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  1. Baby news

    Call me transphobic but I see being breastfed by a man the same as suckling on a Labrador bitch.
  2. Baby news

    Yep, the joke really bombed.
  3. Foreign Aid poll

    I'm happy to support natural disasters but otherwise all aid should go into providing education for max 2 children in every family. That means working with the government to source local materials and build basic school buildings with plumbing and a kitchen to feed them. Train the teachers. Send our young out there as apprentices to learn and teach the skills required to give the population a chance to build their own future.
  4. Suspicious package found in Parliament

    Now that you mention Vaz, Complete piss take. I assumed he had been sacked, maybe even some jail time.
  5. The Slippery Slidey Olympics Thread

    I've done bungy jumping, a tandem skydive and been on a 4 man bobsled. The bobsled shat me up the most by far.
  6. italy part and parcel of living in a city

    My wife's family live in Malaga. On our regular trips I'm always amazed that despite being a stones throw from north Africa they haven't succumbed to a muslim invasion. Perhaps their still strong Catholicism keeps them united.
  7. The Slippery Slidey Olympics Thread

    For a recreational holiday skier moguls are the hardest terrain to master. Disappointing that the Olympic moguls are so artificial and look nothing like the real thing. They should also have skiers standing halfway down thinking fuck how do I get out of here, as obstacles.
  8. #ReleaseTheMemo aka Watergate on steroids

    Trouble with being top of the tree, you can't use the 'I was just following orders' defence.
  9. Experience being oppressed for a day

    I see the hijab as oppressive to women, the FO thinks the opposite. What makes them right and how do they justify telling everyone they're right.
  10. TV: box-sets to watch

    Really enjoying Marcella on Netflix. Anna Friel is gorgeous.
  11. Biggest rocket ...

    Did they really need to cover the landing site in tonnes of sand?
  12. Isn't January the time for retailers to pay the rent? Or was it renegotiate the rent? It was always mentioned on TOS.
  13. #ReleaseTheMemo aka Watergate on steroids

    This Steele geezer is British, so it's not the Russians interfering in US elections, it's those pesky Brits!
  14. Van of Peace? Or accident?

    You'd think the penny would drop that blaming the So-Called BBC and Tommy Robinson is not the answer and reporting facts is not the problem.