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  1. Rave

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    It seems a reasonably fair article to me, in all honesty. Her point is merely that writing off a swathe of people as a potential partner purely on the basis of their ethnicity is probably not a sensible move.
  2. Rave

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    Canon 100-400 F4.5-5.6 lens, by the looks of it. Not exactly super exclusive technology, they're about £1300.
  3. Rave


    It seems blindingly obvious to me that a three way referendum with one remain option and two leave options will result in the largest single share of the vote going for remain. Though I suppose, as the deal on the table is so obviously shit, the 'go with the deal offered' option won't attract many votes. I'm a soft brexiter, I wanted us to go for EFTA membership when I voted leave, and I still want that now- I would still prefer no deal to what's on offer now as if we don't leave the customs union there's really no point in leaving at all.
  4. Rave


    My mate and I usually go mid afternoon on a weekday. It's mainly old people then. From about 4pm onwards you get an influx of post-school families where mum or dad can't be bothered to cook dinner- fair enough I suppose, it's nutritious enough and probably no more expensive than a takeaway pizza. At weekends they're rammed. Standards are variable- and the service can be irritatingly poor as well. You'd think that it would be an easy job organising a basically self service restaurant but we're often left waiting a long time to order dessert or pay the bill. Dunno where you are in Kent but the Badger's Mount one is enormous. Only been there once and got stuck in a queue caused by the most incompetent carver ever.
  5. The second husband doesn't sound either Sinahalese or Tamil to me. The driver's door on the Merc is a different colour, too. A first generation CLS like that is not a valuable car.
  6. Rave


    Well mine clearly is- I can easily manage a normal restaurant sized starter, main, and desert. I generally only eat breakfast and then one large meal in a day. I find I can fit more food in now that I'm not also enthusiastically tipping alcoholic beverages in at the same time. What I can't do is clear a King Sized carvery plate at Toby and still have room for a desert. The King Size is a no-brainer if you ask me, it's an extra £1.50 and you get near enough twice as much meat. And about twice as much room to pile the trimmings and a pint of gravy on top.
  7. I'm certainly not planning on desisting from that. Edit: though clearly I might have to if my knuckles get worse and I lose all grip strength
  8. I did say "possibly". And I'm probably not your average knuckle cracker either, I like the sensation so much that I quickly figured out how to do every joint on every finger, and I can get at least two cracks out of the finger to hand joints by twisting them different ways.
  9. Rave


    I quite fancy trying the Toby one (or maybe the one that came second, as grape flavoured ice cream doesn't sound all that appetizing). However as a true dosbodder I'll not get the chance, because the roast at a Toby comes with all you can eat spuds, veg and gravy, so clearly I'm never going to leave enough room for a pudding. I'm thinking of putting in a formal complaint to the So-Called BBC over editorial bias on this one- they've got a couple of defensive quotes from Toby and Harvester spokespeople, but where's the comment from anybody opposed to ludicrous nanny statism?
  10. Did it work? My knuckles are starting to ache a lot, possibly because I've been a relentless knuckle cracker since the age of about 8. I'm trying to desist now, obviously.
  11. Not particularly, no. I had to have a couple taken out when I was 12* because they didn't all fit in my mouth, but I put that down to having a small mouth rather than monstrous gnashers. * then had a brace fitted to straighten the others obviously
  12. While we're on the biting anecdotes...I'm not particularly proud of this one, but anyway. My little brother is 6 1/2 years younger than me, and when he was maybe 3 or 4 I had the job of minding him at a supermarket till while my mum ran off to get something she'd forgotten. Anyway he was being an absolute little shit, would not stop running around or misbehaving in some other way, so in the end I grabbed him in a bit of a rage, snarled in his ear to fucking stop it, and couldn't stop myself from giving him a little nip on the top of his shoulder. So he wails at the top of his voice, in front of all the other people queuing in the busy supermarket, "OWWW!!!! YOU BIT ME! AND YOU'VE GOT MASSIVE TEETH!".
  13. Rave

    West Croydon bus crash

    I guess they call the air ambulance on spec as soon as they hear of a serious accident. If there had been multiple serious casualties rather than one they might well need to spread them out. This is obviously an anecdotal rather than based on any statistical analysis on my part but my experience has been that a lot of serious casualties from a large swathe of south / east London end up in either Kings College (Camberwell) or St Thomas (by Westminster Bridge).
  14. Rave

    West Croydon bus crash

    London Road can get a bit busy on shopping days. But in general you have a point. I once called an ambulance for a bloke who had a seizure and fell in the road in front of my bus about 50 yards further up from today's crash site (fortunately in plenty of time for me to stop), and the ambulance arrived in very short order.