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  1. Mad Dog 20/20 was lethal back in the day...well to a 17 year old that is..
  2. Putting on a bar sprinkler at the end (which normally has to be moved) should do the trick.
  3. Pre watering causes shitty mud to go over all freshly laid tarmac and paths..you’ll be trailing mud all over the shop. You get some sites that are quite diligent in watering gardens (if the house is currently empty) or they’ll forget, and it’ll go brown and it shrinks.
  4. Most house builders want gold out of a dogs arse.. they might want to pay 4 or 5 quid a metre to supply and lay, so there’s very little profit out of it..that with the h&s stuff, it’s not worth bothering. Chucking turf down is the easy bit..getting the ground right is the hard bit..I have three different types of rake; one for each part of the process, whereas people try and use those foot wide tarmac rakes, and the finished article looks bloody awful. That, along with not compressing the topsoil down to make it firm causes massive divots when they attempt to walk over it
  5. If you had to rip out any shite rubble, then that can be problematic...You might be lucky to get a micro digger in there (they can fit down a 2ft 6" gap (the width of a gate)), but then you'd have to haul it away, then bring in some half decent topsoil. I wouldn't want to use a wheelbarrow...I'd use a crawler barrow, which might struggle to fit in that gap...Therefore, you'd have to remove half of the fence to gain access...which is another pain in the arse...
  6. ...then people get the B&Q shite turf, which tries out within a few hours...Whoever B&Q use, they will grow their turf in netting, which doesn't allow any roots to establish...They would do 3 or harvests compared to 1 on a non mass produced scale...I'm forever ripping netting out of my rotovator blades..
  7. ...well quite...certainly doesn't help...Many house builders get landscaping "contractors" in...I've been one at one point...I/we tend to avoid building sites, because of the incessent health and safety bollox...It depends if the developer puts any decent topsoil in before hand...Some do (the smaller developers are better)..
  8. Needs to have a land drain put in...It looks like all the surrounding gardens are in a similar situation..
  9. https://www.scottishpower.com/news/pages/uks_net_zero_pathway_revealed.aspx
  10. It could also mean Sheffield United in the Champions League...
  11. Liverpool was actually a free port up to 2012..
  12. Dave Beans

    Buy more cars

    ...which will be encrypted, so that you have no choice but to go to a main dealer...
  13. Dave Beans

    Buy more cars

    E-benzin, developed by Audi is an interesting one, as an alternative to Petrol / Diesel / Aviation fuel. We can't do nothing, but we need some sort of more realistic solution in the timescales... https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2018/july/synthetic-petrol-coming-soon/
  14. Dave Beans

    2035 now

    Michael Green now says 2032.. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7994957/amp/Sales-new-petrol-diesel-cars-banned-TWELVE-years-time-fight-climate-change.html