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  1. Bishop's Stortford - 40 to 50 minute train to London, very good schools, historic town. Massive house building taking place.
  2. As a father I'm sure he loves kids but I don't believe that is his primary motivation. He's at war with the state because of his persecution, unfortunately there will only be one winner.
  3. That's a good point. We leave with no deal, we then start negotiations with the EU. If we suffer, they suffer and we get a better deal.
  4. If there's one person who would never sacrifice himself for a cause it's Boris Johnson!
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if we see PMQs led by Tusk, Juncker or Verhofstadt!!
  6. Do you still believe the government have a way out of this?
  7. Yes, the opposition parties working on behalf of the EU.
  8. Scottish court has ruled suspension of parliament is unlawful.
  9. Yep, looks like Boris bluster. I think the gameplan was to put on a no deal exit show for the EU and scare them into a compromise. The EU aren't buying it and Boris will have to fold.
  10. Bad Blood on Netflix. Based on Montreal Mob boss Vito Rizzuto. Season 2 is better than 1 but both very enjoyable if you like the mafia genre.
  11. This is my exact experience. Lost several k 15 years ago. Wouldn't touch them again. Also, you will be the last to know any bad news.
  12. I presume it's the same as before. When the extension is approved this overrides the October 31st leaving date. The March extension was challenged in court but thrown out.
  13. Will the eu let us leave without a deal? Macron has said he will refuse an extension but that's a bluff. Who will blink first? I doubt our nation has ever been so weak.
  14. Motion passed by 9 votes. Isn't Grieve a tory?