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  1. The whole debate is framed incorrectly. All the globalist parties view the UK's finances like a fixed mercantilist cake. The only decision for them, it seems, is how to divvy up the cake. The Tories strive to divvy up only this year's cake whereas Labour are desperate to spend next year's cake and the year after that etc ad infinitum. They should both focus instead on growing the cake. There's only one broad political ideology proven to do this - capitalism - yet none of them are willing to wholly implement it. It is as if they want lots of poor people in the country. Weird.
  2. Sovereign, non debt-based currency. 0% Corporation Tax. £70 a week citizens income for all. But... ... No NMW, no state pension, no dole, no housing benefit, no child credits, no farm subsidies etc. LVT around 1% Prison Camps on South Georgia. Deportation, deportation, deportation (~10 million for starters)
  3. Job done. Ladies and Gents, I give you "The Free Market".
  4. Exactly. All the policies are there to prop up the banking system. Throwing more and more people onto the GDP Bonfire does nothing for the country.
  5. Brexit will happen when the EU money system collapses, if not before. Other than the 30 free postage stamps i can't see how any of the policies you mention expand the money supply so I would doubt the LibLabCon would ever suggest them.
  6. I think the BXP policy of leaving the EU is a sound one. Other than that, most of the policies on offer across the board are atrocious.
  7. The worst thing about this is that there is simply no dialogue. He makes accusations based on recorded evidence, and she simply denies them then closes down the discussion then gets two heavies to prevent any further debate. Fundamentally, that does not represent democratic discourse. Achtung!
  8. By all means give us a referendum on Non-EU mass immigration as well. I think I know the likely outcome of that one. I don't know anyone who wants their town taken over by Mipuri hillbillies and Somalian layabouts. Why would they? Repatriation is the only satisfactory answer now. Simply halting immigration will no longer suffice.
  9. I don't agree with corporate welfare like this. Companies should pay their workers enough that they can fund their own families. Ideally this would mean one salary being sufficient to cover housing and living costs whilst the second parent could do most of the childcare, maybe with a part time job. Or else two parents both working part time. Under no circumstances should we have allowed wages to fall to such a degree that both parents need to work full time in order to cover family expenses. It is a disgraceful and regressive predicament which touches upon the same old problem: the demands of the debt-based money system demanding perpetual growth of the money supply which in turn demands that house prices rise inexorably which consequently sucks in more of people's productive labour. It is not sustainable and it is the reason for Britain's "Productivity Problem". The people-farming neoliberals in power love "childcare" policies like these as it makes them appear (to dunderheads) like pro-family, pro-life, social democrats. In reality they are using state money to create an industry which in its current form should not even exist - yes there should be a few playschools in each town, as there have always been, but not the huge baby-farming, subsidy sucking behemoth there exists today. Stop all the subsidies, make 90% of the "childcare professionals" get real, productive jobs. Or not. Make parents use their own money to look after their own children thus obliging companies to pay them sufficient wages to do. Or not. If they can't do this then they don't have a business and the parents don't, or shouldn't, have children. Sometime, maybe sometime soon, the government will have to support productive wealth generation or face bankruptcy. Currently they allow the money system to suck up more and more of our productive labour and waste it on unproductive labour. Eventually economic gravity will assert itself. The sooner the better for all concerned.
  10. The Tories have brought it upon themselves by eschewing a perfectly good Brexit pact with BXP. It is very good evidence that the Tories do not want Brexit. I am now absolutely determined to "waste" my vote on BXP. Arrogant fucking bastards taking the piss out of the electorate. They need to get some manners. Sin Hubris. Ideally we can get 10 million votes and no seats: a perfect argument for PR.
  11. It all worked when we were a largely homogeneous society. We are not that anymore. Biometric ID is how we get back to that.
  12. Without proper biometric identification for all citizens almost anyone can vote almost anywhere, several times. There is fuck all security for our democracy. "They" already know everything about you - namely your finances. You can't avoid the council, or PAYE, or road tax because they will have you but they put no controls over the democratic process? Bollocks. No taxation without representation; no representation without identification. Force all citizens to get biometric IDs immediately. One ID, one vote - log it on a computer and analyse the results for fraudulent activity. Privatise the Borders Agency and have people working on piece rate, £200 quid per Afghani illegal.
  13. -1 This is drivel. Clearly Democracy exists on a spectrum rather than as a binary. Your throwing the dummy out of the pram only pushes us further down the undemocratic side. What has Farage ever done that is undemocratic?
  14. Do you seriously think BXP are not going to run in your constituency? Where do you live?
  15. Why? You know the three main parties have all betrayed their voters, one way or another. The only party not to have betrayed the electorate are BXP (and UKIP). So why on Earth are all you cynics not supporting BXP?