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  1. That's random, I literally plugged in my bass for the first time in years last night and finally got round to setting up Rocksmith 2014 on my pc to start learning some songs (Stone Roses - Adored). Had a quick look and they also do Rio, so might try that next...on second thoughts it looks a bit too mental for my level! Can recommend Rocksmith as it really accelerates learning, it has adaptive AI so the better you get the more notes it throws at you to play. You can also repeat sections over and over at different speeds until you nail it.
  2. Ha, I'm just feeling chuffed that I can now manage 5 mins of skipping (15-25 seconds of skipping with 10-15 second breaks). Along with my daily 30 mins of P90-X Yoga and 'dialing in' my diet I've dropped 5Kg so far in the last 6 weeks. Defo looking forward to adding in some 'tricks' once I'm able for it though. As AlfredTL says, the CCC video has some good tips.
  3. Ah, if I was dealing with normal person that is exactly what I would do. This is not the case however, I initiated my first conversation in over 8 years with him in a couple of weeks ago when I told him to keep his dogs off my lawn (he deliberately likes to throw sticks onto it for them to tear around over it, he is beyond mental)...2 days later I had a knock on the door from the police to question me about MY 'aggressive attack' on him...they told me not to speak to him. Rest assured I have no intention of 'torturing the dog', I'm going to go down the route of putting up a picket fence.
  4. I've been toying with the idea of a sonic trainer to deter our neighbours out of control dog from our property. They're supposed to work quite well with smaller to medium sized dogs and i like the stealth element. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Queenmew-Ultrasonic-Rechargeable-Deterrents-Waterproof/dp/B08696ZXR9
  5. Oh dear, shit just got real guys: https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-found-in-semen.html
  6. Seriously, I wouldn't even joke about this to my colleagues who are still on the coal face. I have to say I'd be livid if I was still working (and busier than ever at that) whilst furloughed colleagues were complaining about boredom, hangovers and sunburn. I'm also in the basic income camp, it makes too much sense and I don't know why we're not doing it already.
  7. Hmm, I'm thinking 'Rhugmuncha'...maybe not, a rose by any other name and all that.
  8. My thoughts on teaching, and I don't know if someone's mentioned this already, but it baffles me utterly why anyone would want to spend 5 days a week in a room filled with larval adults? I've always found large groups of children annoying, never more so when I was one myself and had no choice but to go to school - the whole horrific experience was just one long wait. No way I'd ever consider being a teacher, but glad some people do or we'd soon be in a pickle I guess.
  9. Respect crashmonitor! Now that's what I call a 'Dosbod' (badum tish)
  10. I'd be interested to see a graph that factors in population density and/or number flights against #covid deaths per country.
  11. Hi ccc, it's not actually necessary to visualise things from what I've been reading/viewing. People with aphantasia still compete at memory contests, you only have to make up the link 'story' in your head - it works just as well (apparently). I have completed my 0-1000 Major system now (ty furlough) and I'm getting down closer to the 6 minute mark for memorizing the order of a shuffled deck each morning (aiming for sub 5 mins). This stuff actually works, who'd of thunk.
  12. "...They gave you What?..."