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  1. The beauty of this virus is that all the fucking dirty communists have shown themselves. Keep your dirty hands off my family. 100 million dead and counting. No thanks, comrade.
  2. Because if the government had to codify all the reasonable actions families could take during the lockdown there would be shelves of instructions like a lawyer's library. Most people are quite thick so KISS applies here. "Idiots of Britain, use your discretion and good judgement" would probably not have worked.
  3. He has been held to a much higher standard than anyone i know. Who else has the 5th estate stalk them for months then interrogate them on national TV for an hour prime time about the details of their "indiscretion"?
  4. The whole point is that this is a story precisely because the press are corrupt. This is a political witchhunt not journalism. I think you Majid Ahmed disciples should stop throwing this Whatabboutery line around to be honest. Just out of interest what would you have done with your kid? In what way was Cummings being unreasonable?
  5. No. I will take on both issues very easily: 1. There was nothing wrong with what Cummings did. 2. The press are not good moral arbiters as they suggest in their actions against Cummings because of their massive failure to report the child rapes in a timely manner. I assert both things equally. So, now tell me what the problem with Whatabboutery is, because it isn't the one you just gave.
  6. What's so bad about Whatabboutery anyway? It's something Majid Nawaz always goes on about but I don't really have much of a problem with it. If a public body like the press are holding themselves up as moral arbiters then what is the problem with pointing out that they are in fact very morally inconsistent (and therefore not moral arbiters)? Please do explain this to me.
  7. All the working plebs who have continued to go to the Industrial Estates throughout this crisis will see this bullshit for what it is. If it's so important that this one bloke drove to the NE to look after his kid why is it not important that millions of people are still going to work every day doing non essential tasks
  8. Sorry, it's just me listening to one of my Albert Ayler albums.
  9. The luxury communists hate Cummings. I go to sleep listening to LBC and this morning I woke up to James O Brien and his guests whinging about Cummings. That's an early morning Occam's razor for where I stand on any social issue. If that twat and his hard-of-thinking listeners believe in something then I am 99% of the time against it. And vice versa. I can't remember the last time I heard a sensible opinion on that show (aside form the odd caller who ends up getting ridiculed by the intellectual giant O Brien).
  10. Would that not constitute unlawful harassment? If that does not constitute unlawful harassment then what does? If I was Cummings I would call the police and get them to come to my house because a crime was in progress then report all the press for not socially distancing. It would be Trumpian and humourous to do all this with the coppers in front of the cameras.
  11. So I signed up to a multi currency online Crypto wallet and from there I wanted to pick up some cheap shitcoin which then got me on a survey site. After earning a few shitcoins i decided I rather liked taking surveys as hobby-that-pays (very badly - the money is awful). I have now signed up to two sites - Branded Surveys and Prolific. I have actually not gone back to the poor quality crypto survey site I joined initially as it was poor quality. The two I am on at the moment appear to be well managed and easy to use. I have already given Gillette both barrels of invective. That particular survey was evaluating the quality of the packaging and brand. "The packaging is absolutely fantastic, market leading, sadly I would never consider buying any Gillette products owing to their prior misandrist advertising". I keep getting surveys asking me how the government are doing in handling the COVID crisis. You can guess at my responses here. I did one survey which had me watching a movie trailer then giving my thought. I did a humanities degree which has no real world value of any kind other than the ability to talk pseudy bollocks about cultural products. So I was well in there. And for extra fun I do academic studies at Prolific. I just did a 10 minute betting game study for the LSE and earned £2. It was genuinely interesting and I smashed it out of the park because I am a hero.
  12. I would if I felt like this wouldn't give me a heart attack. I am not so sure. At the moment I am just stepping the time up by 2 minutes a day in the hope of gently rehabilitating my whole respiratory system. I view it as a form of physical therapy rather than actual training. It is so bad that it doesn't constitute training for me.
  13. Honestly I would always go for a Concept 2. Second hand ones are still very good and I'm guessing you could pick one up for under £500. In other exiting news I managed 16 minutes today at 2:13 (!) splits and was completely fucked. I think I am just going to keep adding 2 minutes a day until I am completely exhausted and grind some kind of fitness out that way. It is not getting discernibly easier. I think I have respiratory damage. It's very bad.
  14. Bikes make you infertile as well as being very painful on the old buffin's bridge and a road hazard for the rightful and sole owners of the road, the motorists. If you want to do your exercise sitting down then get a rowing machine and stick it in your garage out of the way of the good motorists. If you want a decent mode of transport then use a car, preferably a diesel. If you live in London, then leave, FFS, what are you still doing in that shithole anyway?