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  1. Move to Smarty - piggy backs off Three... All unlimited for £18 p/m (currently 10% off)... https://smarty.co.uk/
  2. The new Legacy (which isnt available in the UK it seems) looks a little bit too similar to the Vauxhall Insignia for my liking....but then most cars of this type look the same... https://subaru.ca/WebPage.aspx?WebSiteID=282&WebPageID=22568&Range=Legacy&ModelYear=2020
  3. I was looking for something that was more than just 2WD (I do a bit of driving down country lanes).. I had mine just over two years... It was perhaps this video that pushed it for me... You can also get this as an estate...and there's the Legacy Outback, which is a little bit more practical...
  4. I had a Legacy Spec B (3.0) until this July. Binned it off, as the electrics were playing havoc. Fabulous engine though...
  5. Yup... https://www.gchq-careers.co.uk/recruitment-process.html
  6. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/up-15m-homes-unmortgageable-over-22714260
  7. The build quality on mass market appliances is just shit... Cheap washing machines now have everything attached to the drum...If bearings, etc go, then its a new drum - which just isn't worth fixing on a 250 quid machine. The materials are a lot poorer quality than they were, from even several years ago. A mate of mine bought a Samsung(!) washing machine, which was recorded at 78 decibels. They wouldn't repair it, as it fell within its sound limits. If they wanted them to look at it again, would cost them a £120 call out - which of course put them off. You can't really go too far w
  8. £5.49 p/m? That's cheap compared when I've had letters from Domestic & General looking for £13 a month... If you get 5 years out of a typical washing machine you buy today, you're doing very well (unless its an LG / Samsung / Miele / AEG). Buy a Beko / Hoover / Indesit - three years and you're done. The build quality isn't good. Beyond the year's warranty is the infamous call out - £100+ then parts and labour. You're nearly there for another machine. The manufacturers warranty gives you up to 28 days for a repair - there's no rush from them. Some suppliers are better than o
  9. If the PL setup their own streaming service / app, and have subscriptions through it direct to "fans" worldwide , it would kill off sky and a lot of the middle men..
  10. The N4000 series are just above the Intel celerons. Even for everyday use, for a Windows machine, I personally wouldn't go below a Ryzen 3 or Intel core i3, but thats just me..
  11. Does it have a M5 or N4000 CPU? When they start making specs unclear, it would make me wonder about the rest of the listing..
  12. The damage to people's mental health will be colossal...
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