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  1. Possibly should be on the @MrLibertyRedux’s Beautiful Pubs thread, but I must compare and contrast. Went to 5 pubs and restaurants tonight. Bought one of them. All rammed apart from the one I bought, especially the high end ones. When I say high end, I Mean a plate of 4 tornados for $400++. It’s rocking here now. Crazy. Insane. And I don’t know why. I had a sneezing fit after 12 pints of the finest craft beer - and nobody even turned a head!! 😂
  2. Yet, amazingly, all the fatalities there will be Covid 19. Even the drunk driver with his car stuck halfway up a tree.
  3. Bkkandrew

    Three Gorges Dam

    Yes, rainy season in Asia is unexpectedly producing rain, unlike some years of late that were drier than expected because Climate Change.
  4. Not having read the details, after all, talking of locking down Leicester is a case of discussing “a far away country between people of whom we know nothing”. However, I assume it could be a positive outcome if the purpose is to confine these people, ferry them (perhaps in those underused ‘Horsemen’ busses?) to the awaiting planes with these so-called air bridges to deport to their country of origin. See, I only need to skim read the latest news from Blighty and I can see Boris’ policies making sense in the end!
  5. Bkkandrew

    Three Gorges Dam

    All the Chinese at work know nothing about issues at 3GD. Talked about the worst flooding for nearly 100 years, with one guy from a very badly affected city talking about serious damage and flooding. So, maybe for once, the DOSBODS Massive have jumped the shark on this one..
  6. Bkkandrew

    Three Gorges Dam

    Can we have a poll? A bet? A sweepstake?
  7. Bkkandrew

    Three Gorges Dam

    I think in a small way, you may have identified the problem with this dam. Cambodia has a lot of Chinese designed and constructed dams also. Ho hum.
  8. Bkkandrew

    Three Gorges Dam

    It is a Government Agency, so the people that are sent from China to join are CCP. However, I am viewed as fairly anti-Western and localised, so usually get some frank replies to other politically sensitive questions.
  9. Bkkandrew

    Three Gorges Dam

    I have a large contingent of Chinese engineering types in my office. I will try and get a view from the ground on Monday.
  10. Bkkandrew


    All this can be solved with swatch cards.
  11. They should take a look at this branding 😂 pigment “correction” 😂 😂 😂
  12. It’s end of days stuff. Jeez...
  13. Crikey, that’s an unlucky time for a foot and mouth outbreak with Covid still around!
  14. Yeah. “Intelligence”, innit...
  15. Looks like Cambodia might be another unlikely winner. Meat packing plants. Just as years ago, small abattoirs and butchers operated in every community in the U.K., they still do here. In fact, I can’t think of a single industrial scale plant here, apart from CP Group’s place on Highway 4. Crossing with the food supply chain thread, localised distributed production may be more expensive in normal times compared to the globalised behemoth, but it sure looks cheaper in testing times of logistics disruption, infectious diseases and social unrest.