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  1. Tariffs (bar on agriculture and a few others) are typically, on average around 3% across the board. Its the SPS measures & non tariff barriers that's going to cause problems... The new generation of FTAs don't rely on tariffs as such - they are built on the harmonisation of standards...
  2. I worked in IT for several years, and it was almost seen as an unimportant, under funded function of the business - well, until a file server or somesuch failed, and the helpdesk would get full barrels...even after major issues were fixed, things went "back to normal"...
  3. ...and I'm not talking Guess Who... I recently played Pandemic...Quite liked it. I also found Sequence very simple but pretty addictive...Does anyone else have any other recommendations?
  4. Yep, forgot, 70mph on motorways..Its 60mph on motorways for vans with trailers..There's also some anomolies whereby a Transit with a crew cab doesn't have the restrictions of a typical van (AFAIK), nor does a car derived van, as they're limited to 2t. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/car-derived-vans-and-dual-purpose-vehicles/car-derived-vans-and-dual-purpose-vehicles I think the theory is that as you are heavier, thus it takes longer for you stop, although some 4*4's can nearly be the weight of a 3.5t Transit..
  5. Fixed speed cameras, yes...Mobile cameras can still clobber you...
  6. They're (supposedly) limited to 60mph on motorways & dual carriageways, which sort of puts me off them..
  7. I see loads that have been lowered. I cant see how they are that practical as a van, especially if they are effectively scraping the floor. Half decent Transporters / Sportslines make 15-20 grand...I really like the look of the Kombi's, but they seem to make a premium...so you could get a Transporter and convert it into a Kombi for a grand, and potentially save several thousand...
  8. Unless your name is Mike Ashley, who would dare provide mass investment in mass retail nowadays?
  9. I remember seeing this a few months ago... https://auctions.royaltyexchange.com/auctions/dirty-dancings-ive-had-the-time-of-my-life/ Returns of about $50,000 a year...