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  1. Dave Beans

    My Dorset Life.

    I find cities intimidating..After a couple of days in London, I've had enough have to come back to the sticks. There's nothing better than going to a country pub on a nice summer's evening... I once spent a week going from Marble Arch to Totteridge...on the Central / Northern Lines...Never again...and people do this on a daily basis?
  2. Dave Beans


    It can take at least a year for a seeded lawn to have the same root structure as a turfed lawn..and even then if its not properly looked after, it'll look patchy.....As long as you water a turfed lawn twice a day for a fortnight, it'll look like its been there forever... Seed vs turf is pretty much the same prep anyway..
  3. Dave Beans


    Its not got a root system..thats why at the end of the day, you see it by the shop doorway are £1 a metre...It goes brown very quickly....It was cut at least 24hrs beforehand...If you try and rotovate it up, you'll be pulling up netting..Go for a local supplier that grows it locally.. I have three levels of rakes that are each three feet wide!
  4. Dave Beans


    Depending where you are in the country, you're looking at no more than a couple of hundred quid, if you get someone to do it...If you decide to do it yourself, avoid B&Q type turf. It has horrible netting in it, as there's no root system...Otherwise, its the hire of a rotavator for half a day, about half a ton of topsoil mixed with about a third mushroom compost. Hire a half decent rake too...those ones that are about a foot wide are shite... Astroturf can be insanely expensive...You could easily be looking at £60-£80 per metre.. Yep, use terram as a weed suppressant, if your looking to do gravel.
  5. Dave Beans


    Whats the total area?
  6. Dave Beans


    Might be getting to the point of a returfing...
  7. Dave Beans


    Gives you an idea... http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?153746-Grass-seed-and-fertiliser&s=84934ba09f22bffbbc97fff7208446a You could also speak to Greenthumb.. https://www.greenthumb.co.uk/
  8. Dave Beans


    The problem with sand, is that I can't see any nutritional value in it..Mushroom compost, yes..
  9. Dave Beans

    Computer assistance required please!

    Some of the Win 10 updates are massive. They can be several gig. If your net connection drops out whilst downloading the latest patch, it fucks everything up...I've seen it many times with those shite HP Streams...
  10. Dave Beans


    You can also put down a 20-10-10 type fertiliser...It'll go absolutely mental after you've chucked a bit of that down...but you dont put it down immediately...Wait for it to shoot first..
  11. Dave Beans


    If you put it down again, it'll probably happen again..Worst case scenario means that you'll have to put a land drain in..
  12. Dave Beans


    If there's loads of moss, then it sounds as if the ground is sopping wet. Is it a clay base?
  13. Dave Beans

    E-bike conversion

    Luckily I'm in a semi-rural area, so there are places I can ride it...The weather has been shocking, which has put me off. After a period of time, I think the racing style will do my back in. I'll probably get a tourer, or something that does go off road, as my next bike..