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  1. If you’re going to panick panick first 😄
  2. I have been to one, the daughter wanted to go, the place stank of cats pee, the cats didn’t want to perform and just slept, I came out feeling like I needed a shower and the coffee was crap too.
  3. Thomas Wictor has been put on the naughty step by twitter for that post thread. Account suspended.
  4. You could always tick more than one box under each heading or the old pastafarian for religion.
  5. #metoo, vicious beyond belief especially for good god fearing people, nearly had a heart attack when I saw her when I was in my 40’s, the old cow was still alive, She reminded me of the floating nun in the Blues brothers.
  6. Yes, only after I turned 40, I have to keep a real eye on the calories these days and one bottle of wine became 2, not good. I stick to gin or vodka no hangovers and less calories. Skinny as a whip in those days, it could have been all the running and climbing or maybe worms 😂 I was 8 in 76 😳
  7. I remember a lot of the things you’ve already mentioned, my memories included growing up on a street with about 14 children and we all spent our time outside for hours and hours that year, we used to eat Japanese knotweed raw In the fields but at the time calling it gypsy rhubarb, I have a memory of millions of flying ants but that could be a different year, sugar sandwiches and top that with eating raw sausage meat regularly 😀
  8. Can I order a large whatever you had please.
  9. Tax revenue from the cannabis industry totaled $60.9 million in the first quarter of 2018, according to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, that is a lot of extra money for the treasury and a lot of people buying extra snacks to sate their munchies.
  10. My local council seeded a lot of waste land last year, hills in parks, roundabouts edges of the roads with wild flowers, it was one time I thought they had got something right,it was great for the insects and it looked really nice too, they don’t seem to have done it this year.
  11. The man was always going to be a catalyst for something, I hope he stay safe, I don’t necessarily agree with the way he reports but.....
  12. I was there, loads of the land whales inside, even the slim ones were in shorts that they most definitely shouldn’t be and their thighs were like cottage cheese all lumpy and pale🤮and twerking, what the hell is that al about, I have no idea what happened, does nobody tell these kids to turn around and put some proper clothes on.
  13. Arrested and jailed within the hour was the rumour I heard.
  14. OMG I just logged on after the radio one big weekend to find I am not postin enough, I’ve had enough to drink to not have looked to see if I’ve missed anything, what is happening"?