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  1. The tips of your shoulders should be taking the brunt of the energy transfer rather than your forearms. Try practicing keeping your arms locked straight at all times - ie. no arm pull at the end. You will find that you can achieve 90% of your standard stroke without using your arms at all. Once you have practiced this for a while, you will know to only do a baby tweak with your arms right at the end of the stroke, rather than somewhere in the middle.
  2. It's incredibly fast. 38 is a very fast, very lightweight person or else an elite rower. I suspect are not doing a proper leg drive. There is a setting on the LCD screen which shows the force curve for each stroke. Your curve will be very short and shallow whereas you want a nice rounded one. Use this screen whilst you experiment with different approaches until you find a nice rounded curve. This will likely occur around 24-28 .s/m
  3. 5k would work. It depends how healthy your system is. My cardio-vascular system is now fucked and does not respond to being beasted. If you are healthy enough then your body will definitely respond to you stacking long distances day after day. If you need motivation then it may help if you see it as a drug addiction rather than a form of exercise. Perfectly normal getting pissed for several hours each night or on the weekend, or indeed smoking doobs and getting lean for days on end. In this context an hour a day, 6 days a week, is fairly inconsequential. 40 s/m is incredibly fast. Out of interest, what is your weight, height and age? You may benefit from doing fewer strokes per minute but really pressing each one quite hard and taking a mini rest. 80% of it is in your legs. I sometimes find it helpful to imagine myself as a Tyrannosaurus - huge legs and tiny arms. Massive leg drive followed by a teeny little tweak with my arms at the end.
  4. Train at longer distances then your body is expecting prolonged pain. You can then do the shorter distances faster because you can compress the pain. Spend a month doing 10k routinely then one day switch to 2k and you will absolutely smash it. Likelihood is that you will feel underdone.
  5. Exactly. She has whored herself into the Royal Family and now wants to monetise that whilst simultaneously slandering them with accusations of racism. I wonder if MI5 or 6 will murder the cunt? She doesn't seem to have respect for either family she has been involved with. Maybe they could also DNA test Harry boy then sack him off too? I'm sure there are quite a few ex-airborne/ black ops people who would jump at the chance to display their loyalty to the crown.
  6. billfunk


    It is real. The problem is that it is owned by central and private banks rather than the people. That's the point. All this talk about socialism focuses solely on the means of production rather than the means of exchange. Socialised means of production = bad. Privatised means of exchange = bad.
  7. billfunk


    She probably thinks the money in her piggy bank belongs to her aswell.
  8. But one of the reasons for Brexit was sovereignty. No longer can UK politicians blame any of the above on the EU. Meaning we will move one step closer to where they are forced to acknowledge the perilous state of our finances and have sufficient political capital to fix it. We couldn't implement Singapore style reforms whilst in the EU but we could do now. Ultimately I doubt anything will change. I have little faith in Johnson anymore. Only now we have stripped the UK PM of one of his excuses.
  9. He makes out that food standards in the US are third world. Anyone walking around a premium US supermarket, or buying from one, would know what a crock of shit this is. I only wish our food supply chain was as good as the US, we must be 30 years behind them. It's just the usual beat-the-Yanks bullshit from a failed communist. The British people are too smart to fall for it. Here's a thought, if you don't like the so-called chlorinated chicken from the US then don't buy it. If the US don't like it that UK customers won't buy their chlorinated chicken then they can just go ahead and not chlorinate it. Or not sell it here. Whatever. It's a free market not a "What Comrade Corbyn thinks is good food" Market.
  10. We have allowed our service and supply chain industries to grow too big and too reliant on foreign labour. We will be damned if we damned if we don't. We either keep cheesing the population and the GDP in the hope that our debt remains serviceable in which case we will slowly get poorer as you say. Or we turn off the population ponzi and the service and supply chain industries inevitably contract leading to recession and increased debt costs. Short termist governments will always stay with the former. There just isn't enough wealth in our system to keep the plates spinning. The only way I can see us adding wealth to the system is implementing a radical swing to a Singapore style system where we make the country as business friendly as possible. And of course, reforming the dodgy money system would help but I can't see it happening - it's basically just a dream.
  11. The pessimists are all internationalists who are busy running down the country. The optimists are nationalists who know they are stuck here for better or worse.
  12. Biometrics would rely on your fingertip and/or eyes not on a card. And your fear of what may happen in the future has surely already been realised? If you combine all the information Google, social media, banks, Experian and the State already have on you then they basically know everything. Throw in a bit of facial recognition software onto one of the most dense CCTV networks in the world and you are already most of the way towards a Chinese style totalitarian dystopia. The only thing stopping that at the moment, isn't the implementation of biometrics, but rather the ideology of the government itself. But ask yourself who are the biggest exceptions to these information gathering services? Is it John Smith who has lived here all his life or Mohammed Islam who snuck in illegally last year? Biometrics just evens this playing field. We already have borderline totalitarianism for indigenous Brits I'm just calling for it for foreigners too. The advantage of doing so is clear: control of our borders.
  13. He probably understands that we need to raise the tax base rapidly in order to pay for the NHS. Millions of low paid immigrants have fucked us. Apparently 28% of schools are now in debt too. It doesn't surprise me. There is less money per capita but I don't see public workers taking pay cuts. Something has to give.
  14. It is an important step to what we really need - Biometric IDs. If it's good enough for millions of working plebs to register their attendance at work then it's definitely worth implementing at General Elections. It would certainly stop people voting twice or members of ethnic minorities voting for all their relatives (because of the Cross-Race effect and the fact that few English people would challenge an ethnic minority for fear of being accused of racism). Biometrics in many things - citizenship, NHS, doctors surgeries, benefits. They bang on about austerity all the time yet don't even vet half the people using public services! You can't have it both ways.
  15. The best way to "help" the poor without breaking everything is to make it all as cheap as possible. The market works exceptionally well in things like food and plastic tat because the free market is largely left to do its thing (whilst being regulated). Even things like cars and utilities are relatively very cheap for what they are if people adopt a frugal attitude. So much of life left to functioning free markets has become very cheap. The housing "market" doesn't do its job properly because it's not a proper market. The 1947 Town and Planning Act needs revoking and sensible brown and green field land needs to be enveloped and grided then sold by the plot to individual families. No more huge land banks for House Building Corporates and their incredibly happy shareholders. Either they build on it now or they pay a land value tax on it. Build, sell or pay tax. And we need to control the damn population. For God's sake. But none of this will ever happen before our money system collapses and probably not even after.