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  1. I am being completely honest when I state that I have never had 8 in the bed before. On that note, after more than 8 pints also, its time for bed. LITERALLY one over the Eight.
  2. What about eight people? Come on, I feel you have a vested interest here that you are trying to hide!
  3. Its a graph with as much meaning as my beer drinking, number of cheesecakes sold in Andorra, or an elk penis size bell curve.
  4. Hmmm, thats my beer consumption graph this past week with the long holiday that started Wednesday, isn't it? Don't worry, it will go down tomorrow, unless I have a bad day at work.
  5. Correct. My Brewmaster told me we might run out of Chinook hops by November, if we didn't place an urgent order now. Therefore @Errolyou will be please to know, we will be prepared well before the end of October.
  6. Oktoberfest starts today. Big beer festival starts at 2pm. 50 ales on tap Are you suggesting that this is cause for "lock up your daughters" or something? I am going to try 12 hours on the lash. Lest see if the Covid can cope with that!
  7. Well, we may not be in for a second wave of Covid here, as we couldn't afford the first one, but it looks like we are due the second wave of female former factory workers from the near provinces descending on Phnom Penh in search of work in the 'entertainment' sector. The uninteneed consequences of zealous Western politicians writ large in a second tidal wave of would-be tarts.
  8. Its the round-Britain Covid Race! The alternative to the cancelled TT?
  9. Its end of the world stuff. Its so disturbing that I think I will be forced to go down the pub for the afternoon.
  10. Here in Cambodia, the few suspected cases found were isolated and tested so they wouldn't mix with the general population. This contrasts with suspected cases in England being forced to to a regional Grand Tour of the road network, encountering media scrums, useless officials and XYY's Wetherspoons offers. Can anyone think why England is in Covid Crisis, while we are not?
  11. Oktoberfest is nigh, so why not repurpose them as beer tents for a beer festival? From what I recall from the UK, we used to be quite good at those...
  12. Well, they certainly are, but I think pics might be going too far for a family forum. Besides, I have repaired to the pub now. I will draw a line under the issue of the three young fillies, as it is quite off topic. If you are all well behaved, I might start a separate thread in Stealth, but not today. The ale is calling and the start of our version of Oktoberfest is but two days away.
  13. This shall now be my afternoon's objective for the trio shacked up downtown.
  14. Ahem (non-Covid cough I hasten to add)... Just back from the pub after an afternoon with the trio of birds I have shacked up down town. Actually, I suppose I could still do the latter even under BJ's Rule of Six crap. No masks, no distancing, no bullshit. Who'd have thought the only same place in the world would turn out to be Cambodia 2020...?
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