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  1. Locktober Covember Diecember We're doomed, doomed a tell ye 😷🥴🙄
  2. lid

    Real people

    Nobody's got any bollocks any more I know it's fucking sad
  3. Just put Jeff Buckley on to see what all the fuss was about, glad he's dead
  4. lid

    Real people

    Can't get used to this new format bollocks spunko
  5. lid

    Real people

    Jeff Stelling recently "thought about" sticking by his mates who got fucked off by Sky, but in the end he didn't.. Morrissey took a load of flak in recent years for not having government sanctioned opinions, however Johnny Marr was still happy to sing Smiths songs at Glastonbury. Rosanne Barr dared to air some unfavorable views (we used to call the opinions) not so long ago and yet all the people who made their names on her show were more than happy to throw her under the bus. We are living in the age of the shithouse. Can't see it ending well.
  6. lid

    Stir-fry basics

    Bubble and squeak chaps, anything else is cultural appropriation
  7. lid

    Wealth tax - FT

    I work with a hardcore "socialist" who's recently bought a 500k house Is a 1% a year property tax fair? Tbh I've never really thought about it until now
  8. "I've got the butler in the pantry" Meaning I've got a polite yet insistent fart brewing
  9. Trump shoots from the hip. The guy's John Wayne. four more years
  10. lid

    tecnhical shit

    how do you insert a signature and how do you do that blue text link thing that links to other erm links thanks chaps!
  11. fuck knows why these aren't on the TV any more, probably some PC bollocks enjoy
  12. Donald Fear just nominated for Nobel Quiz Prize smashed it the lad
  13. People accuse me of showing off a bit when I put BSC after my name but I fucking earned that bronze swimming certificate
  14. Admittedly this could be a long list. However this guy is alive. Good for him, the alive bastard.
  15. Not a news story as such but we live a stone's throw away from a local Charlie dealer. He takes orders via Instagram, takes payment via bank transfer, and leaves the product in his letterbox, minimising face to face contact. Amusing and local.
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