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  1. For fun trades update ARB 118p --> 266p +125.42% Not a lot happening. You might have guessed the stop area is under a major round number.
  2. Great - this time I forgot to do the filter blow trick as we've had such a long run trouble free. So I rung up the help desk, and they could not resolve the problem, and passed the problem to BT to check the phone line. They say that the internet dropped connection 30x over 48 hours. They kept asking if the there was a problem with the phone, and there wasn't, which led me to think it was the ADSL filter. They did not ask me to check the filter which was bizarre as part of the diagnostic process - I bet a lot of people have the same problem. EDIT - the filter box is on th
  3. OK so periodically the internet goes down. Usually we get 6-12 months problem free and then the service is bad for a day or two. This leads to the usual power down (turn it off and on again) of the router, and that might fix it (50% chance). The next step I usually do, is to take the cables out of the filter that splits the cable into the phone and internet and give it a good blow. This fixes it 100%, so it must be dust that is getting in there. I am thinking whether or not to put the filter box inside a metal box (like a small biscuit tin) to stop dust getting in there - is this saf
  4. Bitcoin is still banging it's head on $50K, currently at $48K. Well I am getting what I wished for, but why is this round number so important?
  5. I can't check this was shown on the BBC - but there is hope.
  6. Look left of the chart to see the next level of support. Currently $43.6K
  7. Bitcoin continues the drip drip drip. It is at $45K. Chainlink is at $24.42 The Graph is at $1.56 Dogecoin is at $0.048 (where are you Satoshi WSB?)
  8. The FT isn't for the ordinary people like us. So sometimes I might buy a paper copy of the IC. It usually has a section on reader portfolio analysis. So this bloke who works in finance wants to retire on a pension income of £250K PER YEAR. What the heck is he going to do with all that money when retired? My mind is blown away. I look over the portfolio, usual old world companies. No crypto, no gold that I could see. If I still have the issue, I'll take a screen shot.
  9. How to join the illuminati - this video shows you how to. Get the inside knowledge on all Central bank announcements. All election results. All stock market crashes. All directives and agendas at the Bilderberg!
  10. Look, everyone is making fortunes on GME and Bitcoin. Everyone is driving Lambos, buying big homes on the beach, and going to parties full that are full of young, good looking people. And best of all, you get to star in tik tok miming, dancing videos. What a time to be ALIVE!
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