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  1. Heavy metal tour t-shirts, now there's a worthy clothes item. £200 for a worn, tatty, 90s faith no more short on ebay
  2. It's obviously the white guy in the blue t-shirts fault
  3. We (2 adults,2 kids) went Glamping in North coast , NI, didn't stop pissing down, worst 2 nights sleep of my life, and that was with proper mattresses etc included. Never ever again. My Welsh mates camp at download festival each year for 5 nights, must say, the're tents are awesome, but usually surrounded by mud and other people's piss. Not for me thanks
  4. The ugly twonk is now balls deep in kate beckingsale!!!
  5. U could spend hours looking at that stuff, some of the photos are stunning. Amazing how much abandoned houses, hospitals, churches, schools there are in the UK. just checked out American adventure theme park, the log flume looked a tad ropey even when it was up and running!!
  6. Back 20 years ago, black metal band cradle of filth had a t-shirt with a nun doing herself with a crucifix on the front and a huge JESUS IS A CUNT on the back. That went down well in my mostly Presbyterian town of Bangor in NI!!!! still see some of the shirts about now and again. butchered at birth by cannibal corpse was another lovely shirt,as you could imagine. My mates mum used to just roll her eyes while washing and ironing it!! Anthrax are still going well, supported slayer last year, absolutely brilliant. Living color........... Well maybe not
  7. That'll be sod, stormtroopers of death, basically half of anthrax doing hard-core 2minute shouty songs
  8. The good old days when fans had wristbands full of 6" nails and spiky bullet belts. now we ain't allowed wallet chains! ! 😂😂
  9. The 'security ' at the Metallica gig told my mate he wasn't allowed a wallet chain into the gig. WTF did he think he was gonna use it for, apart from stopping some theiving gypsies.
  10. I meet so many people that say to me (knowing I'm a metaller), that they used to be into metal. No you weren't, you latent homosexual, u pretended to be into it, maybe liked def lepperd and bon Jovi, but u were never properly into metal!!!! It never leaves you, it's a way of life.
  11. There were some serious issues of 'rock chicks' at the outdoor, pissing rain, Baltic wind, slash (guns n roses) gig last night. In the 90s the rock chicks were something to be worshipped, holy f**k, not these days. Fat Arses and thighs poured into pvc skirts and leggings. Tho at least they ain't following the trend of pop music bollocks.
  12. Seen a sugar daddy program last night. Basically a load of 18/20 year old girls from UK,signing up to get a sugar daddy in their lives. Then shock horror, they might be asked for sex. Really? Did they expect to be given money and holidays for having a polite online chat? Basically BBC was calling the sugar daddies monsters and perverts. Is it not the 18 year old girls putting their asses up for sale is the problem?
  13. Obviously not as bad as drowning your children, but..... she's assaulted, bitten several police officers, attacked her husband, puked up on floor of an airport,then threw hot coffee over a male airport worker who tried to help, but let's not arrest her as she's a fine upstanding doctor. Oh , and she's female. And blame alcohol,not her.
  14. Now now, undercover boss USA is on too. Jesus,that's some hard viewing.
  15. 1. Why is anyone paying money to see the dullard George Ezra in the pissing rain? 2. Why are the teenage blokes carrying fanny packs round there necks?