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  1. Drives me crazy. They stuff the TV up one end with a 2 seater sofa in front of it, leaving an expanse of totally redundant space at the other end. These houses have all been improved, looks wise, from the outside. Yet are thoroughly unliveable inside.
  2. We are also surrounded by successive chancellors who love a bit of Bellway and Persimmon largesse. They are getting away with fucking murder these builders.
  3. They can crack on with sorting the 8 ft wide living room when they're done. #rabbithutch Exit thru sunroof.
  4. There are about 20 tory bed wetters who Boris needs to worry about. So, like i said, its a prospective deal to stave off a Corbyn government, if a snap election, over which Boris would have no control, is called. BP wont have had a great deal of time to get their shit together either. So this on the face of it is a worthwhile insurance policy, for all our sakes. Its never going to be an election called by Boris. In short, we are in 100% agreement.
  5. Of course, but there's a good chance Boris will be no confidenced out of there, pretty damn quick, and have no choice in the matter.
  6. Isn't this only to keep Corbyn out if there's a snap election?
  7. John Craig tonight, reporting on Sly News, as the debate broke up...."mumble mumble mumble mumble Rory Stewart"!!!! Voice goes up in volume and has a lilting uplifted tone. Cut with lots of distance shots of Stewart engaging wiv da yoof at the end. Hes a bilderberg stooge and he can fuck off.
  8. Well maybe. 4 Generations is what? 120 years? Everyone alive now, or born in the next 20 years, will need to be dead before this shit show is forgotten.
  9. Probably comes down to how safe those tory remainer /rebels feel in their seats. I can think of Grieve and Gauke who'd be in trouble, beyond that not so many. Nick Boles, Philip Lee? If Corbyn calls it, it will be fucking tight. The other thing that might stop an exodus to BP is that Boris could hardly be blamed for not delivering Brexit, if he was no confidenced out of there before Oct 31st. FOr an exodus to happen, people need to be angry. Unless they conclude that BP is simply the only way to deliver it. Tories are low on cash too, so BP could harvest tory vote with a good campaign. All the shit going down in this country now, its going to take 3-4 generations to smooth it over. Did his chair fart when he sat down? Super! Great!
  10. More fizz, and giant, gammony pork chops this week.
  11. I thought it was last week. Card has been on the mantelpiece all fucking week. We had a beef roastie and fizz too. I realised on Tuesday. FFS.
  12. Stewart will make the last 2.
  13. Yes but i dont see the rope being pulled tight by anyone or anything.