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  1. There were some serious issues of 'rock chicks' at the outdoor, pissing rain, Baltic wind, slash (guns n roses) gig last night. In the 90s the rock chicks were something to be worshipped, holy f**k, not these days. Fat Arses and thighs poured into pvc skirts and leggings. Tho at least they ain't following the trend of pop music bollocks.
  2. Seen a sugar daddy program last night. Basically a load of 18/20 year old girls from UK,signing up to get a sugar daddy in their lives. Then shock horror, they might be asked for sex. Really? Did they expect to be given money and holidays for having a polite online chat? Basically BBC was calling the sugar daddies monsters and perverts. Is it not the 18 year old girls putting their asses up for sale is the problem?
  3. Obviously not as bad as drowning your children, but..... she's assaulted, bitten several police officers, attacked her husband, puked up on floor of an airport,then threw hot coffee over a male airport worker who tried to help, but let's not arrest her as she's a fine upstanding doctor. Oh , and she's female. And blame alcohol,not her.
  4. Now now, undercover boss USA is on too. Jesus,that's some hard viewing.
  5. 1. Why is anyone paying money to see the dullard George Ezra in the pissing rain? 2. Why are the teenage blokes carrying fanny packs round there necks?
  6. It's great for getting the kids fed and watered while on holiday, Glasgow,Wells,Bristol etc (wouldn't take them into my local spoons in ards or Belfast tho). That's way too scary. Tho Glasgow was scary enough at breakfast time, full of half Pissed Celtic fans.....At 9am. Thank God for the app,ordering while hiding at a corner table. Spoons is great for pre gig pints too,but never after darkness falls.
  7. ITV news showed an elderly British trump supporter being dragged to the ground, didn't see that on the so called BBC
  8. I was on a train from salou to Barcelona with my kids, when a ROPer sat opposite, got a small hand written Koran out, started mumbling to himself, then started texting on a basic PAYG phone, but also had an iPhone. I was seriously considering launching my 20kg suitcase on top of him, it was a worrying journey to say the least!!
  9. When I worked for FedEx in Derry (as my prod mum that was born there calls it), I delivered in the dodgy estates,and myself being a prod from a 'nice' area near Belfast, i was shitting it every day. Couldn't have met nicer people, even in the really dodgy areas, but the wee scrotes, like probably every other city in UK, that was a different story. Wee bastards trying to steal my van throwing stones etc. i do believe that 95% of the city and that estate want peace. then again, as I've been told, just give that section of derry, over the bridge, to Ireland, make things much easier on us all.
  10. She was a lesbian journalist!! You wanna see her 'friends' on local tv last night, no wonder they are lesbians!! She was a lesbian journalist!! You wanna see her 'friends' on local tv last night, no wonder they are lesbians!!
  11. It'll be the PSNIs fault.... obviously
  12. If it was a policeman shot dead, it would've been another statistic, but it was a Catholic (and lesbian) reporter that is dead because of the 'IRA', that makes a huge difference!! Some US ambassador has been here cosying up to the republicans, so she might actually wake up to the troubles still happening, so it was good (unfortunate for the reporter), timing. Some loyalist MPs met with her to show America wasn't built by the Irish, in fact it was the Ulster Scots that had a huge input into modern day USA. (But hey, let's ignore facts and wave tricolours in the USA for any reason).
  13. I've flown Belfast to Bristol many times to meet up with my Welsh mates (Ulster & Welsh are a great drinking combination, when you get used to each others accents)!!! We've stayed in wells, awesome place, especially if you like Hot Fuzz movie, as it was mostly filmed there. Got a nice holiday let close to town. longleat is great day out too, but if you've a hire car, watch out for the wee bastard monkeys taking your window wipers for a giggle. the coast of somerset is pretty stunning too, tho Weston super mate is a right toilet. Some nice castles about that area too. Make sure to drink plenty of proper scrumpy too, tho make sure you've your heartburn tablets!!!!
  14. Not many black faces in that line up!! Bloody racists
  15. Who gave her the money for flights to Turkey in the first place? I could just about afford 2ltrs of white cider and an iron maiden cassette at that age. Let her rot,pure scum.