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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/TONYxTWO/status/1278533882992832518
  2. Remember seeing a profile pic of the "cop" and the fella they arrested. A line drawn from the middle of the eyeball backwards towards the ear, had one guy with all ear lobe below the line, and the other with about an inch above the line. The pics also looked about 10 years apart in terms of age. I think the guy who "killed"Floyd was CIA all day long. And a Mick McCarthy looklalike to boot! Look what was going on re FBI CIA Clinton server at the very same time.
  3. Starmer looks like hes been putting it away at night.
  4. Yamahahahahahaha. For fucks sake....i cant tell you how fucking Tannoyed i am that you got there first. I have to think of more funny Naims now, before someone goes off on a Tangent.
  5. Formuler Z8 is where im headed. In fact i should already have one but amazon fucked the order up.
  6. Samsung tellys are absolute twats for talking to other gear over HDMI. Will turn other kit off, but will refuse to turn kit on. Ironically i have 5 tvs in my house and none of them are currently being used for more than 2 hours a week. I used to like my sport piped all over the house. Before the revolution came. An LG smart tv annoying menus. A Samsung 4k smart tv see above. Menu also clunky. A Samsung dumb tv. Slow menus A 12 year old Sony, doubles as a radiator. An old reliable warhorse and still 1080p A 4 year old Sony smart android. Based on what i have id get another Sony. But will probably never buy another tv ever. The Samsung 4k does have the best picture though. And thats on 1080p output, not 4k. Cello are British made, didnt i read that here? Have no idea about them though.