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  1. Inoperational Bumblebee

    luxuary items

    Booze. I like wine, whisky and lager, and cheaping out on that is a false economy. @longtomuranium, is that Bengali stuff available in supermarkets? Tools. If I know I'm going to get the use from it, I'll buy the best I can afford (not necessarily the most expensive). Socket set, knives, etc.
  2. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Make your own ecig liquid

    You're probably asking the wrong person as I'm purely after a nicotine delivery mechanism. As long as the taste isn't awful and it doesn't irritate my chest, I'm happy. Perhaps just try some?
  3. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Make your own ecig liquid

    I used to make my own, but on discovering that the pound shops sold it, I stopped bothering. It's messy, a pain in the arse, and my results were inconsistent.
  4. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Freelander of Peace

    Regardless of dickhead behaviour in this case, I'm quite fond of him too. Went up even more in my estimation watching The Crown.
  5. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Favourite Food?

    @Hopeful and @Wight Flight, if I'm ever anywhere near either, I'll check 'em out. Ta!
  6. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.

    Seems to have worked OK for Iceland. Or am I misunderstanding what they did?
  7. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Favourite Food?

    Same here. Even if it's a specialist place, it's incredibly unusual for it to come anywhere near mine. Weird stuff, tastes like soil.
  8. Inoperational Bumblebee

    I Chose the Wrong Profession?

    Are there any well paid jobs that don't deal with loads of regulatory crap? Mine is doing my head in with the amount of paperwork involved.
  9. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    Go and test ride the ER6 and Versys 650 to compare! I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  10. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    She won't get on it. @snaga, I've just gone back through all the pages of this thread and you appear to be on a cruiser. I suggest you need to buy something other than a cruiser, and miraculously, you will be shitting your pants about the power delivery of a 600 again.
  11. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    @snaga, what bike did you get again? On phone so not easy to search. I'm just surprised that you're finding a 600ish size insufficient now. Most people I know only bothered with bigger engines than that if they were carrying loads of luggage or a pillion. Perhaps you need to try out a different engine (different number of cylinders), or something with a different gearing, or seating position? I can lift the front wheel on my 650 Versys without difficulty and I've never found it unsatisfying to ride. Only time I wanted more power was overtaking uphill with loads of luggage!
  12. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I was just going to say that!
  13. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Favourite Food?

    Steak. How it's cooked depends on the cut. Bolognese with bacon. Pork loin fried in butter. Lincolnshire sausages with brown sauce. Lots of garlic and chillies.
  14. Funnily enough, my wife loves decorating and I love cooking. I always assumed places like Lidl were too tight to spend more money on models so the ones they paid for did everything. I'm going to throw my hat in and say this won't happen from Lidl.
  15. Inoperational Bumblebee

    Sackler family: OxyContin

    Why should they have stopped them? They are an incredibly effective painkiller. It's improper management, not the substance itself that's the problem.