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  1. VladTheImp

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    Bilderberg plant. You think they’d put more effort into disguising their lizard.
  2. VladTheImp

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    And here she is! i missed the first 15 mins. Have we had sad face tax credit woman questioner yet?
  3. VladTheImp

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    Oh FFS, question from mr I’m an Immam at a mosque. What are the odds of that? Fucking bbc
  4. VladTheImp

    Next PM

    They’re all sitting in manspread poses ... except Rory who sits like he has a long hard cock up his arse.
  5. Were you using your car’s hooter a lot, to honk at him, thus inspiring him to call you honkey? ‘Cos only lesser pigmented humans can be racist.
  6. Noticed a lot of new cars around of late that are Matt grey. Do you pay less for one that’s only been undercoated?
  7. Don’t suppose Somalis have any Neanderthal DNA in them, having ancestors who evolved without leaving Africa.
  8. They wouldn’t let their daughter out unless she was covered up except for an eye-slit and accompanied by a relative.
  9. The Prime Minister is a remainder, but pretends to want Brexit. To get her surrender deal through she has to suck the cock of the leader of the opposition. He wants Brexit, but pretends to want to remain. I’m no longer convinced it has all been one long scripted farce as you couldn’t make this latest shit up!
  10. callipygous Having a beautifully shaped arse.
  11. Having seen Meghan Markle and bananas in the same sentence, I’m just waiting until the thought police arrive having committed a minimum of two thought crimes.
  12. Resurrecting this as the nearest thing to a Finnish Metal thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r68y-IoMGtk&feature=share https://youtu.be/r68y-IoMGtk Vocal coach reacting to Nightwish performing Ghost Love Score. She starts off a bit “hmmm” but soon starts to feel it and by the end is like “oh my god, shit, I need a lie down”. Just brilliant!
  13. Women voting for women, like blacks voting for Obama. Any ism is only an ism if done by a white male, apparently.
  14. Better than burning the plastic, gasify it. Seems the tech is getting there: https://www.powerhouseenergy.net/