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  1. Something has got to give - more people with type diabetes 2 from obesity etc that need on going drugs. This will mean stuff that can be treated over the counter, you'll need to buy yourself.
  2. Well it looked like that gap up was filled, and progress continues. All eyes on the 8000 level before I do anything.
  3. Thank you for the mentions. Every 1-3 years there is a big trend you should look out for, and using a mechanical system, pyramiding as the trade goes your way without leverage, and looking at round numbers, you "should" be able to get something out of the market. You have to pay the tuition fee to the market first to learn (this is variable for each player). This can mean waiting for a long time for a trend to appear - On my long blog type thread, at the start of it we saw the tail end of the growth of the growth stocks - BOO, PURP etc. Then along came the Bitcoin run, and we saw how Litecoin trebled. Notable trends - Debtfree direct and the other CVA type stocks on the ToS, Junior miners such as AGQ (during the Jim Rogers Years), Gold (the metal $500--> $1400), The UK Growth Stocks FEVR, BOO, G4M etc. My biggest regrets of selling too early - Medusa mining went from 20p to something like £4, Asos went from under 10p to £80 (but I am not into fashion, so I can't dwell on that) Failures - TLW (oil), FRES (Silver) No trend happened in oil (as yet), and it's still early days for a bull market in gold and silver, although we are due for a new cycle. Blockchain stocks - they tried to catch the Bitcoin wave, but the train had already departed.
  4. CGP Grey a successful youtuber - he lives in London (yay for Britain!), and he has some useful videos about Brexit (non-bias Remain/Leave). Well worth a watch if you need more info on "Backstop and EU levels of membership" while we wait for the market to decide on where to go. Here they are in reverse order, starting with the most recent:
  5. I can safely say my computer has had no problems since the change of power supply! Whoop! ---- Bitcoin once again flirts with $4K. There will be a few more bull traps for those playing with leverage when using a bucketshop broker, but overall I think Bitcoin wants to clear $4K looking at the current action.
  6. ^Another great youtuber that lives in the UK I found out !
  7. I will mention Fred Dibnah here - without privilege of rich parents, life is hard for most of us, but was a master of his craft. Fred was working class. The next generation need to look back to this kind of mentality. 6:30secs shows how high he climbed this chimney, no safety ropes.
  8. 201p

    Birth Strike

    They don't have to be as productive, they borrow and spend in the economy. If not, the government will, for them!
  9. 201p

    Birth Strike

    TPTB have been fighting low birth of Western countries for decades now, it's call immigration. They are well versed. Population gives value to assets. Sure you can print money, but you still need labour to work the land to give assets value, and yield. High population numbers also enables large debts to be valid - and not be a concern by the global money markets. A $100bn deficit is a problem if the population is 1bn, but not if it is 5bn in population numbers. Technology also hampers birth rate. The Japanese are probably the most technologically advanced nation, and their birth rates have been falling for decades. There is something about being connected and having all the information at your fingertips. The internet I believe gives us too much information - it is a source for radicalisation, hatred, and cult following, and influence. I believe there is a correlation between more information and the increase in the sense of hopelessness and despair. You have some information, maybe it is about the climate, or the extinction of tigers, whatever. You want to fight the cause, but the world is a big place full of different ideas, trolls, challenges and perspectives. For a individual to process and rationalise all this information and conflict, I believe is impossible for the human mind. This is what we are seeing with these causes - birth strike, school strike etc. The internet is a useful tool, but also a double edged sword, which can bring about individual pre-conclusions. You may meet someone on the internet, read their stats, and look at their pictures. But you already have made up your mind, even before meeting them in real person, so you don't even take the risk to meet them. Or if you don't have the looks or the patter, you don't get a look in. There is some truth to - strangers are potential friends that we haven't met yet. Millennials and the Elderly are feeling more alone, even though we are more connected in the entire history of the human race. Sometimes, ignorance may be better. Don't reach for Google each time.
  10. Something we need to look out for? One was the mother who went psychotic, and the other was from a relationship split, and she was an ex-biology teacher. Ameila Harris Dec 2018 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6496089/Mother-38-deliberately-drowned-four-year-old-daughter-bath.html Bethan Colebourn Mar 2019 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6804979/Mother-drowned-daughter-three-didnt-want-near-estranged-CEO-husband.html
  11. This has some parallels to the diesel emissions tests the of car manufacturers that were caught using programs to circumnavigate emissions testing - we are bumping up to the limits of efficiency of what we can achieve with combustion and jet engines.
  12. The Eurofighter is inherently unstable in flight, which was deliberately designed so it is more manoeuvrable. However, it needs a computer to constantly adjust the canard wings so it remains stable in flight. Can't believe they would put this kind of thing in passenger airliners just to eek out a bit of efficiency. The rewards just aren't outweighed by the risks here.
  13. I'll make this post useful: So check if you need to have one done - or anybody you know. When you'll be invited for cervical screening Age When you're invited under 25 up to 6 months before you turn 25 25 to 49 every 3 years 50 to 64 every 5 years 65 or older only if 1 of your last 3 tests was abnormal Source: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cervical-screening/when-youll-be-invited/
  14. The thing is, things like cervical cancer, which in most cases nearly 100% preventable can be caught early with cervical smear tests - but fewer and fewer women are turning up to these, I have been told that people turning up to NHS screening are at 20 year lows, despite invitation letters and reminders. The message is all wrong, if you are going to get a message out there and be all virtuous - make yourself useful and get people to do stuff like the free screens!