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  1. Bounce off £5, the round number. This may see £10.
  2. Just had a brainwave on this. Internet shopping is more of a driver to social exclusion - why not tax Amazon and the rest? Oh they don't pay much tax anyway, best not rock the boat. Hmmmm
  3. I view life as buying a music album. It is something that people don't experience today, which society is missing. You buy a music album because there are some songs in there that you want to hear. You pick it up in the shop, and look at the shiny case, and look at the back. It is a magical experience as you have to sit through it to know if you are going to like some of the music. Some song are sads, some are happy. You have to listen to the sad ones, to enjoy the happy ones better. In the days of pre-CD and pre-remote control you didn't have the luxury of skipping the ones you like. I think the more we have everything at our fingertips, the sadder we will become. Before we had the anticipation, and the waiting. I believe in the not so-far future where we are close to knowing everything, and having access to everything, that will be the end. This is referenced in the 4th Indiana Jones film, the Crystal skull, where the villianess is gifted all universe knowledge by the aliens, but that becomes the end of her. --- Some peoples wave forms are very wide - some go very happy, some go very sad. Some are very flat - with no emotions.
  4. We are in the hypersensitive age - that is why people joke about "snow flakes". So some questions that we don't have the answer to yet... 20 years ago, this would have not made the news. in 2019 it makes the news and causes outrage. perhaps in 2029 this is an offence and a hate crime. Do we wish to continue down this path? I suspect it will push more people to voting right wing politicians. What else do we want to add to the banned list of prizes? - Chocolates - uses animal products - offensive! - Weighing scales - you're saying I need to lose weight - fat shaming! Isn't feminism priding on itself that they CAN go out and buy a vibrator and not be ashamed? Won't Durex be offended because they make a legitimate empowering, liberating (and all those other progressive words) product, and are excluded from ever sponsoring any sporting event? I thought we are in the great inclusive and diverse society? --- About voluntary clubs and voluntary work. There has been a shift of they type of voluntary work - many more people run marathons, but less people run clubs. Why is this? Is it social media? Is it the lack of commitment? Is there a snobbery about it?
  5. Satoshi pay is working on micro payments - linked with Blockchain / Bitcoin type set up.
  6. 1p tax on every Facebook post 1p tax on every forum post Er....
  7. 1p tax on every text that goes through the network 1p tax on every email sent 1p tax on every vending machine 1p tax on every parking ticket machine We'll be rich rich rich! (Well if I was on the receiving end)
  8. 201p

    Tourists Fuckoff

    If you want you could set up a lock shop near by and sell "love locks". I don't recommend it though - this is littering!
  9. Find out your MEP http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/search/advanced?name=&groupCode=&countryCode=GB&constituency=South+East&bodyType=ALL You can click on "Constituencies" to change it to your region.
  10. 201p

    Pet peeves

    Can you not run a chain across the driveway?
  11. Don't buy smoothies - make your own to avoid allergies. ~Don't forget the Beetroot and Asparagus!
  12. 201p

    Zombie millennials

    You don't have to be born a certain year - you can identify as one, as long as you fit into skinny jeans.
  13. Andrew Castle used to be on GMTV a lot and was a pro tennis player. He has had his media witch hunt with his sexist remark on air in 2016. I guess that was his red pill moment*, like Danny Bakers, and like all the other media celebs, one by one they are being called out. *You find out who your friends are.
  14. It's a bad article - only have to miss the word inquest. It would have been nice to add a date into the article of when it happened. I guess journalists can reignite old news this way. --- Power footrests = added value = recurring income.
  15. What the Establishment don't want is people that haven't gone through the system being elected. You want people who have made it their career to be in politics. They are a safer bet for them. But now with youtube, you can be popular on that platform, and then jump straight into politics (Sargon of Akadd). This is highly dangerous for the Establishment.