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  1. I think I failed to make my point clear. In mid April, some people still thought that furlough was a spring jolly and were upset to be missing out on it. By now the economic consequences, recognised early on this site, were becoming obvious. Many essential employees in the hospitality industry have also been furloughed.
  2. Has he checked to see if it filters ‘honky/whitey/gasoline necklace’? Asking for a friend....
  3. It always helps to get the results before you sit the exam....
  4. The PM considers it to be his job to maximise his survival in office, as most of his predecessors have also done. Setting up those he perceives as rivals to fail has long been a role of the office. NI Secretary for most of 70’s-‘90’s was a classic ‘reward’ for potential threats and was even referenced in A Very British Coup.
  5. @stokiescum never ‘sleeps alone’. You may have to be willing to share more than the sofa with him.
  6. The education unions are the heartland of Momentum. In their ‘idealism’ to hurt what they perceive as an illegitimate Tory government, they will happily throw an age group of kids under the bus to prove a point. Dissenting teachers find the staff room a very hostile place. Our kids are shaped by a professional class that have never grown past the politics of the play ground. Gavin Williams was known as ‘Walt’ to the forces as DefSec for a reason. He was never going to face down the unions.
  7. A balanced and fair summary imho. I would suggest that we reenact/revamp the treason laws. Let her have the right to choose British citizenship, with the consequences of imprisonment, as all other traitors should face.
  8. Back in late April I had staff asking when they would get their turn at furlough. Silly fuckers didn’t realise that those ‘sitting in the garden’ were surplus. Interestingly, few of those ‘sitting in the garden’ also realised that they were surplus....
  9. @The Masked Tulip you’ve been ahead of the MSM many times on here and ToS, and I’m a long time fan. However on this one I think you’re speculating. I’ve been to Beirut’s docks. A greater shambles you would struggle to find. My money is on incompetence ahead of conspiracy. Happy to be proven wrong if reliable sources can be found.
  10. Summat catching fire near a shit load of stuff plastered with ‘no naked flame’ warning stickers.... Await the cover up from the port authorities.
  11. It’s a big’un alright, but nowhere near 0.1KT scale. I saw 200lb of P3 (or equiv) go off under water and a similar expansion ring was visible. A shed load of something ordnance like just went pop, the question is why? Lots of people filming the White smoke before the second explosion. Sounds like a bad situation getting out of hand, but not likely to be a military strike, imho.
  12. No the circular expansion is a shockwave carrying water vapour. It’s common with explosions near water.
  13. A once civilised country that never fully recovered from a massive influx of refugees over its Southern border. Sounds familiar?
  14. Once again I opened a thread full of hope and expectation, only to be disappointed. I thought that @Wight Flight was about to sell the movie rights to his diaries.... It’ll be like the movie Caligula, but without the politics or other clean bits...