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  1. Spotted
  2. It looks like a crimewave is hitting rural Germany according to this video.
  3. ARB results out - swings into profit. https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/902823/argo-advances-as-it-swings-to-maiden-profit-902823.html I don't believe it has sold any BTC coins that it has mined, which would slightly de-risk it's position. If this strategy continues this is a probable high leverage play on BTC.
  4. ^Following on from this and the scares from the media that we are heading for a recession. Perhaps this will be inflationary - the stock market is not currently telling us doom is ahead. Stocks are looking to punch higher (no guarantees of course). There's this youtuber who is a dumpster diver - and I only discovered that he does not know anything about the stock market. I felt his head is pretty much screwed on financially, and knew about dividends but admits he knows nothing. Perhaps the public are not in this after all.
  5. 201p

    Blockbusters 2019

    2019 Version question bank. What T is a homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist, Misogynist US President?
  6. Caroline Aston believes the golden arches will eventually be welcomed by Rutland's residents From the OP link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49433347 We don't see this very often? --- Edit - something is off with that picture. Who is this person that would kiss a BigMac for the So-Called BBC? Is she a random person off the street that happens to be eating at a McDonalds? Does the picture look right? I tried to look for some answers. She I don't believe is the Caroline Aston the Royal Historian that writes for Majesty Magazine/Daily Telegraph. The only other lead that went cold is that there is a Caroline Aston that appeared on RutlandRadio in 2016
  7. 201p


    Hmm I have a donor bike sitting around doing nothing, and it appears there are UK sellers on ebay. Maybe it is worth a look!
  8. 201p


    I have looked at E-Bikes, but I don't like the idea of being unable to fix things yourself - see Bosch^. This is £2.5K at Halfords it doesn't even look like it has an obvious battery (it's in the downtube) - can I have one for Christmas?
  9. Spotted
  10. Enough time for the big boys that make the old cigs to diversify. The Vape industry started out like Wild West - give it time and it will be fully regulated.
  11. Someone on the internet has already drawn this future out.