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  1. Found my CD single of this in a random drawer at my mum's earlier.
  2. Just because they're interested, presumably. My dad did one after he took early retirement from the civil service. It might have been some use to him in his subsequent contracting gigs but I doubt it. When my wife was doing her OU degrees I always thought a grand or so for some course materials, the marking of 6 essays, a bit of feedback from a tutor, and sometimes an exam at the end was a little on the steep side, so I must say I was fairly astonished to find that that was a heavily subsidised price. I guess the courses don't write themselves, and the vast majority of the tutors she was assigned were clearly good at their jobs and conscientious, but still. If I was doing it for fun I'd enjoy turning in pisstaking essays in a module like that. Or I'd simply not choose them; with the OU you seem to get plenty of choice in what modules you take to complete your degree.
  3. My wife did a degree and a masters with them. She enjoyed them so much she decided to do a second degree, but ended up being caught out by their automated plagiarism software and falling out with them. She should have been more careful about attributing sources, but their reaction was completely over the top IMO, and it left a sour taste. Plus as Frank says, they've become pretty damned expensive since the government stopped subbing them around the same time they put uni tuition fees through the roof, so whereas before it was in-line with what you might spend on other hobbies, now you've really got to want it. Plus I don't know what I would do. I did very well at A-Level physics and chose engineering when I went to uni, but was badly let down by my maths, I was fine up to GCSE but once it gets to stuff like integration my brain seems to turn to mush. I quite fancy doing a law degree but really the only use I'd get out of it would be the ability to be even more of a patronising self-righteous cunt on twitter, which I would obviously enjoy, but probably not enough to justify the expenditure.
  4. Chose the wrong subject at university, just scraped through my first year exams, failed my second year ones, then gave up. I've thought about doing an OU degree but can't see it actually being any use, I'd only be doing it to prove a point.
  5. Cool, excellent work. Who needs a code reader when you can read a plug? Serious question- if there's only one lambda sensor in the exhaust manifold, how is the ECU meant to know which cylinder is running rich? Lambda sensors don't react that quickly do they?
  6. Rave


    You can actually have an acceptable evening out here now; even Lewisham's not immune to the blight of gentrification, I'm sorry to say.
  7. Rave


    No probs. I'm not an unstable alcoholic any more, and you'd be most welcome! You can get the 75 bus to within 10 minutes of me from East Croydon, or the train from Luton to here is sometimes direct, but otherwise one change at Blackfriars or St Pancras . If you do get a train from Luton you need to be careful to book the correct ticket to avoid being stung a naughty amount for the airport shuttle bus. I used to regularly traverse Croydon with four figure sums of cash in my bag hitting up all the bookies there, never had any bother at all.
  8. Rave


    Luton / Stanstead / Gatwick are all fine, you can get a train or bus to town from all of them pretty easily. If the prices are similar I'd choose Gatwick just because it's a nicer airport, but they're all perfectly doable. I've just looked and Travelodge are doing 3 nights in Croydon from 7th-10th October for £132 all in. An off-peak zone 1-6 travelcard is £12.60, apparently. The train to and from East Croydon from Gatwick is only a fiver (don't take the Gatwick Express, it's a rip off). From East Croydon you can get to Victoria pretty quick, which is right near Belgravia. Central Croydon isn't exactly nice, but nor is it Mogadishu. So I see no reason not to do it, personally? Turns out my wife is in Spain on those dates so if you want to save more you're welcome to the spare bedroom in my house; I live in the borough of Lewisham.
  9. Sure, but the competence and resourcing of the police is a tangential issue at best. I guess you could argue that if more women were encouraged to try and laugh off being groped rather than complain about it that would free up police resources for more serious crimes, but it might also embolden more gropers if they thought they were likely to get away with it.
  10. I'm inclined to think that we do do that, yes. But that's true of lots of bad experiences, not just sexual ones- most people don't need counselling to get over being mugged, burgled, or punched in a post-pub melee. That's not to say that people who do end up being screwed up shouldn't get help, rather that we should wait to see if they actually need it. I do think the criminal injuries compensation scheme (or whatever its called) is another form of government welfare that encourages a victim mentality- it would never occur to me that it was the government's job to compensate me for the actions of one of my fellow citizens if I was the victim of an assault; I would only be concerned that they made a competent effort to catch and convict my assailant. It's all too complicated a business to be overly worried about trying to reform the system though, if you ask me. To me, a person who pinches someone else's bum in a nightclub- or even strokes (rather than roughly grabbing) their boobs or genitals- is being an arsehole and a nuisance rather than committing a serious sexual assault, assuming that their victim is annoyed rather than frightened- but making the distinction between causing fear and causing annoyance would be an unworkable can of worms for courts to get into. I once had my knob groped by a drunk lad in a gay club. I've got hygeine OCD, and I was genuinely much more uncomfortable about him hugging me while perspiring heavily than I was about where his other hand was. But I'm a reasonably athletic male of average height, and he was a slip of a lad, so I wasn't the slightest bit concerned for my safety. It might have been a bit different if he'd been a 6'3 muscle mary, and I guess that's the point- the average bloke is much stronger than the average woman, and so the large majority of incidents of 'sexual assault' that occasion genuine fear and alarm are going to continue to be male on female.
  11. Thanks, looks interesting, I'll have a read. Be interesting to see what he has to say about energy storage and load balancing; my gut feeling is that battery storage is not going to be the solution for a long time yet.
  12. The Mazda's nothing particularly unusual- MX-5s were sold under Mazda's 'Eunos' sub brand in Japan, with the model name 'Roadster'. They were called Miata in the US. They're very common as imports because cars seem to rust a lot less in Japan, and there were a lot of special editions, with varying combinations of posh interior bits like leather seats and Momo steering wheels, and go-faster bits like Bilstein suspension, lightweight wheels, and limited slip diffs. The underlying car is no different to a UK MX-5, though. http://ox.mx5oc.co.uk/guide-eunosold.htm
  13. That's pretty much my accent now, and it's not an appealing one IMO. It loses the expressiveness and élan of cockney and replaces it with earnestness, but not enough that anyone would actually take the speaker seriously. I prefer Scouse to Mancunian TBH, though perhaps as BurntBread says that's partly because of my previous experiences with individual scousers and mancs. Bristolian is grating; the rural west country accent is nice. By far the worst accent in the country is the aforementioned Jafaican, which may well get bad enough to drive me out of London if the yoot who speak it now continue with it into adulthood, whereapon I might have occasion to interact with them. It's the more galling because actual Jamaican is a lovely accent, and cockney has a lot to recommend it; combining the two is disastrous.
  14. Rave

    Going To The Dogs

    Haha...I'll clarify that as a strong proponent of international co-operation and free trade I'm all for it . And by Asians, I mean the Far East, where 7am BST will be afternoon punting time. I wouldn't claim to be an expert on gambling around the world, but I can't think of any countries with a particularly strong sports gambling culture anywhere between Europe and the Far East (where they're clearly mad for it).
  15. I maintain that it's entirely my lumpen prose that keeps me here shouting into the void of an obscure internet forum rather than earning big bucks as a newspaper columnist, since my all round subject knowledge and powers of logical reasoning are clearly impeccable.