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  1. Honest John used to note the lack of engine trouble from ex-hire cars. The thinking was that many different drivers not being too careful with revs etc from new was in fact of some benefit as noted above. This was specifically in relation to diesels though, that typically run higher compression and may therefore be more susceptible to performance effects from leaks.
  2. Ah yes, I meant scope the cars on the website for what you are after. Sure, they want you to take the finance, but there's no negotiation about the price or the spec so all they really want is a sale on the tick or failing that, a sale full stop. Not defending them, they did push it too far about finance when it was clear we were paying cash. At the very least you can get keys to sit in loads of the cars of interest and decide whether they are for you.
  3. Have you tried car supermarkets eg Motorpoint? Non-negotiable price, specs listed pretty comprehensively, new or nearly new choice. You have to take it or leave it but you may find what you want or close to it. Only slight curveball I've found is that you may get a parallel import, which would be disclosed prior to sale. Might mean slightly different spec and/or different warranty period. We got a delivery mileage (then) current plate Focus for £11,700 in early 2016, list price was £17,xxx as I recall. Not that you'd pay that at a dealer mind, but it seemed very competitive and has been serviced at a main dealer with no issues as a result of its imported status. Warranty is 2 years rather than UK standard 3 years. The price dropped by a few hundred a week or two later as the plate ran out too, so might be worth looking at.
  4. Has Jr had their '2 year' health check? It generally seems to occur a few months after their 2nd birthday. That'll be useful in highlighting any developmental issues. You can always call a health visitor if you have concerns too.
  5. Mk1 Cortina in regular use near me. Looking at howmanyleft they (all Cortinas) are not nearly as few in number as I supposed. Saw a Pin-potential? luxo barge, not too old but a relative rarity Hyundai XG30
  6. I'd definitely use the paper tiger 3 wheel version, and apply the Zinser DIF liquid via cheap garden spray bottle to dissolve the glue. It'll just peel off after a few liberal soakings, no steamer required. I stripped paper off every room in a 4 bed house recently, some rooms I scarcely needed to use a scraper as it just peeled off in sheets. The amount of scraping required will depend on the paper a bit, if it is thick/textured stuff it might not peel away so easy, if it is thin then you should be ok.
  7. Even then it is no guarantee of problem free travel, especially at the most risky areas- junctions. Having someone trying to squeeze in front either entering or exiting with eg an HGV in close order behind or in lane 2 is far from ideal. Dunno what the answer is though, seems difficult to avoid certain situations arising despite knowing they are likely to happen in advance.
  8. I pu a complaint in about a shocking piece of driving from a firm's 7.5t truck, it was at odds with the seemingly decent condition of the new signwritten vehicle, the operations bod got back to me to say that it was an agency guy at the wheel and it was taken up with the agency. Must be frustrating to have the company brand and vehicle screwed by these types.
  9. RM generally ok in my non business experience, but when it goes wrong there is little chance of adequate recourse. One item was deemed too thick, only got the 'underpaid postage' card weeks after it should have arrived; the seller sent a replacement which got through fine as original was assumed lost by then. Definitely had a lowing value parcel go missing, rcd circuit breaker combination thingies for my consumer unit. I eventually suspected theft as the tracking went cold at the local depot and the address was correct. Initially I thought they'd left it 'safe' in the wheelie bin the day before bin day but it didn't seem to stack up as the local postie and parcel delivery people are very genuine.
  10. '87 535i '86 325es '96 328i '03 Sharalhambraxy VR6
  11. A shed of an e34 535i, looked exactly like the one in the picture. Too big for my tastes tbh but it was quite quick and made covering long distances pretty effortless.
  12. Yeah, I was just part way through an edit to that effect- if EU types are agog at how crap UK life is, maybe the EU ain't the problem(or all of the problem at least).
  13. I'm not sure whether that counts for or against Brexit. The problems facing the UK are largely the fault of UK Gov and as such EU membership status is irrelevant imo. UK Gov has taken an overly generous approach to immigration/entitlements that other EU states did not; UK Gov has pushed Zero Hours contracts and presided over and worsened the disgrace that is UK housing. Crap employment prospects and crap housing is a spectacular aspiration for UK Gov, although quite a deliberate one too. I just fail to see how the EU fits in.
  14. One thing which has been a concern is the reliability and longevity of the base vehicles for campers, whether stealth or not. At this time of year they're a common sight on the roads, and there are many in excess of 20 years old. I'm the last person to say an old motor is a showstopper per say, but how do these sort of vehicles cope with useage patterns which might be quite intense for short periods followed by lengthy periods of inactivity? Perhaps it is this pattern which allows the time to keep it maintained well. That Suzuki looks ropey in front of the rear wheel.