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  1. What a remarkable coincidence. I put my boys to bed tonight and they were asking if people kept snakes as pets. I told them yes but only certain types, not poisonous ones. Then they got silly and asked what about a baby elephant or lion. Jogged my memory and I showed them the exact clip you attached. Haven't even thought of it for 10 or more years and now here it is again, 1 hour later!
  2. A true Machiavellian snake in the grass. Any whisper of opportunity to get himself the top job, out he slithers. Really hoping BoJo can stab him in the back, they really deserve each other.
  3. BBT? Incredible actor, he's also great in Goliath.
  4. EU suspend Hungary voting rights. Can't embed tweet.
  5. Listening to LBC radio last night they were saying that customs officers from around the world were offering expertise on a technological solution to the hard border. Our government dismissed it and now it's too late. Incompetent or intentional? I'm still not sure.
  6. You can read the judge's verdict here.
  7. But how many new supporters will this verdict give him. Most people won't check the facts and believe the police and judge.
  8. Only if £38k is a meaningless amount.
  9. Should have taken the out of court settlement. Lesson learned.
  10. Interim costs of £20k to be paid by TR.
  11. There's a live feed on The judge is summing up and has thrown it out. The police didn't know who he was, just a high risk football supporter.
  12. Looks like the judge is siding with the police on this. I guess if you associate with troublesome characters then you draw the attention of the police.
  13. Inews have outed him as a UKIP supporting barrister with a conviction for drug offences. As if that somehow discredited what he says!