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  1. Nothing to add other than what Byron said, but I've worked out it costs me about £5 for 100ml when I make my own, i.e 10x cheaper than the shops sell. I think that's where all the ecig shops profits comes from tbh Edit: you can still buy 72mg. I just did
  2. Yeah. The council estate I grow up on was full of older, respectable people who had all worked and had brought up their families there. It was actually a really quiet and a pleasant place to live. It wasn't until the 80s that the scumbags started moving in. The place was never the same after... Until recently, when all the houses got bought on the cheap under 'right to buy', then done up and sold to the highest bidders. Quite a respectable middle class place again as far as I can see 😆
  3. Agree. I ate all this when I was younger and was always skinny, as were my parents. It's only the last 20ish years I've steadily gained weight, as have they. Our diets are different - no more Lard, butter, full fat milk, sugar etc, but plenty of 'healthy' oils, spreads, skimmed, low fat stuff, artificial sweeteners etc (until recently) Maybe the answer is elsewhere then?
  5. He’s on reddit if you miss him that much!
  6. The prices are apparently based on reality, each year each hospital submits data showing how much all procedures / stays cost them (reference costs), NHSI then average this*, then add a weighting for geographic area to produce the document I linked, which every hospital then must use to bill commissioners, at patient level. *( I think, out of my area of knowledge)
  7. There’s a price for everything. Payment By Results
  8. I swore by low carb until a few weeks ago, when I realised it was actually making me ill. I couldn’t sleep, was cold all the time, had no libido, was barely eating anything as I had no appetite, couldn’t think straight...was an absolute mess really, but was desperate to lose the last few pounds and so was determined to stick to it. I suddenly had a moment of clarity, did some googling, and found my symptoms not unusual. Basically low carbing for so long has ruined my metabolism. the last few weeks I’ve been eating exactly what I wanted. I feel 400 times better. A complete turnaround. And I now believe low carb diets are not the answer, and are infact unhealthy. The exact opposite of what I thought a couple of months ago the problem now is I don’t know what the answer is! I’ve definitely put on a few pounds, but I’m hoping (as I feel so much better) I’m actually healthier now the things I’m reading at the mo suggest PUFA is the problem - sunflower oil, rapeseed, basically any liquid oil, and that we should be eating butter, lard, coconut oil instead. Certainly seems to make sense as that’s what our parents were brought up on (as well as lots of carbs like bread, pies, potatoes etc), and they were all relatively lean.. TLDR-I don’t know what the answer to slimness and health is, but almost sure I s not low carb or low fat
  9. My plan once I've lost the stone from low carbing was to try eating one large meal a day, are you saying that didn't work for you? I calculated I probably wouldn't be able to exceed 1200 calories from one good meal (assuming I eat relatively sensibly). If 1200 calories a day + excercise makes me/us gain weight then it surely says something is very wrong with us? 🙁 Although I feel and get benefits from low carbing, once I reach my goal I really don't want to have to stick with it forever, as I get very little enjoyment from my meals. I want bread (and pies, and chocolate, and crisps, and beer)...just a bit - not all of the time!, surely not too much to ask 😢
  10. Low carb is the only thing that's ever worked for me. Tried dieting loads over the years and got nowhere. About 2 years ago I discovered low carb and lost about 2st in 6 months. Then, with about a stone left to go, decided I'd had enough and would lose that with a 'normal' diet. 2 years later I've lost none of it. I've counted calories of every bite, been running miles every week, weight lifting. The best I've done is 2-3 pounds lost in a week, only to gain it back within a couple of weeks, despite almost religiously sticking to it. So annoying. Calories in calories out, despite it making logical sense, just doesn't seem to apply to me! So as of 2 weeks ago, back on the low carb. 1/2 a stone gone already, no effort, no exercise, no hunger. This way of eating just seems 'right' . On a higher carb diet I'm hungry every couple of hours, even ravenous sometimes. Low carb I have to remind myself to eat, and just feel better generally the only problem is I do miss the carbs, because they are delicious! All the nice food is Carby, and I get very tired of meat and cheese and nuts. So i know it won't last forever, but I'll do my best, then take it from there
  11. Wow can't believe I missed that one. Thanks!
  12. I've got 2 cats, who love me unconditionally! Perhaps that's my problem? 😁
  13. See, when I am excited about things I usually struggle to get TO sleep. I don't understand why stress/whatever causes me to wake early, I was quite happily asleep, why does my stupid brain tell me I need to wake up and make me suffer all day?? re the kindle/speaker thing. A lot I have read says you should only use bed for sleep, and that if you can't sleep you should get up, so that's what I always do. Kinda makes sense.. may have a go at the reading thing though seeing it as normal is ok, but I definitely don't feel normal on days where I haven't slept. Appreciate I can survive on a few hours sleep, but it's not very nice. I do obsess over it but that's because I really want to find a solution 😭😴
  14. Workingfortheman


    Thoughts I'd consult the hive mind as exhausted all other avenues! anyone suffer from/got any hints on early morning insomnia? For years I've woken up after 4-5 hours sleep. Have absolutely no issue getting to sleep, but then I ping awake typically 4-5am. Toss and turn for an hour or so then eventually give up and get up. Wouldn't mind so much if I felt refreshed but I can feel the tiredness seeping in slowly through the day. After waking at 4 I'm exhausted now 😔 Its not everyday but 3-4 a week. It totally ruins my day, can't concentrate at work, can't be bothered to exercise, want to eat junk food all day. Feel 100x better on the rare nights I sleep well, it's like im a different person. ive researched this for months, tried every drug, supplement and routine going, nothing has helped. My latest thoughts are it is stress related. My job isn't that stressful, but I am quite sensitive to this stuff. I always sleep well Sunday nights but Thursday/ Friday is by far the worst. Anyone ever suffered? for what its worth I sleep in a dark room, don't use screens in the hours before bed, only drink caffeine first thing, excercise daily, and eat a relatively healthy diet. Alcohol makes it much worse. hot baths, milk, lavender, and a whole host of supplements and legal and not so legal drugs have had no effect so far. save me!
  15. Up up and away 😀