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  1. Bitcoin!

    It's still a load of wank.
  2. Disabled People

    Come to think of it, I know a few people who are disabled and generally don't use their blue badge to park. I went out with a different woman to the one mentioned earlier, for maybe 6 months, and it was only well into the relationship that she whipped out a blue badge when we were having trouble finding a space. Turns out she'd had a stroke as a child and that had caused a lot of difficulties. She just saw it as part of life, and said that everyone has shit happen to them. Felt guilty at being classed as disabled.
  3. Surrey pissheads

    My experience is that today's youth drink far less and take less drugs than 20-25 years ago. I have no idea why. I certainly am. Last drink I had was Sunday though, which is the longest I've gone without a drink in quite a long time!
  4. Disabled People

    I lived with a disabled woman for a year, and it was fucking awful. Mainly because when she was in pain I got the brunt of her frustration. I come into contact with more than you'd expect as a result of my job and they generally have a good attitude. They are just people, and you get wankers in all walks of life, disabled or not.
  5. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Well it does, as a substantial proportion of what we consume is imported.
  6. Who was it hoping to get a cheap diesel car after Dieselgate?

    Quote of the year!
  7. Cloud mining?

    I'd always assumed cloud mining was scammy, as why would you hire out your hardware rather than just mining and selling the coins yourself? Is it actually profitable to do?
  8. Roller garage doors

    Chiming in with others here. Since the council made our landfill bin smaller, I've asked my wife that plastic containers either go in recycling or on the fire, as they take up an inordinate amount of space in the bin. Literally three times a week I ask. Have decided not to any more, and when the bin is full the rubbish stays in the kitchen.
  9. Proper Fantasy Garage

    Mine aren't going to be as exotic, but here are my three: Lotus Exige Kawasaki Mule Aerial Atom Might as well chuck some bikes in too: Yamaha FZ6 Suzuki DR-Z400 SM Probably my current bike, a Versys 650. Yeah, nothing massively exciting but I'm not very imaginative, and these are actually what I genuinely would like to own. Part of the enjoyment is knowing i can treat them like shit. It's like the difference between a £2 cigar, a £20 cigar and a £200 cigar. Diminishing returns and all. Not sure I'd enjoy wildly expensive stuff as I'd feel it was pointless.
  10. Unjustified faith in new technology

    Going on today's experience, fucking Android Google Pay. Went to buy my lunch and neither of the registered cards would work. Bearing in mind there's several hundred pounds in each account and I'm attempting to buy a tenner's worth of stuff. I had to go back to work and ring the bank, and pick up my actual wallet with actual cash in it. Wasted 35 minutes. Been using it for months now and thought it was great. Now, not so much. I'll be swinging back to cash thanks.
  11. Altcoin thread

    No idea, but 'alt season' might well be upon us. Was that ETH to keep as ETH, or to buy smaller cap things with? If the former, got any profit taking levels in mind?
  12. Best thread title - nominations 🔥

    Yeah, I proper laughed my arse off on discovering this site was called DOSBODS.
  13. Free bus travel for under 25s

    I see you've not been on public transport recently. To be fair, they are saying things that will appeal to voters. If those voters are too stupid to want anything more important, it probably explains why the country is in such a state.
  14. Tear up in London this weekend?

    @JoeDavola, are you morphing into @ccc?
  15. Butter

    I am incapable of spreading butter so have to get my wife to do it, otherwise I end up with a handful of crust and a load of bread wrapped around the butter on the knife. My initial solution to this was to come up with some incredible invention, like butter in Pritt Stick format and patent it for dollar, but it appears it already exists. A bit in a bowl and 5 seconds in the microwave is what she does.