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  1. I asked my friend (friend of the rozzer). He did not know about home office (he will dig on this), only that the rozzer is stressed out as he has a pregnant wife and has been told from the top (could mean anything?) that they would be bussed into other areas as needed, and they preparing for 6months of coverage plans here in wilts...whos gonna monitor twitter in their abscence?
  2. haha missed these posts..same mental image as me, see my pic. haha.
  3. i have no reason to not believe my friend. would love to hear from anybody with met/ thames valley contacts.
  4. Thanks...I will clarify and report back tomorrow.He said it came from the top...Could mean anything...but reading the tea leaves this is confirmation that despite the referendum, leave would never be allowed....but we already knew that based on historic events (eg eire and lisbon) along with all the dillying and dallying?
  5. Anbody here with any friends in the police? A trusted friend who has a mate in the wiltshire police based in devizes (rozzer HQ) told me today that the coppers have been preparing for 6 months of social unrest. planning has been ongoing since October...
  6. I have one of these. I do look like a retarded simpleton in it, but thats desired. I love a social eexperiment and trolling the general public. I think I'll treat myself to a bout of torettes at waitrose this afternoon.
  7. remember, its only gay if you push back, at least thats what they told me in prison, and its only a bit of skin brother....
  8. average days poo has to be about 16oz? 47 days worth is 16 lbs? say ~7kg? like carrying twins.
  9. That's hard to comprehend, 47 days and eating all the while? Looks like he had a strategy, caked up on crunchy dry crap to create a plug...Thats going to hurt when it decides to show its head... unless he has a cessarian? Longest for me was a week when i first ever stayed over at mrs gluebags. when on the way home i had the griping pains on the ferry to singers...but could not use the squalid fishy pissy sqaut pits on that....headed straight to the office at the ferry terminal and went into was a good consitency and was a only what i can describe as a clay python. i was so proud i moved to the next trap, wiped and flushed in therr so that i could preserve the krakken i had laid..i expect omebody.somewhere will still be telling others about what he found....if he surbived the scare?..went to the office feeling 10lbs lighter and childishly proud of myself
  10. felt a funny shaking feeling 10mins ago in north east wiltshire...was in my study, went to the landing expecting my nippers to be playing on the stairs but they were in the garden. thought it odd. The gods are angry. better sacrifce a beer in their honor
  11. maybe i am but they all got married and had expect that had more to do with it as opposed to filandering with me
  12. no drama. no expectations here, i know how it gets and im not lonely or needy knocked the snout on the head yet? im just home...loading the vape with some white widow. lets see how far i get through the album i put on before im asleep. enjoy your weekend.