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  1. Sorry if I missed it upthread or I'm stating the obvious (I'm perhaps a little behind the curve than most on this forum) but I watched a video linked to a thread ToS where this property developer said that new car sales were a rough indicator of where the housing market was heading. Interesting times.
  2. My commiserations @Rave . Volkswagen are perhaps so proud of their reputation for 'engineering' that when they designed this model Passat, no mechanic will never ever need to do any work on the car! Ever. Because Volkswagen = reliability. Having to remove the wiper arms and plastic panel just to replace the battery is taking the piss, however. My Nissan has an MOT booked this morning. I'm not too hopeful that it will pass.
  3. IIRC during the Zanu Labour days that Prezza had access to a flat in London via a union. Cost just a few hundred pounds to rent that he held onto by his fingernails as the block was sold onto private developers. He also fell foul of the Expenses Scandal a decade ago by claiming for a toilet seat. I bet he broke a few in his time.
  4. My dad's middle name is Brian. He smoked for over 65 years but has given up in the last year. He just turned 84. I didn't realise that Bernard Manning is dead. I thought he retired and stepped away from the fame. Died 12 years ago.
  5. I'm pretty sure this one's about drugs anyhoo.
  6. Interesting to see SOS and Chiquitita by Abba mentioned here. My top two favourite songs of theirs. I was at high school in the early half of the 1990s.A few of my classmates already knew but I didn't mind listening to the Carpenters. My parents had the 'greatest hits' album on cassette. Karen's voice + some excellent musicians. It's only easy listening but I like it. 'Superstar' is an increadible song imo: A bit more contemporary - I quite liked some of the europop one/two hit wonder stuff:
  7. I can't find any video of it but Sir Peter Bottomley was interviewed about this on BBC Breakfast this morning. He was giving the barnet-tastic Charlie Stayt a tough time and raised the issue of when the So-Called BBC got invated by a bunch of lesbians in 1988. Nicolas Whitchell was anchoring the 6 o'clock news when it happened.
  8. Snow Interview with Dominic just now. I wasn't listening hard to it but my ears pricked up when he said 'all of them white' or 'most of them white' (I forget the exact words). The man's fixated on race.
  9. They are very tough little cars.
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    Awww....I was hoping for a 'pob vs the posh buffoon' showdown. We could have a *unt for a PM.
  11. I've hit a metaphorical brick wall in my job, so this thread may be of use to me. Just tomorrow to work and then I have next week. Thank god.
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    I remember him. Drove a lorry iirc.
  13. Do the parents (or parent) know that their daughters are dressed like that?!