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  1. "leaving cutlery and crockery in the kitchen areas, overflowing bins, stealing plants and charging cables from desks, catering and security teams being subject to verbal abuse, colleagues defecating on the floor in toilet cubicles on a particular floor, urinating on the floor in the men's toilets and leaving alcohol bottles in sanitary bins". This is probably a sign of passive aggressiveness to the bosses. If widespread it may indicate low morale. He has to be firm by issuing warnings, and firing people that repeatedly do this - although if he is the next BOE governor this may indicate a more dovish liberal monetary policy! But he really needs to look at the number of sick days people take and actually how many verbal, and written warnings employees have been issued and compare this to other organisations. leaving cutlery and crockery in the kitchen areas - this happens in everywhere - don't expect people to clean up after themselves - I'd expect they have suffering mothers or servants to tidy up for them at home. People don't have pride in their workplace! overflowing bins - again I suspect most people see it beneath them to empty a bin. Are there enough cleaners? stealing plants and charging cables from desks - CCTV should root out these people - warn them, then fire them if it happens again. catering and security teams being subject to verbal abuse - gross misconduct, fire them. They are being too soft. colleagues defecating on the floor in toilet cubicles on a particular floor, urinating on the floor in the men's toilets - passive aggressive protest, or cultural mis-understanding. Force everyone to a team bonding networking session around how to use toilets each year. If I was the boss, go in on your day off, lurk in a cubicle and catch who does it. Should be easy. leaving alcohol bottles in sanitary bins - a sign the staff are under pressure, stressed? Regular staff surveys may be able to find out what is the problem. BUT it may be an individual problem that needs help. Alcohol testing at the work place, again should find who it is.
  2. Don't go out shopping late at night unless you are prepared.
  3. Nah, nah, chuck them on the floor, and they magically appear clean and folded in the wardrobe a few days later.
  4. I've never had a stolen car - but have to touch wood! Currently I own a undesirable car, so hopefully I won't be next...
  5. I have been watching this one, and now it seems interesting. I made a post about frontier industries - Vaping (although this is largely a closed market, and there are some health scares), Cannabis, and Block chain. ZOE is worth having a look. Although this is high risk and at a low micro-cap level. So do your own research as always.
  6. Like penny stocks? Like Cannabis? Like some exposure to the US OTC market? Like a stock that grows? Do your own research of course - a risky stock of course in the early stages. Will it hold 10p? https://zoeticinternational.com/investor-relations/
  7. Keep an extra coat in the car (yes I've seen people walk in cold weather without a decent coat), hat, gloves, walking boots/wellies.
  8. Someone mentioned SAGA on this thread. Those that are in the difficult(!) sport of fishing for bottoms might be interested here. 50p looks like a reasonable floor. Not an easy play as the chart is in a downtrend.
  9. String "carrier" bags. Got this idea from this recent thread Biodegradable bollocks String is from natural materials, such as cotton. So why not make a net type bag, with the holes about 1-2 inches. This can carry your shopping, and it is biodegradable. The bag will be tough too, tougher than a paper bag. OK someone has already produced these - but there is scope to market these to major retailers! And if it breaks, you can mend it quite easily yourself. Get Greta to endorse these - sew on a Greta logo, and then you have a global market, monetised. 1 billion string bags a year = $$$$$$ cha ching!
  10. Bitcoin $8,725 Ethereum $185 Litecoin $62 Stellar Lumens 7.9c Still watching this each day. Bitcoin has dropped back from the nervous-9s, and it has failed to pass $10K. The smaller coins have firmed up however.
  11. 201p

    Yeah no

    Yeah no - you want to say no, but don't want to insult, offend or trigger. You start with a positive leader, yay into a negative follower, nay. Anyone want to turn this on it's head and start saying: No, Yeah?
  12. This one is beyond surreal. A teenager who was fatally stabbed in a council headquarters in west London was attending a knife awareness course. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-50344640
  13. 201p

    Star Wars

    Yeah like the old Star Wars - we haven't really been able to enjoy newer films as much. There is a core set of films that we might put on in the background, and the original trilogy is in there.
  14. The https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/ is an interesting news source for retail that gives info off the beaten track. There have been some winners, and losers over 2019 E.g. GAW has shot back above £50 a share https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2019/11/games-workshop-shares-profits-sales-soar-half-year/ SBRY Sainsbury’s half-year profits nosedive 91% as it begins £500m cost-cutting https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2019/11/sainsburys-half-year-profits-nosedive-begins-cost-cutting/