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  1. Absolutely. A natural occurrence. If we didn't, we'd die.
  2. I must be a different species of female as my farts don't smell anything like lavender and roses. Sticking a polo mint up there might give it a more pleasant fragrance however. It's always been a great source of delight for my husband and me to analyse the smells and sounds of our farts. I remember both of us being relieved when we realised, quite early on in our history together, that we could both let rip without it being a cause for concern. So liberating! I'm still not keen on the trapped under the duvet joke though.
  3. Of course not. I find it annoying when it's unnecessarily used at the beginning of a sentence. "What did you have for breakfast this morning?" "So, we had eggs and bacon." You hear it a lot in interviews on the news lately. With regards to "Errrr", I mean as in hesitating to answer a question, or giving yourself some time before you answer. Which doesn't bother me, unless it's used excessively.
  4. Once you hear it, you can't unhear it. It's everywhere. Very annoying. Is it replacing "Well, ...." or "Errr...."?
  5. They've got him. Good. It looks like a deliberate act to me. "Scotland Yard said that a 41-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm following police enquiries at an address in the Chelsea area on the morning of Thursday, 10 August." Read more:
  6. Watched a little bit of it and Rob strikes me as a bit of a naughty boy.
  7. You're in Belfast? These do gait analysis and biomechanical assessments for £38 each. Might be worth giving them a ring.
  8. Not too disimilar to Catholicism and Latin until the Bible was translated into English.
  9. There are still plenty of Krauts defending the Destroyer of Europe, but many Krauts are finally waking up.
  10. I think Tommy Robinson is in it for Tommy Robinson. He might well be compromised.
  11. I'm not a big fan of Tony Robinson, but for me he has highlighted what a failure the police and justice system is in this country. There really is a two-tier system.