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  1. The commuters in the So-Called BBC article seem hideously white, so I assume nobody will care and the BAMES running the strike will prevail. Excellent. Another rung down on the UK’s descent into Hell.
  2. Another variant is the “shaken the hand that shook xxx’s hand”. For me, I know personally about a dozen people that were close to Pol Pot. Now that’s a frightening two degrees of separation.
  3. From Wiki: Climate Change is the phenomenon where affluent Westerners changed from talking about the weather and started talking about the climate. It is often a source of severe criticism at the higher levels of chatter when people “confuse the climate with weather”. Global warming is the mechanism where the Earth warms whilst statistically cooling. The only person that fully understood this before Saint Greta was Al Gore, who was so determined in his work, he set about having the biggest carbon footprint of all mankind, with large houses, private jets and grotesque consumption. The Carbon Footprint was first established as an idea by the writer, George Orwell, where he envisioned it stamping on poor peoples’ faces forever from 1984 onwards. Environmentalism, conservationism and climate change activism are are completely different causes, joined by a single goal - ignoring overpopulation as a cause of problems. (Have I clicked on the right Wiki? Ed)
  4. Bkkandrew


    Smells like the Bill Clinton boy-on-a-yacht story is the distraction. An easily disprovable setup.
  5. Bkkandrew


    Has Andy been thrown under the bus to protect another Royal’s predilections becoming public that is intertwined with Spacey? Let’s see, who in the Royal Family has had homosexual stories floating around for years?
  6. Surely the boy should have made staying with her conditional on doing he up the wrongun on a weekly basis?
  7. That’s my chat up line! Oh hang on, no, it’s a different shot I suggest actually.....
  8. Or, inotherwords, Biden has screwed himself, with Schiff, Polosi et al egging him on...
  9. Correct. As any assassin knows - you kill the dog first.
  10. Only for said new guy to have a narrow escape in an aircraft crash / car crash / *insert option here and have it explained to him by TPTB that there is a line to toe from that point on should he wish to avoid accidents.
  11. I truly hope the price was to get all Tory candidates to stand on a No Deal backstop in the manifesto. (Which will then, of course, be ignored)
  12. That’s the point - I could have lied and lied and lied and just evaded the rules. Wasn’t prepared to do that, so end of story. Of course, because Tax Credits had become so intertwined in the workplace by 2010, that meant business, self employment and employment was even a no-no.
  13. I assume that the circumstances behind the non-compete with sitting MPs pledge is that he has been promised No Deal (of a better deal can’t be reached after negotiations up to new deadline) is the default position.