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  1. There's a guy (aged 40s?) works Tuesdays to Fridays around 4 hours a day. I don't know him well and he might have another part time job elsewhere for all I know but he may be doing the same thing. I'd like to see this tax credit cease as it really does rub longer hours workers' noses in it.
  2. Perhaps a photo of the house without the plants in the way might be a good idea? 3 bedder west Norwich £200k
  3. Casting my mind back to 1991 (aged 13-14), one of the 'scallies' in our year at school came to school with a pair of Reebok Pumps: white leather basketball style boots with tongues the size of cricketers' leg protectors and an orange pumpy thing. Probably the 'Citroen DS' of fashionable footwear. It was odd seeing him with him as his large family unit were quite poor and lived in a council house. I think the cost around £100 at the time. However, they could have 'fallen off the back of a lorry'. More and more of us in my school bought fashionable trainers. A year later I saved up £60 of m
  4. I was not having a great time at work earlier in the year and so I decided to take a look at what was out there. It seems like most jobs advertised on job websites are advertised by some sort of 'gatekeeper' agency. Very few companies and organisations seem to advertise directly these days. Well, the public sector still does. I found agencies alright for temp work but they seem to hinder any attempts to get into permanent work. I'm not looking for alternative employment any more. I'm happier how that some days I am required to work into the evenings. I actually prefer this as it's a
  5. UmBongo

    Best decade

    I suppose it was the 1990s for me. My formative years, I was between the ages of 12 and 22.
  6. Hope the discussion goes alright @Sasquatch Trying to sell my late parents' house (3 bed ex-LA house). I have two elder sisters that I have mentioned in my topic in Stealth entitled "Family Feud" . The eldest L is alright but A (middle child) is a bit awkward. A initially got the ball rolling in instructing an estate agent because she's a bit of a Karen/Mumsnetter type that gets some sort of kick out of the house selling and buying process. She has thrown her toys out of the pram (again! Long story) and has passed responsibility to L and I. No firm offers of yet. Price dropped from £200k
  7. I've been considering chopping my current car in for a 3 or 4 year old city car. The ones for sale in my area are in some very dull and boring colours and I don't think they're all that cheap to buy. Or is it just me still being stuck in 1999?
  8. It'll never happen but I'd love for the rules of council house allocation to be turned on its head so that it's done on ability to pay. I'm in a 1 bedroom council flat. I could still afford a 2 or 3 br house without resorting to housing benefit. I'd gladly move into one of those houses and oust Wayne and Waynetta who has Big Daddy (+ crotch goblins) Government pay their rent. That would only work in my favour so long as I can pay my way.
  9. I used to enjoy hpc on a more baser level, with anecdotal and links to online ads about how overpriced a certain property is. Some of the topics go right over my head nowadays.
  10. I've been unemployed a few times during the 2000s and it was tough back then getting back into employment.
  11. Not an example of demonisation as such but probably one of showing a man in a situation of incompetence... I had to do a newly required computer based training module at work on the use of radiation in treating patients. Despite not having a role dealing directly with patients. Or radiation. There were two pictures showing us how to correctly, and incorrectly, wear a lead coat (PPE). The female in photo 1 is wearing hers correctly whereas the male in photo 2 has his incorrectly fastened and incorrect size.
  12. There was a gang related murder in Ipswich a couple of years ago. Amateur boxer was the victim iirc.
  13. Henry Kissinger. He's one of my 'sweepstake' choices.
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