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  1. Nah, it was in Hull... https://twitter.com/thesundaysport/status/1038517453427552262
  2. If you like stories about fast aircraft, you should like this:
  3. With dry ice, if you get a high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, your body will react to the increased level of CO2, and you will start gasping for air, and get the hell out. Liqud Nitrogen is far more dangerous because you don't start gasping for air. This is rocket science: https://www.wired.com/2009/03/march-19-1981-shuttle-columbias-first-fatalities/ "Because nitrogen is both odorless and colorless, the five men lost consciousness before realizing anything was amiss." There's no way I'd want to be in a vehicle transporting a flask of liquid Nitrogen.
  4. When I last bought a phone two years ago, my choice was rather limited as I was only interested in having one with a removable battery. It has proved handly in the current situation as I can carry it around with no battery in, and I can still use it in case of emergency (car breaks down etc.) if required. I'm now considering buying a spare in case it breaks, but also to leave it at home all day, switched on and plugged in to a charger.
  5. I think it's more like everyone walking around without the sunglasses in "They Live".
  6. Maybe the delays are because Boris is going to resign and they're trying to talk him out of it?
  7. I only print things very occasionally. I have owned three inkjet printers over the last 25 odd years - an HP and two Epsons. They all printed OK, but if not used for a long time, it would take ages and use loads of ink to unblock the nozzles. In the end, I couldn't unblock the nozzles of my last printer, so I chucked it out and printed stuff at work. Eventually, I wanted my own printer again, and remembering the curse of blocked nozzles, I took the plunge and bought a colour laser printer (a Brother HL-3150CDW) for 110 quid off Amazon. I made the right decision. Four years later,
  8. From my own, personal observations, based on a 100% rate from an admittedly tiny sample size of 2, I disagree. If you can sleep for several nights in the same bed with an infected person and not catch it, despite breathing all over each other and the bedclothes for hours on end, what difference is wearing a mask going to make? I completely bought in to the initial lockdown. I did not leave the house between mid March and mid June. At all. As I live on my own, in all that time, the only people I spoke to in person were delivery drivers. The isolation was tough. Since mid June, th
  9. I'm a private person, so I haven't mentioned this before. I don't need or want any sympathy from anyone about this, but this is why I think masks are a load of bollocks: First, I know of two people who have been tested positive with Covid-19. Both work in the NHS, and both had flu-like symptoms. Neither isolated from their spouses. In both cases, their spouse experienced some mild symptoms, but tested negative for Covid-19, even though they were still sleeping in the same bed with their infected other half. Secondly, my dad (in his late 80s), was admitted to hospital in May havin
  10. https://www.amazon.co.uk/electrosmart-Quality-2-5mm-Speaker-Cable/dp/B003CZD3I6/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=electrosmart+50m+Quality+2+x+2.5mm+Loud+Speaker+Cable+-+Multi-Strand+444+(2x+222+Strand)+-+Outside+Dimensions+of+Cable%3A+7.5mm+x+3.6mm&qid=1603227596&s=electronics&sr=1-1 I don't know if it is the best, but it's proven to be fine for me. It's 35 quid for 50 metres so about 70p / metre. I bought a 50 metre roll of this about 10 years ago and all cables are as good as ever - last time I moved a year ago I didn't notice any tarnishing of the copper or degredation o
  11. I think they quoted me about 9 quid per month. It's an AEG and cost about 500 quid, so I expect it to last at least as long as my old Zanussi which lasted about 9 years. I think the motor failed as it got stuck in the middle of a cycle and I saw that it could no longer rotate the drum more than a few degrees in either direction. Poor thing. I could have had it repaired, but I figured that would be about 200 quid, and then if something else failed, I could be looking at the same sort of bill again. Plus I've heard plenty of stories about washing machines being repaired and something no
  12. I bought a new middle-of-the-range washing machine from ao.com a couple of years ago, and received a similar call. They were sneaky about it - the call began as a customer satisfaction check - "Was everything with your order OK?"etc. and then finally, an extended warranty was offered. I pointed out that the total of the premiums would enable me to buy a new washing machine every 5 years, so the machine would have to be broken beyond repair in under 5 years for it to make financial sense (for me) to take out the warranty. They persevered with their sales speech until I said somet
  13. If you want a double entendre, I'll give you one.
  14. I wonder what's going to happen in the winter, when it's cold and people can see their breath. Will people start to doubt that the masks work as well as they have been told? It would be great to see someone point this out on live TV.
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