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  1. If I'm out carousing then a gallon of Guinness is par for the course, then a few cheeky shorts to end the night Try to get out once a week especially if there's a game on in the pub, keeps me sane. Not much of a home drinker although can get through a twelve pack of the black stuff if in the mood. Find I dont really get hangovers off it which wasn't the case with lager
  2. lid


    Nah arbing ain't for me, seems too much of a faff. I prefer in play stuff, seems to throw up some nice value
  3. lid


    nice feeling getting a decent win here and there, but thought the juice wasn't worth the squeeze in the end for the effort involved now refocused on cracking betfair again there's gold in tham thar hills
  4. lid


    played a fair bit a few years back, ended up jibbing it, just got sick of nob heads lucking out all the time having spent hours in a mtt finger developed a twitch of its own as well after a while wasn't all bad tho highlights included a £4k ish online tourney win and a trip to prague to play in a £1k buy in tourney
  5. If Salvini saves the day I will be dining on pizza and peroni for the rest of the year
  6. Ha I remember that story, think he got jailed for contempt
  7. The thought of possibly eating kitten tikka masala made it a bit of a no no for me also
  8. Remember reading that with a lump in my throat
  9. see he's gone to the great big helicopter in the erm, sky
  10. lid


    Anyone looking like this coming knocking for my daughter would be getting hoofed back down the garden path
  11. I've enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life, provided I die next Wednesday I need to read this thread
  12. lid

    Question Time

    Owen Jones strikes me as the type of guy who has never told a joke in his life