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  1. He might have ordered fertiliser, but didn't fill in the forms properly. It was reported that the raid was on a farm after all!
  2. Ouch - I haven't followed KIE, this weekly chart doesn't show today's move yet. But the price action is mostly under a falling 30 Week moving average. This is a warning that there has been a tide of selling over the last 2 years. Don't stand in the way of it!
  3. I feel like that would be a good skit for a alt-right youtuber. So it starts with "HE" the youtuber, is really getting in on this new technology. But kicks out all the Alexia units, burns them, destroys them in some sort montage with heavy rock music. Then he puts little card board cut outs of Alex Jones in corners of each room. It then shouts out in an Alex Jones type voice answers to some conspiracy type questions. Like did the moon landings happen or is the Earth flat etc. And then says f u to deplatforming. Then Alex Jones walks in, and gives a cameo appearance and gives the thumbs up.
  4. An Alex Jones in every room - now that is arming yourself for the inf*war!
  5. I've posted this guy before, but he has a new video on trading "magic the gathering cards". This is a real story worth looking at and again has some parallels to the stock market. How people manipulate things to monetary gain. So one of his patreons pays a monthly fee to him, but publically bashes buying stuff from him to discourage other patreons buying. But this basher person buys $$$$s of product off him...
  6. This is an old article from 2012, Iran does have submarines https://www.businessinsider.com/look-at-all-the-weapons-iran-has-at-the-strait-of-hormuz-2012-3?r=US&IR=T#speedboats-12
  7. Torpedoes can be launched by fast boats (e.g Torpedo Boats), and helicopters. If it was Iran, then it could be a Torpedo Boat "Zolfaqhar class speedboats" http://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/defence-news/year-2015-news/october-2015-navy-naval-forces-defense-industry-technology-maritime-security-global-news/3146-irans-irgc-navy-unveiled-zolfaqar-semi-submersible-torpedo-boat.html
  8. AXS 105p --> 113.75p +8.33% SPE 1150p --> 965p -16.08% Stopped out TMMG 58p --> 87p +50% CTO 114.50p --> 116p +1.31% HOC 165p -->175p +6.06% --- Bitcoin $8,191 Ethereum $259 Litecoin $114, --> $133 +16.66% The others are now catching up. Stellar Lumens 12.65c This looks like a good floor at 10c
  9. Only 3 google search results if you search by the judge! And only 3 results by the professors name! Not Fake news! This has been kept stumm!
  10. National Express Coach. I tried it a couple of times, and it works out. Cheaper than train, and you can alter the ticket online if need be. You may not live near a National Express pick up though. They have an offer of £9 one way. https://www.nationalexpress.com/en/airports/gatwick
  11. Well money is created out of thin air - no surprise but everything is done to keep the plates spinning. Keep people paying the bills, and working the land (assets). We cannot have deflation! --- The comments at the bottom of video make for a good read.
  12. It is certainly is an interesting company, and the chart has been very lively. When the big fast food outlets start rolling out meat free alternatives, this will be big - I'll have to check out who'll be supplying the likes of McDonalds, KFC and Burger King when they roll out Vegan alternatives on the menu. The contract would be a gold mine. I still have to get round to filling out a W-8 form - and it is a pain because you have to renew it every 3 years, if you want to be tax efficient holding US listed securities in an ISA. So US stocks will take be on the back burner until I don't see any more opportunities in the UK.
  13. Just trying to digest that video - his mind works on a different level to mere mortals.
  14. https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/17699079.professor-wins-25m-payout-after-southampton-university-missed-tribunal/ SOUTHAMPTON University has ordered an urgent investigation after it was ordered to pay £2.5 million to one of its professors – because it failed to turn up to a tribunal. Economist Richard Werner, from Winchester, was awarded the payout last week after claiming he was discriminated against for being German and Christian during his 14 years career at the university.
  15. 201p

    Help: Shoes

    Can vouch for ECCO. Have worn them for over a year, and even put them in the washing machine (leather shoes) and they are still great. I have a similar pair to these although they are pricer than entry level shoes https://www.eccoshoesuk.com/ecco-reciprico/p8300
  16. Games Workshop never ceases to amaze. If I was into the hobby, and understood it more, I would have bought this. Will this clear £50?# You can see not every round number is significant. £10 significant £20 significant £30 Not significant (largely), as it tread around that level many times through 2018. £40 significant £50?
  17. A very strong response from the NASDAQ - 7,842 pts. AXS 105p --> 112p +6.66% SPE 1150p --> 965p -16.08% Stopped out TMMG 58p --> 82p +41.37% CTO 114.50p --> 114p -0.4% HOC 165p -->166p +0.6% --- Bitcoin $7,946 Ethereum $244 Litecoin $114, --> $126 -10.52% This one has gone up by itself when compared to the other three - this is an anomaly so don't get excited. Stellar Lumens 12.31c
  18. I've said it before, they missed a trick with making it free. The TV licence and the So-Called BBC is more than "entertainment". It is a news source. By making it "free" there is no value in the information. It becomes noise. By putting a price on it, you are more likely to watch and pay attention to the news from it, which is more controlled than a Facebook group.
  19. I note SBRY is at nearly new 30 year lows. No intention to buy, but I don't know if this might mark "THE LOW" if it creeps above £2 again. 5%+ yield, it owns Argos, and couldn't take over ASDA. I think there is probably some scope to shut unprofitable stores that have nearby competition from Lidl/Aldi. Multi-brand ownership offers some intra-spread dealing https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7122147/Sainsburys-items-cheaper-Argos-kiosk-store.html#readerCommentsCommand-message-field .
  20. They want to UK to take charge again basically. I am sure China could do another 99 year deal.
  21. If you suffer from body acne - change your sheets, pillows and covers more often.
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    We are well overdue for a recession according to the dow/gold ratio. LINK There are rumblings of lowering interest rates, and restarting quantitative easing. LINK