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  1. Been meaning to comment for a while. I am a fence sitter on Q, but I am minded to the fact that, even if the person known as Q was high up in the Administration, or even channelling Trump’s thoughts, it doesn’t mean that they are right all the time. DT’s opinion on what might happen, when it might happen, or even what has happened is just that - his opinion. An informed opinion, but an opinion nonetheless. Witchhunts on the veracity of Q overall are not helped by by drilling down on an individual event or prediction, or even a whole series of them, as whoever Q is, from Trump to a tin foil hatter in his mum’s garage, they can and will be wrong about some things.
  2. Yes. Appalling racist, bigoted behaviour and these medals should literally be stripped from his body before he is sent before the combined courts of West Yorkshire Hate Crime Tribunal and the Driving Standards Agency Range Rover Kangaroo Court.
  3. Someone should design a pack of Top Trumps cards for all these groups!
  4. I wonder what Judge Judy would make of this from the paper in San Francisco:
  5. Quite. It’s not as if the state funded schools of Britain are churning out Rhodes Scholars by the busload. This LBGTQP nonsense when the kids can’t master their ABC is the main concern for me. Luckily it doesn’t happen here.
  6. Crikey, that’s one very good reason for me not to go!
  7. Someone who is popular. Why is that difficult to understand for these elites? (Who are unpopular).
  8. Can you imagine the furore if Trump used it? Anyway, on another note, I am in solidarity with the NZ PM of how to respect Islam in this time of terrible atrocity: I have summoned all my wives to special time tonight.
  9. I am outside of the silly jurisdiction of political correctness, yet still get those “financial advice” calls. This allows me to be passive aggressive is a somewhat racist manner to the fools. I hope it may deter them. And I can’t be arrested. Win win.
  10. We do a good St George’s day in this part of the world.
  11. I am surprised by al this DOSBODS’ animosity towards increases in Council Tax. Whilst not really know much about the Council Tax of which you speak, I can only think that raising taxes on Councils, whose actions are largely pointless and wasteful, is simply a good thing.
  12. Reminds me of that absurd story from last year of that hapless youbd Westerner that married some That tart, had a fall out and then cut his own penis off to teach her a lesson!
  13. There are many ‘relief’ type massages places in this type of the world that provide wellbeing services and financial support in equal measure. A few of the girls waiting for their turn might be described as ropey, but “Comic” - that’s a harshness of description that only exist in the U.K.!
  14. @Frank Hovisis wrong that nobody showed up on the day of the 2018 meet up. @The Idiocratand I were there at the rearranged venue, that remained free of fire, save for the burning of all the rest of your ears!