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  1. VladTheImp

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    Women voting for women, like blacks voting for Obama. Any ism is only an ism if done by a white male, apparently.
  2. VladTheImp

    Malaysia Bans Import of UK Plastic

    Better than burning the plastic, gasify it. Seems the tech is getting there: https://www.powerhouseenergy.net/
  3. VladTheImp

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Last few percent takes longer than the rest like the progress bar on the PC, perhaps MayBot runs on Windows.
  4. VladTheImp

    Bye bye Treason May?

    We voted leave because we were so concerned about trade across the Irish border, obviously.
  5. Merest accusation against a pale stale male then their name would be out there to encourage other victims to come forwards.
  6. VladTheImp

    Britain part of Yemen war

    Of course UK is involved, sells a shitload of weapons to Saudi. Would love to sell to Iran too but can’t because of sanctions.
  7. VladTheImp

    Golly gosh words we no longer use

    callipygous in my opinion the most beautiful word in the English language.
  8. VladTheImp

    Axes of Evil

  9. VladTheImp

    Bye bye Treason May?

    What? I thought Jon Snow was really a Targaryen!
  10. Yorkshire folk, obviously. What they’re saying is not “Allah Akbar”, it’s clearly local dialect “Al’a ‘ak bah” which is “All I hack without”, as they hack with their knife. Skin colour? That’s just coal dust from working down t’pit.
  11. VladTheImp

    US virtue signaller now unemployed

    Nike would be wise to market their trainers to people who will, or their parents will, pay full price for them. Not people who will loot trainers during a riot or take them from some other kid at knifepoint.
  12. VladTheImp

    Kebab shops - Drugs and child abuse?

    As well as money laundering and tax credits, they’re an immigration route too. Not a single skilled kebab chef amongst the UK population so we simply must allow some in from elsewhere.
  13. VladTheImp

    Aretha Franklin - over the top coverage?

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T and Sisters are doin’ It for themselves are staples on the set list in most gay bars, as frequented by many MSM types.
  14. VladTheImp

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    I had a longish commute one day last week so, foolishly, put 5Live on the radio for traffic news. One of the on-the-hour headlines in the morning was “wonderful Mr Stormzy has set up a scholarship to pay black kids through Cambridge Uni”. Fuck me if the same wasn’t still a headline on the way home that evening. A) why the hell does that merit a headline all day? B) the So-Called BBC failed completely to say how Stormzy is clearly discriminating on grounds of skin colour. Switch a few key words in that “news” and they’d be screaming “wasist”. Fucking hypocrites.
  15. VladTheImp

    FFS Handshake

    Never shake hands with a woman. She could be menstruating and Allah wouldn’t be happy then. Ladies here, observe how the staff at your local corner shop or garage try to drop the change into your hand to avoid touching your hand.