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  1. There was an old poster on dosbods, Who needed advice on his nob spots, He posted a pic, Along with a quip, Now he can't get a like without cumshots.
  2. At a work quiz a few years back the question was asked, "what is the only word in the English language that goes from singular to plural after removing 's' from the end if it?". Feeling rather smug, I shouted out what I thought was the obvious answer: 'penis' Turns out I was not quite right though, it's penii or penises (sorry i can't remember the correct answer to the original question!)
  3. Looking at the map, I noticed that it's actually just below the Nether regions. 'Nether Wallop' is a place - who knew? (not sure i'd ever want to visit though)
  4. I blame the parents.
  5. Browsing about and discovered that, yes, it was in fact the ECHR that were responsible for this latest outrage. In 2012 they ruled that indefinite sentences breach human rights, forcing to the UK government to remove IPPs (Indeterminate sentence for Public Protection). The mayor of London then goes on tv and has the nerve to attack the Tory government for removing IPPs - ffs.
  6. "Friday Bloody Friday" - U2 I can't believe the news today Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away.
  7. "We Can't Work It Out" - Beatles "Can't Take My Hands Off You" - Frankie Valli "Teenage Stabbings" - The Undertones
  8. Thank you, it's my personal favourite. (Although I must confess it's been rolling round my head for a couple of years now. Sorry if I've now passed this ear worm on to you! This is too much fun, I can't stop: "Terrible World" - Sam Cooke "Border check" - Madonna
  9. Mihnjeeta

    PC Location

    Here you go: My fav comment was: "..A traitor, a liar and an antisemite went into a pub. Barman says: 'The usual Jeremy?'..."
  10. "Private Browser" - Tina Turner "Norwegian Deal" - Beatles "Trump!" - The Pointer Sisters
  11. "Pour some Acid on Me" - Def Leppard "What's Democracy Got to Do With It?" - Tina Turner "Sweet Child o' Yours" - Guns N Roses "How Soon Is Brexit?" The Smiths "Brexit Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division "Brexodus" - Bob Marley & The Wailers "This Used To Be My Country" - Madonna "What's Up?" - 4 Non Binaries
  12. Not sure why but for last few weeks I've been bombarded by 'Shaper Panty' ads: Can only assume that either they know about my penchant for BBW...or that pot bellied, middle aged men like myself might see this ad and think, 'I wonder if that could work for me too?'
  13. And long may this perception last. tbh I don't buy into the whole man made climate change nonsense, for me it's all about driving around for next to nothing and getting one over the govt. The moment everyone has electric cars will be the day it becomes just as expensive for me to go on the road as it is with ICE cars at the moment (defo the ugliest car i've ever owned though - and that's from someone who once owned a Fiat Strada!)
  14. Mihnjeeta

    Happy Fish

    Ah, think I can clear this one up. In the first picture the fish has clearly taken ecstasy (look at how dilated the pupils are), the second picture was taken the next day.