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  1. 201p

    Online Privacy - Apple

    Customer profiling, this has been going on before mobile phones. I have no doubt many other big companies can do this stuff by the use of loyalty cards, credit/debt cards and mobile phone signatures. I guess the Trust score can be linked to your Credit score, and maybe used by banks and insurance companies to measure your risk. In the market, people trade risk. The more information you have, the more you can measure the risk. And risk is linked to reward. It's dem alogrithms again!
  2. 201p

    Uk 9th largest manufacturer in world

    Fevertree drinks is a UK success story. With more people on the planet in the entire history of the Earth, there are more customers that want stuff. With social media available to most people via cheap internet and smartphones it has never been easier to market and advertise this stuff. And with the advent of Bitcoin related technology; people can sell to anyone anywhere in the world - I believe we are on the brink of another Industrial Revolution. We just need to make things that the world wants - it's not rocket science! I don't see why foreign aid doesn't go to marketing the Western Lifestyle to the rest of the world. They can have it all in their own countries and create this "wondrous" consumer economy in their home countries.
  3. 201p

    Uk 9th largest manufacturer in world

    I wonder how it is calculated though. Take the new MG car, it is designed in the UK, but made in China. Does that count to UK figures?
  4. I think a lot of young people are supplementing their income online. If you can produce content on youtube or other stuff on manyvids/clips4sale/chaturbate/niche website networks then you could be coining £1000s a month if you make it to the big time. Don't forget you are creating an asset that can provide residual income for years to come. I would post examples, but I am sure you could find out what I am talking about. There are young kids playing video games online and getting paid small fortunes for superchat/streaming/twitch etc. Then there's private snapchats, Patreon etc.
  5. 201p

    What is the point in this? [test]

    All you need are 3 numbers, 61.8, 50, 38.2, but I don't use them as you are tending to bet on a reversal. There are more powerful tools out there.
  6. 201p

    Death by Private equity list

    It's a cycle, that is natural, well almost. But stretched out longer due to long term low interest rates. It is painful how long companies now limp along on life support. Market Opening/Opportunity ---> Family start up ---> Goes National ---> Goes Public ---> Goes Private ---> Asset Stripped ---> Company Dies ---> Back to the Start
  7. 201p


    Don't worry I will post an another "imaginary trade" like the Litecoin one (shame the images have disappeared) when the time is right. I think we rid the thing from $50 to $300 if I recall in 2017, on the other thread. A buy signal past $50, then $100, then $200, the $300. Then we were stopped out under $300, and no new buy signal has occurred since.
  8. 201p


    Only after hitting past $10K, I will look at crypto related assets. Crypto Stocks are not too good, some have been suspended, which is why it never good to try and catch the bottom in anything.
  9. Could be low testosterone. This might be a common problem for the next generation. A survey of Buzzf88d staff showed that most have low testosterone. https://www.dailywire.com/news/22906/buzzfeed-guys-test-their-testosterone-levels-amanda-prestigiacomo Not one BuzzF88d beta male met the 617 ng/dL average; rather, all the men testing below the level of a typical 85-year-old male (376 ng/dL). If you're not getting nocturnal tumescence each night, there could be something wrong with your meat and two veg?
  10. 201p

    Katie Hopkins - an expensive lesson

    I'm surprised she hasn't moved into politics, it seems a logical next move.
  11. 201p

    Retire in your forties

    Not a good idea to fully retire in your 40s. If for any reason you need to go back to work like 6-7 years time, no one is going to hire you as you have been out of the game. He doesn't appear to say what he is living off - so assuming he is using 25x of your annual savings and then spending it down sounds like a terrible idea. I'd always keep a finger in the pie if you can, or be managing an asset base that spins of passive income. You can retire fully if the passive income pays for your expenses, and your expenses don't touch the principal capital AND you can grow the principal capital inline or above inflation. The rules of the game always change. No one is going to be able to predict in 10-20 years, the inflation, taxation, or retirement age (access to state pension). --- Work is also good for the soul - if you enjoy it, no reason to drop to part time until the official retirement age. Work is like an ongoing investment for your mental, social and physical health.
  12. 201p

    Formula 1 Grid Girls axed

    Well they're going to have to get Disney to recall all those Snow White and 7 Dwarfs story books, and DVDs then.
  13. 201p

    how dead is your local

    Different times indeed - today is all about productivity, metrics and performance indicators! And still businesses struggle to increase profit, go figure!
  14. 201p

    how dead is your local

    I think a lot of people only take part of a lunch break or work through it these days. Some can only get a 20min break every 6 hours, not enough to go to the pub and come back. Private sector I'm talking about anyway.
  15. This might sound Jonathan Pie like, but the thing is we're going to have a new generation of anti-PC voters that want to smash up the system as more and more people that find things offensive. This will create greater demand for anti-PC politicians, such as those called Trump. We're creating a rod for our own back. What's that theory about chaos in Jurassic park, we tend toward chaos?