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  1. Jo Cox Memorial Weekend

    Given his sexual predilections he is probably unsuitable for the role of Father. Maybe they should take his kids off him - give them over to the grandparents. I mean has he ever gone Oxfam on any underage prossies abroad or not? Hard to know for sure with these Munchausen's-by-proxy charity perverts.
  2. They don’t make them like they used to

    I'm from farming stock myself. My Dad had pictures of ancestors from the early 20th century. They wore ragged clothes and must have worked hard in the days before machinery. The thing that struck me was how dignified and happy they all looked in their rags during yet another days hard labour. I look around today, with the abundance of everything, and half the people are broken. I think in the olden days they had what Orwell called a "simpler and harder" life which was more conducive to happiness (assuming you could get work and not starve!).
  3. never tell me ive no option

    Given that, is the care job even worth worrying about?
  4. never tell me ive no option

    Fair enough. I don't see how any of that would lead you to the conclusion that there was no chance of you ever being promoted however.
  5. never tell me ive no option

    Only one person? What nationally, or just in that one fulfillment centre?
  6. never tell me ive no option

    Amazon is a jungle.
  7. never tell me ive no option

    You may have got yourself promoted eventually!
  8. never tell me ive no option

    No, but that kind of stuff interests me. My main goal at work is to cagoule them into giving me the most interesting work.
  9. never tell me ive no option

    More boxes would mean more pigeon holes for the people that have to pack it though. You cut down packaging waste but add to packing complexity.
  10. never tell me ive no option

    It sounds like he should have taken more time to sell you a future.
  11. never tell me ive no option

    Sounds like he was training you up, in the most successful logistics company of the 21st century. What was the problem?
  12. never tell me ive no option

    I think you may be a depressive of some kind. I say that as one myself. There are things you can do. You don't have to suffer through it.
  13. never tell me ive no option

    Exactly, but for a golden age of about 40 years after the second world war we have always had a slave class.