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  1. Bkkandrew

    Which person is your most loathed SJW

    Perhaps we should compromise with the SJWs. We could bring in a limited version of Sharia Law. It could be full Sharia but limited in its application to SJWs as a 'trial group'.
  2. Jeez, expat pay rates for certified CE in this Third Word shithole are more than that!
  3. Bkkandrew

    Here come the hillbillies....

    Before we accept this as a "Royal" wedding, I think we should require the publishing of the DNA test results from Harry as compared to Charles.
  4. Islam is a death cult, to be viewed in the same way as the Heavens' Gate Hale-Bop halfwits or the Matamoros morons. It is certainly less death cult-like than the Waco wackos, who were trying to at least keep themselves (and their weapons) to themselves.
  5. Bkkandrew

    The Political Compass

    I don't need a political compass to tell me that virtually all the Western politicians of the past two decades have been on a totally different planet to me.
  6. Bkkandrew

    Keyless entry, a danger to the terminally stupid

    Cars are morphing into yet another device that you can never really switch 'off'.
  7. Bkkandrew

    "mafia" minister Tessa Jowell is dead

    Anything said by that berk can safely disregarded as idiotic pap.
  8. Bkkandrew

    Off topic off topic

    The Thai girl that walked into reception earlier was pretty hot. Doubt she will order rhubarb, as we don't have any, but will probably go for something with chili.
  9. Bkkandrew

    London murders overtake New York

    Thought they had been banned?
  10. Bkkandrew

    Places you'd like to visit

    Wait for @The Idiocrat's report
  11. Bkkandrew

    Islamification of Europe

    It shows a giant leap backwards for culture, cleanliness and creativity. Literally importing the most inefficient methods of the Third World and making them mainstream.
  12. Bkkandrew

    The Eurovision Thread

    Clearly the result is the culmination of a vast Jewish conspiracy. Count Dancula's girlfriend's pug pointed the way.
  13. It is when these attacks strike at the heart of Parisienne culture that one should turn to the words of the great French philosopher, Emanuel Powel: "Like the Roman, I seem to see the River Seine foaming with much blood".
  14. Bkkandrew

    trans madness

    It has been well established that minority groups should be the first to be offered support. What better way then to display the NHS' PC credentials than set up outreach trans support services to every mosque in the country.
  15. Bkkandrew

    Interesting Visit to Barclays this morning

    Kurt, they are doing you a favour. Why would you bind yourself to the failed state that the U.K. is? Failure with bankruptcy, failure with Islamification. Failure in negotiations with E.U. Societal and cultural failure and loss of identity. Who would want to invest in a country on the brink of such failure?