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  1. billfunk

    Netflix/Amazon Prime bargain bin shitty movies

    TV On Demand: Sky: I wouldn't advocate using either "service" and link them here only for illustrative purposes to show how relatively poor the main providers are in comparison. IPTV providers typically have 1500+ channels - US, UK, Sport, Movies - for £70 a year and watch series has most films and TV on demand for free*. The Ministry of Circuses really needs to get its act together and ensure us plebs have easy access to ALL this crap for a tiny fraction of our pleb wages. They don't want us to riot now do they? So maybe £10 a month for OnDemand TV and films and another £10 a month for Sky Sports and Movies. That is what it is worth (very little) and anything more will result in many of the plebs abusing the above websites, which I would not condone. I find it slightly odd and amusing how all this crap has become commodified to the extent it has. I mean, who in their right mind spends £100+ a month on such an inferior product? This shit is like selling bottled water to Cumbrians. For the record I am a paid subscriber of Netflix. Current highlights include: the Vietnam Documentary by do-dah Burns and Better Call Saul, some good classic films I have already seen.
  2. billfunk

    One for spy

    There won't be another crisis as Gordo ended all that "boom and bust" nonsense 15 years ago. Credibility = 0
  3. billfunk

    Bennie seekers mapped

    The proper mechanism for giving the lower paid a bit extra is by setting up your own business and paying them more.
  4. billfunk

    Bennie seekers mapped

    No. The important thing is exactly the opposite of this. We need to stop being Puritans. The common wealth is sufficient for everyone to survive. The free market is sufficient to generate wealth. No need for us to ascribe moral values to those who choose to work or not. Just pay everyone £75 a week and let them make their own minds up. No one will starve. Productivity will sky rocket.
  5. billfunk

    Bennie seekers mapped

    Just pay every adult £75 a week. Job done.
  6. billfunk

    Bennie seekers mapped

    Yes exactly. The dole is only a small and insignificant part of the benefits smagasbord. Of course I doubt they would ever release the real map as it would overlay perfectly with the "muslim communities" map.
  7. billfunk

    Short termism

    The economy is based on the pathological notion that there can be consistent perpetual growth in all things, year on year. Reform this and it is likely businesses will change their behaviour. I think it all starts with the money system. If that is corrupt then everything that lives on it is corrupted.
  8. billfunk

    Diabetes - Public Health Scandal

    I heard him this morning on Radio 4. He said he read a lot of scientific papers before deciding to stop eating sugar completely. I don't believe sugar producers should be able to externalise the side-effects of their products on to the NHS. They should be taxed at a rate proportional to the cost to the exchequer, similar to alcohol. I would like to see them try. They would have every half-baked "free market" nitwit telling them they are communists or somesuch bollocks. If you want something then you should have to pay for it. Seems broadly capitalistic enough for my broadly capitalistic tastes.
  9. billfunk

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    Just a few facts about Sweden: 1. They used to sterilise spastics for the good of society. 2. My Swedish car does not have long wave so I can't listen to Test Match Special. They are not right.
  10. billfunk

    UKIP and Tommy?

    1. Brexit 2. Roll back of Islamisation (and other weaponised mass immigration) 3. Land System 4. Money System So by all means allow TR in. He will be in whatever main party opposes Islamism whenever that party crystalises. But they need to do Brexit properly first and seeing how inneffective they have all been in doing that it may take 5-10 years. By that time the Islamism problem will be far worse. It will be easier for the programmed SJW wankers to work out by then, however.
  11. billfunk

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    No. A Sunni Muslim party would unite the vast majority of Sunni Muslims in any European nation state. They would quite happily overlook any tribal differences in order to unite against the kuffir.
  12. billfunk

    You won't be able to unsee this

    To be fair, if mental illness was a barrier to parenthood then half the kids in England would be in children's homes. I just hope the obvious mental illness of these two does not manifest itself in any life-ruining ways for the kid.
  13. billfunk

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    Eventually there will be only two parties: Islamofascists versus Democrats. Everything else is just fluff. The same is true for nation states across Europe and you can already see parties like NeoLabour go down the Islamofascist route. UKIP are also debating whether to allow arch anti-Islamofascist, Tommy Robinson, into their party.
  14. billfunk

    The Sweden is fucked thread

    If I was a Swede I would vote Swedish Democrats and tell the exit pollsters I voted Social Democrats. This would be doubly subversive and provide me with cheap shits and giggles.
  15. billfunk

    Islamification of Europe

    Under what authority?