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  1. @SNACR I finally got it bolted back together last night in the rain after having to shell out 12 quid for a new TRE when I couldn't find a replacement nut for the one I split off. I took it to my local tyre place this morning who relieved me of 30 quid for 5 minutes fiddling with the track rods, before pronouncing it straight. Hopped back in to drive home and it pulled to the left more than ever. So... In desperation I rotated the tyres front to rear and...it now if anything pulls very slightly to the right, but it's essentially fixed! More evidence for my firm belief that 'budget' tyres are a false economy. I've advised the owner to think about getting some proper ones if it passes its next MOT in October, but hopefully it'll make it that far without too much further bother.
  2. Rover 75

    Series 1 and 2 Elises had K-Series engines, but that's about all they have in common.
  3. Microsoft Windows versus Linux (mint)

    The ebay sellers claim that the keys they are selling are unused OEM ones. Using them is undoubtedly against Microsoft's T&Cs but they have presumably received some payment for them and were expecting them to be used? As for torrents, good point, but by the time I've enabled my VPN to actually get on the torrent sites, and closed umpteen porn pop-ups, I'm not sure there's a significant time saving, I can rip a CD in under 5 minutes. Plus while I would would be fine downloading music I already own, I would potentially be uploading them to people who do not. Not that I'm a saint when it comes to torrents, just saying .
  4. Microsoft Windows versus Linux (mint)

    I am tempted to try a linux distro at some point but I too am using W10 Pro here with a key from Ebay that cost a few quid. I expected it to stop working at some point but it's been fine for over a year. I have a VM set up on it which I use when I need to obfuscate my identity, with an unregistered copy of W10- the only functionality I can see that I lose is the ability to tell it not to merge windows in the taskbar, which is slightly annoying, but not worth paying any money to fix. Sooner or later I will get round to ripping the hundreds of CDs I have cluttering up the house to FLACs on a NAS drive; a cheap secondhand netbook running linux might be ideal for playing back via an external DAC into my hifi for decent quality.
  5. Don't think my mum posts on here TBH, and I wasn't going to be rude about her anyway! But maybe, see you in 46 45 posts if the goal posts don't get moved again
  6. That's the shorter side of the room! Sadly, it's not mine, I live in my mum's Edwardian 4-bed semi, bought in late 1984 for £57k. She's chucking us out at the end of September, been meaning to start a thread about what I should do next actually...
  7. I think you can get half decent 65" 4k sets for under a grand now, and I am a bit tempted to upgrade the 60" 1080p plasma I've had since 2011, but I'll wait a bit longer until they're even cheaper and there's more 4k content I think. A decent 1080p blu-ray still looks smashing on the plasma from the ~10' distance I'm watching it from.
  8. I just tightened them with a pair of those adjustable pipe pliers, so the crimp bit sticks out more than it should. It seems as tight as I could reasonably get it, though, it's a big pair of pliers and my grip is fairly strong. I suppose I could sort of peen it over with a hammer to stop it flexing?
  9. Not yet. The snow last week coincided with a bout of man flu so I abandoned it for a bit. Finally gave myself a shake today and fitted the new CV boot which was much easier than I expected. Though whether it will stay attached, I am not sure... Will try and force myself out of bed early enough to try and get it all bolted back together tomorrow.
  10. Depends how big your telly is and how far away you sit, as with anything TV definition related. If you can tell the difference between (say) BBC One in SD and HD, then you'll easily be able to tell the difference between DVD and Blu-Ray.
  11. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    You are Peter Hitchens AICMFP
  12. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Yeah, because the reason that we haven't won the war on drugs is that we just haven't fought hard enough.
  13. No more casting couch.

    I thought The Hurt Locker was great, TBH. Admittedly not a lot happens but I found the bomb disarming scenes incredibly tense and gripping. Spotlight isn't bad but it's film-making by numbers really, it wouldn't have won had it not been such a worthy topic IMO.
  14. https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/opinionista/2018-03-02-land-reform-confusion-across-the-political-spectrum/#.Wps2a6jFKUk I haven't actually read the contents of the bill that has just passed, but my mate has business interests in SA (not farming ones) and takes an interest, and he says it is not as clear cut as it appears to be at first glance. He reckons nobody is going to be turfed off their land just for being white; they might get turfed off it for being white and having stolen it themselves after the apartheid regime came to power. Either way it's a bad idea and I predict will cause more problems than it solves. A Land Value Tax would be a far better idea, of course. But agriculture is nowhere near as big a part of the SA economy as it was in Zimbabwe, so even if it goes badly wrong it probably won't lead to an economic disaster. http://www.grainsa.co.za/a-look-at-the-contribution-of-the-agricultural-sector-to-the-south-african-economy