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  1. Could it be posts made in stealth?
  2. The UK has provided £350 million in aid to Bangladesh since 2018. There is much concern that not all this aid is reaching those in need but is siphoned by the politicians. The Bangladeshi population in the UK is a conservative 600,000. In my eyes, the least they can do is take this single person and put her to work in a sweat shop for £1 per day. Bunch of ungrates.
  3. Who says he owned a boat in Bristol docks at 17? How do you know he's bullshitting? Seems you have a massive chip on your shoulder against anyone not born into poverty. You can't buy the skills and knowledge he has acquired.
  4. So what? I don't know his circumstances nor do you and hardly his fault if he was born into wealth. All I see is a grafter, an admirable quality in anyone regardless of background. If he was working class I'd have the same opinion of him.
  5. I've considered hens for a while. What are the best methods of despatching the sick ones?
  6. You should watch the videos. Whatever his background he's remarkable in that he took an unpaid apprenticeship at a boat builder when he was 17, learned the trade and took on such an immense project. Most trustafarians either blow the money or work in the 'city'. His work ethic and never say die attitude is breathtaking.
  7. I'm not following this closely, are the big violent demos only happening in Democrat held cities?
  8. My mates mum sounded like that for about 5 years. Lung cancer got her in the end.
  9. I had this and it was blue fluff wedged down the hole. If you have another phone with a camera you can point the camera down the hole and maybe see it. I used a paperclip to hook it out.
  10. If you're not working you may as well go. Can't see everyone quarantining themselves. I came back from Spain 1 week ago, what difference does a week make.
  11. Looking after 2 kids and wfh, never missed her so much!!
  12. My wife is still in Spain after being exposed and having to quarantine out there. This won't please her!
  13. One is brake fluid the other is clutch fluid.