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  1. I guess BBC have pay grades similar to public sector. Assume the job is grade 12 someone that has been on grade 12 for a few years previously will have risen to 12.9 so moving job would stay on 12.9. Somone getting promoted from say 11.6 would go up to ~12.1 After a few years they would both be at the top of their grade on 12.9. If this complaint wins, then the entire public sector grading scheme will need to be thrown out.
  2. fibromyalgia is just latin for muscle fibre pain, doctors "diagnose" it when they can't find any other cause for the pain. My guess it allows GPs to diagnose something to please the patients. DOMs as suggested above, is probably a better diagnosis.
  3. worrying trend these new taxes for special causes, starts with a few and before long everything will carry a special tax for something or the other, it's a bloody cancer, what next, 1p on postage stamps for victims of dog bites?
  4. 2nd referendum will be ... 1. BRINO 2. Remain they won't give us the option of no deal brexit.
  5. Anglia has large natural underground water resevoirs, it's why our water is so bloody hard. But afaik there has never been a water shortage in this region despite being the driest region.
  6. Anglian Water were worried in December that levels had not recovered from the summer, that was before "Dry January" I don't recall much rain this spring either, below average I'd say.
  7. yes, when the government sides with invaders against it's own people.
  8. I think Macron would enjoy a meeting with them, dress code "optional".
  9. more info and vids on this twitter account .. never seen so many doctors and engineers in one place.
  10. I sure hope some of this stuff starts to get declssified soon ...
  11. I'm confused, she is siding with Birmingham, and muslims in general, but not brummie muslims?
  12. yes, but the point is here, the US can't legally spy on it's own citzens without a FISA warrant, so they ask the Brits to spy on US citizens for them. Only in this case they spied on a presidential candidate. UK didn't break any UK laws, but it's one hell of a political scandal. I'm sure the state visit by Trump next month isn't a coincidence, but what's the real reason for his visit?