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  1. billfunk

    The Wilsons

    Just watching him walk around knocking on his tenants doors saying "I'm your Landlord", "You are my tenant" as if he owns them. He has a pathological desire to show his dominance over people. If he came round my house and introduced himself as the landlord I would say "No need to apologise, I'm sure you're a perfectly decent human being in other ways. Don't beat yourself up about it". Then probably headbutt him. It's a good job I don't rent. Here's another one from Moz, about Thatcher but if you change the word Margaret it works for any of her acolytes, such as the Wilsons, perhaps?: The kind people Have a wonderful dream Margaret on the guillotine Cause people like you Make me feel so tired When will you die? When will you.
  2. It is quite grindy, but what I lose in grindiness I gain in ability. All those times I would "just go all in because I have had enough of this prick" are eliminated. Boy, if those yanks ever come back I will be making tens of dollars a week instead of just dollars. Latest result: 67th out of 593 in a $500 freeroll. $1.55 successfully banked for 2 hours work. That is 77.5 cents an hour which equates to £1612 salary. Basically my level of poker is currently Pakistan: 70 Syria 1,840 $ 153 $ 71 India 1,800 $ 150 $ 72 Pakistan 1,580 $ 132 $ 73 Bangladesh 1,470 $ 123 $ 74 Kenya 1,460 $ 122 $ 75 Ethiopia 740 $ 62 $ 76 Afghanistan 560 $ 47 $ 77 Democratic Republic of the Congo 460 $ 38 $
  3. The big issue with all this is the level of discretion afforded to both the police and the courts. It has clearly been abused here and no-one in authority seems to give a toss. Millions (?) at home do give a toss though. Sorry - this point has already been made.
  4. Dissenter is your friend here I think.
  5. I played a lot of poker about a decade ago, mostly drunk, mostly against yanks. I did quite well until the yanks were all banned from playing online. Playing drunk against a load sober Germans, Brits and Russians was too difficult so I gave up. After giving up the booze I am now back on the poker tables and after a few games have been restored to my slightly-better-than-average pomp. I find I am best at the longer tournaments as my strength is patience and changing gears. I am very tight early on and very aggressive late on. My current balance is $21, up from my initial deposit of $20 about a week ago. It is unlikely I will turn professional in the short to medium term at least. I am hoping some of the American states re-legalise online gambling so I can be a big shark in a small pond again.
  6. I think the naughtiness in that video is where he goes against the Multi-Kulti orthodoxy by insisting that man is ultimately tribal and so mass immigration of alien cultures may not be such a good idea. He is entirely right of course. Immigration should be done sparingly and only under excellent economic conditions where the indigenous population are not in danger of having "their" resources diminished. I watched a zoo programme a few years ago. There was an enclosure of chimpanzees with maybe a handful of them in there. The program showed us the alpha male and the betas and the baby etc etc. Then one week they were to have a new arrival as another zoo was closing, or something. They were careful to segregate the new chimp in an adjoining enclosure as just depositing him straight into the main enclosure would be dangerous. They were going to leave him in the adjoining for several days and drip feed contact whilst they watched. However, the very first night the alpha chimp went ape-shit (ba-dum tish) ripped through some fencing and scalped the skin off the new chimps head. Chimps are fucking rough and humans share most of their genetic make-up. Someone called Darwin said so several centuries ago. Yet they expect humans to just chill and be cool with millions of new arrivals.
  7. Very good. Your first test is to punch your boss send me £10,000 in unmarked £20 notes.
  8. I don't believe in NMW either. It ruins gradients and hence productivity.
  9. Mass deportations. Money reform - from debt based fractional reserve privately created fiat to "Positive" sovereign currency. Land Reform - tax the hell out of it. Cut down taxation, universal income to replace all benefits. Lots of things they could do if they had the political capital which sadly, even with Brexit, they don't have. That and the fact they are evidently spineless and in thrall to neolib Masters Of The Universe.
  10. And when the society you seek to control starts generating millions of people who believe they have very little to lose. It's like when naughty Henry Ford was asked why he paid his workers so much and he told them it was because he wanted his workers to buy his cars. The remark was about the economics of capitalism but you can interpret in a broader societal sense. People work for society because they have a stake in it, they are a respected part of it and because it repays them in some way. Our society has become so good at denying people a stake, denying them respect and failing to repay them adequately that many are choosing to opt out all Randian like. Fuck them. I will play nice when they return England to me.
  11. You do, I thought? Wasn't that the point of your first post? Tarrant was just a fame whore who had no ambition? Then he was just the same as probable schitzophrenic Ryan. Now you're saying you're not sure?
  12. I have taken several months off from work, put in several serious grievances against senior managers and asked to reduce my working week to 2 days which will put me under the tax threshold. Now they know: 1. I'm fucking batshit mental and probably dangerous. 2. I am some kind of autist who has no respect for authority. (INTJ) 3. I am not solely reliant on the money they pay me. In other words, I am willing and able to enter into conflict with them knowing that it is entirely asymmetrical - no risk for me, big risk for them. If I could find a way to do the same to the government I will let you know but the key is, I think, to hold them to their own laws.
  13. Schizophrenic/Psychotic then. I guess the major difference is that Michael Ryan didn't want to live after his atrocity whereas Tarrant surrendered and even bothered to write a manifesto! From wiki: "Dr John Hamilton of Broadmoor Hospital and Dr Jim Higgins, a consultant forensic psychiatrist for Mersey Regional Health Authority, both thought he was schizophrenic and psychotic. Hamilton stated, "Ryan was most likely to be suffering from acute schizophrenia. He might have had a reason for doing what he did, but it was likely to be bizarre and peculiar to him." They seem totally different to me.