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  1. Maybe he'll let this run to wire, and then issue an Executive Order at the last second like some Calvary to the rescue. Don't let a crisis go to waste - that'll teach the states to vote Democrat.
  2. So can't Trump issue an Executive Order?
  3. ^So this is the "free" part of his website, and if you notice, his top 10 holdings are no more than around 5% of the portfolio. This is important! How often to we put far too much into one stock?
  4. https://uk.advfn.com/common/portfolio Free to register, and you get free basic charts, and access to the free bulletin board (although best not used, it's full of crazy people).
  5. Free IC podcast, with John Roiser, a full time private investor, who runs a live portfolio (if you want some ideas) https://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/shares/2020/01/16/companies-markets-show-everything-s-coming-up-rosier/ https://johnsinvestmentchronicle.com/ This one might be worth following - he is in GAW , and various other uptrending stocks.
  6. ^Yes. They need money fast - I suspect there's no rush to pay the debt I suspect, but it will be hanging over them. Welcome to the real world - working full time for money!
  7. The Queen has played a blinder in my opinion.
  8. This is now looking interesting.
  9. 201p


    I don't understand how some videos have over 300K views, and have not one comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQCCMW2IY_E Comments are not turned off.
  10. If you find a decent purveyor of said sustenance, stock up and put them in the freezer. Dare say it, but we are on the Vegan train. Steak and Kidney Pie just sounds unfashionable too. Steak - that is orange man bad. Kidneys - sounds like liver - yuk. And pie, well, pie's are just bad bad bad.
  11. ^Camp out and protect your car next time.... Greta.................! 5th car stolen in 2 years too. "had ghost had a faraday pouch and had gates didn’t pay out for the last 3 cars"
  12. 201p


    Thanks - mind blown.
  13. I'll do it for £250, but I suspect I'll need a door ram
  14. Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) are offering Just Eat vouchers to those in a power cut https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/18167511.sse-offering-just-eat-vouchers-power-cut/ I guess angry people can be quietened with a Dominoes pizza.