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  1. As @Sasquatch & @The XYY Man mentioned Fish & Marillion, I'll post this:
  2. I remember on ToS there was thread titled (something along the lines of) "Jeremy Corbin's house". A fairly ordinary terraced house built in the 1960s or thereabouts opposite some Victorian or Edwardian houses. Perhaps we should talk about Dominic's basement flat?! I bet his neighbours are right cheesed off with the paps festering outside (as with MPs too after a gaffe).
  3. Like @Kurt Barlow my late mum may have been affect by this too.
  4. No chance. The two people who own drive the Evoques live in ex council houses. There is also a 61 reg Jaguar XJ on the other side of the estate.
  5. I went to Tesco's this morning at 9:45am. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, got stopped by one employee who reminded me that it was vulnerable/elderly and carers before 10am. I thought it was before 9am but never mind. I scrounged in my pocket for a few seconds and pulled out my NHS lanyard and badge. Quite handy to have it during a morning shop. I presented it to him and asked "Can I get in with this?" . His demeanour changed quite a lot and he granted me access.
  6. Some Brits still seem to afford them because I see plenty of Range Rovers and Land Rovers on the roads. There is usually in fact 2 Evoques parked near me.
  7. UmBongo

    Let's BRAG

    I think I remember on the off topic subforum once @DTMark trying to organise a meet up, circa 2012? He sent me a PM as I said I was up for it but from memory I never replied to him, sorry Mark. I think that I was having a sh***y couple of weeks and just wanted to disappear under a rock at that time.
  8. UmBongo

    Let's BRAG

    I can cook a half decent curry for myself.
  9. The guy in the OP sounds a bit like David Schwimmer. I'm subbed to a few yt channels that read out reddit posts (not a reddit member myself). rSlash is one of the best, with over 1m subs. There are some incredible stories about Karens or even male equivilents ("Kevins"). Most get the just desserts in the end. Instead of the 'race card' , many play the 'I'm a single mum card'.
  10. ^ Well that's quite a snappy story.
  11. My TV reception is quite poor at the moment. BBC One & News 24 channel are badly affected. They used to have extremely strong signals. perhaps its a sign that I shouldn't watch propaganda.
  12. Mystery of Norwich keyboard embedded in city street I'm sure that I've walked past this a few times, thought 'how odd!' and moved on. The mystery was cleared up in this article: Mystery solved! Origin of Norwich keyboard solved Apparently it was sort of art installation by a former student of the then Art College just around the corner from there (now Norwich University of the Arts).
  13. I'm not wearing one. Don't the masks restrict oxygen getting breathed in to a degree? Might do more harm than good to some.
  14. Isn't that older than your Veloster? I think the 9th Gen Civic is a very neat design. They hold their money well. Civic The latest ones look huge! More Accord sized.