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  1. lid

    3 killed by train in South London

    They're raised higher than the running rails and sat on ceramic pots
  2. lid

    3 killed by train in South London

    Not always in the middle you get them along the outer cess rails around junctions
  3. lid

    Threatening neighbour - advice needed

    Get a Rottie
  4. lid

    Tommy Robinson thread

    The pub security staff told the police that there was no issue with him being there according to the comments
  5. lid

    Tommy Robinson thread

    He was minding his own business with his wife and kids and some friends by all accounts
  6. lid

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I would disagree
  7. lid

    Dosbods - Praise

    The snowman is hideously white come to think of it. It should be remade, he could be black or mixed race. Instead of walking in the air they could be chillin in the hood.
  8. lid

    Best Songs of the Eighties

  9. lid

    Weird Things That Are "Normal"

    Being a fat cunt
  10. lid

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Fixed that for you
  11. lid

    Not a lot of people know this but...

    When 23 people are gathered, there is more chance than not that 2 of them have the same birthday
  12. lid


    Just another scheme to channel taxpayer money to private banks
  13. lid

    Mozza Interview

    It seems in celeb land there are still a few sensible people in a sea of gobshites