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  1. **OLD JOKE WARNING** Would you be interested in 50 packets of instant mash?
  2. As i said, interested to know how @wherebee views the situation now, compared to expectations a month or so ago, when this thread started to get revved up.
  3. Thousands of Chinese fly in to Australia every day. Carrying all manner of mind boggling delicacies. No real dice yet. As far as i am aware.
  4. Ok. Well we will just have to see. I just think/hope the further the Chinese cover up goes back, (Nov)? as time goes on, the more likely we are to be unscathed. Or at least time can be bought in our british summer to develop some sort of de-fence. @wherebee how do you gauge Australia vs predictions/ fears of 2/3 weeks ago? Is it worse/better/ as/ expected?
  5. I mean no town or city has been shut down in the UK. To be clear, i am sort of edging towards this being some sort of Chinese attack on their own people/Hong Kongers thats gotten slightly out of hand.
  6. Many say its been going since November in China. How many thousands of Chinese have flown in to Europe in that time? This seems to be absolutely dreadful in the epicentre, so its clearly not a nothingburger, and my modest stash betrays what i have thought to this point. But we must be approaching a point, where we can say this affects main land Asia more than the west. Given that its been on the loose since November. You come across as a bit disappointed.
  7. Yes. Maybe we got it here. But no whole city got shut down. Is my point. Engineering?
  8. Thats the 2nd time you've called me impatient. I thought i was trying to be calm.
  9. As a DODBODDER its always best to go on what you see rather than what you are told. What evidence have you seen at your hospital/work/transport/media/ that suggests this is being hidden? What signs are there beyond supply issues from China, that this is a thing in western Europe? After months of contagion in China and specifically Wuhan. Where are the social media clips of people being carted off around Europe / UK? This is despite untold flights bringing hundreds, nay thousands of Chinese in to the Unis etc. No Unis shut down that im aware. Something about this virus likes China. I think the Chinese need to be fucking careful from here on in.
  10. This has been going 3 - 4 months now, and has no foothold in Europe yet, despite no curbing of flights from China. Is any of that up for debate?
  11. So lets get down to it. Does the panel think that this virus is spreading as fast, and as wide, as they first thought / feared? I'm going for "no its not". And the higher the chinese number goes, real or bullshit, the more that becomes more stark. Also, has @Conniption fucked off all of a sudden?
  12. As always theres a Family Guy thread cross vid.