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  1. In Japan there are other vending machines available.
  2. Nowadays I don’t have much time. This feature disappearing means that I don’t get to spend so much time posting now also, as it is time consuming working out where you got to on a thread, whereas before it was easy to use that function.
  3. The French Revolution only got properly underway when the Bastille was stormed. Both Bastille and Belmarsh begin with a “B”.
  4. Bkkandrew


    On a flippant note, when will Indiana Jones break into the temple and free the virgin sacrificees? On a serious note, It sounds like every word of my thread on this in Stealth is coming true.
  5. Busy with other stuff, but a few points and corrections. 1. Belmarsh (and Cat A generally) is often viewed as a benefit in terms of conditions for prisoners, as the additional security, rules and high risk element means that they have more facilities. For example, as the regime wants to avoid unnecessary movements within the prison, the statutory entitlements, such as gyms, are localised on each wing. It is actually the Home Office that wants to incentivise lower classification of prisoners, as the immense cost of Cat A (£100K+pa) compares poorly with the £20K annual cost of Cat C. 2. TR’s civil offence status will be a real headache for a Cat A establishment to administer, as I suspect that it will be the first time they have to apply the status to their regime for some while. 3. If he stays in Belmarsh, it is hard to see how his HDC (Tag) can be processed, as technically under HDC, you are still in prison, but at home. How that could work from a Cat A (by definition maximum security) is unclear. 4. Release under licence is actually still serving the sentence imposed by the court, but under licence in the community. Therefore it is technically correct to say 9 months prison, etc., etc. 5. For those considering writing to TR, I would suggest the email service emailaprisoner.com (I think), as it’s cheaper and same day receiving in normal circumstances. The only disadvantage of this is that you can’t send an SAE in, which is required for him to write back. This is because there is a limit of expenditure he can make per week and using that up on postage stamps is not a bright idea.
  6. Making ice is energy intensive. Someone should hand the fools a calculation showing the amount of CO2 created for their ice to be made then melt. Hopefully the shock would cause them to slip and put them out of their misery. Oh and, by the way, heavy rains here, etc, because it’s the middle of the rainy season. You know, like for the past 2500 years of recorded history here.
  7. What about my feelings? I feel I cannot travel back to my birth country for fear of arbitrary arrest and imprisonment by virtue of my views and beliefs. I seemingly can’t send the people responsible to the Old Bailey, can I...?
  8. Bkkandrew

    Age Gaps

    She’s too old for me if that’s the question..
  9. Idiocracy in action. thank God I will die here.
  10. Love to agree with you, but that’s not the way it works. Scorched Earth policies don’t benefit anyone. What I am seeing in this part of the world is everyone positioning themselves for the next step change. More details on the stealth thing.
  11. I literally thought the “revenge” aspect of the story was in the Mail until I clicked on it. Mind you, it was damning enough. I have started to believe that all of this has been going on in plain sight all this time.
  12. With pork selected for 50% in a shock move. With pork selected for 50% in a shock move.
  13. Ha! On the next PM thread I predicted next PM would be -Treason May! I predicted some illogical and insane reasoning to make it so also!