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  1. Half-volleyed a basketball the full length of a sports hall and scored a basket
  2. I find that the people who tend to be the most anti-TR tend to know the square root of fuck all about him
  3. lid

    Question Time Heads up for tonight, might be worth watching for once
  4. What are the chances of us leaving the EU before may 23rd? I ask because I'm off to Spain on 21st may and kids passports expire in August. It wasn't an issue as I assumed we were in the EU until October, bit now I'm reading that the withdrawal agreement might be getting pushed through. Am I best biting the bullet and getting fast track passports costing 400 odd quid? Tossers the lot of em
  5. If she just wants to get a workout she could always do some hoovering
  6. lid

    Help with Car Purchase a bag of sand for something like that, rude not to brother bought one for 500 quid couple years ago, only needed brake pads since
  7. RIP mum you were the best
  8. Brainwashed by the EU for sinister purposes.The Maychurian CandidatešŸ¤Ŗ
  9. Yesterday I ate an after eight at ten past seven
  10. So the economy is built on sand, literally
  11. Mike stuchbery's let himself go
  12. lid

    Dead man's shoes

    My cousin knocked a deaf bird out in Germany once in his army days after she kicked him in the nuts This has no relevance to this thread but I thought I'd share it