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  1. Outside source! Geez what's it all about... This and the Victoria Derbyshire "show" need to be AXED!
  2. Now that's what you call A SPEECH! Rousing! You can feel the pride of the Nation! Nothin like the shite that dribbles out of these feminised lot today... Too afraid to wear a patterned tie in case it offends somebody... Weak and spineless not a man among them- imagine Gove in the same room as Churchill!... Can we open a window a little Sir it's a tad smokey in here... Wankstain!
  3. I agree 👍... Think they are trying to add fuel to the fire 🔥
  4. If he was a " terrorist " I'm sure he would of reversed back over the 'innocent Muslim victims ' to finish the job of, not get out of the van and walk down the street.. Probably never saw the muzzies crouching on a dimly lit Street in an unfamiliar area.... Anyway whatever happened the Muslim brovvers are milking it for all its worth
  5. Tommy for P.M.... Where do I sign up! Piers Your a smug, self satisfied twat ! .... How you made the leap from papers to t.v. I beyond me.... Probably went to the right synagogue... All lookin after eachother! Mazel Tov!
  6. Victoria Derbyshire.... What a fuckin waste of airtime
  7. They had the right idea 💡 and most of their meticulous administrative skills copied to this day by government and councils
  8. Looks like some kind of day centre
  9. The "heroic" Imam that reportedly "saved" the van drivers life yesterday was very quick thinking.... He managed to stop a load of his "brovvers " from being arrested and charged with wanten MURDER, at the same time, turning the tables to make the driver into the real villain and get the Muslims put on a pedestal with all our so called heads of state dancing to their tune!... I really do hope and pray that out gracious majesty the Queen isn't forced into playing foolish games by having to visit the "victims" of this orchestrated attack!... Mind you, with Ascot starting and having to miss a day to open parliament I hope she won't have time.... Gawd bless 'er! More important... I'm betting on pale lemon for today
  10. Bet they liked football ⚽ too!... Ffs..That doesn't make them more integrated
  11. Bastarts! ... Bet she's got another fella on the go....
  12. Well... If only dem poor bois had worn something similar last night.. Innit!
  13. One of the government's "hard working, ordinary families" then.. Ran 2 businesses. Liked the odd pint, doin his best for his "family""but felt he was "just about managing" on the " margins of society "
  14. Luv Yasmin.. That was last night's review though