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  1. 2018

    Over standard chart fare, it does stand out...
  2. Football in Russia

    Bloody nora. I think Bolton are in a similar situation...
  3. Football in Russia

    Not to rub it in or anything, but didn't your owner value the club at a pound? Has the TV money all gone?
  4. Football in Russia

    You think the PL is bad...Look at the Bundesliga - Bayern, France - PSG, or possibly Monaco, La Liga is one of Barca or Real Madrid, and Serie A its typically Juve. I'd argue that the PL is perhaps the most competitive top-level league in Europe. I also think that the top six (bar Man City) look much more fallible than in previous years. There is talk in Germany, where the Bundesliga gets to half-way in the future list. It then splits into two leagues, and then all teams with zero points.
  5. Football in Russia

    Arsenal draw CSKA Moscow in the Europa league...
  6. Football in Russia

    Fuck me...I'm trying the watch the Champions League draw on BT Sport...Why does it take so bloody long? They could do it in two minutes..
  7. Football in Russia

    Chelsea must know this...they're just waiting for their values to rise..
  8. Football in Russia

    Dele Alli possibly... The other being Harry Kane... Does sound promising...Our youth systems seem to be working, but then they can't get any games, as clubs don't want to "gamble" on them by putting them in the first team. How many do Chelsea have on loan? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5478875/Barcelona-ready-sign-English-talent-Marcus-McGuane.html
  9. Career advice

    A lab technician in a local school / college?
  10. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    France would also be the sole EU state that had nuclear weapons..
  11. The make us laugh or fuck off thread

    Well, I thought it was quite good...
  12. 1990s music

  13. End of cash

    For as long as cash exists, there's not a lot that the govt can do....so they can go and do one...
  14. 1990s music