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  1. lid

    Great Covers

  2. lid

    Frankie Valli

    Well I think this is just chipper
  3. lid

    1990s music

  4. lid

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Having a drinkie back at mine with my cousin and a couple of random lads from the neighborhood. These working class lads are more clued up (anti BBC/pro trump/ukip)than I could have ever imagined, they could be dosbodders.or it could just be the Charlie.
  5. lid

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    Crazy isn't it? I was just saying this to myself earlier
  6. lid

    Gerard Batten

    Can't stand that uppity fucking shrew who hosts that debate program.
  7. lid

    Terminator development thread.

    If I can send it down the offy for 8 cans and 20 smokes I'm all for it
  8. lid

    Does Cultural Marxism exist?

    And he still had time to make those films with his brothers, talented guy
  9. lid


    The films coming up. I'm not sure there was ever a greater band, and I say this a Liverpudlian brought up on the Beatles. It's a tough one.
  10. lid

    Germany, a country of non-entities

    Can't believe nobody's mentioned modern talking tbh
  11. lid

    Tommy Robinson thread

    They'll probably get the Lauren southern treatment and get turned around at the airport