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  1. It's one big conspiracy. Asset prices are already tumbling to multi decade lows. Can you imagine buying BP shares at £2 or Royal Dutch Shell at £9 back in 2019. There's Barclays at £1.10p and a few more - Rolls Royce was £1 a week ago. Unfathomable. There could be some cheap BTLs soon that some landlords won't be able to hold on to next year.
  2. For fun trades update SNG 232p --> 177p -23.7% NCYT 1,136p --> 1,194p +5.10% Litecoin $56.39 --> $59.48 +5.47% If we move into profit soon after the buy in, that is usually a good sign.
  3. I didn't have the same amount to reinvest when it broke through £4 - so I am gutted but have learned a lesson. See it as an opportunity to learn and move on. Sure it could have made us a significant amount of money in a relatively short space of time - it could have enlarged the trading pot or even bought a new car. Oh well! We have to remember, we are fortunate, more so than others that don't even know or look at the stock market. I'll have to write out this 100 times on the blackboard "Be always trading, never wishing". NCYT may look expensive at £11, but we in this for the %gai
  4. https://news.sky.com/story/asda-opens-sustainability-store-with-cereals-in-refillable-containers-and-fruit-sold-loose-12109198 Asda opens 'sustainability store' with cereals in refillable containers and fruit sold loose --- Something that we will keep hearing, is "sustainable", "inclusion". Anyway - this isn't new, we had "Weigh and Save" in the 1980s. but these were shunned as it was for poor people. Funny how we've come full circle.
  5. More at link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8872201/Welsh-Minister-Mark-Drakeford-snaps-criticism-firebreak-rules.html
  6. Many images at link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8872201/Welsh-Minister-Mark-Drakeford-snaps-criticism-firebreak-rules.html Crackdown of the trolley police: Now LIDL covers its famous middle aisle as Tesco staff in Wales COVER UP kettles and bedding on shelves after 'power mad' First Minister Mark Drakeford bans sale of 'non-essential' items and English police patrol border Stores being told they are unable to sell items such as clothes to shoppers and to prioritise other products Police checkpoints will be set up on a key section of the Wales-England bord
  7. Madness - more plastic into landfill once finished with. Don't cover up the rope.
  8. A big correction in UFO - some have been spiked on this volatility. The spike went much higher than I imagined as I said previously. There was only a window of 1 day to cash out at maximum profit! Next year Rodders.....
  9. CEY is in free fall here, the directors buy to stem the tide. Gold producers have been weakening anyway, and it's funny how bad news which comes out, really hammers a stock. But during the good times, it bounces back or holds much better. If we remember PUR, and the forest fires that surrounded the mine, the stock held firm above £1. It is at £1.30 today. There was a significant sell (about £400K) 1 month before some bad news has come out - there is some problem with a mine wall, and they have halted gold production. The stock has fallen much more than it's peers with this news.
  10. I think we are seeing the best bits of China - Wuhan which would have had more capital and manpower thrown at it than we could imagine. The virus could be raging in a city next door we just don't know. In 28 weeks later, the UK was cut off from the rest of the world as the virus raged. The rest of Europe was just fine. China's control of the narrative is like North Korea's but on steroids.
  11. The footage recently filmed in Wuhan by the Wallstreet Journal, has some interesting points 1. No social distancing appears to be enforced. 2. There are no fabric face coverings - everyone is wearing a disposable surgical mask. 3. A few people aren't covering their nose, and some wear the mask on their chin. 4. No masks are worn in the restaurant or social distancing is practiced - they are all sitting together. It just doesn't add up?
  12. I'm going to break my own rule here and talk about a stock that may or may not interest people about a therapeutic that uses interferon which is in a large phase 3 trial that starts in November across 20 different countries. There is a long unofficial piece at this link in the basement https://www.dosbods.co.uk/topic/802-new-presidential-cycle-and-the-possible-secular-bull-market-in-socks/?do=findComment&comment=916731 So do your own research of course, this is not investment advice. I own some shares in this company. This may be of interest to people who work in this
  13. OK we know what NCYT is about, covid tests. It's a pretty simple business model. Make them, ship them out. Update the tests when the virus mutates. There is a limited shelf life of these tests, which makes it a continually needed product for the next 5 years at least. This is a Global Reset stock in my opinion. Tests control the narrative. OK so what is SNG about? I don't think people know about it. There is a poster on LSE called WEDme who seems to have wrote a long piece about what it does. I don't know if it is accurate, so don't treat this a official research note. Do your own researc
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