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  1. shindigger

    Storm Ali - yes, they called it Ali.

    Would not be in the least bit surprised.
  2. shindigger

    Storm Ali - yes, they called it Ali.

    Wait for storm Mohammed. Ah feck it's already here.
  3. shindigger

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I hear i'm a Fascist now Father....
  4. shindigger

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Fuck them to hell.
  5. shindigger

    Insurance Question

    Thanks. Can i be an LLP if i don't have, or need, a "P"?
  6. shindigger

    Insurance Question

    Thankfully i will be able to start trading with an outlay of less than £2k. A great opportunity actually.
  7. shindigger

    Insurance Question

    Thats fair enough. Its just that the world of band rehearsal rooms is fraught with petty theft. But even a £100 excess is pushing it in that regard. Hmm whats that? The drummer has decided he likes that studio kick pedal more than his own, why he can just swap them over. And so on. I accept no insurance is built for that sort of scrote based activity.
  8. shindigger

    Insurance Question

    Electrocution is the thing. All kit will have to be pat tested anyway. I am so mistrustful of all insurance that i had it in my mind that it was more problematic to have 2 concurrent policies but has been said, there are clear enough lines between the 2 parties responsibilities. Will look in to Ltd Co too. Have been a sole trader since 97. Have a bit more to lose now.
  9. shindigger

    Insurance Question

    Ok I am very close to signing a lease on a band rehearsal room. In which i will be taking bands and providing them with rehearsal space. I am taking over a building that already has Public Liability and theft insurance in place. The excess on the the theft element is £500, so effectively of no use, unless everything is cleared out overnight. The landlord has advised me that i should really get my own PL insurance. I could get the whole shebang by joining the Musicians Union and using their default scheme. And would be happy to do that so i can also set them loose on Acid Jazz records who owe me (a small amount of )money. My question is, because there would be 2 policies running concurrently, with 2 different providers, would they just spend months tossing the liability back and forth between them? Is it actually illegal to run 2 policies for the same risk? How do we get anything done in this country?
  10. shindigger

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Monty Burns in a Pant Suit. Let that sink in.
  11. shindigger

    Good Obscure Films

    Is Le Cop obscure enough? The Bothersome Man is also odd.
  12. shindigger

    Salisbury part two

    I have only just read about this. Wtaf is going on?
  13. shindigger

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Always a bit of a narsty I thought.
  14. shindigger

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    I used to stay in Hillingdon around 2005, in the Master Brewer Hotel. I regularly stuck the tub chair against the door before retiring for the night. One day i checked in and the whole connecting corridor to the bit i was staying in, had had every window smashed.