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  1. Human brains have shrunk by 10% over last 10k years or so. My fav theory is that in a similar way to domesticated animals, so are we going - into the age of the idiocracy. At this rate, in another 10k years Humans will have the same brain size as hominids from 500k years ago. Something to look forward to.
  2. This guy (ex-trans) makes a sound argument against implementing radical hormonal and surgical interventions on children.
  3. Out of interest I just googled, "what is politically correct word for, 'Hunchback'" and discovered that I should be using word, 'Kyphosis' at this point in time if I want to stay on the right (er, left?) side of the thought police. Our word of the day. I inadvertently caught a moment of CNN this afternoon, the banner was saying how a white man had just been jailed in America for burning down an African church (in US I'm guessing, not sure how that works) I just caught a glimpse as a I say, but feels like we're being prepped.
  4. And then this happens.
  5. Sorry, back from Dentist and drunk...you get the idea
  6. "United in diversity" Muslims and Transgender engage in friendly banter at entrance to Paris Metro: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47799288 (BBC appear defo to be on the side of Trans in this one, we should be keeping a score somewhere)
  7. I've got bad news for you I'm afraid - you're just going to have to wait it out. My wife brought home a rag doll cat 10 years ago, all it's done in that time is meow at me non-stop, shed fur by the bucket load, and crap and piss everywhere. It's reached the point where I pray that I'll accidentally run it over when I get home from work, as she likes to play chicken with me on the driveway when I pull up (before meowing furiously at me as I walk from the car to the house). My hopes were raised a while back when the vet said she only had 6 months to live...but that was 3 years ago, so beginning to suspect the missus was stringing me along
  8. There is no fate but that we make. We need a Brexiteer in charge, now.
  9. By chance I happened to take notice of this advert on a YouTube yesterday, for some strange reason that I can't quite put my finger it really struck a chord with me... ...wouldn't it be amazing if our government could also start showing just a little bit of belief in the people of this country and our ability to succeed outside the EU. "There's a special place for those who love proving the world wrong"
  10. Statistics are a funny thing, if I decide to never go to London I've infinitely improved my chances of not being stabbed in London ever.
  11. One has to decide the most fundamental question of all - is the game is worth the candle? If the answer is yes, then it's time to take the gloves off and get to it. He's been mentioned by others (I think it was Dosbods that put me onto him in fact), but for the last few months I've been listening to an hour of Alan Watts each morning to 'get my Zen on' for the day ahead. I'm rather partial to the many AW chillstep remixes that can be found on YouTube, I find them perfect to study to. For periods of deeper contemplation I can unreservedly recommend his Audible books. I believe in experiencing the present moment (and try not to get too hung up on purpose).