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  1. I think the market for them comes from older people with more money than they know what to do with, looking for a return that they can't get in the current economic environment. It also feeds into having plenty of time and a desire to play with cars! Eponysterical? There was that guy in Last Of The Summer Wine who lived in the garage fixing up his car, and that was years ago.
  2. Agreed. This sounds like an inherently dangerous design. You wouldn't have any work equipment designed without fail-safes like this!
  3. We had this recently at work. A bit of background first: very lefty organisation, SJW-central, vast majority voted Remain, occasional political leaflet in the pigeonhole, etc. Someone recently used the department-wide email list to offer spaces on a bus for some London Remain march. Within seconds, the (recently new) boss came back with a rather curt message stating political discussion was absolutely unacceptable on a the mailing list, and not to do so again. I was very pleased.
  4. Have you seen Die Welle? Mindbendingly amazing film. IMDB's 7.6 suggests others disagree with me but it's probably the best film I've ever seen.
  5. Much as a lot here is good, my favourite is by far the deflation thread. It was my favourite on ToS too.
  6. I can't remember what has previously been posted, but we ended up with an LG and are very pleased with it. The OS is pretty good. I'd definitely buy another. Get 4K, and HDR if it's not too much more expensive. I don't know if there's anything else worth looking for tbh.
  7. 5: Smart TV. 95% of what we watch is pirated, so need connectivity for that. YouTube for the boy is good too. Dyson. God no. This is plastic Chinese shit now, surely? Agree with @JackieO about Miele. Ours is built like a fucking tank. I'll let my 2-year old play with it because I'm confident he won't break it. BBQ. I think you'll find it's spelt barbecue. £30 from Tesco, because you know, I want to have something to contain the burning coals rather than just resting them on the decking... Vinyl records. Some limited edition dance music from the 90s that only comes on vinyl, bought at the time. iMac. Why? Linux is my flavour. Nutribullet. Why? Is this a liquidiser or something? Expensive luggage. Mine came from Primark. Wood burner. Came with the house. I've had a fire of some sort nearly my whole life. Offers redundancy in case of fuel difficulties. Spiralizer. What is this? In fact, I don't care. Mulberry bag. Is this for carrying mulberries? I've not tried them. Matching coasters. Yep. Mixed. Two sets, and some not matched ones. Great invention. Boiling water taps. Might be good, but do they filter the water? Seems a bit pointless as I have a kettle. Hot tub. This seems like a ridiculous waste of garden space for something I'll barely use. Aga. Gas is much better for actual cooking. Smeg fridge. Our LG is probably better. Brompton. No engine... I like to not get drink rings on my nice furniture. I always seem to have drips for some reason!
  8. Sounds like something off Star Wars. Neprolean Guard or the like.
  9. I thought this was quite thought-provoking. Excerpted from Conformity: The Power of Social Influences by Cass R. Sunstein. Sunstein was the co-author of Nudge, the theory of which was behind the UK Government's Behavioural Insights Team. I read Nudge and thought it was pretty good, hence my interest in this article. Research shows that increased interaction between people of all beliefs tends towards creating more extreme positions overall, rather than people compromising on a happy medium. It set me wondering if the culture we live in today (with more global interaction of this type through mass communication, cheap international air travel, social media, etc.) is more conducive to this, or whether it's just more noticeable because we are able to see larger numbers of people for the same reasons. I initially tended towards the former, but then throughout history we've seen uprisings, riots, revolutions, etc. that could be said to be manifestations of this behaviour. Does human nature change in response to its environment, or is it just our interpretation of it that is altered?
  10. Hadn't really noticed this thread before. Most recent purchases were Imperial Brands and William Hill, and smaller chunks of Babcock and Stagecoach.
  11. Totally agree with your first paragraph but not from then on. Just wanted to mention as I upvote then removed! No offence... I'm not sure I realised it until now, but I suspect this is closest to my view. With something so complex I don't think it's appropriate for an out and out ban in modern society; we should trust adults to make their own decisions. I've occasionally considered this myself, and I think the harsh reality is I could quite happily do the deed the first time but I'm unsure how the experience would affect subsequent acts. It's something I would actually like to experience though. It may even enhance my enjoyment of meat, you never know!
  12. I think that would have resulted in a fork like ETH and ETC. Agreed. There's a reason why BTC is number one by market cap. I have! Looking for an opportunity that takes my fancy, but not quite feeling it yet.
  13. When I realised she shouldn't still be fat! Went low carb for ages which did the job.
  14. I'm pretty sure they use that term for any pregnancy where the mother is over 30. My wife was fat as fuck for ages after the birth. A diet of cake and curry didn't help though.