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    UmBongo reacted to Captain Cavey in Owen Jones   
    What a bugger up. He must be well bummed.
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    UmBongo reacted to Wight Flight in Owen Jones   
    Just a slip of the tongue.
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    UmBongo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Twat of the day.   
    All MSM coverage seems to show that photo, with her face uncovered, hence viewers could be more sympathetic towards her, than if all her images were her wearing a full Burkha, or Niqab, with face veiled.
    How odd they have all chosen to do so.
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    UmBongo reacted to King of Fools in Twat of the day.   
    I think it’s a rant about Scientology from a few years ago. In this case he is not a twat.
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    UmBongo got a reaction from Van Lady in Next week is a TV fest of partner abuse   
    This lady set one up in the 1970s: Erin Pizzey
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    UmBongo reacted to One percent in Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2019   
    Hitler escapes to Argentina.   
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    UmBongo reacted to TheBlueCat in How much for a box room? 😳   
    What's more insane that any council flat is worth that to start with!
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    UmBongo reacted to spunko in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
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    UmBongo reacted to montecristo in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
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    UmBongo reacted to Libspero in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    A young woman brought her fiancé home to meet her parents.

    After dinner, her mother told the girl's father to find out about the young man.

    The father invited the fiancé to his study for a talk.

    "So, what are your plans?" the father asked the young man.

    "I am a biblical scholar," he replied.

    "A biblical scholar, hmmm?" the father said. "Admirable, but what will you do to provide a nice house for my daughter to live in?"

    "I will study," the young man replied, "and God will provide for us."

    "And how will you buy her a beautiful engagement ring, such as she deserves?" asked the father.

    "I will concentrate on my studies," the young man replied, "God will provide for us."

    "And children?" asked the father. "How will you support children?"

    "Don't worry, sir, God will provide," replied the fiancé.

    The conversation proceeded like this...and each time the father questioned, the young idealist insisted that God
    would provide.

    Later, the mother asked, "How did your talk go, honey?"

    The father answered, "He's a bloody socialist..  He has no job, he has no plans, and he thinks I'm God."
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    UmBongo reacted to One percent in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
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    UmBongo reacted to Malthus in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
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    UmBongo got a reaction from Van Lady in Next week is a TV fest of partner abuse   
    This lady set one up in the 1970s: Erin Pizzey
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    UmBongo reacted to TheBlueCat in My white family couldn't handle my afro hair – so they cut it short   
    I had a genuinely interesting lecture on African hair from a Kenyan woman I know. She told me that it's actually a nightmare to deal with and the options are broadly:
    - Shave it all off and keep is that way - easiest but not a look most women want to go with.
    - Grow an Afro and spend literally hours trying to comb it out and keep it tidy looking.
    - Grow dreads - real pain to maintain also and a bit problematic if you're trying to look respectable.
    - Braids, corn-rows, etc - also a ton of work and expensive 'cause it takes quite a bit of skill to do it right. Also a bit gangsta in the case of corn-rows.
    - Straightening chemicals - actually the easiest as the hair is then easy to maintain once treated. Obviously you need to re-do the treatment frequently but far from daily.
    She also told me that none of this is any fault of you whiteys in case you were wondering, which gave me a good laugh.
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    UmBongo got a reaction from sarahbell in How much for a box room? 😳   
    Jesus. £340k AFTER the Right to Buy discount? Holy shit.
    The council right royally fucked up here. If they weren't sure how many bedrooms it had then they should have sent one of their minions round for a gander with the easy task of 'count the bedrooms'.
    Nice looking flat though. I would never have thought that it was once a council rented dwelling in a building like that.
    If the London market carries on the way it is then it might not be a 'discount' when the time comes to sell. *evil laugh*
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    UmBongo reacted to One percent in How much for a box room? 😳
    A homeowner has been told to pay £360,000 or face losing his home after the council mistakenly sold him a £700,000 flat at half price.
    Antony Zomparelli, 54, bought his two-bed flat from Islington Borough Council for £340,000 in 2014, under the Right to Buy scheme which allows council tenants to purchase their homes.
    But two years later the council wrote to the security guard, admitting they had accidentally undercharged him because they thought the home only had one bedroom.
    The father-of-four was unable to fork out the difference - so the council is taking him to court to reclaim ownership of his flat or the money they claim he owes.
    can they do this?  Contract agreed, paid, they fucked up. 
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    UmBongo reacted to Sgt Hartman in How much for a box room? 😳   
    There is something fundamentally insane about a 700k council flat being in a 'right to buy' scheme.
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    UmBongo reacted to dgul in How much for a box room? 😳   
    Complicated.  There is definitely a 5 year 'thing' (which has lots of legal stuff to it), but it wouldn't necessarily cover this error and he's possibly outside it anyway.
    You'd think the council would do some bare minimum checks like 'go round and think about the value', but, no.  Then again, it isn't their money, so why should they care.
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    UmBongo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in 2000s music   
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    UmBongo reacted to spunko in Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender   
    Top comment: O my goodness wish i had the time to protest about anything actually but alas I have to work :-(

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    UmBongo reacted to Andersen in Promotion   
    If in doubt, think about your "work-life balance", if you're not enjoying what you do - change something  
    A chap I was working with got forced to change careers more than 10 years ago, he was so happy to leave the politics and backstabbing at his old job he opened a pub called "Rat Race Ale House"  - now one of the top attractions in Harlepool ( granted there's not a lot of competition there  )
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    UmBongo reacted to Hopeful in Promotion   
    Being genuinely happy with your work and not worrying about career or promotion really gets under the skin and unsettles those chasing careers and promotions.
    Why? Because those chasing career and promotion are generally miserable from back stabbing each other and looking over their shoulders all the time.
    However, that also means they'll target happy people out of envy in order to make their lives as miserable as their own. Staying happy gets under their skin even more.
    The workplace is pretty shit in the UK for everyone.
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    UmBongo reacted to GBDamo in Morrisons - Wimmin v Men   
    You can call round to mine, I,ll lock you in a room with my missus (a PC), let you repeat that and see who walks out the room when I unlock it.
    Viscious little bitch she can be.
    But seriously, a lot of the really dangerous shouts are beyond the capabilities of half the neck beard male cops they seem to recruit.
    They have moved all the knuckle draggers into response units, you can tell them by the way they tuck their pants into their socks and wear t-shirts that are two sizes too small for them, and the generally retarded nature of their speech. They also drive round en masse in blue transits.
    Women Pcs do have a role, and not just to deal with DV, they can simply by being a woman deescalate certain scenarios and others do not even start to escalate when a woman PC is present.
    The question you should be asking is how many are on maternity leave. Of all those I know, 70% are on it long term. I would bet this is a pig to manage.
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    UmBongo reacted to Dipsy in You know you shouldn't..   
    Naff, but I love this.
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    UmBongo reacted to Gordie Lastchance in Granny Grease   
    The one on the far left looks really handy for cleaning alloy wheels.
    It'd get in about all the brake gunk in the narrow, fiddly bits.
    Is the one second from right for toasting marshmallows?