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  1. I'm not voting, but i'm staying at a mates for an all nighter. I wanna see corpses....political corpses.
  2. Another side to the 69. Ive got this on VHS from a film called Rough Cut and Ready Dubbed. Punks filmed around 79/80. Theres also this on it. Song is a minute in. Young uns should watch it as its a nice reminder of what Jezza will do to Britain. Dystopian is the word that comes to mind. Youre right about the Only Ones. Absolutely outstanding band. Even Serpents Shine is awesome. John Perry is one of my top 5 all time guitarists. Original licks and good chops.
  3. Ive gone off the idea. Mainly cos they're diesel and there will be almost no resale in a few years.
  4. Could be that she will lose most of that 7% to the Libs and Tories, now that the poll has hit the street, question is how many each. Could be very tight indeed. Will be one to watch for sure. Need about 3 tellys!