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  1. QP1

    Moving Abroad Or In The UK Where Would You Go

    We've made our move recently - New Zealand. Loving it so far. English speaking, civil, decent weather, great scenery, health care and education (for the kids) seems good. Long way from UK for visits / visitors is the only real negative.
  2. QP1

    Making money from blogging

    PowerApps and related/compatible services. Part of O365. Essentially a very cheap/easy way to build, distribute and operate mobile/web based business apps.
  3. QP1

    Making money from blogging

    I have a channel on YouTube covering a relatively new/upcoming technology - I set it up a few months back just to share knowledge on an area which was lacking good documentation or many other blogs/vlogs. I only have around 500 subs, the most popular videos get a few thousand views per month so I have a long way to go before it would be worth trying to monetize! However, as a result, I have had several contracts I can do from home (viewers contacted me) and it was instrumental in getting employed when I recently moved to a new country with no network of contacts and needed a job. If you have an interest in something, just give it a try and see if you enjoy it and what sort of responses you get. I haven't really looked at monetization but as others have said, it is always just going to be the top few people covering a topic who make enough that doing it for money rather than fun makes sense. To help get views, post links in the relevant groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. A link to a recent video of mine has been RTd by some of the product managers for the technology I cover - they have a lot of followers so it will be interesting to see how that affects the views.
  4. QP1

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Tell him not to worry. If she gets him on the hook for providing for her kid(s) she'll soon plump out and descend to his/your league (or lower) looks-wise. Was that sufficiently cynical for this thread?
  5. QP1

    The Last Jedi - The Last Star Wars?

    For me, Black Panther takes the crown for most overrated. Can't fathom all the praise. Well, actually I can, but it certainly isn't for artistic merit, plot, dialog, CGI or acting. Only interesting characters were Andy Serkis (barely in it) and the main villain, who while compelling to watch, really didn't fit the description of the west-point educated super-assassin (felt more like a street dealer from The Wire). All this 'positive representation of Africa' bs. A fictional secret country blessed with a magical metal that can be used to make anything, power anything and heal things beyond the scope of modern medicine. Even with tech and education way in advance of anything else on earth, many are living in huts and tending animals, all the shops seem to sell is handwoven baskets and walls are strewn with New York style graffiti. Succession to the throne is determined by hand-to-hand combat and war is waged with spears and armored rhinos... apparently, guns are 'unsophisticated'. They have a magic ' erb that appears to grow in some abundance and can heal anything and make anyone super strong and resilient... but only the King is allowed to take it. Seems fair. In what way does the above represent any existing African country or present a positive view of Africa? Is this supposed to be what Africa would look like without the interference of Europeans? Wakanda may as well be on Mars for all the similarity it has with modern-day Africa. Lots of jabs against colonialism and suppression of Africans, history of slavery and so on. Though Wakanda, the most sophisticated country in the world, never gets involved or even reveals it's existence (or at least lets everyone think it is just a forest). Of course, in the end, the King has a change of heart and decides to fund some education initiatives in the New York projects. So, yeah, f*** the rest of Africa then. I was actually rooting for the villain - he was far more interesting and actually wanted to do something about supporting Africa and Africans (albeit through the supply of super-weapons) rather than just make anti-white jibes while hiding behind a cloaking device so Wakanda doesn't have to share any of its wealth or knowledge. I've seen worse films this year. I couldn't even make it to the end of Justice League. But nothing so overrated as Black Panther. And don't say it is just 'cos I is wascist'. I'm watching Luke Cage at the moment (TV show with black Marvel superhero and majority black cast set in Harlem) and that's pretty good (better than Iron Fist, not as good as DareDevil).
  6. At my rate of posting, he'll be out before I get to read the rest of the thread.
  7. QP1

    Freedom of speech

    Isn't sentencing complete? That is why everyone is so shocked /angry? Or is it that the sentence was for reporting on a case where sentencing isn't complete? Wonder how far that can be nested.
  8. Deleted due to potential legal issues at a guess. I was still a few pages behind, just trying to get up to date. Stories from MSM regarding the same story have been removed from the internet.
  9. QP1

    Freedom of speech

    If we can't discuss what can't be discussed, how do we know what not to discuss?
  10. QP1


    Another laudable idea not thought through and resulting in unforseen consequences. I wanted to do database training course with a company in the US. Due to gdpr they will no longer do business with EU citizens, at least until some test cases have established how the law will be interpreted.
  11. QP1

    Immigrant Amnesty

    The direction of this thread is interesting to me - I've been working in the Middle East in Oil/Gas (albeit on the IT side) for quite a few years, I'm married to a Filipina (met at work in ME) and we are planning on relocating to NZ! Fortunately, we haven't blown all our ill-gotten gains though we have spent some on various business ventures in the Philippines which are now yielding a return. NZ house prices are crazy in Auckland but not so bad elsewhere. Christchurch particularly seems to offer reasonable value for money. I believe very nice family homes in Christchurch can be found for under 400K GBP. On a recent recon mission, I didn't notice much (if any) Islamic influence on the South Island. Saw a few headscarves (but not any hijabs or burkas) around Auckland which I guess is the most diverse area of the country. After several years living in an Islamic country, I'm keen to have as little Islam as possible in our lives for the next few years at least, so I think NZ's South Island will be our target.
  12. QP1

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I met my wife while we were both working in the Middle East, so can't really help with how to meet Filipinas in the UK. Large numbers of Filipinos, especially the women, go overseas for work so you'll find small communities in most cities. Nursing is a popular profession for those working overseas. Western - Filipina marriages seem to last better than many, even when there are age gaps. I'm only a few years older than my wife but her sister is married to a brit 25 years older and they seem to be doing fine.
  13. QP1

    Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I'm in New Zealand now - seems very forward-looking with lots of tech companies and lots of 'normal' companies looking to get an edge through technology. Not been here long enough to make a scientific study... and not been in the UK for a few years, but initial impressions are that the ladies are fitter and saner*. @JoeDavola - get yourself over here! * Not that I am looking. Happily married. My wife is originally from the Philippines, so another recommendation from me right there. I know a lot of couples who are western-guys and Filipino-gals and all appear to be good relationships. Certainly better than my prior long-term relationship with the yo-yo dieting, BPD, financially catastrophic American feminazi ('no, I won't do any housework because women have been oppressed throughout history' - WTF).
  14. QP1

    Microsoft useless

    Agreed, teaching specifics should very much be secondary. It is the general concepts that are important and will translate across versions and even products/platforms. I used to teach Word (as an IT Trainer rather than a teacher) - I used to concentrate on explaining things like how styles work (and why you should use them on longer documents). This also leads to critical concepts like the separation of content and formatting (presentation) and 'what you see is what you mean'.
  15. QP1

    New Phone

    Yes, I mean the ones with the screens that curve at the edges. I'm not sure how you can hold it without accidentally touching the screen with your palms and when I read the reviews of purchasers from Amazon there were quite a few stories of the screens breaking after minor falls... but I can't deny they look great. Oh, the other plus for the Nokia is the fingerprint sensor being on the front (though obviously, that means more bezel, it was a trade-off I'm happy with).