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  1. Bkkandrew

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Crossing threads with my “Goading the Graun” effort, I note that most Guardian readers believe in totalitarianism:
  2. Bkkandrew

    Trump's progress

    It’s an hilarious post, I am giggling like a child. I don’t know the answer though. Does that make me a bit dim?
  3. Bkkandrew

    Bye bye Treason May?

  4. It would be better to compulsorily purchase order John McDonnell and resell at a profit to the Monster Raving Loony Party, using the economic model of Diane Abbot and thus paying off the National Debt.
  5. Bkkandrew

    Trump's progress

    Will you insert said cigar into the same kind or oriface of Ms Maitlis that President Clinton found it appropriate to do to one Ms Lewinski?
  6. Bkkandrew

    Over the Border (Brexit thread)

    I will be in favour of an indigenous people’s vote to throw out problematic incomers immediately from the UK.
  7. Bkkandrew

    Bye bye Treason May?

    I think my poInt was the second paragraph, to depersonalise it from the first.
  8. Bkkandrew

    Bye bye Treason May?

    Excellent, I am waiting for about $1.15/£ to send a lump to my daughter for university. Meanwhile, in other news, China mendaciously tries to lower its currency every day to gain competitive advantage and is mostly thwarted at every turn by the threat of further US tariffs.
  9. Bkkandrew

    EU Salad = slavery

    Is the correct answer. Solution: Deport them all, Force feckless chavs to work for their benefits, no TC subsidies and let wages rise according to market forces.
  10. Sorry, I may have contributed to that. In my defence, I am sick of the African influence over my birth country in the same way I am of Muslims. At least here they are not tolerated or allowed to gain any influence or power. I also realise other corrupt skin tones and religions are available!
  11. This is why I am happy to admit being a racist. It is unrealistic to expect African scum (note how I didn’t use the N-word this time to protect your sensibilities) to behave anything other than as African scum would, regardless of which country they infest. That’s why in this part of the world they are officially and generally regarded with contempt and treated worse. ”It’s not all of them, not the majority, not my friend”. OK, so those are exactly the ones that have a duty to stay put and make Africa a civilised place.
  12. Feelings (does my bum look big in this?) meets reality (it won’t fit through the gap between the oil tanker and the oil terminal).
  13. Bkkandrew

    Attack in Melbourne

    Isn’t Tommy off to Tour Oz soon? He will have fun with this...
  14. Bkkandrew

    Goading the Graun with Trump

    Today’s absurd offering: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/picture/2018/nov/11/ben-jennings-on-donald-trump-marking-the-armistice-cartoon#comment-122411664