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    Bkkandrew reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Islamification of Europe   
    MEND Community‏ @mendcommunity FollowFollow @mendcommunity More “UKIP has stooped to new lows by calling for Muslim only prisons and special security scrutiny for potential immigrants from ‘Islamic countries.’”
      20 AM - 25 Sep 2018 Not sure where UKIP are coming from with this one.
    Why on earth should potential immigrants from 'Islamic countries' face special security scrutiny ?
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Strawberry in Sheffield school riot   
    I'm sure Sheffield's major will sort it out

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    Bkkandrew reacted to Austin Allegro in The normalisation of female obesity   
    I did that! Married a beautiful eastern European woman, with lots of romantic ideas in my head about how they are more traditional etc. That's true up to a point, but western nonsense (and obesity) is starting to creep in there as well. 
    I always  thought the real losers were the men who went to Thailand/Philippines/Japan etc to find women, but I can sort of see the attraction of that now. Once you realise that the 'soul mate' stuff is all bollocks, a woman's main attraction is a. if she is easygoing and kind, respectful etc b. if she is physically attractive (in that order). 
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Hail the Tripod in This killer Pret Baguette   
    A friend of mine almost died from a prawn allergy and was told he must avoid them completely and carry an epileptic with him for the rest of his life. Instead he worked his own program of exposure therapy. Starting off with just touching the top of a cooked prawn to a bit of bread, and then touching the bit of bread to his tongue. Even that caused his tongue to swell up for a couple of hours. Eventually he progressed to actually eating the bread. Then he started touching the the top of the prawn to his tongue, progressing up to putting the whole thing in his mouth and spitting it out again. Then eating tiny amounts, progressing up to a whole prawn. 
    After three or four years he had achieved a level of tolerance whereby if he accidentally ate something with prawns in he would just stop eating them (he would notice pretty quickly as his lips and tongue start to swell almost straight away) and simply have a fairly uncomfortable couple of hours rather than needing an epipen  to save his life.
    There have been some proper scientific studies that have clearly demonstrated that repeated mild exposure reduces the severity of allergic response, for cat allergies and peanuts at least. 
    If I had a life threatening allergy I would not follow the NHS medical advice and exascerbate the condition, but would follow the science and run my own exposure therapy to attenuate the allergic response.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from Van Lady in The great crash sweepstake   
    How odd. I had a beer with a very intelligent member of the international finance set tonight (CEO of major airline industry player that is a client of ours) and he predicted the China-led rout being upon us “within 24 months, being optimistic”!
    He is normally a glass half full guy in an industry that has splashed the cash for some while now...
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from JoeDavola in The great crash sweepstake   
    Crikey Joe, quoting me twice in the same post! Quite an honour...
    His attitude, same as mine was to make a shed load of money in the next few months, maybe to middle of next year and stash it, cutting back ahead of the curve.
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Hail the Tripod in Aging and Death - the biggest Red Pills   
    Loads of people I know have got cancer in the last three years, of a wide range of ages. Previously barely any. Has there been a massive surge that is being kept quiet, or is it just a random noise in a small sample set?
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Hail the Tripod in trans madness   
    I suppose it's only fair. If the traditional men only environments are now forbidden, then ultimately there should be no female only environments either. Miserable, misanthropic policies bite everyone eventually.
    What's good for the goose...
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    Bkkandrew reacted to JackieO in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Cunning Plan in I’m back!   
    7% of NHS patients are from the EU.
    6% of NHS staff are from the EU.
    So without both, there would be an improvement in staff / patient ratio.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from unregistered_guest in Far fewer cars in the future   
    The evidence from Asia is the opposite of what Frank’s expectation is. Due to huge taxes on purchase prices, cars are massively expensive in Asia. My Discovery 4 would still be $100,000 second hand. A new 5 (ugly, not getting one) is $178,000.
    A 2005 Camry is $14,000. Let that sink in.
    Despite this, car use, car ownership and road congestion are at insane, record levels. Bangkok’s traffic is back to the legendary jams of pre-Skytrain 1990’s.
    Price does not seem to be restricting demand.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from whocares in Islamification of Europe   
    The better solution would be to offer stoning to Death all those Muslims that wish to remain in the UK after Sharia Law has been rejected but wish to stubbornly live under it.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from wherebee in The great crash sweepstake   
    Forgot to pin my month to the mast. October 2021.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from The Idiocrat in The great crash sweepstake   
    As @spygirlsays, this time round it will be nothing really to do with Western banks. It’s all about China.
    The malinvestment by Chinese entities, especially in this part of the world, is breathtaking. Investments with no possible means of economic return, many with aims stated as such, with aims of soft power, influence and control, rather than return, litter the landscape.
    Much of what is being and has been built will literally be torn down in years to come without so much as a soul living or working in them.
    As to the effect of China having to unwind its holdings of US Treasuries and other assets in order to support this collapse, with be something to behold. The effect on spending will be depressing indeed.
    An example, Chinese investment and spending in Cambodia currently represents something like 60% of GDP. Imagine that!
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    Bkkandrew reacted to wherebee in UKIP release interim manifesto   
    You don't get it, do you?  With the truely rich, THERE ARE NO BENEFACTORS ON A DEATH.  The asset often does not move at all in terms of legal ownership.  The incidental benefits of use do, however.
    IHT is never going to catch those able to afford proper international advice.  Strip it away, let the oiks keep what they have got to give to who they want, and focus on taxing ASSETS on an ongoing bases no matter who held by - LTV is one example of this.
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    Bkkandrew reacted to unregistered_guest in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    Don't forget the Assisted Places Scheme.
    Axed by Blair as 'wasteful and elitist'.
    It meant that the educational opportunities I'd had were destroyed for my children's generation if we'd raised our family in the UK.
    And people wondered why social mobility stats went into a tailspin under Brown...
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    Bkkandrew reacted to The Masked Tulip in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    Trump has signed an order starting an investigation into social media bias. Has 30 days to report.
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Chewing Grass in Islamification of Europe   
    Well worth listening to as it shows how fucked up in the head Aiysha from Manchester is, the interviewer quite correctly identifies her views as worse than the BNP, she even thinks the public stoning of people to death is a great idea and part of being a good Muslim.
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Panther in Outbreak of commonsense in the Army   
    Ultimately they do.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from UmBongo in The Vacuum Cleaner has passed to the other side - what to buy?   
    Just signed off on Purchasing a bunch of these for my construction company:

    Read the power on that and weep, Suckers!
    $150 each. Bargain.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from The Masked Tulip in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    Hopeless. Can we at least keep it one thread serious?
    Sorry about my typo. 
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from eight in Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!   
    I honestly think that levity is now not required on this thread. 
    Save it for other threads. Happy ro be corrected.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from JackieO in In Latest Humiliation For Brussles, Viktor Orban Wins Hungary Elections In Landslide Victory   
    Mark Zuckerburg has aged a bit. Must be all that business with scraping.
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    Bkkandrew got a reaction from mattydread in Far Right Attack @ Al-Majlis Al-Hussaini mosque in Cricklewood   
    It’s when the Mosques are actually being attacked that the MSM suddenly go quiet. They will have scarpered out of fear.
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    Bkkandrew reacted to Cunning Plan in Graduate meet crap job, crap job meet graduate...   
    Bugger me that is unusual (according to the rest of the Plan family).
    Can I use you as a reference if required?