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  1. billfunk

    Bye bye Treason May?

    BoJo and Farage this evening.
  2. billfunk

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Maybe Eileen could have a quiet word with the UDA. Since we are not going down the democratic route presumably a few paramilitary assassinations is fair game too? Am I playing the game right?
  3. billfunk

    Bye bye Treason May?

    That's what I don't understand. Why would anyone just let it drop there? That was the crux of the exchange. By letting Treason not have vote allowed her to fudge it. It needed someone to break the meeting at the point she refused and threaten her with bloody hell. "I will walk straight out of this meeting and accuse you of treachery to the whole country. You have five seconds to decide. Cabinet vote now or Treason May in tomorrow's headlines."
  4. We don't need collective ownership of land, we just need to tax it properly. We do need collective ownership of the currency. Typical illogical so-called lefties getting it all wrong again again again. Again. When will they ever learn? Currency = Socialism (State owns it) Land = Liberalism/Georgism (State taxes it) Labour/Production = Capitalism (State leaves it alone) Twas ever thus. When will people learn?
  5. billfunk


    Yeah. One thing I have noticed is that I do indeed have a lot of duplication in all aspects. I am happiest with the duplication in the actively managed funds though. I am considering selling two trackers and one bond and buying some of your Balfour Beatty preference shares, maybe Aviva preference shares and standard VOD shares just to test the forum's collective knowledge. It is a learning experience for me and I am definitely making schoolboy errors. A big part at the moment is not making any stinkers whilst becoming accustomed to volatility. As I only have a fraction of my wealth invested so far I can deal with the pain of a duplicated loss across 3 units worth of funds. This is why I am attracted to stockopedia because it will educate me to make more deliberate, considered decisions rather than the essentially lazy ones that I have been making to date. That said, I have the x-ray on my portfolio and it is 50% defensive, 33% cyclical and the remainder sensitive which is probably where I want to be given I am expecting a post-Brexit wobble (?)
  6. billfunk


    Actively managed funds with good reputations. A unit is just an arbitrary figure I use to break my portfolio up. I thought it would be more inclusive give how unequally wealth is distributed. One man's grand is another man's million.
  7. billfunk


    Thank you for your recommendation. I have just started out and would see this service as educational as much as anything else. I have invested in bonds (2 units), a few index trackers (3 units) and Lindsall Train, Fundsmith and Dodge and Cox (1 unit each). I only intend to invest one unit on my own choice of stock. £225 a year would be a decent chunk initially, though less proportionally as I drop more cash into the ISA. I may sign up as a leisure-educational activity to begin with as I enjoy looking at numbers and charts and seeing analysis. Hell, if I don't like it, or use it. I can cancel. I see I can sign up to the US for £300 a year. That interests me as I believe in the US as the engine of growth. Hopefully the UK can Singapore itself after Brexit. Maybe I will have to fill in that damn form. Guess I could get some Berkshire Hathaway aswell. I like the idea of sleeping at night.
  8. billfunk

    Last share you bought?

    Noob Questions: These are worth 110p with a year (?) before they expire and are bought back at the price of 100p (?) At which time you will have earned just over 10p interest. So the trade is to buy 110p of value with 110p. Is it not a zero sum game? What am I missing here?
  9. billfunk


    Is Stockopedia worth the subscription fee or should I be looking for lower cost (free) screeners instead? As a noob I am drawn in by the pre-programmed "GuruScreens" as I think they may teach me a thing or too. Alternatively they could just be a gimmick for lazy arses who don't want to read the books. Has anyone else subscribed to Stockopedia and would they recommend it? If not Stockopedia, which screener would DOSBODS financial geniuses recommend? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  10. billfunk

    Question Time

    Peterson making one sensible point after another. People in the audience echoing his opinions.
  11. billfunk

    Question Time

    It is better than Mogadishu.
  12. billfunk

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Even Hitler believed in democracy, for a time.
  13. billfunk

    Tommy Robinson thread

    What is it called when state and corporate power are combined to promote authoritarianism which shuts down free speech? What is that political theory called again?
  14. billfunk

    Trump's progress

  15. billfunk

    Supply teaching costs

    I knew before I even read this that the first word of your response was "No".