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  1. Lol Southampton is in the 5 best places for disposable income. There is nowhere to get the mandatory daily organic Avocado toast of £5 bowl of cereal round here you know!
  2. DAY 103 4th Of July Independence Day. Lock down restrictions loosened even further. The pubs will be open, but not like we know it. They will have safety measures such as social distancing, safety screens and other measures. In real life this week, work has start to get busy again, but extra busy as if it was like at the beginning of the pandemic, but before the enforced lock-down. One of the managers is on the verge of a breakdown I fear. I knew it would be like this. --- It is 2:30 am. I have woken up with a bad dream. It is coming back to me now, the wife is already up unusually and sitting next door. In the dream, It started off with a bad argument with my parents. I had been shouting at them about their DIY wiring which was sparking, and causing the fires. As time went on they carried on cutting wires while the house circuit was live, and before I knew it there were more wires sparking, and causing fires on the carpet. I had to try and stamp them out. This must have happened when I was younger, because I've moved out of my parents years ago. The older they get, the more times I have to repeat myself, or speak louder to get through to them which is amplified in this dream. I was then walking along somewhere with an old black friend that I used to play football with, not sure why the dream chose him, maybe I was reading about Black Lives Matter before I went to bed (something about a Chess Youtube video being taking down, and also about some Sky Sport pundits no longer wearing BLM badges). Then after that, I was entering some bus station, where there were many people milling about. I was then onboard a coach that was packed full of people. I was in the middle of a row people on either side, and two overweight business men were in front of me sitting facing me. We were travelling up a steep hill, and I saw an old sign with Jesus on it, it had Spanish writing on it, so we must have been in Spain. There was no reference of the time period, so I had no idea when this was. Anyway, back on this Coach, or bus I am not sure when in time it was. I felt my wallet was falling out of my pocket, I reached for it, it was out and I quickly put it back and zipped it up - relief! Then I heard someone cough and someone sneeze. Alerted, I realised we had the coronavirus pandemic in this dream. I looked around, and no one was wearing a mask. Then someone coughed again but much louder and laboured as if they couldn't breath. Alarmed, I shouted, STOP COUGHING OR WE ARE STOPPING THE BUS. Then there was silence. Then the two overweight business men in dark blue suits started coughing right in front of me! They tried to cover their mouths but couldn't properly as they were coughing so violently. I knew I was F88ked, and then I woke up. I woke up clammy and with a headache. I had a drink, and spoke to the wife and told her about the dream, and asked her if she had been coughing which might have made me have this dream. She said no -phew.
  3. Nice one. I don't know when you should sell. It looks bullish from here because it just broke out of that asymmetric triangle.
  4. CWR following TSLA's action from yesterday. I don't know if anyone else out there has made the same connection between these two?
  5. They already done it as recently in 2016, in Xinjiang LINK
  6. Don't worry about 3m immigrants. It might not even happen. It would not surprise me that all Hong Kong passport holders must hand in their passports in Exchange for Chinese ones. In one pen stroke that can turn the tables very quickly.
  7. I know David Icke and Alex Jones have been deplatformed, but they appear to be taking liberties in using phrases such as "NEW WORLD ORDER" The Hong Kong crisis and the new world order https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-53263181
  8. Someone keeps £2m in cash under their mattress - not many people get to see that amount in real life. Here's footage for us mere plebs!
  9. Billboard income? Or maybe put a hidden door underneath the billboard, you could have a mico-house in there! Or tent. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-71482083.html
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-8481717/BBC-bosses-BAN-pundits-hosts-wearing-political-Black-Lives-Matter-badges.html BBC bosses BAN pundits and hosts from wearing 'political' Black Lives Matter badges - after Sky Sports presenters ALL donned the button again last night despite row over movement's 'left-wing ideology' --- To balance this thread out - I think some of the Dosbods can now forgive the BBC
  11. 201p


    The Volatility (VIX) is now beneath 30, it is 26.82 and falling, so the market favours the bulls. It doesn't often flip either side of 30 so often in normal times, so this is a tough market.
  12. 201p


    If one wants to have some exposure to the TSLA bull run, CWR may be a better bet because it is outperformed TSLA over 5 years, and you can afford the shares! I don't have any CWR, as I generally don't like companies that aren't turning a profit or soon to be turning a profit.
  13. 201p


    The one thing that is clever about these newer companies is how tight they keep their Intellectual Property to their chests. The biggest and most well known premium brand example is Apple. Everything is tied into their systems and you have to go through them only. It is the same with Tesla products, they are not designed for people to fix themselves. You have to go through Tesla. Bosch (which has a significant stake in CWR) has the same philosophy - you have to have special tools to open up their ebike motors for example, which are not available to the public. I have learned that John Deere that manufactures tractors for farmers have tightened up their properties so you have to use their dealers which have the proprietary software to diagnose problems. As people now have less capability or inclination of fixing things themselves, people appear to be happy to pay a premium for these services. I don't see this trend changing for sometime.
  14. 201p


    Which also reminds me of Enron, which unveiled it's grandiose global goal at the height of the hubris, from being the "Greatest Energy Company", to the "Greatest Company in the World". I don't know where TSLA will go, it could go much higher if after this recent correction now forms a base here. IF there is black hole, then of course that blows any Technical Analysis out of the water which is hard to time. Ask one of the many new RobinHood generation of traders about Enron - and I bet few have heard about Enron. History always comes round to teach.