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  1. TBH I think most modern rap/R&B is tedious dirge; I much prefer late 80s and 90s hip-hop. But I do quite like the ouevre of world renowned mentalist Azealia Banks:
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    I'm going to buy a moon rocket
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    In that situation I would think "sweet, I'm getting 300 quid's worth of entertainment for 70 quid, I'm a financial genius!", and would enjoy the concert even more. Anyway since the famous 'bubble graph' has made an appearance and various of you are saying that any temporary recovery will be the bull trap, see you at $7000 etc., I say: LOL . My prediction is that this is the first sell off / bear trap stage, and that we are unlikely to ever see $20k again, even after the next 70% crash, whenever that may be. I'm off to bed now and could wake up to find that I've already been proven wr
  5. I might have looked like a bit of a cunt, but I was having a great time .
  6. The idea (as per Thanet Earth) is that you use some of the leccy from the gas turbine to run the grow lamps in the greenhouse at night, and flog the rest to the grid. Then you use the 'waste' heat from the exhaust to warm the greenhouse, and the CO2 to make the plants grow quicker. Edit: I've driven past TE on a few occasions as my wife and in-laws like going to Ramsgate for reasons that are beyond my ken. It's most impressive! Plus if you know where to look there's an English Electric Lightning parked up round the back of Manston Airport .
  7. 41 here, reckon I could manage at least one full night of dancing still, especially with some chemical assistance. If I have to spend the rest of the holiday shuffling very slowly between bed, hotel restaurant and sun lounger so be it... As for Cambodia, it looks cheap and wild, but 1) you can't fly there by Easyjet, which negates quite a bit of the cost saving, and 2) I've seen The Beach . Also even more likely than Ibiza to be full of insufferable wankers, I reckon .
  8. I'm sat here imagining myself reaching for the lasers. I really must do a proper week in Ibiza before I get too old and/or the clubs die off for lack of demand- I gather that Millennials and Gen Z aren't so into it . Perhaps I'll have enough change left over after I swap my bitcoins for a house .
  9. I'm not surprised they sharpened up if you took them for six and a half bags! I'm pretty sure that I was personally responsible for forcing one of the big bookies to have to keep an eye on their Over/Under 10.5 Corners odds rather than just setting and forgetting them, and I only took them for a few hundred quid! It's been a few years, I guess I should probably see if they've forgotten again when their shops reopen. But given the advent of automated coupon scanning, I'll be surprised if they have.
  10. Maybe I'm missing something...but on the face of it that appears to be a really, properly silly graph? What does the 0% signify? Why not start Bitcoin in 2010 when they were worth a fraction of a penny and run it up to 1,000,000% or whatever? Rather than just plotting "Tech" why not plot, say, Google/Alphabet's entire existence from being founded in 1998 to being worth $1.2Tn now...I mean how many % is that? While this is on the face of it a statement of the blindingly obvious, I think that "bitcoin is a bubble" types are prone to selective blindness on the matter, so: just because some
  11. I bought some Lidl 'Perlenbacher' alcohol free beer last night. Best alcohol free beer I've ever tasted...which is to say that it tasted like beer, rather than fishy or sweet. £2.49 for 6 330ml bottles which seems very reasonable. I'll try that Erdinger at some point then Frank, cheers
  12. I can't believe that I actually have to explain this, but here we go. If I compare the behaviour of Person A with that of Person B in order to suggest that person B has behaved the most badly of the two, that in no way implies that I condone the behaviour of Person A. If I compare the consequences suffered by those two people as a result of their actions to suggest that one suffered no negative consequences of note, that does not in any way imply that I think that the consequences suffered by the other were onerous. This is really fucking basic stuff mate. I think the idea
  13. Bugger, it was in stock when I posted, but it has apparently been on sale since late December. It was 285 quid or thereabouts. I have a Bodymax from Powerhouse Fitness which is rated to higher weights but it cost more than that 11 years ago! I've never lifted more than the Aldi one is rated to and most likely never will now I'm over 40...
  14. I buy a lucky dip in a shop and then fold it up and put it in my pocket or wallet without even looking at the numbers. Then I hope that someone* wins the jackpot, and that they don't come forward to claim the prize immediately. It doesn't happen very often (I only play when there's a big rollover or special prize on), but I really enjoy a weekend spent thinking that it actually could be me . *someone in the UK, in the case of the Euromillions, obvs
  15. I've probably fucked my shoulder up as much by arm wrestling as I have by overdoing bench presses! I now use the titanium pin in my arm as an excuse not to get involved in it any more. Anyway I saw this in the Aldi catalogue and have been meaning to post it up, seems a very keen price for a power cage: https://www.aldi.co.uk/wellactive-multifunction-power-rack/p/00000064383300
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