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  1. So there's a cap on so-called "skilled" immigration. Where the hell is the cap on Mipuri hillbillies and Somali degenerates? Where was the cap 40 years ago? Is it incompetence or conspiracy?
  2. 6. (cont) The community service to measured in weight of produce picked, rather than hours.
  3. I'm not bothered about showing you. It wasn't a big deal to me, I just thought "oh, that guy is probably an anti-semite but maybe he isn't or he's just having an intense day or gone down some conspiraloon rabbit hole the wrong way. I will just drop it and he will probably be ok in future". Then I see you still at it so I tell you. Then you get all farty about it, as if you didn't know. Methinks the piglet doth protest... I don't mind if you are rude as I have no respect for you. Feel free. Just know that this has a lot more to do with you than with me. To be honest, at this point I would have more respect for you if you just acknowledged your antisemitism and told me it was bone fide rather than this whole fake offence thing you have going. Who are you trying to fool? Only yourself.
  4. I am just left wondering what the answer is to "The Jewish Question". I mean is there an answer to it or a solution, if you will, that would once and for all solve "The Jewish Question"? Like a solution that when enacted would mean that there would never be anymore problems with the Jews? Like a... uh... Final Solution to the "Jewish Question"
  5. I did notice the first and second time I saw something. It's just I don't immediately rush to judgement about people. I waited a third time until I raised it. Until I was quite sure what you are. The best thing you can do now is have a look at yourself rather than obsess about me. The term "goy" is really quite an odd one. I have never heard anyone use it in public. I guess that most people (in the UK) don't know what it means, and I wonder in what sense and context you would be using it. Nothing wrong with it as such, but it is a strange use of vocabulary.
  6. The difference for me is that Islam is an aggressive ideology whereas Judaism is insular. Assuming both ideologies want to takeover then Islam will try to kill /convert me and Judaism will keep me the way I am as a slave, presumably (?) I will take my chances with the latter over the former. In so many ways I am already a half slave and I was born this way because of the decisions made over many centuries by people who definitely were not Jews. I am however, definitely not, nor ever want to be, a Muslim.
  7. No. In this case, it is not about the words but the violence they create. If someone realistically believes their words will incite violence then it is as if they carrying out the violence itself. So the law is not against speech per se, but the act of violence.
  8. On the first point, I don't dispute that hate speech laws are being used to clamp down on free speech only the degree to which outside states are controlling this. I don't know how I, or you or any prole, would know for sure that the Saudis are 100% of the reason why our Parliament passes laws which enable Islamic hate speech but criminalise harmless speech, like Dankulas. No doubt the Saudi fund Mosques and "community groups" and lobbyists here in GB and this, in part, feeds into the legislature. But, I can't say 100% that it is definitevely the Saudis doing it entirely on their own. I have known a handful of Jews in my life. None of them seemed that interested in Israel, or indeed, of being Jewish. I wouldn't even have known of several that they were Jews if I didn't know their (often anglicised) Jewish surnames. So, no doubt Israel scheme for Israel and Saudis scheme for Saudi. My main worry as an Englishman is the effect on my life in my country. From what I have experienced, the Jews are tiny in number and relatively benign (potential world takeover conspiracy notwithstanding). Fundamentalist Islam, however, is having a ruinous effect on this country, and the problem is growing. My main issues with British politics are the corrupt money system and the bent land system. I don't currently require a global Jewish conspiracy to explain either, though if I was to follow antisemitic themes this would be easy enough. No doubt there are many Jews in prominent positions in key institutions - this is without doubt. However, I do dispute that it is their Jewishness that forms the basis of the corruption and the motive for their bent practices.
  9. Yes I am an arsehole. To you. Because I think you are an antisemitic prick.
  10. Neither are using speech laws directly in this country to shut down discussion of their activities though they both use the Islamophobia/Antisemitism cards to aid them in their respective ethnostates. The degree to which they are malignantly influencing politics in this country is always moot and as plebs it is hard to identify. One thing is for sure. Let's assume both the Israeli Jews and the Saudi Sunnis are engaged in a hostile takeover of western democracies. The Sunnis are trying to outbreed us and sink us through excessive immigration and social uinrest. The Jews, presumably, are secretly beavering away taking over our media and institutions before, presumably, with their tiny population of 300,000 are going to take over and then force us all to be slaves (as we can't convert to their faith). One seems like a reflection of reality. The other comes across as a bit of a conspiracy theory.
  11. Do you see how you are actually emotionally invested in whether other people have negative opinions about Jews. I mean, why are you so bothered by what other people think about Jews? Why do you think it is "really nice" when they find fault with Jews? Is it not a slightly strange thing to exalt?
  12. Exactly. It is entirely 180 degrees arse about tit and it makes me angry.
  13. No need for the sarcasm. Yes it is different because it is different. As I said, and you must have read, male circumcision does not cause a lifetime of pain whereas female circumcision often does. As I also said, there is a debate to had there, but not now, because I know the only reason you are bringing it up is to deflect again. Again. I don't have to show you any evidence, you prick. I don't have to prove anything to you or anyone else. Everyone knows you are an antisemite because they have read your weirdly antisemtic posts and links in the past. You know what you have posted. The latest snippet of antisemitism is where you try to make a debate about incitement to violence about my perceived Jewishness, or love for the Jews. Once more, just for you, because I guess you are a bit thick, you said, Even if it (a video of a guy saying "gas the Jews" many times over) wasn't a joke (which it was - an obvious joke) he still should not be prosecuted. Which is arrant nonsense and combined with your history of dodgy links and antisemitic tropes makes me sure you are an antisemite yourself. At this point I have explained this to you about four times and I think we are in the realm of the lady doth protest too much. I know you are an antisemite and you know you are one too. Just own it and stop being such a bullshitter.
  14. I think that is an incitement to violence particularly when you look at recent events. Islamists regularly commit acts of violence using this statement as their motive so anyone repeating it to an Islamist crowd would know there was a real likelihood that their words would incite further violence. Obvious.
  15. Good try. I'm not a Jew, not related to any Jews and have no Jewish friends or associates that I am aware of. The point about Jewish ritual male circumcision is a fair one. I don't think male circumcision is directly analogous to female circumcision. Many men, particularly in America, are circumcised for perceived health benefits. It does not cause them a lifetime of pain like female circumcision. If you want to have a debate about this, not particularly relevent point, then feel free, but I am aware you are just trying to deflect again. You have a bit of an obsession with Israel and the Jews and the whole world conspiracy thing that we touched on months back on a different thread. It is as if you, personally, were driving the thread about the Jews this, the Jews that. You espouse several antisemitic tropes and resort to obfuscation when challenged. You are an antisemite. Just own it and stop with all the bullshit. It won't work on me.