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  1. Splendid. This shouldn't be being paid for in the first place, and I'd trust a pharmacist more than a GP for a lot of stuff. Now if the pharmacist recommends you go to the GP, that should carry more weight. There's nothing stopping you insisting on speaking to the pharmacist. I've always found them knowledgeable and helpful. They know the medicines and interactions, whereas the GP knows the body. I suspect the pharmacist is far more eager to apply their knowledge correctly as they get less of a chance than the GP ploughing through 6 million pensioners a day who just want some company.
  2. Agreed. This thread is specifically about the belief something in particular is coming, and how people intend to act or are acting in response. @201p's thread is quite different, as an example.
  3. I dunno, I just think if my wife or kid needed an organ that there'd be one available, and that won't happen if everyone says "fuck that".
  4. Am I the only dissenting voice that thinks this is a good thing? I agree there should have been more publicity about it, but I'm not convinced there's going to be some massive conspiracy by medical staff to let people with good bits die. Surely the emotional reward for the vast majority of medical staff is fixing people who are broken? Why is that any different if it is someone who has good parts to donate or receive? It ain't Treason May who's deciding whether you live or die!
  5. Interesting signal perhaps, if the waiting list is much shorter than it traditionally is? [EDIT: to clarify, not about the watches themselves but the economy in general.]
  6. I dunno, I lived near there for a while and it was proper fucking shady around that area. I would avoid walking round there like the plague, any hour of the day. .
  7. I've tried to avoid all charity stuff like this for years, mainly as it's hours of crap, and I'm never going to donate. Comic Relief is particularly bad, if only because they broke the Toast Clem Fandango thing for me in the last year or so. I was very sad about that.
  8. It was the hi-vis I was thinking of, though I suppose it could have been for cycling rather than being a builder.
  9. It may well have been this heap, from googling.
  10. I swear to God I saw a similar UK version go past me in Cardiff about a week ago. I actually could not stop myself standing there muttering "for fuck's sake" staring at it. I just checked through my phone on the off-chance I had the wherewithal to take a photo but I didn't unfortunately. That sounds like a completely shite holiday wherever it is.
  11. I was going to suggest Shaun Richards too @sancho panza! There's also which could probably be played about with as they have historical data from end users. Agreed, temporary only, but they are also an entertaining hedge against GBP. It's usually a change in IBTL that tips me off about currency fluctuations, which encourages me to go looking in the news... Strange way about it possibly!
  12. Surely they mean that the breast milk that white heterosexual men produce is inferior?
  13. Could well get more signatures if the word prorogue wasn't used. I'm nearly 40 and this is the first time this word has come into my awareness.