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  1. Bkkandrew

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    It reminds me of the Monthy Python skit of Judean People’s Front vs People’s Front ofJudea. Salami slicing the opposition to the establishment to the point any coherent message is lost on the masses. Thing is, not sure it will work in the Internet age and on a subject that views are this entrenched now.
  2. Bkkandrew

    Trump's progress

    Scumbags. Drug dealers and hookers. That all.
  3. Bkkandrew

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    This is the kind of attitude the U.K. should adopt. A real response to “we didn’t vote to make the country poorer” claptrap: https://m.phnompenhpost.com/national-politics/sokhonn-cambodia-will-not-sacrifice-sovereignty-aid “Cambodia will not trade its sovereignty for any assistance. In the past, Cambodia has gone through a hard time,” Sokhonn said. _____________ Full article at the link. Now, the irony is that Cambodia is talking about the EU and the recent decision to impose tariffs on Cambodian rice, when the EU is the biggest export market for same! If only May and her Dream Team had the balls of Sokhonn! - Disclaimer - I am a friend of Sokhonn so maybe biased.
  4. Bkkandrew

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    My assessment, with exceptions for sector, is that international businesses with revenues of $1B/year are awash with cash; those between $100M-$1B have done well over the past decade since GFC; less than 9 figures and it’s nickels and dimes.
  5. Bkkandrew

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    Some good news at last then, given that the U.K. is in perma-trade deficit in cross channel trade.
  6. Bkkandrew

    What colour babies?

    Before Maggie introduced Care in the Community, these types would have been sectioned!
  7. Bkkandrew

    The big EU count starts today

    I am certainly not welcome in the U.K. due to the amount of foreigners there with no British values and laws that have been devised over the past few decades that are anti-British. Can I complain about that?
  8. Bkkandrew

    Bye, UKIP

    Although I am coming emoting to the views of @DTMarkand @swiss_democracy_for_allabove, I am puzzled by the silence of Batten and TR for the past couple of months. Has something big happened? Has there been deals done? Are they being turned? It all seems so odd, as you could move for a Batten interview or a TR livestream up until the end of November, then they had the rally, then disappeared! Whats the thoughts on this?
  9. Bkkandrew

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    She is a babe. I suspect it to be @Dipsy as she just sounds hot. (did I forget to say intelligent?)
  10. Bkkandrew

    Killed by pigeon

    This kind of tale should be entitled “how socialism works”.
  11. Bkkandrew

    Should council car parks be named after their executives?

    This is one of the reasons I have a driver. No parking charges, no dubious security guards expecting a tip, no hunting for parking spaces. It will catch on there if they make any more of this shit up.
  12. Crikey, Carl will not know what to make of this!
  13. Bkkandrew

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    If the mood amongst expats here is anything to go by, then we risk civil war. Real hardcore corporate types that voted remain, have everything to gain from corporatist globalism are now raging “just get the hell out” types now. Friends threatening to fly back for any second referendum, or even to join protests. The mood is agressive now. Brits get like that when pushed too far.
  14. Bkkandrew

    Freelander of Peace

    As DOSBODS’ most famous detective is cranking up his pipe and deerstalker, I will try and give WP some of the wild speculation he craves: A 1: where were the snivelling police? how come some chivato is selling his story to the media about how he "was covered in phillips blood" after pulling him out of the wreckage? A: David Icke’s Lizards used their version of a Men in Black light pen and they remember nothing. A 2. where were the moronic "royal protection" goons? how come no security convoy ? A: Al Fayad picked them off one by one in a scene like an Indiana Jones car chase. Q3. was the "freelander" armoured? ie armour plated, bulletproof glass, run flats etc etc?  is this the reason he survived the impact?  A: No the vehicle was made from pure thermite, but failed to explode as the Russian FSB Agent’s handlers at Porten Down poisened themselves with Novichock.
  15. Yeah, your right. Oh, hang on... Yes, I did. And I knew it would wind you up!