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    trans madness
  2. According to this newspaper, Hitler runs in a kebab shop in Hull. :-)
  3. I think you've slightly missed my point due to me not being specific enough. I wasn't just referring to physical assets that are primarily a store of wealth (perecious metals, hard cash, works of art etc.), but also to useful physical assets such as cars, and in particular, property. That's what I find truly scary.
  4. I think this could well be the case. I've just watched last week's edition of This Week, which, during the end credits, showed parts of an old interview with John Bercow. I'm guessing it was recorded not long after he became an MP in 1997. Here's my attempt at a transcript of the clips of the interview as shown. Make up your own mind how revlevant it is. Please be aware of the edits - the So-Called BBC could have swapped quotes around and missed out other significant sentences. Note: "Narayan" by The Prodigy is played quietly in the background throughout. I thought this was relevant as the first two lines are "If you believe, that Westminster, is falling down, on everyone" - except I've been wrong about that for 22 years! The lyrics actually are "If you believe, the western sun, is falling down, on everyone". I wonder if the person that selected that track has the same cloth ears as me? Voice over: "Good afternoon to John Bercow MP. He's a Tory Euro-Sceptic, and proud of it." John Bercow: "Make no mistake, if we join the single currency, it will almost certainly fail economically." [Edit] "The effect of that would be to damage employment, and growth, and prosperity in Britain." [Edit] "It is absolute nonsense, for Britain to sign up to a policy, made by people in Frankfurt who we do not elect, and who we cannot remove." [Edit] Voice over: "Fair enough. By the way John, enjoyed the Titanic analogy a moment ago. Got any more, about say, interest rates?" [Edit] John Bercow: "A one interest rate policy, for the whole of Europe is like a golfer, going out on to the golf course, with one club." [Edit] "I am not interested, in signing up to a policy, that puts Europe before Britain." [Edit] "People who live in Lewisham, are not going to go to work in Luxembourg." [Edit] "That means a single government, and a single state."
  5. I read almost exclusively non-fiction, mainly accounts of sports, science or space exploration. The one book that made me re-think how the world works was "No One Would Listen" by Harry Markopolos. It is the story of how the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme was uncovered. Markopolos was tasked by his bosses to work out how Madoff was getting such high returns so that they could copy him. Initially, Markopolos couldn't understand how Madoff could be making so much money, and concluded that Madoff's business was fraudulent. When Markopolos eventually uncovered proof, no one would believe him as Madoff was so well respected. It took about another 10 years for Madoff's scheme to collapse. Now for the scary part. This book made me realise that the ownership of all assets is just an opinion, usually based on a database of some sort. Whilst an asset may be physical, the record of the ownership of that asset is just information. If the relevant authorities conclude that information is wrong, you have nothing.
  6. 6 pints of beer? That's just enough to see me through to the lunch interval when I'm at at the cricket!
  7. Lipid

    New lap top

    If you want go for a refurbished machine, but don't trust the operating system on it (i.e. full of malware or it's Windows 10, which is full of malware anyway) then if you can't get a Windows 7 licence, you could try Chalet OS. I've had a play with it on an old laptop, and it is pretty similar to Windows 7. Within an hour of starting the installation process, I was on the net and playing videos in VLC. I've had a go a linux a few years before, and always given up in frustration, but Chalet OS was fine. Here's a review of it:
  8. I think you'll find it was a tin of pineapple rings, not chunks.
  9. This is not an attack but an observation, so whilst you may be offended by my comment, please understand that no offence was intended: I don't think that any of my friends (or family) would ever consider entering a relationship with someone who said this seriously.
  10. I'm Scottish but I can't stand whisky. I've been given a glass of some stuff that apparently cost a few hundred quid a bottle and I thought it tasted like a mixture of cigarette ash, vinegar and bleach. It's been a few years since I've tried any whisky and as I've always tried to drink it neat, perhaps I was doing it wrong and maybe he's on to something? I do find those videos quite entertaining though
  11. If you liked that, you'll love this: This is a much longer and version:
  12. Is this not the real problem with the So-Called BBC? The fact that a member of one of the largest demographic populations of the country being there is incredibly rare?
  13. Lipid


    She might be a smart lawyer, but she didn't know the first thing about hygiene, medicine or first aid - just like the person that wrote the caption for the photo of the initial wound. No wound is innocuous. All breaks in the skin have the potential to become infected. Any cut, no matter how small, must be properly cleaned as soon as possible. Many, many, years ago, my mother was a nurse. Any cut like that would have received the dreaded tweezer / nailbrush and dettol treatment, followed by a dressing with an order not to get it wet or dirty. I still follow this advice as an adult. I have (acidentally) sawn my hand open and after falling over whilst running on a gravel path, had a hand full of grit (literally, in the palm of my hand). None of my cuts have ever got infected. (I believe cuts to the shin can be more problematic due to the relatively low blood flow in the area, but I am not 100% sure of this.) Cleaning those wounds hurt like hell, but I expect her leg hurt more.
  14. Carl Sagan. A thoughtful and very clever chap who was excellent at communicating ideas to the general public. We could do with a few more like him right now.