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  1. UmBongo

    How much for a box room? 😳

    It sounds like an Italian name. Aren't one of us Dosbodders of Italian origin?
  2. UmBongo

    Bit baldist mate

    I'm at least ten years younger than @stokiescum and I appear to have more grey hairs.
  3. UmBongo

    Next week is a TV fest of partner abuse

    This lady set one up in the 1970s: Erin Pizzey
  4. UmBongo

    How much for a box room? 😳

    Jesus. £340k AFTER the Right to Buy discount? Holy shit. The council right royally fucked up here. If they weren't sure how many bedrooms it had then they should have sent one of their minions round for a gander with the easy task of 'count the bedrooms'. Nice looking flat though. I would never have thought that it was once a council rented dwelling in a building like that. If the London market carries on the way it is then it might not be a 'discount' when the time comes to sell. *evil laugh*
  5. UmBongo

    Favourite 60’s songs

    P-Funk. George Clinton looking a bit like Mr. T and releasing his inner 'James Brown'. I love the guitars from 8:23.
  6. UmBongo

    Morrisons - Wimmin v Men

    My last job was on the checkouts at Morrisons. I had no clue how much the warehouse staff were paid though.
  7. UmBongo

    You know you shouldn't..

    Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough
  8. No time for links sorry: Brick House - The Commodores Baby got Back - Sir Mixalott
  9. UmBongo

    Dodgy domains is available!
  10. UmBongo

    Radio 4 audience falls.

    Oh shit. It's happened in the NHS dept where I work. I'd better consider applying for the next senior role that comes along, if it ever happens.
  11. UmBongo

    Dodgy domains

    'pen island' takes us to Thank goodness it's just a blank screen.
  12. UmBongo

    Sinking with the Jones'

    I met up with friends from school yesterday for a curry. We meet up for a meal every few months. One of my female friends (along with her husband) has put in an offer for a 5 br detached house. They have 3 young children and have outgrown their 3 br mid terraced house. The female I have known for over 35 years and was always one of the most level headed people I have ever known. I wonder if this is perhaps a step too far for them should interest rates go up. She works part time and her hubby probably doesn't exactly earn a fortune in his full time job. Our other friend, an Accountant, has been more sensible. I baulked when he took out a 30 year mortgage in 2007 but he has been making overpayments and has another year to go. This is on 1 br flat bought at the peak of the market! However if he sold it next week he might have to take a £5k or £10k loss. None of us drive fancy cars btw.
  13. I think I'd rather take a chance on their curry than one of their 60 year leasehold houses!
  14. UmBongo

    The dud Kangaroo bounce thread

    I was just going to post this video! It randomly appeared on my YT home page. AU$ 800,000 down the swannie on those flats. Strewth mate.
  15. UmBongo

    Getting tough on the pension thieves?

    Anyone who commits financial fraud in the USA can get over 100 years in prison, see 'Bernie Madoff'. 7 years in prison is rather piss poor. They tend to be afraid of taking on any crooks who are directors of these firms and can hire a good defence team for court.