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  1. The only other one I post on (not too often) is . Great for peeps who drive older cars who don't take things seriously. I've avoided joining pistonheads for the same reasons already mentioned above. There was another I was a member of for over a decade but that got a bit dull as others drifted away from it, leaving about 7 regular members including the mod. Said mod shut it down for good in the new year. It became something of a boomer echo chamber.
  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen properties marketed by Tepilo on there, I assumed that their closest competitor was 'Purple Bricks'. Who also use RM. The Tepilo logo had a picture of Sarah herself on there.
  3. I probably would leave if I was offered £50k. Although I doubt Karen Matthews would spend it wisely as @sarahbell says she would return once it's gone.
  4. As per my post on 15th December 2019, I am cooking a roast. My dad and sister will be round later. Hopefully it won't be too terrible!
  5. Nice one @TheCountOfNowhere, I think we have a contender for 'best thread title 2020' . It answers the question why I haven't seen any properties marketed by Tepilo on Rightmove recently.
  6. This is an awful thing to say but: is it just me or does Emily, Lady Nugee look a bit like one of the Fat Slags from Viz?
  7. Just instant coffee for me. I do push the boat out a little bit and go for the supermarket own brand 'Gold' spec. However, I have never carried a cup or mug around with me before.
  8. BTW chaps and chapesses there is a 2020 death thread somewhere!
  9. @Battenberg 's experiences on the road reminded me of this one that happened to me a couple of years ago: Yes, that is just one lane only for the oncoming traffic.
  10. Sounds like Sultana's raisin a bit of a fuss in her speech.
  11. This thread is too much much, I need to retread to my safe space.
  12. I'm almost certain that there's another thread about this, wherein I detailed my neferious deeds of getting caught doing 37 mph in a 30 back in 2008.
  13. This isn't anything new. I worked as a courier for DHL between 2005 and 2008. I would start when the last of the unloading was being done and I can confirm that items that come off the conveyor belt get handled quite 'heavily' , shall we say. A lot of it is down to apathy, imo. I never treated the parcels harshly though, as I didn't want to get yelled at by clients. I handed in my month's notice when I continued to get treated like crap. The admin staff nicknamed me 'The Fall Guy' as I ended up with the dregs that other couriers couldn't handle for whatever reason.
  14. Ahem. In my defence, I want to move away from prepayment meters as I find them to be a right pain in the arse. My local authority landlord resets all empty properties by moving gas and electric back to British Gas, who are crap. I tried about 5 times to ask BG to get me moved onto credit meters but I kept failing the credit scores...or so they tell me. I had £0 debts when I was with them and still have £0 debts. Moved over to EDF energy last March, called EDF in the summer but I was told that prepayment meter tariffs are in fact now cheaper than monthly billing ones, so this has stopped me from taking any further action. I'll need to look into it again.