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  1. That is old news, what's the link to these events?
  2. I was, true that's not how it's played is it?
  3. worth a listen ...
  4. I'm no US constitution expert, but it hasn't even started the legal process for impeachment in the HoR, this inquiry is not constitutionally valid and does not follow the impeachment process. It really is a show trial of no legal value.
  5. To get Biden, you first need to get the staff, the same staff that are "whistle blowers" and witnesses in the impeachment.
  6. just my opinion of how the Dems and media would play it. We need the Horowitz report, now expected before thanksgiving, that should be the first report attacking the swamp rather than a fishing exercise against Trump
  7. DoJ will be accused of obstructing the impeachment if they indict some of the players while this is going on. It's the only reason I can fathom, as the impeachment isn't even legal, it's why it's being called a inquiry rather than an investigation, or something like that.
  8. I'm sure it's a coincidence, but the so called whistle-blower hosted the infamous meeting where Biden made his demands to the Ukrainians.
  9. the reason for the impeachment is it is their last hope of defence against the coming indictments for corruption ... I hope
  10. as it is you, I still dont know the answer 😁
  11. you're more likely to come in to contact with an infectious disease on the way to the hospital than while you're actually there. Not many NHS in-patients are there because they have an infectious disease these days.
  12. snaga


    if this is true, wouldn't body builders be all over this (perhaps they are?) as lowered estrogen levels is a big deal to them?