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  1. Inoperational Bumblebee

    The gift that never stops giving

    I love this tune, and think he thoroughly deserves those royalties!
  2. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Fantasy trader/investor subforum?

    The fantasy investor threads popped up following a suggestion in the deflation thread, and @201p has been doing his 'socks' thread for a while. Then @Green Devil suggested about allowing multiple trades over the year, so it got me thinking: Why don't we just have a subforum specifically for it, where people can have their own thread each? Posting fantasy or real trades, as a log. Might not see a lot of traffic outside a select few, but it's useful for yourself as well as others I reckon? Thoughts?
  3. Inoperational Bumblebee

    The US Mid-Term Elections

    So when do we know the result?
  4. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Shopping under the threat of mass extermination

    They've been there for years though haven't they?
  5. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Still need to think of mine! I'm feeling somewhat apathetic right now though.
  6. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Student Loans

    I hadn't felt like that until I read this. Such a waste.
  7. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Bad taste now a hate crime..

    I look forward to the day all this PC bullshit ends. I mean, who are they are actually supposed to be hating here?
  8. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    Fuck 'em off then. They aren't like that at the one I use fortunately. Lucky really as I have a Respro Foggy Mask in my helmet and my glasses go dark in the sun. If they could even tell what colour my skin was I'd be surprised.
  9. Inoperational Bumblebee


    My Egg Card came back saying there was never any on it. Fair enough. Worth a few minutes effort IMO.
  10. Surely this is an artifact of the low interest rate environment? So much money flying around with people looking for somewhere to invest it? No disrespect meant, but I suspect if we get anything like the Depression occurring, these won't be top of the pile of things that have made massive gains.
  11. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Fantasy investor 2018

    Don't see why not. Not sure how that will work on the spreadsheet though, but that's not the point.
  12. The sooner the housing market comes crashing down around our ears the better. People are so used to years of free money they think they are entitled to it, from HPI to Govt largesse. An excellent point. People think they 'know about property' because they've bought a house and watched loads of cheap-to-make TV about it, and the relative illiquidity of it means it's more difficult for them to be obviously wrong about prices. It's difficult to argue with live stock market valuations on a screen in front of you. Since I was a child I couldn't comprehend people who claim they didn't understand the stock market. I mean, you're buying a share in a company, how much more transparent could that statement be? I didn't know how to buy them without research, but then it's not exactly something I would expect to know by instinct...
  13. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Fantasy investor 2018

    True! Is that your entry? Happy with the vague rules?
  14. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Fantasy investor 2019

    Ending end of 2019. Placeholder; to be updated. Please do not post yet.
  15. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Fantasy investor 2018 over here folks, to avoid clogging this thread up further.