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  1. UmBongo

    Stansted 16 - seriously fucking wrong.

    There was a similar situation to the Swedish teenager sjw where a load of 'right on' hipster type passengers were protesting about a Somali chap who was getting shipped out chanting 'Get him off the plane!'. They thought he was being unfairly deported. They didn't realise that he was a convicted rapist getting the heave ho. I think it was on Paul Joseph Watson's YT channel.
  2. UmBongo

    New Car Registrations

    I think Suzuki have an excellent range of cars at the moment. If I was in the market for a brand new car I'd want try out an Ignis for starters. I also really like the new Jimny - retro styling like 4x4s of old but executed very well.
  3. UmBongo

    New Car Registrations

    My British built old Nissan has had a recall notice. There is an operational fault with the passenger airbag. Ironically a Japanese component. It also had a recall for the driver's airbag a few years ago.
  4. UmBongo

    £375 pcm per car EXTRA

    Thumbs up to your post - and I drive a diesel car! My next one will be petrol.
  5. UmBongo

    When did you last use a fax machine?

    Ahem, to my embarrassment we still have and use fax machines in our department. The faxes we get are often a list of requests from clinical and surgical departments. It's then handed over to one of the guys who are employed by one of the NHS's 'value for money' subcontractors ISS who then transport the file to the hospital site by van. There is an 'emergency phone request' system for when files are required urgently but only recently has it been decided to move to an 'email' service. So yes, I personally probably use the fax machine two or three times a year. My managers use it more frequently. Every now and again I'll top up the fax machine with fresh sheets of A4 and pass received faxes onto the right people. But yes, emailing those lists directly to the warehouse supervisors would be more efficient than the faxes as they sometimes don't get picked up for over an hour or two. Quite why the supervisors don't have their own fax machine is beyond my understanding as they depend on it heavily.
  6. UmBongo

    Children's Characters You Can't Stand

    'Our Johnneh!'
  7. UmBongo

    Favourite Youtube Videos

    Class. Hondas of that era have always been 'low' cars.
  8. UmBongo

    Jumper for sale. Stretched. Misc body fluids.

    He hasn't got her crap ITV show anymore so the cash must be drying up.
  9. UmBongo

    New Car Registrations

    Hitler's still alive? I thought that he died of natural causes in South America in the 1960s.
  10. UmBongo

    New Car Registrations

    I've noticed this too. I just chalked it down to inflation. About 4 or 5k for a well used 10 year old family sized car in my area according to auto trader. In 2002 I paid £4.7k for a 3.5 year old Seat Ibiza with 33k on the clock. A 2015 m. y. Ibiza must be what... about £6k now? I have trouble telling an A3 saloon and an A4 saloon apart! I see Audi have named one of their suvs after a Middle Eastern country or a petrol station.
  11. UmBongo

    Water water everywhere but not to flush the loo

    I do this. Occasionally flush after a tinkle.
  12. UmBongo

    Maybe Austria Isn’t Fucked....

    Were they expecting nothing less than an asian version of John Inman or Dick Emery's Camp Clarence. 'Hello, Honky Tonks!' .
  13. UmBongo

    My Aura

    Sorry to hear about Aura @Bossybabe
  14. UmBongo

    Inciting debauchery

    I bet those two lawyers wouldn't think twice about covertly 'cracking one off' over the sight of this actress in her revealing clothing. Hypocrites.
  15. UmBongo

    Best Songs of the Eighties

    ^ That first track sounded absolutely nothing like 'Good Times' by Chic.