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  1. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    My wife argued this with her mother the other day. Mother-in-law is ardent socialist feminist, wife pointed out this could happen to her two sons. Blank look from MIL.
  2. Inoperational Bumblebee

    MDMA and autism and Dosbods meets.

    My apologies, I've not read the link, but I'm a big believer that any drug can be used as a tool. I've taken a huge amount of MDMA over the last 20 years, and I feel it's had a very positive effect on my life. It's aspirational (for me), in that it teaches you what you are capable of emotionally. Openness, honesty, and acceptance of your current state of affairs seem a pretty good temporary state to experience IMO. It shows you are capable of it. Other drugs have been fun, but not educational. Hallucinogens are, but they are much more unpredictable in their direction. Stimulants at higher doses are not good for your pysche. Alcohol is awful quite frankly. Opiates are great, but too easy to use as a crutch. Dissociatives numb you. Cannabis is too paranoia-inducing in me. Benzos are nice, but physical effects are dangerous. I feel the existence of MDMA has been a net positive on society. This astounds me. I would suggest you didn't take enough, it was fake, or you were on medication that stopped its effects. It's really quite noticeable...
  3. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I saw this pop up on on my phone and thought it was broken, and giving me news from 6 months ago.
  4. Inoperational Bumblebee

    I have a cat on my boobs

    Cats are weird. Ours was a stray (not feral) and you can tell in her behaviour that she's grateful to have somewhere to live, even after 9 years of being found. Most docile, affectionate and tolerant cat I've ever met.
  5. There's a fair few of us round here I'd bet... Saved for when I'm not in bed.
  6. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Should there be a "XXXX Is Fucked" subforum?

    I voted yes, but @Frank Hovis has a point. I'll try this, and see what what my rep/post count gets to.
  7. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Anyone got any thoughts on Stobart?
  8. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Smart TV platforms

    It just said it wouldn't accept the code. This is the point really. I was going to spend £400 so for £60 difference over how long we own it, I can't be bothered to put too much effort into it. I'll just go with the Richer Sounds one.
  9. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Smart TV platforms

    You might prefer this cheaper one then! It's what I've bought. I couldn't get the eBay thing to work unfortunately @The Masked Tulip.
  10. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Smart TV platforms

    It's asking for a zip code so I'll see if something I make up actually works. Only the Argos eBay store seemed to have the one I'm after.
  11. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Smart TV platforms

    Hmmm. This is where it gets slightly more difficult. I'll just go for the 6 year guarantee from Richer Sounds instead.
  12. Inoperational Bumblebee

    The bodyguard

    Saw last night's and enjoyed. Will watch today's on catchup tomorrow.
  13. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Smart TV platforms

    Thanks! That'll save us a chunk...
  14. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Smart TV platforms

    Ta folks. Have ordered a Chromecast for the current TV, and going to get an LG for the living room. If it's a nuisance, then I'll get some plug in thing for that one too.
  15. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Smart TV platforms

    Should have given specifics about the smart TV aspects. We use Plex almost exclusively for our evening watching (the Samsung has the app on it), and Youtube entertains the boy for hours. If a Chromecast or similar with a quality TV would be better, then I'll happily do so. In which case, any thoughts on what that might be? Would that be another remote?