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  1. Bus Stop Boxer

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I'm at the point now where i cant get any more pissed off, so i choose to ignore it. No amount of braying this side of the vote will change anything. Everyone is entrenched. More and more know that the MSM is their absolute enemy now. Whatever the outcome of this months shenanigans, the time to begin the proper vitriol will be at the next election. I'm hoping Arron Banks is lining up about 50 seats for an absolute strafing. Starting in Totnes, then, up cuntry to Pontefract then down to Hastings "n" Rye for a spot of Rudding.
  2. Bus Stop Boxer

    Heathrow drone,

    Nah she had some female photographer by the neck a while back. Filthy hypocrite.
  3. Bus Stop Boxer

    Heathrow drone,

    Kay, why are you strangling me???
  4. Bus Stop Boxer

    Heathrow drone,

    Lots of weird shit spotted in US skies at same time as Gatwick. "Come unfriendly jelly like entities, and abduct Anna Soubry. She isn't fit for the Commons now".
  5. Bus Stop Boxer

    New Car Registrations

    Diesel getting another pasting.
  6. Bus Stop Boxer

    Man stabbed on train

    Awful story. In the circumstances you did the right thing. The points in this thread about ,well brought up, (i wont use the term middle class), people expecting a frank exchange of views and nothing more in a dispute, ae for the almanacs of the 50s and 60s. The whole complexion of the UK has changed in 20 years flat. Anyone here ever driven anywhere with a knife in their car? Almost certainly not. Anyone here thinking about now driving with a knife in their car? Well, fuck that, don't buy a knife. Buy one of these for your car, and shoot people square in the fucking viasge with it. Let the whole fucking magazine fly in to any fucker that tries it. I would have ZERO qualms. https://www.surplusstore.co.uk/air-weapons/air-pistols/heckler-koch-vp9-black-177.html
  7. Bus Stop Boxer

    Man stabbed on train

    Fucking disgraceful isn't it?
  8. Bus Stop Boxer

    Brexit, the uncivil war.

  9. Bus Stop Boxer

    Man stabbed on train

    Stand up you feral cunt.
  10. Bus Stop Boxer

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Good sleuthing. As has been said a few times, the Steele connection was flashing red for many on here. Maybe Sergei was about to blow all the dodgyness out of the water. Where is he i wonder? Went to Salisbury last Wednesday. For a modest town after xmas, on a weekday, it was busy enough. Kids were still off, so ice rink in market square doing brisk business. As long as nobody else keels over, it will recover in no time.
  11. Bus Stop Boxer

    Man stabbed on train

    *Puts sock puppet, with buttons for eyes, on left hand*. Too late Too late Too late. *Removes sock puppet.
  12. Bus Stop Boxer

    Drill Music Stab Culture

    Audible cancer. I did this with Kenwood Chef in 1988 on stage at the Falcon in Camden.
  13. Bus Stop Boxer

    Man stabbed on train

    Promising. And now hopefully another 40 years of obscurity await in Belmarsh.
  14. Bus Stop Boxer

    Man stabbed on train

    Somebody needs to devise a way of dragging the UK somewhere out in to the mid Atlantic sharpish.
  15. Bus Stop Boxer

    Man stabbed on train