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  1. You can still have capitalism just a pretty shit form of it. The means of exchange needs to be sovereign. I'm not so bothered about the government creating and distributing debt-money into the national economy because they can do this for the benefit of all citizens and are kept in check by the international debt markets. But who the fuck died and gave private banks the right to print debt-money into existence?! Bonkers. I would have a largely private means of production; a mixed means of distribution split between the current free market distribution (you work, you get paid) and a c
  2. It's a load of old bollocks because it presupposes that the main fiscal problem is with government income. Not the case at all. The government is already about as high up the Laffer curve as it can get. The problem is with government expenditure not government income. Cut back everything drastically. Stop paying people money to do nothing. Restore capitalism. Job done.
  3. Not to mention taxpayers who never had anything to do with it in the first place. The parents are guilty of willful degeneracy. What the hell did the poor taxpayer do wrong?
  4. I have my picks: Ian Wright Nicola Adams (triple points for lesbianism, womanhood and blackness) And a wild card I'm going to go for the black presenter they had doing the Snooker this year. He has a huge afro so bonus black points there, even though he's not gay or a woman.
  5. So it seems a Question of Sport are having a clear out of their current all white team. Phil "White Boy" Tufnell and Matt "The Cracker" Dawson are both to be replaced as captains along with Women-but-unfortunately-White-and-Old presenter Sue Barker. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54135771 So the question is which blacks and women will be captaining the new teams and which black will be the new host? I honestly can't think of any female sporting celebrities with any personality whatsoever. Jessica Ennis is a vacuum, as are all the tennis failures, cricket players and soccerers. Th
  6. Life is hard I will give you that. If you wait till your late thirties before you consider having a child then get tested and realise the child has Downs and you still go ahead with the birth then I fail to see how you are not fully culpable. I'm certainly not culpable for that. It's tough and I'm not suggesting these aren't difficult decisions. But I think the decision is made a lot easier for them knowing they can steal from other people's labour. Take this forcible behaviour against others out of the equation and I am full of compassion for them.
  7. So all taxpayers then? I'm fine with people playing God with their own kin just not at the expense of the country. If you want disabled kids then you can pay for them. Likewise if you want 10 kids. I'm very happy with people being free and making their own decisions I just don't want to pay for it all. I am not a slave in service to the disabled. Why would anyone think that was appropriate?
  8. Black and Red clothing, all Aryan women, all healthy looking (bar one tubster), calling for violence and extinction (of the Jews, no doubt). These good women are all clearly National Socialists, no? Sieg Heil Extinction Ladies! We will be needing more fascists like you to clear out the marxist degeneracy now rife in society. Because: Liberalism begets marxism Marxism begets degeneracy Degeneracy is cleansed by fascism Fascism is defeated by Liberalism.
  9. I wasn't aware the bell curve went high enough for black people to be scientists. Are there just a ton of plastic black scientists in British Unis?
  10. Me: two days a week in a warehouse/office, ISAs, gold, bitcoin, spread bets - all very low tax. I see all the scum they import from abroad. Recently a sub-Saharan African. Mentally retarded goldfish, ultra slow, loved Hitler and Idi Amin (men of action), absolutely hated gays. We enjoyed teasing him about him fucking his missus up the arse. He fucking hated it. Stop the poo-poo talk he said. We told him that Hitler would have genocided him because he thought blacks were inferior. He didn't like that either. I told him if he expects us to accept him as a black person then he should accept gay p
  11. The fact they are quiet is the main reason why I'm not doing anything about it. Anyway there is a handy man blocking my car in now so maybe their short tenure has ended.
  12. I have seen two indicators of bankrupt states: 1. Debt to GDP of 250% 2. Debt interest greater than tax revenue. I guess we are currently at 110%-120% of debt to GDP and can see this going higher and higher for many years. We currently spend fewer than £50bn on interest (and some of this to the BoE) so we have tons of wiggle room here whilst rates remain low and our tax revenues stay at around £1 trillion. If we keep going down the Socialist route we are on, I would expect us to be properly bankrupt by 2030.
  13. If I see them again I will make a better effort to introduce myself. I will do my impersonation of a friendly and bumbling Boris Johnson to affect an introduction. That is if I see them again. I'm just unhappy because I hate landlordism, local councils and unrestricted mass immigration and this situation is basically the trifecta. I lived with a Chinese bloke for about 6 months at Uni and had no problems with him (or his Mum who lived in his room!).
  14. So the house that adjoins ours belongs to a scumlord who, naturally, rents it out to poor bastards who typically cannot afford house deposits. Recently we had a new family move in. We have seen two kids and a man who smokes and chucks his fags around like it is a sink estate. We think there is also a woman though we have never seen her. We saw the kids and the man outside one day and said "Hi" but they were weird and uncommunicative. Even a foreigner should be able to respond to this gesture. But they didn't. They just stood there and stared. No smile back, no nodding, nothing. Weird. They are
  15. It's a good job there is no International Law against ethnic cleansing or else where would we buy all our shiny tat from? International Law is formative and non binding. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a neoliberal or a fool.
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