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  1. I was in Centrica at 120! Then I followed it down for several months. Then i sold it just after the dividend hit. I resolved then never to die a slow death like that again. Not my style. It will come good eventually....
  2. He who hesitates often avoids blindly following some random bloke on an internet forum into a trade on a tiny crippled O&G special situation gamble! And some of my other gambles have been just awful so you are absolutely right to be reticent.
  3. 20p is only my target - It means nothing. Targets are easy to make but how many are actually achieved? All I mean to say is that at 6.75p I think it is more probable that the price will go up in the short-to-medium term than down.
  4. There will be a pullback at some stage to give you a better structure to enter. I have no idea when that will be though. It might go to 4.5p tomorrow or it might be a repeat of today. If there is an increased offer then it will be a repeat of today. Though I would be surprised if the counter offers came that quickly - no rush. They have £124 million to book as a tax loss which is worth $4.5 million to the buyer, plus the cash in the bank, plus the most recent offer puts the current target at around 20p. Further offers and this goes up. I will probably look to sell half at this point and see what assets they can get with the dosh, preferably not in India. If it does go to 4.5p i will probably just sell any share that has been mean and cruel to me and stick it here instead. I love averaging up.
  5. Also look at NCCL. We have all been waiting for the JDA which finally came today. For some reason there was a major seller in the market so the price came back down. If I wasn't fully invested I would put more in tomorrow as I am hoping for steady strong growth here. This is not a one day spunk and the pullback is definitely a buying opportunity IMHO DYOR ETC. BIDS has been consolidating for two weeks longer than i expected. I am just waiting it out... HDY has already doubled my money but I want to play this one out a bit further. I think it could easily two bag again from here and given my low stake high risk mindset I will let this run. There will more likely than not be further increased offers. Lots of volatility on this one either way in the days to come!
  6. On topic here I think: Fuck the GDP. Wages are up.
  7. So how is it that in snacr world my not believing their shit means that I am being played? Surely this means I am not being played?
  8. I had a similar line from snacr a few pages back. Apparently we are all being played by the So-Called BBC. So if the So-Called BBC lie to me, and I am very aware of the lies they tell me I am still being played because the So-Called BBC deliberately tell me those lies in the knowledge that I will not believe them and that is exactly their game. It probably makes sense if you are a Walter Mitty type character and believe that everything is a cryptic puzzle within a puzzle and that only you are intelligent to decode it all.
  9. I spoke to the CEO of a very well known online marketplace and hospitality brokerage service company. He was really impressed with the Nazis and went as far as to say that in Germany he would only allow Nazis to rent out rooms through his website. Make of that true story what you will.
  10. As I said on the other thread, you are like the pissed dunderhead in a pub who invades other people's conversations with your incessant witterings, impertinence and general fuckwittery. It has now got so bad for you that the people in the pub are parodying you to raucous laughter.
  11. This is my observation from last year. Most Nazis were moderates ... we shouldn't judge them all by the actions of a minority. I'm going to have to go back and find where I said this and quote it here: And here I am with the same joke 6 months earlier (making the link even clearer between Nazism and Islam with the Naziphobia jibe): And here is Mozza and the gang to tell you off for plagiarism:
  12. I'm up a few percent since February. I only post on here in the hope that someone tears me a new arsehole and I learn something new. My major mistakes have been: 1. Buying big companies that are on a clear long term downtrend because they are "good value" and often pay good dividends. Surprise surprise, they often tend to continue their downtrends. Who knew? 2. Rushing in and getting spiked on companies with little research. Just being a complete idiot really. Without these major and avoidable errors I would be up around 20%. I now know what type of investor I am (good and bad) as follows: I like the risk-reward of micro cap companies more than large companies. i see big companies as bets that have largely played out. I am reading 100 Baggers by Mayer which is mildly interesting. I have learnt that concentration is necessary for wealth generation and having 21 companies in my portfolio is probably too many. Hence why I am adding to my favourites at the moment. The funny thing is I am just the kind of fool that needs to have a little bit in something before I pay attention - a starter bet, if you will. And i can't rail myself in. I need to have a clearer idea of what timeframe I am working in prior to me placing a bet. I suffer from the fallacy that my short term bets which don't immediately pop turn into my medium term investments. This is a bit of bollocks I think. I am a sucker for a round bottom and increased volume on a newish company that has suffered since its IPO but retains its disruptive elements. I never average down. I am abysmal at selling my losing positions but perfect at never averaging down. I like to average up on stocks that repay me and where the thesis remains. Biggest holdings in size order which reflects conviction: BIDS, ANIC, AAU, TSG, EVR, SKIN, UJO, DEV, HZM, NCCL, LEK, STAR Other than EVR I am looking for multibags in all these stocks within a year or two.
  13. Little bet on HDY @ 2.93p - £2.5 million MCAP. £4-5 million in cash and a bidding war for its remaining Indian assets. 2 TR-1s just released showing that 12% holder is now out and they sold all their shares to an existing shareholder who now owns 21%. Should double bag at least from here. Hopefully in short time. Also doubled my stake in ANIC @ 9.25p. There are rumours of billionaires being interested here. Probably bollocks but a good bet with or without them. Target 90p Also added my final ladder in BIDS at 28.4 as I wanted more concentration here and I don't think 24.5 is going to happen. Target 70-100p