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  1. It's a pity you didn't post your prediction in April 2018 then. Because by the time you posted the fall had already happened for the most part.
  2. I call bollocks on this. Your first post was midday on 30th July when the price had already crashed after they published their results. So closer to 300p at your first post and 317 at the end of that day. And the price was 280p just before the Coronovirus crash. You are crediting yourself with the period prior to your prediction and/or the Coronovirus crash.
  3. Peculiar chart pattern here. Repeated massive intraday rises all failing to hold. Just traders trading or were intitutional players attempting to keep this piglet in the air? No idea. I don't know what the recent story is, if there is one.
  4. It's common sense unless you happen to be the guinea pig that is deemed fit for circulation. My common sense tells me to avoid unnecessary risks when there is a well documented global pandemic of a potentially deadly virus. In other news, I see they are shutting down Parliament. Luckily, the vital business of sending toasters to people online will continue unabated. Thank God they are keeping the important stuff going, eh? #bollocks
  5. They're all spineless and compliant and looking to protect their own bonuses, I suspect. As it stands, the site is increasingly dependent on agency staff who largely live hand to mouth and have little choice - modern day slaves and chattel. Increasingly those permy staff with "outs" are using them. I'm not suggesting that the risk is particularly big, but it is present. Management are exposing staff unnecessarily to this risk whilst being safe themselves. Despicable.
  6. True. Ultimately if they don't shut the economy then people will die. And if they do shut the economy then people will die. The management class have been shown to be truly despicable, however. I don't intend to be anyone's guinea pig. There is no society, there are only individuals and families. The best thing for me and my family is a massive reset of our whole necrotic system. Crash it all and restore true capitalism. Let workers live from their own labour, emasculate land so workers can afford to house themselves and let capital find its true value. Stop blowing bubbles and start generating real wealth.
  7. Exactly how I feel today. Like a total pleb being taken the piss out of by my betters. I knew it all already but this brings it into sharp relief. I will be reporting in sick next week until this pandemic has passed.
  8. Update on my shambles of a company. All senior site managers have left site and are working at home. All plebs are still required to turn up and work in offices and warehouses. CEO of this international multi-billion pound behemoth is going to send us all a letter stating that we are essential workers. Our work (in my warehouse) = shifting small luxury kitchen appliances. Not at all essential. Anyhow I kicked off and one of the supervisors suggested I speak to Boris about it. I said that if the CEO sends me a fraudulent letter then I would take it to my MP who may pass it on to Hancock or Johnson. So the management have jumped ship and are now radioing in orders to rearrange deckchairs. I told them it was despicable and that I was going home because they couldn't ensure my safety. A big hat tip to all doctors, nurses, food chain, transport etc workers. If the government are paying the rest of the economy to sit on their arse then these guys should surely be paid twice. I'm out though. I will spend my days trying to squeeze some Brittanias out of the online gold merchants. Fiat is surely toast.
  9. Riddle me this, fellow DOSBODers: How is it that public congregations of more than two people will be broken up by the police yet I have spent the week so far in a communal office with nine other people doing what can only be described as non-essential work? If we all went to the local park and sat around together we would be dispersed, yet put us in an office and everything is apparently OK. WTF?
  10. So is it the work that must be absolutely necessary or the travel to get to work? My work is not absolutely necessary but it is absolutely necessary for me to travel in order that I can do my work. I cannot do my work at home. Has BoJo just banned me from going to work or not?
  11. My work is essential to the business. The business isn't essential to anything. We could all down tools and no-one would die.
  12. I'm going to drive to work tomorrow knowing one of two things will happen: 1. Ideally I will be turned away at the gate as the company have shut our non essential services down 2. I will not be turned away at the gate and will spend the day - nay, the rest of the year - teasing the management about the "absolutely essential" work I do.
  13. Lots of people will die, many will die at home. Most of these people would have been dead in a few years anyway. So what? Lots of businesses will go under and lots of people will lose their jobs. This would have happened anyway, sooner or later, due to our zombie economy. So what? The government know all this already. They are just positioning themselves so that when it does inevitably happen, no-one can accuse them of not doing enough. In fact, I reckon the government are loving it. They have a much needed recession and it's none of their fault whatsoever. They get to lance the economic boil and blame it all on COVID19. Win Win for the establishment. Almost as good as a world war for them! In some ways even better.