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  1. When the papers start to ridicule, you know your days are numbered. The Guardian: 'Desperate, deluded, doomed': what the papers say on May's new Brexit deal.
  2. I would love TR to win a seat, if only to hear the collective wailing of these snowflakes!
  3. Admitting your product is shit is hard to come back from. Good publicity though, as we still talk about it and even now his net worth is $11 million.
  4. No such thing as bad publicity. His brewery has gained massive exposure, the lefties will drink it and the Google reviews will be removed.
  5. Mike Lane. Has a YouTube channel.
  6. Excellent video. Very eloquent speakers. No wonder the liblabcon are closing down his social media. If these videos go viral, the working class may start doing their own research and Labour will be screwed.
  7. Not sure why, I just tried again and still plays. Can you try a different device?
  8. Still plays on YouTube, click through Wow, TR is certainly showing his opponents up for what they are! Insane!!
  9. Don't know much about charting but is that a dead cat bounce in the middle?
  10. A consequence of TR announcing where he is going to be is the police/local authorities shit themselves and make dumb decisions like this. TR just has to go around filming and questioning their pathetic behaviour. It's almost as if the authorities want to give TR negative publicity that then backfires spectacularly.
  11. Does TR have a manifesto for the EU elections?
  12. Thanks Spunko, will check out linode. My developer is using MySql, I'll ask if they're happy to move to MariaDb. I like cPanel, makes it easier for me to query the db, but are probably cheaper options.
  13. I heard a news report last year of schools replacing the analogue clocks used in the exam rooms with digital ones. My kid's primary school are teaching them how to read a clock, there will probably be a question in their SAT test today.