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  1. Has Rashford actually supported food banks from his own bank account(s)?
  2. Haven't Lewis and Ronnie won it before? I can't see the point in a previous winner getting nominated again when there is a revolving door of new professional sports people each year.
  3. Dammit! I picked Henry as my last two over 75 choices.
  4. I quite fancy going for a big burger type meal this weekend. With a pint of beer or ale naturally. I might go and see if my local Byrons will be open.
  5. I thought it was going to be about some other bizarre initiation ceremony.
  6. I think I saw a message on HPC that it was going down for maintenance.
  7. I see similar in my search area of Norwich. Grand terraced houses with no off-street parking north of £400k.
  8. Well, I'd certainly quit my job but I would probably still work my 1 month's notice. I couldn't come up with anything as crafty as @Boglet 's ideas to upset the lefties but I'd be pretty much speaking my mind about a few things. Pretty standard stuff really. I'd employ the services of a Financial Advisor who I hope will invest some millions into the best investment vehicles to generate an income. Hopefully s/he wont fuck off to the Bahamas before investing it. With the rest I'd buy an art deco house, have a row of garages built in the capacious front garden/driveway and then I'll sta
  9. It appears that lettings agent chain "Leaders" is getting in on the 'part rent part buy' party. This one is the 3rd property I've seen to be listed in this way. The other two I didn't take much interest as I'd assumed they were built as shared ownership (newer builds). This one's a traditional terraced house: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/100484441
  10. ^ That video keeps appearing on my YT home page for some reason. Seems that BMW 1-series are in demand: Facemasks: a fairly effective disguise.
  11. Around 25 years ago deciding what to buy my family was stressful, I had to procure 8 or 9 presents. I used to study the Argos catalogues and Boots Christmas catalogues, etc quite closely for presents that may suit. It wasn't so much the expense but rather what to buy. My present buying obligations have dwindled over the years. My neices and nephew have grown up, both my parents have passed on and I've fallen out with one of my sisters, leaving just my eldest sister to buy for. I'll probably get her a big bottle of Smirnoff Vodka. She might give me a large size version of the shirt she bo
  12. Utilitarian runabout Suzuki Alto: Morris Traveller & Renault Megane:
  13. I've accumulated a load of old tat from my late dad's house. I emptied the shed in September and managed to flog a load of classic 1950s/60s AA badges on eBay for a reasonable amount. There was an RAC & Snetterton motor club badge too.
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