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  1. I was picked on at school, I suppose I didn't fall into any obvious pigeonholes. I was always a bit afraid of fighting back as I didn't want to get in trouble with the school head. I did headbutt my classmate one in a game of hockey. I was really worried about how the teacher would punish me for this. Resulted in both of us getting suspended from PE for a couple of weeks. Hardly a punishment. My parents did suggest I take up Jiu Jitsu (spl?) as my nutty sister's boyfriend at the time was doing it. I declined mainly because I didn't want to be committed to any more things that required me to work to a timetable (already had school and a morning paper round). However I would have preferred it if my parents bought me a pair of boxing gloves and one of those punching bags. I did tell this to my folks a few years ago and they didn't attempt to defend themselves on that point, so I think it was a realisation that they could have done a bit more to toughen me up. So I agree with @JoeDavola And to hell with the consequences.
  2. When I started working the checkouts at Morrisons you log into a till by entering a four digit number. As I was training and a login wasn't ready for me I had to use my supervisor's number: 1066.
  3. Every now and then I get a weird twinge uder my left breast (careful now!) and at the same time a similar twinge to the side of my left knee. I guessed that it might be nerve related. I went to my GP about it a couple of years ago but she drew a blank. She was very young and had an accent (maybe central or eastern European if I had to guess), maybe a locum GP. She said that she would discuss with her fellow GPs but I never heard any more about it. Seeing Lady Gaga keeps me equally flacid.
  4. Since February I decided to forgo my morning tea break chocolate bar. I have quite nice skin since abstaining from chocolate. That's not to say that I dislike chocolate.
  5. Concidentally, I had a 2 hour snooze this afternoon (about 1 - 3 pm). And I had a lay in too this morning. I think this points to a relatively boring day with little to do or maybe just catching up on a bit of lost sleep earlier in the week. Even when I was 14 - 15 years old I used to have a snooze after school. I had a very packed schedule back then. I used to do a paper round but beforehand had the extra responsibility of making up the paper routes which meant getting up very early in the mornings. I would nap on the settee between 4pm and 5 pm after school but before tea/supper.
  6. Yeah, some of the middle aged women I work with are always boasting about their holidays (maybe at least 2 a year) and I always think it's the husband/partner in the background who's paying the lion's share for them. +1.
  7. UmBongo

    If only.

    The Houses of Parliament should be flogged off to a property developer and the machinations of Govt should relocate to new blocks in a cheaper county. May I suggest Cumbria?
  8. I think I need to purchase to a power drill rather than crossing the city to keep borrowing my dad's. I could do with a bog roll holder and some towel rails. Oh, and change over some curtain tracks. Any recommendations fellow DIY DOSBODers? Thanks.
  9. Ewww Ewww. Why? Is there going to be charge against the woman.? I was under the impression that [father Ted] that sort of thing [/father Ted] was illegal.
  10. That's a surprise to me as well. Especially the legwear.
  11. Bargain! 3 weeks ago I paid £8.05 for a beer and burger meal (I think it was the Ultimate burger) in the Glass House, Norwich. First time I used their app.
  12. I believe it is (never watched much of the car SOS series). The story behind it is on the board behind it. I'll keep an eye out for your red one!
  13. I went to the British Motor Museum at Gaydon a few weeks ago. @Option5 might like this: Lancia Delta Integrale by Matt W, on Flickr Lancia Delta Integrale (2) by Matt W, on Flickr