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  1. Lottey - I play the odd ticket every now and again. I very rarely win anything over the last 20 years or so. I normally do a online compare, over a set time like But this time like the last 3 months, just to see if I won a big prize even though I may I have not played. Usually there are no wins either. I usually buy a lucky dip which selects random numbers. But this time I may keep these ones. But this week, it was a little odd.... How could one ticket produce so many wins if each number has the same probability of coming up? This is totally weird. Prize breakdown 1- Match 2, Lucky dip play again for free 2- Match 4, £123. (I didn't win this one) 3- Match 2, Lucky dip play again for free. 4. Match 3, £25 - I won this prize. Sorry not going to reveal the numers - but someone with time may be able to work it out.
  2. But how do we know there isn't an AI program laying dormant in the internet waiting for the right moment?
  3. Bitcoin!

    Round numbers, as I've been saying are useful in mitigating risk. People are still attracted to round numbers, and at the periphery, many small trades are executed by humans. If we take $5K and $10K as round numbers. It would make sense to buy just after $10K or near to, assuming an uptrend. If you bought at $7K you are in no mans land, and you have to ask where is your stop in both instances. This assumes that the big buyer in the above post is using a trade plan and come by that capital using their brains - it can be a coincidence of course. If you bought at $7K, and the trend didn't conitnue up, and we were at $5K - that's a much bigger loss if you sold at $5K.
  4. I think a new chapter about Darwins Evolution could be written, if there was a scenario where robots or groups of robots had to survive against each other. For life on Earth, species are continually up against the ravages of the environment, bateria/fungi infections, and natural predators to root out the weakest. In the new world, robots deal better with Earth's "tests". Robots most formidable opponent in the survival of the fittest would be themselves. Continual trolling, testing and probing each other by lies, deception, and confusion would be a natural progression of sizing each other up. This is an important observation.
  5. Bitcoin $10,674 Ethereum $953 Litecoin $228 Stellar 46c The force is strong in these ones.
  6. N4P clearing the 30p area. Bitcoin $9,944 Ethereum $920 Litecoin $225 Stellar 43c
  7. Anyone fancy a cruise?

    Footage - they'll be installing Brigs soon. One of the crew takes a swipe at the camera person? You're cruising for a bruising
  8. Funny how Chinese Human Rights isn't brought up ever. Nor is the censorship of the internet.
  9. End of home owning dream: 20 years ago, two thirds of average earners aged up to 34 could afford their own house... now it’s just one in four Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5397697/Home-owner-crisis-just-one-four-afford-home.html#ixzz57Eb7CeDB Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook ---- Here it is in pictures. 1998 - this many could buy a house, under 34 years of age 2018 - this many can buy a house, under 34 years of age
  10. doctors

    including keeping out-of-date syringes at the surgery. -Make a simple date checking matrix, that checks the date of everything every 3 months. It was also ruled that staff did not always have the information they needed to deliver safe care and treatment to patients. -Invest in ipads wifi linked to subscribed sources of info The wishes of some terminally ill patients were also not followed up to ensure plans had been officially put in place, while few examples were evident of practice specific comprehensive risk assessments in relation to safety issues. -Action plans that are reviewed Not impossible to turn around, you need a good practice manager that's good at being organised.
  11. Altcoin thread

    OK thanks for the info
  12. Altcoin thread

    Isn't there an unlimited supply of Ripple? If true, this could be the FED's choice of fiat replacement.
  13. Bitcoin!

    You have to pay tax on spread betting, if it is your main source of income. I don't think many are that good enough to be in that category though. And some spread bet companies would probably ask you to take your business elsewhere. http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/Tax-free.html