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  1. Perfect time to sequestrate the assets of these sports “stars” worldwide and return to a more gentlemanly way of playing and watching sport.
  2. That may be so, horrific as it sounds, but why award this kind of thing with additional benefits?
  3. Now then, I helped review a friend’s UC application as he is not good with paperwork and he has returned to the UK amid the Coronacrisis. My eyes were drawn to the final checks for what extra you could claim for. Yes, the usual crap - caring for this disabled because of that, but then, the kicker: 1. If any of your children were conceived by way of rape; 2. If the other parent of your child lives with you and they ARE UNDER 16...!!! Surely this has been laid on for the enriched Brits? Photo evidence below.
  4. The civil war began under the puppet Government of Lon Nol, many pointing to the coup of 1970 as the start date, but in reality it was building before that. The last major action in the civil war was the coup/counter coup of 1997. Since then, there has been a relatively peaceful period, with skirmishes confined mostly to Anong Veng and the North and Eastern border areas.
  5. Been a while since any updates from here. Main reason is the total confusion as to what is going on, so very little concrete to report. Fearful of the negative connotations of lockdown policies, with us only 22 years down the road from the end of civil war, the Government has held off doing anything apart from closing “entertainment” venues. Unfortunately this, along with the collapse of the tourist industry, has put 30-40% of the workforce out of work with no income. I would estimate that most of them, plus many others, making up 50%+ of metropolitan dwellers have already gone back to their home province now, making earlier ideas on restriction of movement ahead of the annual New Year holiday (April 12-16th), pointless anyway. A good deal of the people travelling home have also done so to avoid being stuck away from their families in the province for New Year In the event of travel restrictions. So, another example of the law of unintended consequences! Everyone just gone 2-3 weeks earlier! Anyway, official case rate is still 108 and no official deaths. Not sure anyone believes that and I am still unsure of anyone that would volunteer to get tested, given that would involve compulsory isolation in the appropriately named Soviet Hospital. Zero tests will always yield zero results, after all. Loss of incomes and no safety net is the main worry now. A young lady friend sagely and without prompting said that more will die here from starvation than Covid 19. Crime and violence are expected to rocket unless someone can solve the income loss soon. Very soon. Compounding the problems are massive rises in prices of basis foods, with even locally produced meats and vegetables doubling or tripling in price in recent weeks. This is not caused by shortage, just fear. Commerce has all but stopped, streets deserted, but all of this is before any any actual lockdown policy. Facemasks now worn by all (I even now carry one to put on for show to avoid conflict). Very worrying times.
  6. The only solution, in reality, is air strikes. Deportation would be almost impossible now.
  7. 100 inmates, armed, on the run from Buriram Prison, NE Thailand. No link yet, informed via a friend. its started, as I said it would.
  8. Population control by force and facial recognition technology was always going to be problematic in an environment of contagion by proximity and the wearing of face masks...
  9. Perhaps the exceptional talent has suffered at the hands of the regime back “home” and feels threatened, alienated and discriminated against. Perhaps they fear for their life. In those cases it would be morally acceptable to allow them to migrate and make a contribution to the new country. I feel I know a little bit about this, as all the above applies to me.
  10. No, I was referring to the tone and content of his Telegram group for the past 3-5 weeks. Perhaps you are not a member of a Tommy’s Telegram group, so have not noticed it?
  11. Admire Tommy for his stance on many things, this latest incident included. Am still on his Telegram group, but it remains unread for a month or so. My feeling overall though is that he is now trying to muscle in on Coronavirus scare to remain relevant.
  12. OK, in some detail then. the graph is (deliberately?) opaque on the y axis, obscuring the exact values, however is seems that 2019 was approximately 8-15% above the average for 2005-2018. I would not describe (nor you, quite rightly) as a surge. It is a higher number in a range of similar numbers. 2020 they say that 172 quit in February and 219 departed in January. What they don’t do, of course, is to compare these numbers to January and February of previous years. Given that financial year ends and/or bonus plans for executives may disproportionately end in December, it is likely that resignations would follow in January and February. As ZH is known as a sensationalist publication, the fact that they have neglected to compare Jan/Feb numbers from 2020 with previous years, leads one to reasonably assume that they are higher in every year for those months. If there was a wide difference, then I am sure they would have published comparative numbers for effect. Either way, one cannot describe the Jan/Feb 2020 numbers with unpublished numbers as a “surge”. They could be more, less, or the same.
  13. Apologies if I am wrong, but here is the graph and I see no “surge”: