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  1. Islamification of Europe

    Should be interesting at speakers corner this afternoon with tommy robinson giving that speech
  2. just when you think they couldn't get any pettier, they do
  3. Big explosion at convenience store in Leicester

    I was in my local poundworld couple of weeks ago and chuckled when some woman asked one of the staff near the medicine bit if they sold tramadol. Ha Hahaha
  4. Laptop for under £400

    i'd go with some decent screen wipes as well, especially if he watches a bit of frankie vaughan
  5. The domino's lady looks like she enjoys a 12inch meat feast
  6. Toys R us gone

    Maplins were always going to struggle in a cut-throat post-internet retail landscape. They should've stuck to running holiday camps.
  7. I feel like chicken tonight

    Yep And all to save a poultry few quid
  8. I feel like chicken tonight

    Can we rule out fowl play?
  9. Islamification of Europe

    Tony soprano wouldn't have stood for this shit nor would Ragnar lothbrok
  10. Tony soprano Ragnar lothbrok Watch and learn That is all
  11. Dump when brunk

    Depends on the coke
  12. Dump when brunk

    Some toad I knew in the 90s is now doing well for himself as a hirey firey type I remember when he had an xr2 and a bad taste in music (this post does not contain bitterness)