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  1. Gloommonger

    Syria Gas Attack

    I'm cynical about these accidental missile strikes on planes. It's such a rare occurrence I'm certain triple checks would be made on the target before pushing the button. Blaming an accident is just saving face to avert it escalating impo.
  2. Gloommonger


    Of all the countries to visit on holiday, why did he choose the most anti Kurdish country. He's either thick, ignorant or someone who goes looking for trouble. Most likely the last option.
  3. Gloommonger

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    I think the main character wrote and produced it !!
  4. Gloommonger

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    My wife speaks Spanish with our young children and to improve their language skills most of their tv is through Netflix with Spanish as the default language. I set up a new profile to do this, I'm sure there is an Italian option.
  5. Gloommonger


    Tescos do good ribs, the boxed ones in the chilled section. I find the unprepared pork ribs have very little meat on them.
  6. Gloommonger

    Little twats

    High risk of getting stabbed or acid attacked over a bicycle.
  7. Had a Mr Hunt for a teacher, was more commonly known as Waddock.
  8. Gloommonger

    The Germany is fucked thread

    Hop scotch
  9. Gloommonger

    Pigeon fanciers

    My dad sort of keeps them. Started with 4. They quickly multiplied so outgrew the dovecot, same as yours Spunko. He built a bigger one but then had to squirrel and cat proof it as they kept climbing in and either killing the birds or stealing the eggs. The doves won't nest if they feel they are threatened. Then a buzzard moved into the area and picked them off for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He was down to 5 when he decided to get rid and we took them to an auction. Sold them, but next day one must have escaped his new owner and returned. This lonely dove has now bred with the local pigeons and there are 17 of them sitting in the trees, but still feeding from the dovecot. A nice ending as my dad feels no responsibility towards them and just feeds them.
  10. Gloommonger

    Aretha Franklin - over the top coverage?

    Maybe because the media's darling, Obama, was a fan. The murder of Jo Cox (and many other stories) shows how powerful the msm are when forcing through their agenda.
  11. Gloommonger

    Carnival of Destruction

    Looks like they have a richer life where they are. The meat aisle in Tesco is very dull in comparison.
  12. Gloommonger

    RIP John McCain

    That was always my impression of him. His solution to everything was to bomb it. I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten so far if he wasn't a Vietcong pow.
  13. Gloommonger

    Lucky Escapes

    In my early 20s did some backpacking through Asia. Took a night taxi, a sort of mini minibus, from Jakarta to some place about 5 hours away. Lots of us crammed in but me and my mate smugly got the front bench seat. Whilst everyone in the back dozed off, we experienced a white knuckle ride of terror. There were numerous close calls but what sticks in the memory was overtaking another vehicle as the bright lights of an oncoming car approached. We were on the wrong side of the road, still level with the car we were overtaking and the oncoming lights getting real close. Now we're in a game of chicken. I glance at the driver who seems perfectly relaxed, my friend starts to point at the oncoming car, I think I shouted something, the headlights are so close and so bright, there's nowhere to go. The oncoming car swerves and as I look back I see his tail lights go down a bank at the side of the road. Our driver doesn't blink, just calmly overtakes and carries on. I'm very easy going and I doubt he spoke much English, but after my tirade of WTF are you doing, he did drive a little better. In many countries there is a fatalistic what will be will be attitude to life.
  14. Gloommonger

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    Nice. Good brand and the internal sun visor is very useful.