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  1. snaga

    Trump's progress

    Which isn't illegal, Trump can choose not to attend any press conferences if he so desires and just do private interviews with individual journalists. What next, judges ordering politicians to hold press conferences to answer questions? CNNs lawsuit is that their right to free speech has been impeaded, which is clearly ludicrous, they are a broadcaster and say WTF they like whenever they like, where as many individuals without a MSM have genuinely been denied free speech by twitter, youtube, facebook, paypal ...
  2. snaga

    Trump's progress

    the decision is still pending, the judge has just ruled that access should be restored until the lawsuit is heard, which isn't that unusual in a lawsuit, dosn't mean CNN has won, and dosn't mean Trump has to answer any CNN questions or even offer them the mic.
  3. snaga

    2000 Hondurans

    eh, no, I think these migrants were first ...
  4. snaga

    Black Friday deals

    worth using chrome just for when shopping edit: also available for Firefox
  5. snaga

    Black Friday deals

    if you use Chrome ...
  6. snaga

    Black Friday deals

    you NEED Camelizer browser plug-in before buying anything off Amazon ... £199 is a good deal ...
  7. snaga

    Bye bye Treason May?

    if she does, and wins, will we see tory MPs resign from the party? won't take many resignations to remove the tory majority. And perhaps the birth of a new political party?
  8. snaga

    Trump's progress

    It's as if being an outspoken sjw is a big red flag warning people, and especially women, to stay clear ...
  9. snaga

    Shock news! Men & Women are different

    If autism is extreme male brain what is extreme female? SJW?
  10. snaga


    in my case 60% of the payout was interest of which the Government took 20%. if that scales, then ~£20bn of that £33bn was also interest, so that's another £4bn in tax revenue.
  11. snaga

    Trump's progress

    "Mistouch" wow, imagine Trump mistouching an intern and what the media reaction would be.
  12. spend billions on compulsory purchase and add zero houses to the total stock, or spend billions on new council housing and actually increase stock? it's a no brainer really. Compulsory purchase land banks off commercial and private land owners.
  13. This is likely location specific, the council estates I knew as a child have mostly been gentrified and the housing/gardens etc have all been modernised and are very well maintained, with the odd "scruffy" unkempt house with a SORN banger abandoned on their front "lawn". I can't afford to live in these locations and have moved out of town.