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  1. Who? I'm seeing a few asking price reductions in Norwich. £5k here, £10k there. Sometimes the price reduction happens a week after a property is listed once the EA and/or vendor realises they're kite flying with that initial asking price.
  2. I have a 15 year old Nissan Almera diesel with a low 101,600 miles. Something like a Hyundai or Kia city car is more suited to the type of driving I do.
  3. If the Government want to stimulate new car sales they could remove VAT from them. After all, you get taxed to buggery running a car as it is.
  4. 10.8 stone or 68 kg! I was around 12.5 stone a few years ago.
  5. From the Sun article: Yet underneith there's a photo of Mountbatten with Prince Charles claiming to be taken in 1981.
  6. Bus driver suspended after refusing to drive 'Pride' bus: Driver suspended and investigation under way
  7. I'm struggling to get a grip on this story. Who sent the unwanted text message? Was it a student or someone who worked for Cambridge Uni?
  8. UmBongo


    Oldie but a goodie!
  9. My parents when through a Ford phase from the 1970s to the mid 1980s. I think I was brought home from the maternity ward in a 1974 (M reg) signal red Cortina 1600 XL estate with RoStyle wheels. (might have been a 2000 XL). They had a white mark 3 saloon before. One of my dream cars would be a metallic purple 2000E saloon.
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    A bit different from the clock in the OP. My mum bought this for me when I moved out 15 years ago. Probably only cost her a few quid from 'QD Stores' (a local version of Poundstretcher). Still works fine but the buttons on the back are really hard to hold in when changing the time.
  11. If he's old enough to have one, how about a Stocks and Shares ISA?
  12. On a similar note this guy was moaning about the inefficiency of the American Court system when he was called up for jury duty. It's worth a listen (he starts talking about it a few minutes in). $35 for the first day, ended up costing the poor sod he spoke to $60 to turn up to court. Makes you appreciate how valuable your time is when court doesn't. Sounds like all court systems need streamlining toot sweet.
  13. I paid around £4.50 or thereabouts for a pint of ale the last time I was in a pub (not 'spoons). I guess a lot of it is tax. The Government like to tax stuff that is fun. Or dangerous to one' s health. Last weekend I paid £5 for a 4 pack of Guinness.
  14. About a decade ago I used to the plate "FT100“ on a mark 1 Toyota Yaris or something like that.