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  1. A decent public transport system (says this car owner)
  2. UmBongo

    I cannot lie

    I tend not to lie because I fear that in due course I would get caught out in said lie. Liars tend to get outed in time. I get the impression that I'm not that well admired in the team I work in. Not because of my recent promotion to supervisor and they're jealous but because I tend to give truthful answers to their queries in as few words as possible. Perhaps they see me as being a bit blunt when the truth is that I have shit to deal with too.
  3. It looks as if the old 'Morris' brand is making a comeback.
  4. Tbf nurses need to be rewarded well doing the job they do and dealing with patieents' relatives and the increasing mountain of paperwork they must deal with.
  5. Isn't that an engineering brick? I should know more as my dad was a bricklayer.
  6. Yes, I think I can see this. I'm in a block that began almost exactly 9 years ago. November 2010 I got out of temp agency work and got a seasonal temp job employed directly with a supermarket. Made permanent in early 2011. Kept doing that until a) I kept recognising too many people from my checkout and b) a refurb of the store meant cost savings so my hours were cut. Got my current job in April 2012, still employed there but recently promoted to supervisor with a small raise. Despite this, I feel that I am at the end of my current block. The previous block was early 2000 to 2010 when I was aimlessly bumbling inbetween both permanent and agency jobs. Most of them made me unhappy because they were ran or managed by morons. I'd be happy shovelling manure if the people I worked with/for were fun to be with. Yes, the SAD if affecting me too.
  7. I need a new set tyres on my old banger. Was thinking about going for a set of Bridgestone all season tyres.
  8. I had a flyer come through the post yesterday from the Tories having a pop at Labour. In particular Jeremy Corbin and my MP Clive Lewis stealing Brexit from us. One thing though: no mention on who the Tory candidate will be to take on Clive. After all the chatter about a GE over the past 6 weeks you would think that they would have already shortlisted a candidate by now. I seemed to have misunderstood the point about the Brexit Party not fielding candidates where the Tories are. I trust that they are still going to contest seats occupied by Labour, Limp Dem, etc.
  9. The Communist News Network. I always considered Sky to be right of centre. Isn't Sky part of the Murdoch empire alongside Fox News?
  10. I have posted this one already but I can't be arsed to check the previous dozen or so pages:
  11. Best track from the album imo.
  12. UmBongo

    Train In Vain

    Snakes on a train I mentioned on the "New Towns" thread yesterday that I was heading from Birmingham to Peterborough on a Virgin train. Talking of Virgin...on the ridiculous, a young lady, early 20s with purple hair got on at Leicester station with a SNAKE! A Burmese Python iirc. It was kept in one of those sealed plastic boxes with some straw. The other passengers were curious about it and asked her questions about it. Not a threat to humans unless you really piss it off, has a taste for rabbits and cats. She eventually got the snake out and put it around her neck. I was sitting in a window seat across from the luggage rack where the plastic box was kept, an older lady sitting next to me in the aisle seat. As the young woman got the snake out of the box the older lady didn't like it and almost ended up on my lap. If only she was 30 or 40 years younger! Eventually one of the train personnel approached the young woman and asked her to put the snake back in the box (not a euphemism). Replacement bus service I was rather pissed off to find that the final stretch of the journey from Peterborough to Norwich was going to be a bus! I waited outside the train station for the coaches. It was bloody cold. There were 3 coaches heading to Newark and Grantham, no doubt the train service had been affected by the flooding. Not sure if flooding affected the train service between Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. The coach that arrived to take me back to Norwich was quite nice. Relatively few people on there so had a double seat to myself. The coach driver was giving it the beans along the A47. Given how frequent these replacement bus services tend to be, perhaps I should buy some shares in coach companies. It can't be cheap chartering coaches, especially on a weekend.