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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to TheBlueCat in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    Mainly because of the egregious smugness of it. The others who have come back have made it under their own stream and largely stayed quiet whilst this one is demanding that British troops put themselves at considerable risk to get her safely out of a refugee camp stuffed full of ISIS nutbars and then escort her back to Britain in comfort. The press love to get an emotional reaction and, on this one, I have to admit they have excelled themselves.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee got a reaction from Austin Allegro in Brighton tragedy - man killed last night   
    Any roll's a goal.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to leonardratso in Brighton tragedy - man killed last night   
    doesnt matter much, a ham sandwich is a ham sandwich in my book.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to leonardratso in Brighton tragedy - man killed last night   
    niether do i, just a meme picture. At its most coarse i suppose it could be highlighting the different types of cunt that exist.
    aha, here we go;

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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to dgul in Brighton tragedy - man killed last night   
    Why can't this sort of story be reported honestly.  Everyone knows what's going on, but they just pussyfoot around with loveliness.  I know we don't know much yet, but there's so much information not said; Sure, it is nice to be 'certain' before saying stuff, but they're 'saying stuff' by not saying things.  It is clear that here there's 80% likelihood (making up numbers here) of this guy at least harbouring opinion similar to his dad and brothers (and perhaps others in his family), 80% likelihood that drug supply was involved, 30% chance of it being a sectarian killing, 10% chance of a vigilante thing (based on 'local knowledge' that might be wrong and that we're not given), 0.1% chance of it being a random nutter.  Why do they report family and friends saying 'he was such a nice guy', when the response should be 'but they would say that, wouldn't they'.  It is infuriating.
    But what do we get?  Dad saying about how awful it is that people doing criminal stuff are being treated as criminals.  Niceness like how family liaison officers are providing support.  No statement saying the obvious.
    Fake news?  Actual reporting the news with meaningful 'between the lines' stuff would be nice.  This type of reporting is like our news reportage being stabbed repeatedly.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Happy Renting in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    Actually, the resignation list reads like a Who's Who of 'who???'.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Wheeler in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    What we need is a simple standardised set of say 10 points that all MPs and candidates have to mark whether they disagree strongly, somewhat disagree, indifferent, somewhat agree and strongly agree. Then voters can pick the ones that match their preferences.
    Some suggestions:
    I’m in favour of allowing migration from third world countries  I’m in favour of public ownership of utilities  l’m in favour of staying in or rejoining the EU etc.
    Don’t allow and waffle answers; they can only select one of the response per statement. Any MP who doesn’t answer gets kicked out.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to M S E Refugee in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    How about naming them the Insignificant Seven.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to zugzwang in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    The Blairlites?
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Hopeful in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    I think this TIG is an irrelevance, but I'm very happy that it is another time-wasting distraction in the run-up to March 29th
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to maynardgravy in Oh, the Umunnaty!   
    that's the thread title prize sorted for 2019.
    Chuk ticks at least two diversity boxes - he'll probably re-emerge with meat and two veg missing.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Option5 in Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender   
    My physics teacher had a steam traction engine which we got to play with. He indoctrinated me into engineering .
    Thank you George.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Sgt Hartman in Muslim parents lead group of 300 in protest outside school gates against equality lessons on homosexuality and gender   
    Article sez:
    Pupils at the school – rated outstanding by Ofsted – have five of these lessons a year, covering areas outlined in the Act: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.
    That's on the curriculum for a Primary School!?
    Sorry but the protesters have a point, those topics aren't suitable for primary school kids mainly because they are subjective and require a lot of critical thinking. If the parents were protesting outside of a High School then I wouldn't be on their side at all.
    Primary school is way too young to be dealing with that level of ideological crap.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to 201p in New Presidential Cycle and the Possible Secular Bull Market in Socks.   
    Sometimes I am looking for a decent book to add to the library, and if the methods appeal, I might youtube them to find out more. This is where CNBC comes in.
    Richard Rhodes' Trading Rules
    I must admit, I am not smart enough to have devised these ridiculously simple trading rules. A great trader gave them to me some 15 years ago. However, I will tell you, they work. If you follow these rules, breaking them as infrequently as possible, you will make money year in and year out, some years better than others, some years worse - but you will make money. The rules are simple. Adherence to the rules is difficult.
    "Old Rules...but Very Good Rules"
    If I've learned anything in my decades of trading, I've learned that the simple methods work best. Those who need to rely upon complex stochastics, linear weighted moving averages, smoothing techniques, Fibonacci numbers etc., usually find that they have so many things rolling around in their heads that they cannot make a rational decision. One technique says buy; another says sell. Another says sit tight while another says add to the trade. It sounds like a cliche, but simple methods work best.
    The first and most important rule is - in bull markets, one is supposed to be long. This may sound obvious, but how many of us have sold the first rally in every bull market, saying that the market has moved too far, too fast. I have before, and I suspect I'll do it again at some point in the future. Thus, we've not enjoyed the profits that should have accrued to us for our initial bullish outlook, but have actually lost money while being short. In a bull market, one can only be long or on the sidelines. Remember, not having a position is a position.
    Buy that which is showing strength - sell that which is showing weakness. The public continues to buy when prices have fallen. The professional buys because prices have rallied. This difference may not sound logical, but buying strength works. The rule of survival is not to “buy low, sell high”, but to “buy higher and sell higher”. Furthermore, when comparing various stocks within a group, buy only the strongest and sell the weakest.
    When putting on a trade, enter it as if it has the potential to be the biggest trade of the year. Don't enter a trade until it has been well thought out, a campaign has been devised for adding to the trade, and contingency plans set for exiting the trade.
    On minor corrections against the major trend, add to trades. In bull markets, add to the trade on minor corrections back into support levels. In bear markets, add on corrections into resistance. Use the 33-50% corrections level of the previous movement or the proper moving average as a first point in which to add.
    Be patient. If a trade is missed, wait for a correction to occur before putting the trade on.
    Be patient. Once a trade is put on, allow it time to develop and give it time to create the profits you expected.
    Be patient. The old adage that “you never go broke taking a profit” is maybe the most worthless piece of advice ever given. Taking small profits is the surest way to ultimate loss I can think of, for small profits are never allowed to develop into enormous profits. The real money in trading is made from the one, two or three large trades that develop each year. You must develop the ability to patiently stay with winning trades to allow them to develop into that sort of trade.
    Be patient. Once a trade is put on, give it time to work; give it time to insulate itself from random noise; give it time for others to see the merit of what you saw earlier than they.
    Be impatient. As always, small loses and quick losses are the best losses. It is not the loss of money that is important. Rather, it is the mental capital that is used up when you sit with a losing trade that is important.
    Never, ever under any condition, add to a losing trade, or “average” into a position. If you are buying, then each new buy price must be higher than the previous buy price. If you are selling, then each new selling price must be lower. This rule is to be adhered to without question.
    Do more of what is working for you, and less of what's not. Each day, look at the various positions you are holding, and try to add to the trade that has the most profit while subtracting from that trade that is either unprofitable or is showing the smallest profit. This is the basis of the old adage, “let your profits run.”
    Don't trade until the technicals and the fundamentals both agree. This rule makes pure technicians cringe. I don't care! I will not trade until I am sure that the simple technical rules I follow, and my fundamental analysis, are running in tandem. Then I can act with authority, and with certainty, and patiently sit tight.
    When sharp losses in equity are experienced, take time off. Close all trades and stop trading for several days. The mind can play games with itself following sharp, quick losses. The urge “to get the money back” is extreme, and should not be given in to.
    When trading well, trade somewhat larger. We all experience those incredible periods of time when all of our trades are profitable. When that happens, trade aggressively and trade larger. We must make our proverbial “hay” when the sun does shine.
    When adding to a trade, add only 1/4 to 1/2 as much as currently held. That is, if you are holding 400 shares of a stock, at the next point at which to add, add no more than 100 or 200 shares. That moves the average price of your holdings less than half of the distance moved, thus allowing you to sit through 50% corrections without touching your average price.
    Think like a guerrilla warrior. We wish to fight on the side of the market that is winning, not wasting our time and capital on futile efforts to gain fame by buying the lows or selling the highs of some market movement. Our duty is to earn profits by fighting alongside the wining forces. If neither side is winning, then we don't need to fight at all.
    Markets form their tops in violence; markets form their lows in quiet conditions.
    The final 10% of the time of a bull run will usually encompass 50% or more of the price movement. Thus, the first 50% of the price movement will take 90% of the time and will require the most backing and filling and will be far more difficult to trade than the last 50%.
    There is no “genius” in these rules. They are common sense and nothing else, but as Voltaire said, “Common sense is uncommon.” Trading is a common-sense business. When we trade contrary to common sense, we will lose. Perhaps not always, but enormously and eventually. Trade simply. Avoid complex methodologies concerning obscure technical systems and trade according to the major trends only.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to sancho panza in Credit deflation and the reflation cycle to come.   
    inteeresting chart via Daily shot aka sober look
    The Eurozone: This fascinating chart compares the relative popularity of Italy’s populist parties with the 10-year Italian government bond spread.

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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Bedrag Justesen in "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least,"   
    Given there are around 25,000 suspected Jihadis being actively monitored in UK right now.
    Several terror plots to attack us are foiled every week.
    Hundreds of ISIS fighters have quietly returned from the Caliphate already, hundreds more are known to be following them.
    Dozens of women and children want to come back home.
    Why is this woman receiving such MASSIVE news coverage ?
    Is she even real ? 
    Has she really suffered the loss of two children, and just given birth to her third child ?
    Is it all simply a distraction ?
    From what ? BREXIT, China, Spain, France ?
    I'm beginning to wonder if this MAJOR news event hasn't been concocted to distract from the Tommy Robinson rally next Saturday.
    Unusually, she has been portrayed in a most unsympathetic light. Is she really a patsy ?
    Could she be brought home to Bethnall Green this week, and murdered by a far-right extremist, another Thomas Mair ? 
    Something is awry with all this MSM blanket coverage. What are 'they' up to ?
    Why are all the usual Islamic apologists and activists neither seen nor heard, despite the negative slant against Islam of these reports.
    Something is going on. 

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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to sam1994 in Hardware (network) advice please   
    QNAP and Synology are the main set and forget it solutions. They're quite pricey. My understanding is Synology has a bigger market share than QNAP (although this is anecdotal). 
    RAID is not a substitute for a proper backup; and neither is the cloud. 
    Combined they are however effective.
    You could certainly build a DIY NAS a lot cheaper; although avoid FreeNAS (IMHO). ZFS eats RAM; and bit-rot is overrated if you use ECC memory.
    Intel produced a line of Atom chips (found in Synology) that had a serious fault. This also affected Cisco products: I don't think Synology addressed this. This wouldn't affect you now if you bought new.
    To connect via Windows XP, you just need SMBv1 enabled. This is a bit of a security risk (this is how the NHS was exploited in May 2017) -- but within the concept of a LAN, can be mitigated. 
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to goldbug9999 in Hardware (network) advice please   
    I think you qualify as "very specialised", a lot of business (even fairly large ones) just need email databases and documents of various sorts possibly with some customs apps and intra/internet stuff. It never ceases to amaze me how willing they are to piss money away doing a hap hazard job of something that companies that specialise in infrastructure can (obviously) do much more efficiently.  They bizarrely often take the attitude of "what if amazon goes down, how are we going to operate ?" despite the fact their home cooked solutions fail much more often than amazons (and I mean like 1000x less reliable in pure SLA terms) 
    (and while I'm on a rant ...) then you get the ones who say "OK I like this amazon/cloud malarkey but we cant have just one supplier THEY MIGHT NOT BE RELIABLE ENOUGH, so we will need to build our own fail-over network that spans two providers". So obviously amazons SLA which make data loss less statistically likely than an asteroid wiping out all life on earth isn't good enough for them ... well guess what part of the system then provides all of the trouble .. yes its the bespoke fail over layer.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to One percent in Macron - how long before wheels fall off   
    I’m convinced there isn’t a significant rise in antisemitism, more it is the elite pitching us against easy other and using their propaganda machine of the MSM through which to do it. 
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to sleepwello'nights in Toast!   
    Can we have a picture of Victoria Pendleton's bottom.
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Dipsy in Toast!   
    I can hear you Clem Fandango!
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to Strawberry in Toast!   
    Hi Stephen. This is Clem Fandango. Can you hear me?
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    Inoperational Bumblebee reacted to leonardratso in Fucking RSPCA...   
    let them break in, then take pictures and call the police, show them what a fucking shit tip the rspca left the nice tidy house in.