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  1. Little Daily Mail joke at the end: "Police say they have now closed the cold case investigation"
  2. Having waited 10 years for prices to adjust we gave in and are in the process of buying. So this news comes as no surprise! Saying that, we've been here dozens of times before and they always pull another rabbit out of the hat!
  3. Looks like he thought the ambulance wanted to pass and like a good citizen did his best to get out of the way.
  4. Yes, I believe he was stabbed in the heart, not an easy thing to do and hardly accidental. Reminds me of the wealthy oxford medical student who stabbed her boyfriend, but she at least got a suspended sentence.
  5. There are occasionally some unpleasant racist statements on here but I would hope most of us are just anxious about the massive cultural changes occurring in towns and cities across our nation. Of course, if I had a vested interest in cheap labour, I may be more appreciative of 1000s of new immigrants every year.
  6. If my kids started speaking that "blud", "bruv", "fam" street patois fake gangsta shit I would be moving them far away from their "fam"!
  7. Something to do with the suspended sentence he received for breaching first reporting restrictions I think. Very confusing.
  8. Great anecdote but that's all it is. In the current climate most people are too afraid to express their true thoughts. Hence the recent surprise results at the ballot box.
  9. I listen to talksport which has to be majority white working class. The top story all day on the hour has been TR.
  10. Signed up with Krystal in the end. Converted MySql to MariaDb. They have everything I need for £6 per month. Very impressed so far.
  11. Merkel insists she's fine! If anything, the shaking is getting worse.
  12. I'm still confused on this. TR says in the Leeds video that the defendants are to hear the verdicts, not sentencing. Have we got it wrong? Had they been found guilty?
  13. The video is going to show the "normal" standard for the mainstream media, of the way journalists harass Tommy himself as he goes into court. Furlong is saying he's not criticizing the journalists -- he's just showing the norm that the government never prosecutes when it's the So-Called BBC, etc. Hahaha! Wonderful! Wish I could be there. The video shows a BBC journalist (who is sitting two chairs over from me) haranguing Tommy as he walks into court. By the way, she was also blocking his way; and she was implying that he's guilty of the offence. Obviously that shouldn't be prosecuted. So why is Tommy? Beautiful!
  14. Caldecott says one of the rapists simply didn't return to the court. He just ran away while out on bail. Caldecott, in a passive aggressive way, says "that can't be blamed on the livestream". Correct, mate. That's on you, the Attorney General, for granting them bail. Wow!