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  1. Gloommonger

    Mr Bercow

    Classic small man syndrome.
  2. Gloommonger

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Och Aye the noo Friday agreement surely?
  3. Gloommonger

    New Website

    I have used Wix to create a decent looking website and it's really easy and cheap. Have you got a young relative who is reasonably computer literate who you could pay to do it? Performance will drop off with thousands of users but it's a cheap start.
  4. Gloommonger

    Polio type disease

    Thanks. A family of 4 sitting with full gas masks might raise a few eyebrows. I always believed it was the circulating air that spread diseases.
  5. Gloommonger

    Polio type disease

    That's very selfless of them. Do I need a full gas mask then?
  6. Gloommonger


    You can have mine, and I 'll throw in some gillette razors too.
  7. Gloommonger

    Polio type disease

    I always seem to pick up a bug after flying. I'm considering wearing a Japanese style mask next time. Would dosboders object if I was sitting next to you with a mask on?
  8. Gloommonger

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I get the impression that a no deal wouldn't be that bad but they don't want it because they simply can't be arsed!!
  9. Gloommonger

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    What a twat!
  10. Gloommonger

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    The Queen will never intervene. King Charles might.
  11. Gloommonger

    Man with 'massive machete' tasered at Tulse Hill tube station, London

    I laughed out loud at that. The comic timing of the recorded announcement is perfection.
  12. Gloommonger

    Henry Pryor / Top of the market stats

    Maybe only 400 of those 23000 are worth 1 million. I have always thought however, that 1 million pound homes are good value compared to the half million pound shitboxes.
  13. Gloommonger

    Owen Jones

    Great word, I will try and use that. poltroon /pɒlˈtruːn/ Learn to pronounce noun ARCHAIC•LITERARY an utter coward. "come on, you poltroons!"
  14. 9. Forcing you to obey their rules. Great, I'm off to the pub all weekend. Never been allowed to do that before.
  15. Gloommonger

    Owen Jones

    Jones is always moaning about islamaphobia but I've never heard his explanation for it. Why doesn't he do a fly on the wall documentary showing us how great Islam is? I might be convinced.