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  1. Fox stating 24/2 in terms of interuptions vs Trump.
  2. Climate guff. 8 to 10 years is it Joe. Fuck off mate. Go sniff a kid.
  3. Riiiooooo--oooo ggggrrraaandddudududud rrrriiivveeerr Reboot..
  4. She's starting to interrupt Trump way more than Paedo Joe.
  5. Im staying up now. Wasnt going to, but we are watching what we laughingly refer to as western democracy fighting for its life right now. Or at least our western way of life for 60 years. 20 minutes til show time.
  6. Ted Cruz has just said Fox only mainstream US news station to run the presser live.
  7. Right now some arabs, some sadistic japs, the desert sun, a fish tank helmet full of rats, and some magnifiying glasses are what this campaign needs.
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