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  1. This here Baker. https://www.stevebaker.info/2013/09/house-price-inflation/
  2. Party oblivion and a legacy of unforgiven hatred lasting generations? Or a proper Brexit with a war chest handed to the urbane and relatable Raab. With Baker in Number 11. From a party loyalty, and legacy point of view surely its a fucking no brainer. I could almost vote tory in that circumstance. Almost.
  3. Fucking stick it to em Donny. the So-Called BBC should be running a bed of funeral music under their reportage.
  4. This may well be true. Almost certainly is. However if it is the case, it means that at the very least, a new mask/skin/persona, will have to be found for all this remain filth in the tory party. May cares about her legacy, so best way she can prevent utter oblivion, is to No Deal the fuck out of there.
  5. Then the tories are finished. Not a problem for me. But im sure thats the discussion today.
  6. I reckon this is about party or country. Hard brexit, retain core vote. Mr Whippy Brexit, no tory party. I know which one they will chose. I reckon the coup was initiated cos teyve gotten wind of her plan to run down the clock. In so doing, she would get half the country back onside, instead of leaving office with the whole country hating her guts. She will be gone next Monday imho. Please god.
  7. Im checking everything, have been for a while. Cheese and wine are a piece of piss. Lager is tricky, as is chocolate. Any tips?
  8. This country really is welcome to itself. A plot by the Hudson in upstate New York is pulling at me. I'll never fucking actually do it though. A bit like Brexit.
  9. Yes, for that period ONLY they tell Mr Batten and his chums that we have left. Then at 7am on May 23rd they tell mr Batten that we have in fact not left, and sorry you all missed the EU elections.
  10. My sincere hope is that at least Batten and Farage will agree to co-operate. Any vote splitting will be hard to stomach. It is also the duty of brexit voting public to help campaign to dig these fuckers out of their holes. Starting in Hastings and Rye, Broxtowe, Totnes Beaconsfield, and Pontefract.
  11. Can the ERG resign the tory whip and crash the government? Force an election? Cos if Parliament is left to it, they will kill brexit dead.