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  1. Alfa's going wrong? New one on me...
  2. Someone took my advice for once...blimey!
  3. Ultimately, the OU is probably the main way of being able to gain a degree without having to do it full time, at a moderately affordable price, when compared to paying nine grand a year for no more than 9 hours of lectures a week whilst having to pay it back over 30 years. I would like other universities to follow the OU, but they are few and far between, although London University looks interesting... https://london.ac.uk/applications/costs-your-course/course-fees#undergraduate-fees-2019-2020
  4. There's still far too much snobbery around the trades (if which I now do), and yes, degrees are ten a penny, however, they are still a requirement for many jobs. Luckily I have zero university debt, but I would think twice before going now, especially with the level of debt hanging over you for thirty years - the OU is a good option, as you can potentially split that 18 grand over 6 years (if you do it part time). If I was 18, I'd probably now get an apprenticeship, and if the company I work for wants me to have one, then they can pay for it.
  5. 6-7 years ago, an OU degree would have cost £6k, but then funding was cut from the central government, so its no longer subsidised. Spending the best part of fifty grand, spread over 30 years, for nine hours of lectures a week is a lot. I'd even argue that OU degrees a fairy sought after, after the amount of discipline you have to put into it, especially if your doing twenty hours of study a week alongside a full time job. In my eyes, the standard of the OU is better than doing a degree than a shite poly type establishment (after having experience at both)..
  6. Is the Tesla going to be banned too?
  7. A mate of mine once went to a wedding, and it was that song that was chosen for the first dance..
  8. The CTA deals with immigration. The SM brought in regulatory alignment between EEA and EU states; thus if a good is made within the UK, then it can automatically be sold in another state (such as ROI, France, Norway, etc.). Outside that framework means that checks will be brought in, to make sure that an item is what is says it is..The border will be fudged to start with (probably dealing with WTO waivers)...from there, who knows..
  9. When the GFA was written, I suspect that there would have been a presumption of maintaining an open border, due both the UK and ROI to be EU members who are in the single market and customs union.
  10. I do like the AWD aspect of Subarus - especially when driving around the shite covered country roads in the winter. I wanted something that had a bit of meat behind it, but didn't weigh three tons. Modern Subarus are pretty ugly, although the best of the bunch and the moment is either the BRZ (built in conjunction with Toyota) or the Levorg (the successor to the Legacy). I also like a go for slightly unusual marques too..
  11. Working outdoors and a bit indoors, something that is moderately taxing, and involves a bit of travel. I work outside in the shit, and it isn't fun in a horrible January. I haven't done a desk job for ten years, and I can't see myself going back to that unless if needs meant that I had to.
  12. I was looking at these, but then realised I'm no longer twenty. Then I saw the Legacy Spec 3.0 which uses the same struts and gearbox (and other bits and bob's) as the Impreza. Very much the proverbial wolf in sheeps clothing..
  13. ...at the same time, they have to abide by their current WTO commitments, their current trading FTAs and protecting the single market.
  14. After thinking about it, post referendum, that's been my thought. The UK will always be on the outer ring of Europe, in, but not in, if that makes sense. The way that trade works (the gravity model) means that that Europe will be our closest partner, over the likes of the US or China. Many in our current cabinet want to be in some kind of trade bloc with the US. That's why I'm for a proper two tier Europe. That's what Jacques Delors (former President of the EU Commission) proposed back in 1989, and currently with Flexcit (my current preferred route at the moment)...a no deal Brexit will drag us further away from such.