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  1. Tremor South Wales?

    Felt it just south of Birmingham. The whole house swayed from South to North. Nothing on USGS so far.
  2. The dangers of smart motorways

    I would normally agee - if you break down on a motorway, get out of the car and behind the barrier as soon as possible (upstream of the vehicle - as if something hits it, you want the collided vehicles going away from you). Except - when there's a construction barrier in the way, as in this incident. These barriers are bolted in to the road so there's no kerb or space between the road and the barrier and the lanes are usually narrower than normal. This stops you opening the passenger doors properly unless you leave your car right next to lane 2. I'd be tempted to sit with the handbrake off , the steering straightened and me fully pressed back into my seat with my head back against the headrest to minimise any consequences of an impact - this is from someone who was a passenger in a car that got rear-ended on a motorway where another passenger was left with life changing injuries. I drive on a "fucking stupid" motorway (as I like to call them) most days. The gantries are frequently wrong - I've even see broken down HGVs in lane 1 with NO WARNING FROM THE SIGNS - I only saw the HGV when the one in front of me swerved into lane 2 at the last second. Lane 2 was rather busy and it was awkward to move across - I nearly had to stop in lane one as there was no room to move over until a driver in lane 2 saw what was happening and let me in. I've also witnessed an ambulance getting slowed down drastically as all four lanes have ground to a halt due to a smash, and there's not enough room for all the vehicles in lane 4 to move to other lanes to let the emergency services gain access to the incident. I hate to imagine what would have happened if the parents had been in the process of passing the kids over the barrier when collision occurred.
  3. Life Tips

    Beware of Nutritionists! They are the Estate Agents of Food Science! Registration is voluntary. However, a Dietitian will know what they are talking about. They are fully trained health care professionals. The case for the prosecution: I give you (at one time "Dr") Gillian McKeith: Here's the NHS link for Nutritionist: Note this part: "You may work with health care professionals such as nurses and dietitians." Here's the NHS link for Dietitian: Note this part: "As well as working with other health professionals AND nutritionists..." (My emphasis on the AND.) Take everything a Nutritionist says with a pinch of salt. :-)
  4. He can't get a job because he lacks wisdom, and the tattoo is merely a very obvious indicator of that. I wouldn't call him stupid, as I believe being stupid is the inability to learn, and I think he's probably learned what a mistake it was. What he lacks is the ability to consider his actions and the possible consequences of them. What will be the next unwise thing he does? Who in their right mind would employ someone like that when there are so many other people to choose from with enough wisdom NOT to get a huge tattoo on their necks?
  5. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    That's evil! :-) Even we had limits.
  6. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    How times have changed. When I was at secondary school, the lads in my class took every available opportunity to draw cocks on absolutely everything: exercise books, blackboards, notice boards, schoolbags, blazers, faces, cars windows, snow covered playing fields (a huge team effort that), and none of the teachers (not even the art teachers) called it art. Depending on the situation, it was called "defacement", "vandalism", "assault", "criminal damage" or "incitement to riot". Are you sure you weren't looking at a tourist's map that had been "enhanced" by a cheeky schoolkid?
  7. Do you find her attractive or NOT ?

    In my opinion, one of the most effective ways for anybody to make their face look more attractive, is also one of the quickest : Smile. :-)
  8. Explain your favourite film horribly.

    Yep. The 1982 version is an all time classic (in my opinion). I've watched it many, many times, and I still can't figure out precisely when each person got infected... The Queen? (I admit I haven't seen it.)
  9. Explain your favourite film horribly.

    "They Live" makes a hell of a lot more sense today than it did when it was released. I'm sad that nobody got my one, also by John Carpenter: "Some infighting men start getting replaced and then blow up their workplace." Well, I did explain it horribly. (Any mention of Antartica would have made it far too easy.)
  10. Hillary's big book of cunts.

    This is quite possibly the funniest title to a thread I have EVER seen. I actually laughed out loud! It also sums up the whole story perfectly.
  11. Explain your favourite film horribly.

    Some infighting men start getting replaced and then blow up their workplace.
  12. S.A.D season

    I've had this SAD nonsense for pretty much my enitre life (40+ years) - long before I'd ever heard of it. Starting off at the cheapest level: I now have these in every room of the house:®-Daylight-Equivalent-Sufferers-Photography/dp/B002XWVNI6/ The light they give off is the same colour as bright sunshine. I bought a couple about 3 years ago, an noticed an immediate upswing in my mood. I then installed them in every room of the house and they have definitely helped me. I still hate the winter, but at least I don't want to hide in my bed until March anymore. If you have a bit more spare cash: With the exception of a lamp in the living room (for late evening use), the only light I have that isn't one of those daylight bulbs is one of these: It wakes you up with slowly intensifying natural light. I'm always awake before my alarm now, and I never feel tired when I wake up - I used to get the "there is no way I can get up" feeling most of the time when my alarm clock woke me up. It also works in reverse when going to sleep at night. Finally, if you can, I recommend booking yourself a holiday somewhere hot and sunny right after xmas or sometime in January. Having that to look forward keeps my spirits up, and you miss the worst part of the winter. Your mileage may vary, but the first two options have definitely made winters more tolerable for me. I can't afford option 3 every year so some winters are better than others. Regardless, just keep looking forward to next spring and summer...
  13. Explain your favourite film horribly.

    The Shining. "OK Bambi, let's have another..."
  14. Explain your favourite film horribly.

    Bad Taste. It's brilliantly hilarious. It also lives up to it's name. Network. Apologies if I've missed somebody getting this one.
  15. Do you know what I mean?

    All my people right here, right now?