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  1. UmBongo

    Employment Advice

    That's a high pressured job imo. Eg: the speed at which they scan my stuff through. I haven't shopped there for a while as I hate the 'rush rush' of the place. I have heard the staff moan amongst themselves about how hard they have to work. Not professional to do this in front of customers but it's very telling that Aldi expects a lot from their staff. Or rather:
  2. UmBongo

    Employment Advice

    I have a quick question: On a CV where I detail employment history, how many years should I go back? I have had 2 jobs in the past 8 years which will look pretty tidy. My current job pretty much covers a lot of admin based skills. However between 2000 and summer 2010 I have had about a dozen jobs which looks like a hotch potch and I would rather leave this out.
  3. UmBongo

    Amusing or interesting local news stories

    The Eastern Evening News - right on the pulse od the big stories affecting the flatlands of Norfolk. Buyer wins battle for £1,750 on damaged sofa! (As an aside, it looks like a very plain looking sofa for over £1700. I'd rather buy a used Toyota imho)
  4. UmBongo

    AIBU bathroom

    Good heavens! I hope for the tenant's sake the landlord will be OK with the new bathroom. I think this shows how precarious private renting is ie: a tenant making an improvement somewhere can put them in breach of contract. I was browsing at council house exchanges a few weeks ago out of curiousity. A flat offered for exchange had a really nice looking kitchen. I'm pretty sure that the council were OK with this tenant making their own improvements but the person who wrote the advert claimed that it was a £7k Wren kitchen! Even if the £7k valuation is inflated by the tenant wanting to exchange, it just seems a mad amount to spend on a rented property.
  5. UmBongo


    If my calculation is correct then I 'only' need 0.2 or 0.3% of this person's bonus to buy a decent house outright in my city.
  6. UmBongo

    Waitrose Rename a Sandwich Because It's Sexist

    Plough-woman's lunch.
  7. UmBongo

    Hot Bogging

    Whatever floats your boat.
  8. UmBongo

    Why can’t you afford a home?

    Asking prices in my area seem to be coming down now, albeit slowly. Thank Heavens. I'm more accustomed to smaller flats. A flat in my block (same floorplan) went on the market for £120k. A swift drop to £100k a few weeks later (in July) and 3 months later it still hasn't sold.
  9. UmBongo

    I think ill fly RyanAir.....

    Pride comes before a fall.
  10. UmBongo

    A house that could be an investment

    Looks like a decent house, I'd be happy living there myself. Huge bathroom. Talking of which, if you were to let that house out on a room by room basis then I think it needs another bathroom with loo downstairs where the utility and storeroom is.
  11. UmBongo

    Just fuck off already!

    Very pessimistic, I'm sure the children will thrive in Australia.
  12. UmBongo

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

  13. UmBongo

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

  14. UmBongo

    Terminator development thread.

    That video is quite disconcerting.