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  1. sshhhh! don't mention bikes and the politicians will continue to forget about us, just like everyone else.
  2. maybe classified as extremist, but the police still do fuck all to protect a legitimate business and allow it to trade … Cambridge Extinction Rebellion protester injured after car tries to enter blocked BP garage
  3. Aliens, disguised their spaceship to look like a jet liner.
  4. snaga

    OK buster!

    I blame Trump, no really I do
  5. snaga

    OK buster!

    our economy is a pyramid scheme, needs new borns entering at the bottom else it all collapses.
  6. Diversity at the So-Called BBC, do as they say ...
  7. yes, and like the discussion on car manufactures, we're now in to the realms of ever diminishing returns. Many roads near me are having speed limits reduced for no apparant reason, other than percieved "safety". Perfectly safe 60mph roads being reduced to 50 because some jobsworth counciler wanted to make a name for themselves. The excuse to reduce the speed limit was that the average speed of traffic was ~55pmh so the 60mph limit was inappropiate, where as I would say this showed that there was no problem that needed to be fixed. Now when they next do a survey they will find the average has dropped to 45mph, and following the same logic drop the limit to 40mph, repeat until we're back to having somone waving a red flag. I'd make a guess that most RTA are caused by drivers breaking existing laws, so tightening laws further only frustrates otherwise legal & safe drivers.
  8. looks contrived, plenty of other green space where those lines could have need drawn
  9. I also did well out of the 10p fruit machines, even with a £3 or £6 tokens jackpot you could get it 5 times in 10 spins if you knew how to play them. We often started an evening out on the fruit machines, if we won we exchanged tokens for cash and moved on to a club, if we lost we went home.
  10. They could go a step further and make gambling cash only, yes you can get cash out on the credit card, but you would still have to be physically present to bet with cash. This would wipes out online betting instantly, and is in opposition to reducing the use of cash so they won't do it, but they should and would if they really gave a shit about the problem.
  11. Age yes, but also I think the So-Called BBC is a big factor, far too many (old) people in the UK still trust "Auntie" and that holds up the stats such that ~50% people still trust the UK media, in the US it is now <20% iirc.
  12. which will inevitably backfire, Americans trust their media far less than we do.