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  1. Lipid

    Love stuff ❤

    Spending a sunny day at the cricket with my mates and a few beers. Ideally watching England beating Australia. :-D
  2. Lipid

    The Eurovision Thread

    Look in the bottom left corner of the screen. It's faint but readable.
  3. Lipid

    Thick o’clock

    Why don't they switch to a digital countdown timer displaying hours and minutes (and seconds if you like) remaining before the end of the exam? That's the important information they are trying to convey, and saves having to subtract the current time from the exam end time when using a clock.
  4. Lipid

    Films to depress the f**k out of you

    The Mist. It shows how religion can turn people into monsters. Then there's the ending...
  5. Lipid

    Respect for tradition

    Surely just nicking diesel makes nicking iron more profitable?
  6. Lipid

    Awe inspiring opening ceremonies

    If you like fast cars with lots of overtaking, rather than watch the snooze-fest that is F1 (I usually watch the F1 races, but even I turned off the this year's Australian race after about 30 minutes), check out the World Endurance Championship, and especially the 24 Hours of Le Mans. There are four different classes of cars on the same track at the same time, which results in thousands of overtaking manoeuvres during the 24 hour race. I should point out that most of the overtaking is actually slower classes of cars being lapped, but unlike F1, the cars being lapped do not have to get out of the way - it is up to the quicker cars to drive around them. Bringing this post slighly back on topic, the opening ceremony of Le Mans consists of a band playing a bit of the national anthem of each country that is represented by a driver, (which can get a bit tedious as there are about 150 drivers) with a flyby (down the pit straight) of the French equivalent of the Red Arrows (which is not tedious at all). At least it's not expensive...
  7. I'm not sure if I saw this on here on TOS, but this is a fascinating lecture on why you should never talk to the police. It from the USA, so I'm not sure how it fits in with our laws, but I'd imagine it's fairly applicable in the UK:
  8. Lipid

    Overrated Comedians and Comediennes

    If a lot of things about this world piss you off, you should check out Doug Stanhope. He reflects on some of the worse aspects of this world, and he tells it like it is. The only way he could be funnier is if he were to do his material on a BBC panel show, but that would never happen as then the viewers actually might start to think for themselves.
  9. Lipid

    Chinese satellite plummeting to earth

    Here's a page tracking Tiangong-1's descent: Their dashboard looks pretty:
  10. Lipid

    Islamification of Europe

    It seems the French authorities have finally started to push back:
  11. Lipid

    Big headed celebs being total arses

    Alas, we don't see this sort of thing anymore...
  12. Lipid

    Viz Comic

    It's not as funny as it used to be.
  13. Lipid

    Viz Comic

    They got into trouble for this one, although the subsequent controversy had a large dose of irony about it...
  14. Lipid

    Viz Comic

    Raffles the Gentleman Thug is one of my favourite characters. Enjoy!
  15. Lipid

    Belgians giving out iodine tablets

    So it's definitely not because they suspect some terrorist nutters might have a dirty bomb somewhere in the area? That's a relief.