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  1. Bkkandrew

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Hopeless. Can we at least keep it one thread serious? Sorry about my typo.
  2. Bkkandrew

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    I honestly think that levity is now not required on this thread. Save it for other threads. Happy ro be corrected.
  3. Bkkandrew

    The Vacuum Cleaner has passed to the other side - what to buy?

    Just signed off on Purchasing a bunch of these for my construction company: Read the power on that and weep, Suckers! $150 each. Bargain.
  4. It’s when the Mosques are actually being attacked that the MSM suddenly go quiet. They will have scarpered out of fear.
  5. Bkkandrew

    Question Time

    Always push this line back at them. As I do in my ‘Goading the Graun’ trolling, make the case for those of insufficient intelligence or education being excluded from the next vote.
  6. Bkkandrew


    Zimbanana shows the way forward again: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2018/sep/20/medieval-cholera-outbreak-exposes-zimbabwe-problems (If you think a cull of humans in Africa is the solution)
  7. Mark Zuckerburg has aged a bit. Must be all that business with scraping.
  8. Bkkandrew

    Bye bye Treason May?

    It’s like a spoof zombie movie. Mayzombie Mayzombie Returns Mayzombie - The Final Stand Mayzombie 4: May vs Sanity Mayzombie 5: Rise of the Mogg Mayzombie 6: Davis gets a BoJo (Adult version) Mayzombie 7: Ultimate Zombie Dance Mayzombie 8: RUSSIAN Zombies from the USSR! . . . We are currently on Mayzombie 16.
  9. Close all mosques in the UK and these problems go away.
  10. Bkkandrew

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Dawning on them that the money tap switches off in six months, eh?
  11. Bkkandrew

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    Any links? I hope this does not career off track just when it all is looking good...
  12. Bkkandrew

    Syria Gas Attack

    Yes, but look over there! There’s gas, white helmets, missiles, babies boiling in Chlorine...
  13. Bkkandrew

    Syria Gas Attack

    More Swamp diversionary tactics now the heat is on them over FISA, declassified docs and the collapse of the Russia collusion witch hunt.
  14. Bkkandrew

    Islamification of Europe

    Deport all Muslims and then all these issues would go away?
  15. Bkkandrew

    BBC too shit to compete laments DG

    Just close it down and put it and the UK out of this misery.