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  1. Ebang (EBON) - Chinese mining computer manufacturer. Lockout period ends 23rd Dec so may be best waiting for this to see who wants to offload. Brakes may be off after. Future Fintech (FTFT) - Hedge fund type fintech investment vehicle Both lesser known crypto plays if you are looking to diversify from pure miners.
  2. BitDigital (BTBT) It's apparently the result of a Chinese takeover. Higher risk of it being delisted. But undervalued due to it being unknown. MCAP per PH is very low versus US competitors.
  3. Check out Peter Wall's video on vimeo (I can't find it) where he responds to questions. Best question is why he doesn't dual list. He says it is something they are working on but can't go into details. If they do that I am going to throw the sink at this. This 5 bags in a week in the US. In other news check out Bit Digital (BTBT) formerly Golden Bull as they are scaling up their mining operation extremely quickly. They will have 2250PH by Feb 2021 they reckon. Current MCAP only $330m but they mine more than Riot and Mara combined. I'm trying to figure out why they are so unloved.
  4. This is how you know it's a load of toss. If they were to implement it properly it would mean punitive tariffs on most Chinese goods. But they don't want that so they just charge UK consumers 5p for a plastic bag because that will change the world. Wankers
  5. No, I'm pretty sure Rishi Sunak is a blerk.
  6. He is currently reading through my plan to buy up crypto assets covertly before the giant crypto bull run of 2021. Once he is fully loaded he should announce to the world he is buying thus sending the price higher. Then we would have a decent treasury of digital gold as well as decent backing for a positive sovereign currency if any were needed. Also it would signal to crypto entrepreneurs that the UK was crypto friendly. Maybe we could develop Crypto Valley somewhere?
  7. Like I keep saying ...muslims and blacks ... they don't like democracy.
  8. I almost posted this but didn't because I figured I would end up in a dumb ass semantic argument. I think the argument is the money system and centralisation is all London's fault therefore the debt is all theirs. There is truth in this, but it spectacularly fails to recognise the very real infrastructure and social spending that occurred concurrently with the debt fuckery. So, tough luck, you still need to pay for that. Of course when Scotland are independent they will be free to issue a positive sovereign currency which does not rely on perpetual growth. The 8% will hardly be a pro
  9. deathfunk

    Best thread

    Any one of the bitcoin threads. FWEMPCOIN!
  10. Which is an excellent system when you live in a homogeneous society with strong social ties. When you live in a divided Multi-Kulti hellhole where a sizable minority of the population have an ambivalent attitude to Western democracy it doesn't work quite so well. In a polling station run by muslims for muslims there is nothing to stop Islam Mohommad voting 50 times all for elderley would-be non voters all in favour of whichever party has paid the local imam the biggest bribe. And this is why i say we must have biometric scans at the polling stations. Not for the indigenous white
  11. Sure, but Scotland will hardly be able to refund to "the club" all the infrastructure and social spending they have received through debt spending will they. So, instead, they can take their 8% of the debt.
  12. I'm fine with Scotland declaring independence if that's what the majority there want to do. But they must take on their proportion of the UK debt when they leave - maybe 8% of £2 trillion. Then they can raise as much debt as they want on top of that. Good luck to them.
  13. Great, but the Iris scan catches the fraud before it happens and prevents it altogether. Your checks would be a lot like the last 4 weeks of fuckery in the US. A pantomine of accusation and counter accusation. Not to mention the fact that your findings would be deemed racist as most of your non respondents would be ethnic minorities. It's just not a good solution. It's bordering on being nonviable. Scan them at the voting station. No scan, no vote. One person, one vote. No fuckery.
  14. What if I say i don't wish to disclose that info? What if I just lie to you? What if my English is crap and I don't fully understand? What if I know my community was involved in a massive vote fraud and I didn't want that to come out so decided to frustrate your check?
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