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  1. Ooh ooh Ahh ahh Two monkeys in a bath
  2. lid


    Picked up a book on the development of superglue and couldn't put it down
  3. lid


    Supergluing a quid to the floor and watching people bend down to pick it up provides a cheap afternoons entertainment whilst enjoying a pint
  4. lid


    aldi seville orange and lime stuff has just won the best gin in the world apparently bought her indoors a bottle for £15 being the old romantic and all
  5. Chop bennies and replace with food stamps that can only be redeemed for fresh veg/fruit/meat etc
  6. It'd be Floella Benjamin for me. Or Rusty Lee
  7. got to admit being puzzled when we won the cricket having had the exact same score as the kiwis, i was expecting them to play a super duper over next to decide the winner
  8. Same here, I thought their second album was shite
  9. lid


    I’ve been watching the African Cup of Nations and what’s struck me is the shocking lack of diversity in the teams. Is Africa far right or something?