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  1. I've found myself watching these now and again recently. I find them quite enjoyable. Typical example involves younger folk, often from the black community, watching classic old tunes. There's also a similar example of Americans watching the likes of Mickey Flanagan for the first time In the gig economy we live in I can only applaud these guys for having a go at earning an honest living. Good on em.
  2. lid

    Let's BRAG

    I shared a traffic light sequence with Les Dennis once. He was in an adjacent car.
  3. lid

    Bye bye BBC

    Just into season two. Captivating, although I hope they all meet a grisly end, not one character I am rooting for. So far..
  4. Elvis was not a fuckin Cajun
  5. I dunno I was pissed I think I was on about when John Lenin was rounding up all the communists years ago
  6. Yeah no doubt even more fucked now with all this shit. Isn't it something like 100k to train to be a pilot? Imagine forking that out only to find your industry going down the shitter just as you want to start earning to pay it all back.
  7. I read the other day that some of the older trolley dolleys are on better money than some of the newer pilots.
  8. I think the 1% figure assumes that people don't alter their behaviour. Worst case scenario, maybe, it could get that bad. My guess is that lots of people, coffin dodgers especially, will alter their behaviour. This little precursor to death might have put the shits up them, somewhat.
  9. I remember the whole thing a something of a damp squid myself personally
  10. Sitting in the garden listening to rave tunes. Beats those Saturday night possessions. 👌🍻🍺
  11. No need to spit one's dummy out, after all, for any forum to function there needs to be a balance of opinion across all spectrums. Running through the options, this thing might: Peter out Come back mild Come back bad Kill everyone The truth is, nobody knows. The prevailing thought at this moment in time, on this forum, is that this thing is probably not the end of the world. Let's hope that this holds true in the coming months/years. Some people are naturally pessimistic. Me, I've always been an optometrist.
  12. My 80 year old father on law (cancer patient) literally hasn't left the house in about five/six weeks. Luckily he's had a back garden to tend. My own 67 year old dad (high blood pressure) has had back garden drinking sessions twice/thrice weekly. They are both in the high risk category and are dealing with this lockdown as they see fit. Time will tell what's been the best course of action but they seem to be cracking on in their own way, good on em I say.