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  1. This explains why the wife's honda civic windscreen cracked last winter. A huge gash down the middle. I will remind her not to use boiling water this winter.
  2. A carpet fitter was telling my parents that he recently fitted a carpet in Sandringham that was taken out of Buck Palace. Not really billionaire behaviour.
  3. That is very disturbing. I would run a mile!
  4. I always thought online EAs were a good idea but Tepilo was such a poor name, I could never remember what it was called.
  5. The comments unanimously rip them a new one which is encouraging.
  6. We really should be told which right wing views are illegal. They should list them so everyone is clear on what is acceptable. Of course, all left wing views are allowed.
  7. Gloommonger

    Web Hosting

    I've used for a year and very happy so far. Great support and good prices.
  8. Used to work with an American girl who came back from maternity leave. She had just had her new born circumcised. When we questioned her reasoning, she said it was because otherwise he would be laughed at in the locker room back in the USA! Seriously wtf! Hard to believe what humans will do to fit in.
  9. Meeting is tomorrow. Strong, alpha women and the RF don't mix. I can't imagine Kate joining in by Skype from abroad. Fergie was also a problem and was dealt with.
  10. I also have a similar poster on ignore. Although I occasionally view their posts to see if there's some useful knowledge, usually disappointed. Can @spunko see who is ignored the most?
  11. The Brexit shenanigans has also highlighted how powerless the Queen is. The Royal family are a sideshow, loved by tourists and media editors. Maybe when Charles is king he will try and use some of the little power they have left and that will be the beginning of the end. They will end up like the Dutch and Danish royal family, an irrelevance.
  12. They should tour as a group. Royal Power!
  13. Gloommonger


    My first programming job was Cobol. There was an old guy, late 60s, who had been there forever and all his variables were 1 or 2 letters. That was 20 years ago and he is probably still there as nobody else understands his code!
  14. Why Turks? What's our special relationship with Turkey?
  15. I would support this type of action. Anyone who shouts out racist, homophobic or abusive insults are scum. The same type of people who spit on the floor. I would happily see them get a public flogging. In fact, that would make great half time entertainment.