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  1. The Moon Landing Conspiracy is often portrayed as a binary choice between two mutually exclusive events: either the USA spent billions of dollars to walk on the moon or they just got Kubrick to fake it all in a Hollywood studio. I think the most reasonable theory is that both these narratives are true. The USA did in fact land a man on the moon but they also had the optics embellished by Kubrick back on planet Earth. Think about it: why would they spend billions on such an endeavour only for a crappy 1960s camera to go kaput and lose all that lovely propaganda? The Ruskies would deny the US had ever been. Not going to happen. So the Yanks paid a few extra million to derisk.
  2. SCAM company?
  3. Yes, it's called Nationalism and it's what the EU stands against.
  4. I noticed that on the Brexit thread. Thought Funner was stridently pro-Eu but made a few Brexity type statements which I mentioned at the time but got no response.
  5. There is a metric shit ton of oil here and there are some very big players who have spent several years getting this ready. This should be worth billions, currently worth £200m. Minimum 20 to 1 shot, possible 50 to 1. Bull flag pattern shows consolidation and Saudi have just had one of their main facilities bombed to help in the short term. Any O+G dudes care to comment?
  6. Discovered some negatives re HMI from a Twit friend. The product contains a lot of dust which customers require sieving prior to them buying it. Not a terminal problem but increases costs and makes sales harder. Still on the watchlist but will wait for further confirmation that they have sorted this out. Also there is a belief that the management team are not fully involved. Apparently there are a lot of biggish PIs and the BOD who are severely underwater here, if they jump ship now it could plummet further. 2-3p could be achievable.
  7. Petroteq have patented an environmentally safe extraction method - The Clean Oil Recovery Technology (CORT) of heavy oils from oil sands, oil shale deposits and shallow oil deposits. Basically they suck the oil out of the sand and leave only clean pure sand as a byproduct. They reckon this method costs between $22 and $38 per barrel. They have some land in Utah which they are currently extracting 1,000 BOPD which they plan to increase to 4,000 in 2020 and 8,000+ by 2022. At 5,000 BOPD they see just short of US$30m EBITDA. Current MCAP is £40m. Their runway is potentially extended by licensing out CORT for land remediation. The chart has formed a lovely base at 20c before moving up to 40c currently.
  8. Common Purpose and Open Society need to be shut down under the Treason Act if we still have one. If not I would do it under the Terrorism Act.
  9. Baroness in "Establishment is not corrupt, shocker".
  10. The key issue here is how quickly and summarily the Tilbrook case was dismissed (and not even covered by "journalists") despite there appearing to be serious and valid legal points needing to be addressed. Compare to all the vexatious cases surrounding Brexit - the vexatious Electoral Commission cases, the vexatious Gina Miller cases, the vexatious Parliamentary procedure cases - all of which have been taken very seriously by the Judiciary and amplified by the corrupt MSM. We no longer have an independent judiciary, if we ever did. They can join the press, the police force, the NHS, councils. All of them owe their allegiance to Common Purpose and Open Society. They are traitors to the people of the UK. Act accordingly.
  11. Ian Duncan Smith exposes the bullshit that is Yellowhammer. All this shite about medicines being held up at port and the dickhead Common Purpose traitors who wrote the report didn't even bother to speak to the French port authorities. Still it was good for a weekend's propaganda - #DeathByBrexit. Lots of remaintards fell for it.
  12. Everywhere. The rampers are everywhere! Critical thinking mandatory to avoid getting spikes up one's arse.
  13. What do the rampers think BOU is going to become? In other news PQE:TOR is off today also. 18% up today 39c from 30c. Looks like a real, cash generative, company with a nice USP and a big ass runway. i would be interested if I wasn't already fully invested. Chart pattern is now good aswell.
  14. And here is one of Cecil Taylor's masterpieces, for those of you who just like a good tune and a bit of easy listening:
  15. I have decided to have another crack in the Jazz Club. This month I have been mostly listening to Albert Ayler and Cecil Taylor, proponents of free jazz. Here is Ayler torturing the hell out "Summertime":