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  1. It's a cross between a sport, performance art, and a lesbian club.
  2. The same survey also found the town to be the worst place to be a boy growing up.
  3. If a typical male bog had two urinals and one crapper I would say the typical female bog should have 5 crappers. The typical male will take maybe half the time pissing in the urinal as the female does pissing in the bog so to balance the streams a two-to-one ratio is required. The one crapper for shitting does not require any adjustment as men also do their shitting whilst seated. There is an argument for adding a sixth crapper for women to do all that women's stuff we won't mention. Maybe make the sixth one a unisex baby changing cubicle which women can use for the dreadful unmentionables so long as they don't discuss it with obliquely misogynistic men. So, Men: 2 urinals and one crapper Women: 5 crappers Unisex multi-use: 1 Also, I would make sure the female bog had one of those thingies that sporadically puffs out perfume because women.
  4. Another Sargon video where the HopeNotHate fascists come to Totnes to do their weird "We don't talk to fascists but just want to stand here with our banners and be generally disruptive". It's funny how he has to fish for people to debate with him. If it were me protesting him, I would spend a few hours formulating my thoughts, just so when he baited me into a debate I would have a cogent argument or at least a decent two or three sentence statement. You know, just so that I didn't look like a small minded neo-Puritanical moron like many of these people do. I don't know how these NPCs manage to stand there like lemons when they know they are being filmed making complete fools of themselves. People have no shame nowadays I guess. And the guy at the end has clearly just swallowed the MSM line on Sargon without ever doing any research. Frightening really.
  5. That's another few thousand votes for Tommy R. Is he paying the police to campaign for him?
  6. The rifle looks too long for her to top herself with. She would have to use one of her toes to pull the trigger. Either that or ask one of the 70 million people outside to do the honours. I am sure someone would oblige her.
  7. Her granny loved Hitler who hated democracy. Heidi also hates democracy but is sad that Hitler is now dead and blames the democratic British people for killing him.
  8. Deliberate. I find it funny to purposefully misname the person TPTB are so keen to point out is already misnamed.
  9. Johnny Renoldson is now 5/6 to become an MEP on Betfair!
  10. In the end I didn't even try. I just gave up one weekend, ate lots of sugary bakery stuff for about a month and have just never felt a strong urge to drink. The hardest thing is having to think about things hence why I have re-taken up Poker (which I play sober now) and am looking at joining a board gaming club. I would take cannabis if it didn't make me panic and work did not drugs test people randomly.
  11. Maybe that's where I got it from. I can't stand AA as there are always a small minority of people who use it as "acting practice" where they seem to think the goal is to present the group with most convincing and empathetic performance. It weirds me out. I finally stopped drinking in June last year. I think I'm too scared to go back as my ON/OFF switch is broken and I think it would kill me! I am currently trying to work the two decades of lung, heart and liver damage off on my rowing machine but it is a long slog as my body has lost all its youthful elasticity.
  12. Jinx. I almost said that to you! Thank you.
  13. You have my sympathy. Hopefully you are coping with it currently and have a strategy for when it deteriorates?
  14. Has anyone made the point that this poverty is entirely artificial, yet?
  15. "In operations that contingency planners term “controlled spontaneity”, politicians’ statements, vigils and inter-faith events are also negotiated and planned in readiness for any terrorist attack. LOL. They really had us fooled didn't they? Maybe they should call it Completely Pre-planned, Insincere and Fake Spontaneity instead.