use a 1/2.3" sensor, which is a lot larger than a smartphone, but still pretty tiny compared to a proper camera. In my experience smartphones take really good photos if there's plenty of light, you only see an improvement with a compact when the light drops or if you've zoomed in- and even then compacts are noticeably inferior to cameras with APS-C sized sensors. Bear in mind also that the average computer screen is still only 1080p (~2MP) so you can crop a 10+MP pic quite a way before it loses apparent sharpness, if you're just going to view them on a screen. I don't keep up with the video capabilities of cameras much at all really- I don't have any screens with higher than 1080p resolution and I very rarely shoot any video. However it seems to me that in anything other than bright conditions 1080p out of a DSLR is likely to actually contain more detail and less noise than 4k out of a compact, just because there's clearly going to be no point rendering a load of noise from a small sensor with a high quality video codec. If you can cope with carrying something a bit larger than a phone then I've seen the Sony A6300 secondhand in CEX for about £300-350, with the standard lens. https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/sony-alpha-a6300-review That does 4K and ought to piss on any sub £500 compact for quality. Personally I've always liked Canons and recently bought an EOS M3 secondhand, mainly to play with rather than actually use. I like it, but Canons are relatively poor for video (the very latest ones are improved, apparently). I've also acquired a couple of S95s very cheap on Ebay, one needed a replacement lens module which I bought from China and fitted myself, the other one, sold as 'spares or repairs' appears to actually work perfectly once I put a battery in it! The pics are great and I've not even tried the 720p video.
  6. Rave

    Bus bashing..

    How far do you take this attitude of 'let kids be kids', then? Do you also think that teachers shouldn't step in to stop them bullying each other, or playing dangerous games that are likely to see someone get hurt, or shoplifting sweets from the local newsagent, or what? The fact is that plenty of kids are arseholes, and the vast majority of them lack the critical faculties to distinguish between fact and rumour, and to a greater or lesser extent, right and wrong, until they're well into their teens. If they don't learn stuff from their parents or teachers, they'll tend to believe whatever bollocks their mates tell them, and there's always likely to be at least one kid in a school with arsehole parents filling their head with nastiness. I fundamentally disagree with 'letting kids be kids'; a responsible society has a duty to give kids moral guidance and challenge shitty behaviour and attitudes. Telling kids that not everyone is like their mummy and daddy, and sometimes two men or two women get married to each other, is simply teaching them the facts about the bloody laws in this country, which (rightly) enshrine the rights of gay people to equal treatment and/or freedom from discrimination. It's not exactly encouraging them to take up fisting and chemsex parties, is it .
  7. Rave

    Cool women

    Jessica Ennis joined in with with the Ched Evans pile-on prior to his successful appeal, so she can fuck off.
  8. Rave

    Bus bashing..

    Yes sure, I'm not suggesting that kids will magically stop being nasty to each other just because a teacher told them to, but I think it's fair to say that kids do remember some of what they're taught somewhere down the line. Or maybe they don't, in which case we don't need to worry about teachers filling their heads with SJW bollocks, which seems to be of concern to some on here.
  9. I'm with Spy's daughter, TBH. McD's burgers, particularly the big mac and the double cheeseburger, really are genuinely good in my opinion. I reckon it's because they're still, despite the efforts of the health police, chock full of fat and hence very gloopy and satisfying. The last quarter pounder with cheese I had was dry by comparison. Spoons burgers used to be good but I find them dry now- I'm reliably informed that they're cooked on a press grill (like a George Foreman) which I daresay cooks a lot of the fat and juice out of them. There's enough sauce and pickles etc. in an ultimate burger to make them palatable, but I wouldn't want a plainer one. They do pizzas now, so I had one last time we were there, it was perfectly acceptable. I like the fish and chips too. I visited a lot of Spoons in my drinking days, and still use them now for a bite to eat, and all I can conclude is that the quality of the atmosphere and the service varies massively, while obviously the food and drink is pretty consistent. It does help if the building is an impressive one, I would gladly spend 10 minutes queuing at the bar in the Whitstable one (a glorious old cinema), the Tonbridge Wells one (a small opera house), the Crosse Keys in Gracechurch St etc. Sadly my local one in Catford is a depressing shithole.
  10. Rave

    Bus bashing..

    Well I agree that most people don't have a choice about whether to be straight or gay...so I'm not sure why telling kids that gay people exist is a problem? It won't influence their own sexuality, but it might well influence (for the better) how the straight kids treat gay people later on in life, and how the gay kids feel about themselves. Or maybe it'll make no difference to them, like a lot of the other things they're taught at school. Either way, I can't see how it's harmful. You may not feel like you missed out on anything not having had any sex education at school, and I've no reason to want to disabuse you of that notion, but for the record I thoroughly enjoyed it .
  11. Rave

    Bus bashing..

    It's not about gay sex, it's about gay relationships. Not only is it possible to tell children that sometimes two people of the same sex can be in a loving relationship with each other without going into the details of what they might get up to sexually, that is in fact (as I understand it) the nature of the lessons that all the Birmingham lot are protesting about. I'm all for people making up their own minds, but I would like them to have all the information to hand before they do so. I certainly had the idea as a child that being gay was a bad thing, because other kids used to use the word as an insult, and it wasn't until I was well into my teens that I got to hear the opposing view.
  12. Rave

    Bus bashing..

    I don't know if the cameras have been updated since my day, but unless they have, there won't be any 'footage'. Bus CCTV cameras record one still image every two seconds, and there are ~10 cameras scattered around the bus. It takes a few days to get hold of the photos as the bus only uploads them if it has been asked to and is parked within range of the garage wifi system. The police probably have them now. If the teenagers that have been arrested are indeed the culprits, then I reckon it's pretty likely that the police found them because they used their 16+ oyster cards to get on the bus. Anyway I have to say you're a bit of a fearful and pessimistic bunch. I've lived in London for 36 of my 40 years and in all that time I've been subjected to one very half-arsed mugging attempt. I don't make a habit of taking night buses but if I needed to get somewhere in the middle of the night and the night bus was the best option I wouldn't think twice about it.
  13. I've seen them, and would also be interested to know the story.
  14. I reckon I could make a half decent wind turbine out of a car alternator and a scrap bicycle frame, but I've nowhere to put it.
  15. Rave

    Next PM

    It's still fairly simple, Betfair is an exchange rather than a bookie, so peer to peer gambling if you like. They just charge a 5% commission on your winnings. The prices are in decimal odds, so if you £100 on at decimal odds of 3, you'd get £300 back, less 5% of your £200 profit, so £290 after commission. That's 2/1 in old money; evens is decimal odds of 2, 9/1 is 10 etc. SMarkets are another exchange; they only charge 2% commission, and prices usually (but not always) mirror Betfair. Also obviously enough, since it's peer to peer, you are free to lay (I.E. bet against) outcomes as well as back them (in fact Betfair wouldn't work very well without people laying, though they do use algorithms so that if you wanted to back one horse in a three horse race they could match your money by taking proportional amounts from the people wanting to back the other two if that works out as better value than the lay prices offered).