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  1. https://corporateeurope.org/en/power-lobbies/2018/11/bolkestein-returns-eu-commission-power-grab-services
  2. Didn't Nicole Kidman go on a Cruise? I'll get me coat...
  3. You can get round the blocks using TOR browser, so I hear.
  4. This sort of thing? https://sourceforge.net/projects/album-art/
  5. Its almost a cross between Manfred Man's Blinded By The Light and anything by Editors..
  6. The Dirt on Netflix. A biopic on Motley Crue & their hellraising...Much better than I thought..
  7. Probably the last best best film I saw him in was Lord of War...and that was nearly 15 years ago..
  8. Would the Germans & Italians vote this through? Their car industries will intensely lobby to make sure this doesn’t go through. Does this effect car imports (new and old) that come outside of the of EU? Unless this comes a global standard, under the FTA with Japan, cars can be shipped into the EU near frictionless. http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2017/july/tradoc_155720.pdf Who’s going to buy a new car in 2022? The new car market will be killed and the price of cars that are a year or two old will sky rocket.
  9. I take it would involve bikes too? Otherwise I'm going to get a gurt big bike..
  10. The EU have signed an FTA with Japan, where cars can be imported into the EU without checks...Type approvals have been harmonised via UNECE..