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  1. Mihnjeeta

    The massive Chinese Phallic symbol building

    Apparently the building is entirely controlled using Virtual Reality, requiring only one man and a VR headset with groinal attachment to run it.
  2. Mihnjeeta

    Am I evil?

    Agreed, less than we give the EU each week. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  3. Mihnjeeta

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    I'd be amenable to a 'Dosbods' session sometime, maybe a neutral meet at one of those festivals that someone mentioned? (just in case we're all mentalists and find we need to get away from each other! ) Oh, and since we're not spring chickens anymore I guess someone should bring a defibrillator and some adrenaline shots just in case things get messy.
  4. Mihnjeeta

    Coolest things you’ve owned

    Not the best car I've ever owned but will always be my favourite. Picked it up for £1000, had it for 3 years of mostly trouble free motoring until someone went into the back of it But I got £1500 for it from the insurance company, and they put it down as a damage repairable write off to boot, so I sold it for a few hundred quid to someone who wanted to do it up....on reflection I've changed my mind, definitely the best car I've ever owned.
  5. Mihnjeeta

    Most attractive man on the planet?

    I remember the women in the office discussing him as JB, the general conclusion was that he was, 'too pouty'. I'd not picked up on it before but I've never been able to appreciate his bond movies since then as the pout is all i can see now.
  6. Mihnjeeta

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    I was terrified (by msm) of trying ecstasy, convinced I'd be the one in a hundred million who would have an adverse reaction. Eventually, after much encouragement from a a very good friend over a long period I decided to try it and it totally changed my view on life for the better. A moment of perfect clarity, I finally knew what it felt like to be truly happy (albeit artificially!) and that's always stayed with me. That was back in the 90s. It's something that remains squarely in the treatsville category for me, maybe one every 4 or 5 years and I always make sure that I'm not working for the following week. No clubs or festivals for me, just good friends in relaxed surroundings along with great tunes. It's such a shame that so many people are missing out on this hugely beneficial experience, I'm not aware of anyone having died from pure ecstacy. Leah Betts died from ignorance, all she knew was that it was important to stay hydrated (true) but drank and drank far too much water and basically drowned (iirc).
  7. Mihnjeeta

    The Germany is fucked thread

    Ruby slippers found after 13 years: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45411765 Merkel has demanded they are returned to her immediately, Germany is so screwed.
  8. Mihnjeeta

    Should there be a "XXXX Is Fucked" subforum?

    Oh dear, sorry to hear that you feel that way Bedrag. To my mind the people have been heard. The poem that sums it up for me is 'Brexodus' by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Men and people will fight ya down (Tell me why!) When ya see Jah light. (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!) Let me tell you if you're not wrong; (Then, why?) Everything is all right. So we gonna walk - all right! - through de roads of creation: We the generation (Tell me why!) (Trod through great tribulation) trod through great tribulation. Brexodus, all right! Movement of Jah people! Oh, yeah! O-oo, yeah! All right! Brexodus: Movement of Jah people! Oh, yeah! ...it's gonna be all right.
  9. Mihnjeeta

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    My better half has just had a go at me for being, "....on the bloody computer again looking at that 'nobspots' site..." (edit - for clarification that's not a joke! It actually just happened as I was browsing Dosbods )
  10. Mihnjeeta

    Should there be a "XXXX Is Fucked" subforum?

    I voted "yes", but because the result is so close I demand a rerun - a 'Peoples Poll' to achieve the proper result. The "nomoaners" are all racists who lied to the Dosbod community throughout the campaign. I also strongly suspect Russian involvement on this thread through use of antisocial media. Oh, and did I say that they are all racists.
  11. I once shared a flat for a year with a Libyan guy who was on my course at uni in the early 90s. A really great bloke and we shared loads of comedy moments together. Late one night we were chatting and I asked him about his family and how they had ended up here in the UK. He told me how his father had been in the Libyan government and Gaddafi had offered him a very prominent position. His father asked if he would be able to instigate change and reform? Gaddafi replied he would do exactly as he was told, so he turned him down. I asked what happened next, my friend looked at me and said Gaddafi had him arrested and executed, I was shocked and horrified. Not knowing what to say I blurted out, "...then you must of been gutted when he survived the US bombing?..." To my surprise he said, "...No [Mihnjeeta]..." and his next words have always stayed with me: "...What you have to understand is that Gaddafi is one of, if not possibly the, richest man in the world now. He's been milking the country for decades. He's built palaces, bought cars and properties all over the world and has goodness knows how much gold and money stuffed away in Swiss bank accounts. So much money in fact, that in recent years he's actually started helping the people by spending on building hospitals, motorways and infrastructure - out of sheer boredom if nothing else. If someone killed Gaddafi now, all that would happen is that Libya would descend into anarchy and violence until the biggest, meanest Warlord won out, and then the whole process would start over again. So no, I would not wish that on my people..." Unfortunately, it looks like my friend was utterly correct.
  12. Mihnjeeta

    The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Wickes (in Bracknell) are selling Nazi fences: (tickled me anyway)
  13. Mihnjeeta

    Jumpers for goalposts

    White dog shit Corporal punishment - funny how the threat of being sent to the Headmaster for 'the cane' affected behaviour in those days. Hunting for newts (which I always returned to the wild) Collecting frog spawn and watching the tadpoles grow in an old glass tank in the back garden. That funny tingly feeling down below one got when trying to climb a lamp post (and occasionally the school ropes now I think about it). Teachers telling you to repeat the rhyme, 'sticks and stones...", or to, "...not tell tales...", whenever you complained that someone had made say extremely derogatory remarks about your mother (and that's why you had a fight ). Although, I also remember when that standard response by teachers changed, almost overnight, as the make up of school pupils diversified, god help anyone who teased someone (in exactly the same way mind and with no reference to race) who was a person of color. No patient smile and being told to repeat the rhyme for them! Cue, arms round the shoulder for the 'victim' and a full inquiry to get to the bottom of exactly who offended the person in question, letters sent to parents and a slot at the next assembly to sermonise on the topic of something call 'racism'. Someone in the family getting to go to University, and it actually being a really big deal and cause for pride. For some reason I remember taking knocks and getting "winded" fairly often as a child playing outside (from morning til night during summer hols) and being completely unable to breath for ages, then just as I'd think "that's it this time, I'm going to die", I'd finally be able take in the barest sip of air and then gradually get my breath back. Sparklers (+burnt fingers) Being sent to the corner shop to buy a pack of cigarettes (no questions asked). Boxes of matches - how to make a 'Jinni', learning how to make fires, how fires can quickly get out of control, having to explain why I stank of smoke when going home. The, 'Have you ever seen a match burn twice?' gag. Rag and Bone man (just) Green cross code man, back when the emphasis was on educating children not to run blindly out into the road from in between cars (instead of stealth taxing drivers). Having a party line at home (a line shared by the whole street). Ringing home for 3 rings from a phone box and then hanging up twice, as a code to let parents know you'd arrived at the train/bus station and needed picking up, without having to put any money in. Being under the impression that oral sex was when grown ups told each other dirty stories (I was in for a shock). And of course, "...Watch out! Parkies coming...", - can't imagine that now, every park having a park keeper.
  14. Mihnjeeta

    Films to depress the f**k out of you

    "Goodbye Mr Chips" (1939) When all the boys he's taught go off to fight in the Great War...it had a profound affect on me when I watched it as a young man. All those families, grandchildren and great grandchildren that never were. They wouldn't dare show it now though I guess. "Hawks" (1988)
  15. Mihnjeeta

    Having sex with ghosts

    She needs a Sexorcism