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  1. I had a 7:1 sound system for my PC gaming rig, it was very good, but wires everywhere. Now I use a headset.
  2. but he also demanded a £10K charitable donation, if he'd just asked for a retraction he might have got it.
  3. he should delete it and say sorry, that should be the end of it. Really suing him just rasies his profile, for example I'd never heard of him until now.
  4. when I said coudn't, that was a problem with my mental state of mind, it played fine on youtube
  5. Femi may be a twat, but I'll defend his right to be a twat and not have some rich "victim" use his wealth and power to shut him down. It's just as bad as what the left are doing to conservative voices.
  6. I've not watched EE in foreever it seems, but good take on it, just why isn't the So-Called BBC showing the diverse east end as it is? I'm digusted at this clear bias towards white people, clear racism and the So-Called BBC have no excuses. edit: but couldnt watch the rest of it, was dragging out his same point about converting to islam for the rest of the video?
  7. electoral fraud is his biggest threat.
  8. Both the Fitbit and Garmin devices I've had the pulse reading lags in realtime, I suspect they average pulse o er time. My guess is 10 to 30secs to smooth out noise. Makes them rubbish for detecting anything irregular during that time.
  9. Tracking pulse is one thing, flagging irregular heartbeat requires tracking electrical activity of the heart.
  10. Not with the cheaper ones, perhaps top of range may, but really you should see your doc and have an ECG. All a monitor would do is confirm what you already know, something is odd.
  11. I pay BT ~£68 per month, for that we get unlimited 100mb broadband, line rental, and two mobile sim contracts with 4GB & 2GB data limits, both with unlimited calls. We unplugged the landline sometime last year. split is £50 for internet + line rental, £18 for both sims. I'm restricted in where I can move as we also have FTTP which other ISPs won't provide in our area.
  12. Lawsuit alleges DNC figured out Seth Rich was the source of DNC leak