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  1. Im going out in a blaze of hookers booze and nose up.
  2. Born 66. Shafted 2032 onwards.
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    And then theres the company that Chuck kept.
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    You can hear the shutters clicking from here.
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    Compton Chamberlayne is about 12 miles from me. Pretty little village.
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    I reckon Epstein, mainly due to his now well docemented dalliance with Prince Andrew, has been in the minds of many for roughly 2 or 3 years. Trump won in 2016. So on here at least, the thrashings about of the Arkanciders has mapped, and fleshed out, the Epstein conversations pound for pound. Nobody is cracking on to be an expert, just keen enthusiasts. Chewing over this sort of shit is one of the great things about forums of this ilk Its all here, Vit D, bondage, pikeys, Range Rovers, Gibsons, Cats, and massive establishment nonce rings. VIVE LE DOSBOD!
  7. Theres a big hook nosed witch living in there with several overtly red apples. Burn it down.
  8. My mate deals with people from brum who come down to his Devon shop. Those bars would have been teapots and trays at one point. You're going to need some old knickers as well.
  9. Even early 90s 2p pieces had more copper in.
  10. Dinari if youre brave and well researched. No vat on 2nd hand silver. One nice, less risky, way of collecting silver coins is buying the Baird stuff from Ebay. Rabbits Falcons Horses etc. Ornamental stuff needs to be higher end with providence to be worthwhile otherwise its only fit for the pot. Just takes up room otherwise.