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    UmBongo reacted to Chewing Grass in New Car Registrations   
    Got a pre-order in for the new Suzuki Jimny, two to choose from, didn't want alloys, didn't want a touch screen, didn't want LED headlights, didn't want a leather trimmed steering wheel or heated seats or a thermostat on the air-con as I'd rather have £2500 still in the bank.
    Big plus is there is only one engine to choose from, no turbo, no dpf and it is square just how cars should be.
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    UmBongo got a reaction from spunko in New Car Registrations   
    I think Suzuki have an excellent range of cars at the moment. If I was in the market for a brand new car I'd want try out an Ignis for starters. I also really like the new Jimny - retro styling like 4x4s of old but executed very well. 
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    UmBongo reacted to SNACR in New Car Registrations   
    The main reason Jap cars score so highly on reliability is they never do anything groundbreaking so generally they're always just refining existing engineering and design. It always seems to me that somehow all of the real cutting edge technical knowhow is kept residing in either Britain, Germany or the US. 
    They're not that great as people make out either really if I wanted a vehicle to keep on the road as long as possible I probably wouldn't opt for a Japanese vehicle apart from a late nineties early noughties Land Cruiser. I might go for something with an Isuzu diesel engine in it though.
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    UmBongo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in New Car Registrations   
    Most common car stranded.
    Vauxhall Insignia diesel, estate or saloon.
    In fact, probably the only cars I've seen on motorways in last twenty years that I've seen blow out a plume of black smoke then head for hard shoulder to await rescue.
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    UmBongo reacted to SNACR in New Car Registrations   
    I'm increasingly convinced they always put that in deliberately as part of some secret government propaganda programme to help people with shit car's self-esteem.
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    UmBongo reacted to Funn3r in New Car Registrations   
    Saved you a painful trip to A&E then
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    UmBongo reacted to ashestoashes in £375 pcm per car EXTRA   
    diesels should be banned, disgusting polluters
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    UmBongo reacted to Cunning Plan in Letting agent's fees   
    No. Not what you are thinking.
    Went to view a house yesterday. The agent, despite being young and rather pretty, was a PITA.
    Rather than 'welcome, handshake, name etc', her opening words were could we take our shoes off. Outside. In the rain.
    She then made a half hearted attempt to show us round. No conversation. Felt very uneasy.
    We asked if we could take some pictures for reference. Somewhat important since there wasn't even a picture of the kitchen on the website. She reluctantly agreed but insisted none of them included any of the family photos dotted around the place. Which made it almost impossible.
    She then told us she had already had some viewings and one person had completed the paperwork. I told her I wasn't interested in a bidding war and she backtracked a bit.
    All in all a crap experience. Especially given I am likely to hand over £100k plus over the next few years if i take it.
    But this is where the but comes in. The fees they will charge me are £100 each for me and Mrs Plan. This covers the paperwork, credit checks, etc etc. 
    The fees to the landlord are £500. This covers initial photography, marketing, attended viewings, inventory, paperwork, check in and deposit protection.
    Now I know we all hate estate agents, but to me that suggests that after three or four viewings without a closure, they are into loss making territory.
    Compared to the £8k or so they could charge if they were selling the house, I can sort of see why they can't be arsed with us peasant renters.
    Still can't stand the feckers though. If you are going to do the job, do it well, even if you don't feel like it.
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    UmBongo reacted to Panther in When did you last use a fax machine?   
    I remember faxing a particularly good Page 3 back to the office in the 80s, not realising every fax received was copied to the relevant Partner!
    I last remember using a fax just over ten years ago, for initiating international bank transfers, letters of credit, etc
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    UmBongo got a reaction from sarahbell in When did you last use a fax machine?   
    Ahem, to my embarrassment we still have and use fax machines in our department. The faxes we get are often a list of requests from clinical and surgical departments. It's then handed over to one of the guys who are employed by one of the NHS's 'value for money' subcontractors ISS who then transport the file to the hospital site by van. There is an 'emergency phone request' system for when files are required urgently but only recently has it been decided to move to an 'email' service.
    So yes, I personally probably use the fax machine two or three times a year. My managers use it more frequently. Every now and again I'll top up the fax machine with fresh sheets of A4 and pass received faxes onto the right people. But yes, emailing those lists directly to the warehouse supervisors would be more efficient than the faxes as they sometimes don't get picked up for over an hour or two. Quite why the supervisors don't have their own fax machine is beyond my understanding as they depend on it heavily.
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    UmBongo reacted to Bedrag Justesen in When did you last use a fax machine?   
    Back when we had to pay to have a listing in directories and Yellow Pages we never advertised our FAX number.
    It was quite common to have people ringing up asking for our FAX number.
    We had a sign in the office warning us not to give the FAX number to anyone.
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    UmBongo reacted to blobloblob in When did you last use a fax machine?   
    I propped the self-closing door to the server room open with one at work. Would have been about 18 months ago I think.
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    UmBongo reacted to Frank Hovis in When did you last use a fax machine?   
    I remember their being incredibly cool and cutting edge in the late 80s along with Filofaxes and stripy clothing from Next.
    That was rather a long time ago though.
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    UmBongo reacted to MrPin in When did you last use a fax machine?   
    FAX machines were an incredibly bad idea, but they were useful for a time.
    You took a document, scanned it, turned it into digits, and then sent it across an analog phone system designed for low quality voice, when it gets turned back into a blurred piece of paper again.
    FYI, a FAX was not considered a legally binding document, but a Telex message was.
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    UmBongo reacted to longtomsilver in Read my lips - more new taxes   
    Sick bastards; removing this 'discount' would effect mostly single men and widowed people like my mother. They only added the 'Wealthy' adjective to swing the vote from the Corbynites. My mums council tax is nearing £3k per annum and technically that puts her into council tax poverty as it's more than 10% of her income even with the slightly more palatable single occupancy discount.
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    UmBongo reacted to ste in Read my lips - more new taxes   
    Tax tax tax, and this is under what they call a 'conservative' government.....
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    UmBongo reacted to Band in Children's Characters You Can't Stand   
    Pob .. Just saw michael gove snd it reminded me of that oddball.
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    UmBongo reacted to Option5 in Children's Characters You Can't Stand   
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    UmBongo reacted to MrPin in Children's Characters You Can't Stand   
    Blue Peter sold a lot of Land Rovers in Kenya. All they really wanted was clean water and a shitter that flushed properly.
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    UmBongo reacted to SNACR in Children's Characters You Can't Stand   
    Yeah, atrocious like sitting through another school assembly and getting second helpings of starving kids in Africa or whatever. 
    TBH a lot of BBC output was in a similar vein. Spent all day at a shitty inner city comprehensive then look forward to getting home and watching some child actors pretending to be at one in Grange Hill.
    Alternatively, 'We Are The Champions' part promotional film for an early shit James Dyson invention the ball barrow and part turning a normal PE lesson into a national spectator sport. I bet there was even some shit spin off Annual, like The Blue Peter Annual, some desperately unlucky kids got bundled with the obligatory Guinness World Record Book for the dismal Chistmas present trifecta.
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    UmBongo got a reaction from Bedrag Justesen in New Car Registrations   
    Hitler's still alive? I thought that he died of natural causes in South America in the 1960s.
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    UmBongo reacted to Libspero in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    Liked this from the comments:

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    UmBongo reacted to Gordie Lastchance in The make us laugh or fuck off thread   
    A Liverpool girl goes to the welfare office to register for child benefit.
    “How many children?” asks the welfare officer.
    “Ten,” replies the Liverpool girl.
    “Ten?” says the welfare worker. “What are their names?”
    “Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan and Nathan.”
    “Doesn't that get confusing?”
    "Nah,” says the Liverpool girl. “It’s great, because if they are out playing in the street, I just have to shout ‘Nathan, yer dinner’s ready!’ Or ‘Nathan go to bed now!’ and they all do it.”
    “What if you want to speak to one individually?” says the curious welfare worker.
    “That's easy,” says the Liverpool girl. “I just use their surnames.”
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    UmBongo reacted to Strawberry in The make us laugh or fuck off thread