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  1. Bkkandrew

    Off work with stress?

    20 years working and living in Thailand and Cambodia. Yet to come across an example of stress as a reason for absenteeism. It must be some kind of First World problem. Or maybe just Britain? I get quite stressed when I have had cause to speak with my British ex-wife.
  2. Bkkandrew

    Going to school during Eid certificate

    And my children can’t come on holiday in term time to see me so I spend triple on more expensive flights. I see how this works now.
  3. Bkkandrew

    HURRAH...First Black Miss Universe GB

    Lammy has had a crack at Mastermind. Didn’t do so well, but the questions were stacked against him. Should have been more inclusive, stuff about BLM rallies or something. Added bonus plus points for skin tone according to a BBC Pantone chart would have seen him through. Now, onto Black Miss Britain (Sharia compliant); It’s good that a black lass won it, as otherwise that would be discriminatory, however next year the burka only option in the costumes may make whiter Pantones sneak in undercover, which will be unfair and possibly fraud.
  4. Bkkandrew

    The rise of milk shake & dessert parlours

    If I remember correctly, Milk Bars were the socialising point for the main characters of the prophetic novel, A Clockwork Orange. Another step on the way.
  5. Bkkandrew

    The Workhouse

    I think you are all right and aren’t staring blankly like the idiot admins I last encountered in the UK.
  6. Bkkandrew

    Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    Putin’s passport will be exhibit 476.
  7. Bkkandrew

    Carney wants to end the RPI figures? Is this true?

    Why not simply abandon the whole sorry pretense and, instead of the Bank of England producing any of its array of fictional stats, simply reprint random year’s figures of an obscure sports Argus.
  8. Bkkandrew

    The Workhouse

    The problem with that would be that nowadays, for each moron or imbecile actually doing any work, you would have 25 idiots holding clipboards and staring blankly at a computer screen or smartphone.
  9. Bkkandrew

    2 sisters chicken

    Why not have an English test as part of the recruitment process? I a fairly sure that would solve the problem.
  10. Bkkandrew

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Labour Governments always end in bankruptcy; Tory Governments always end in a shambles.
  11. Bkkandrew

    Islamification of Europe

  12. Bkkandrew

    Trump's progress

  13. Bkkandrew

    Dogs dogs everywhere, with thick as fuck owners

    I often imagine a final, apocalyptic version of Britain being chav dog owners verses Mussers battle. A bit like Cockneys v Zombies, but for real.
  14. Bkkandrew


    I had never heard of this buildabear until today and DOSBODS. Usually I appreciate the news that DOSBODS brings me. On this occasion I believe that I could have happily lived the rest of my life without this ‘knowledge’.
  15. Bkkandrew

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    Thank you so much for posting. That entire news bulletin was hilarious, like a satire. Where and how do they find these loons to interview? The black being cointerviewed made the loopy Mayor of Sheffield look statesmanlike by comparison. Its real Man vs Sanity stuff!