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    UmBongo got a reaction from One percent in Erotic literature of the delusional   
    He also wrote a book under another pseudonym:
    "The case of the missing Viagra" by Barry Unable. 
  2. Lol
    UmBongo reacted to Happy Renting in Erotic literature of the delusional   
    Happy Rutting slowly opened the door to the utility room. It's hinges groaned like Jackie Q had done the night before.
    Both Two Percent and One Cent were there, naked except for their tin foil hats, which were scrunched into suggestive shapes. They stood with their groins pressed hard against the corners of the Dyson washing machine, looking at him expectantly.
    'Hang on loves' breathed Happy, 'just let me put a shilling in the meter.'
    * Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Other brands of washing machine are also available.
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    UmBongo reacted to One percent in Erotic literature of the delusional   
    Well, that one caught your attention didn’t it. 
    A Cambridge University academic at the centre of a sexual harassment case has been revealed as the author of an erotic work of fiction about students. 
    Dr Peter Hutchinson, 74, was found to have sexually harassed 10 female students in 2015 and excluded from teaching at Trinity Hallin 2017. 
    He was readmitted less than two years after the prestigious university removed him, but was forced out after an open letter gathered 1,300 signatures in 2019. 
    Now it has emerged that Dr Hutchinson published an erotic novel under the pseudonym of 'Barry Able' at the time of the initial complaints. 

    reading more into the article, it appears that the said erotic book could have been written by a semi literate 17 year old, rathe than a Cambridge don b
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    UmBongo got a reaction from Odarroc in 1990s music   
    My favourite Blur song.
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    UmBongo reacted to JackieO in Buying British, American, Korean, Japanese   
    I think quite soon we will see the folly of putting global manufacturing in one basket.
    The whole system doesn't work except for those making money of the backs of Chinese workers.
    Manufacturing should be brought back to the UK.
    Localism not Globalism.
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    UmBongo reacted to Hail the Tripod in Electric Car Market - Something Odd Going On   
    I’m not going to be able to answer to DOSBODS frugalista standards, because I don’t care that much and can’t be arsed to track it all. I have been extremely happy with it. We live near a train station and work from home or walk/train to London. No car commuting. Also, because of the traffic, parking and a sedentary job, if I have to pop out to the bank or whatever, I cycle.
    Car is used mostly for running kids to: school, sports venues, friends houses. Also for going to the supermarket. All very local so we use hardly any petrol even though the battery range is only 30miles (much less in winter). Even when my wife goes to CostCo which is about 22 miles away she just plugs in there while she’s shopping.
    Have been up to Glasgow and back once which came in at 46mpg on the petrol engine. We also go to Torquay on holiday twice a year so run on petrol for the whole week. No VED, or congestion charge when we go up to London maybe once or twice a month.
    If you put it in race mode it is virtually indistinguishable from a standard Golf GTI, a little heavier in the corners but still blisteringly fast. It has all the mod-cons, including the ability to defrost windscreen and preheat cabin from an app on an icy morning.
    It’s been brilliant so far. 
    If we got a second car it would definitely be an all electric.
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    UmBongo got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in Ski Sundae   
    I used to doze through "Click" on BBC News on a weekend and even despite being nearly asleep they would insert something 'woke' in there or carp on about climate change. 
  8. Cheers
    UmBongo reacted to Chewing Grass in Old Car Spotting   
    Was sifting through a box of transparencies (slides) bought at auction, for youngsters these are the analogue version of mobile phone pictures and came across this which ties in I think with the above but must be a posh version as it has 4 headlights.

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    UmBongo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Old Car Spotting   
    Saloon twin headlights  1967-1976 Humber Sceptre.
  10. Lol
    UmBongo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Ski Sundae   
    Love Ski Sunday  
    Fair to say it went downhill fast on a slippery slope, on thin ice with all the woke shit.
    Only way to watch now is with subtitles and fast forward through the crap.
    If I want to watch a programme about inner city knife crime I'll watch Countryfile or Antiques Roadshow FFS.  
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    UmBongo reacted to Frank Hovis in Ski Sundae   
    It's about skiing downhill quickly.
    What is the relevance of ethinics stabbing each other in Bermondsey?
    They haven't felt the need to cover ethnic stabbists on Gardeners' Question Time as of yet.
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    UmBongo reacted to Sgt Hartman in Buying pointless crap on the internet.   
    I came home pissed from the pub a few days ago and bought a fan blade from a jet engine on ebay.
    It turned up yesterday.
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    UmBongo reacted to SpectrumFX in Buying pointless crap on the internet.   
    You can put it on a Nato strap.
    I always do that with Casios because i don't like the stock straps.
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    UmBongo got a reaction from Frank Hovis in Buying pointless crap on the internet.   
    I bought that Pink Floyd Greatest Hits CD when it first came out (late 2001).
    I also have a Casio F-91W that I bought around 18 years ago but the strap is broken.
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    UmBongo reacted to Frank Hovis in Buying pointless crap on the internet.   
    I can see how you can get sucked into it and end up filling every drawer in your house with unused stuff so I don't browse.
    Purchases so far this year comprise one replacement watch strap for one that had broken and I threw away.
    No net addition to my possessions and that's the way I Ike it.
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    UmBongo reacted to Melchett in Death of a Z lister   
    I’ve mentioned previously that I vaguely know a couple of minor actresses - the type some of you might have heard of but aren’t big names - whose glory days are behind them. One confessed the other week that she had no savings, despite having had a number of roles that must have paid enough to set any of us normal types up for life. And as her chances of paydays that good are now behind her... no more big paydays, no more adulation.... divorced, she has more red flags than a Newquay beach during tonight’s storm, too.
    Celebs are not “properly hinged” IMHO. Best kept at arms length... it’s part and parcel. As Joe said, be grateful for your anonymous life.
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    UmBongo reacted to spunko in Celebrity Death Sweepstake 2020   
    I'm guessing from the state of the bedroom and the blood she had some mental health issues, to put it lightly... Does seem a rather dramatic gesture otherwise.
    EDIT: I've moved the Caroline Flack stuff to this thread:
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    UmBongo reacted to Sgt Hartman in Death of a Z lister   
    Tragic news though one can't help but feel that this could have all been prevented by not assaulting your boyfriend with a lamp.
    As soon as the toilet media (literally) smell blood, you are done.
    Live by the sword etc.
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    UmBongo reacted to Frank Hovis in Death of a Z lister   
    What was she doing with it?  Some crappy cluttered flat to show for it.
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    UmBongo reacted to JoeDavola in It's over   
    Small houses.
    Shite weather.
    Fat women.
    Censored internet. the fuck are we supposed to enjoy ourselves in the UK again?
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    UmBongo reacted to Austin Allegro in Why so many slap-heads?   
    There's got to be an odd mental process going on with anyone who wears an Irish like that.
    My guess is that Mr Fabricant thinks he is 'hiding in plain sight' and would rather wear a really obvious syrup than one which might keep people guessing.
    Like wearing a hat all the time or one of those enormous periwigs from the Restoration, anything is better than looking bald. 
    The other kind of toop I can't understand is the one like the late Sir Bruce Forsyth wore. It was so small and thin that he might as well have gone without and would not have looked much different!
  22. Lol
    UmBongo reacted to Frank Hovis in Why so many slap-heads?   
    If you find yourself going bald then you should follow Michael Stipe by distracting people in other ways.
    Put some blue on your face; then put more on. Then even more.

    Try growing a stupid Gandalf beard.

    And if all else fails then stick a pigeon on your head.

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    UmBongo got a reaction from Kilham in Why so many slap-heads?   
    A fabricanted hair piece. 
  24. Cheers
    UmBongo reacted to Transistor Man in The Police Told Me to "Check My Thinking" for a Tweet   
    The police response to an ex-officer's allegedly transphobic tweets was unlawful, the High Court has ruled.

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    UmBongo got a reaction from Austin Allegro in Why so many slap-heads?   
    A fabricanted hair piece.