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  1. sounds like a job for @Bedrag Justesen
  2. tldr .. kicked in to long grass, possible subscription model when everyone has fast broadband, 2027 when current charter expires, but I think BBC would need 3-5 years notice to plan & prepare, so either the BBC are told to start planning for this in the next couple of years ... ie laying off staff and downsizing, or it wont happen before 2030.
  3. Another Peter Attia podcast, his podcast is well worth following, covers most the thread topics we have at some point, this one is with Dr Maffetone, I'd recommend it even if you're not in to exercise, the general knowledge is useful. https://peterattiamd.com/philmaffetone/
  4. if sitting a dead horse is shocking, wait until you hear what happens to the body when it goes to be rendered. sentimental crap, but will be used by the animal rights people to attack the industry.
  5. perhaps modern humans haven't defeated Darwinism, a few males are likely to win the reproduction race, resulting in a stronger male population over a long enough time span?
  6. that's weird, is your small router in bridge mode? are you sure you are connected to the right wireless network? try ipconfig /all and getting the dhcp server address, if you're using dhcp?
  7. Perhaps I misunderstood, can you connect to the small router wireless? If so do that then connect to gateway ip in your browser.
  8. Worse, when she goes on maternity leave, and her app needs changing, no funker will know how the hell it works. And you will need to hire a developer to reverse engineer the pile of shit.
  9. Its IP address ought to be the same as your gateway address.
  10. I'd be happy going in when I want, and WFH when I want, and I think that is likely to be the case now. If it's sunny, I'll ride my bike to work, if it's cold or wet, I'll WFH
  11. yes, and when they still don't stay home, they will build them a nice "locked gate community" to keep them safe and prevent them wandering off.
  12. So, why haven't humans changed in 100,000 years? our living environment is significantly different to that of hunter gathers, we don't need those adaptation now, yet we still have them? and we haven't adapted well to modern diet and sedentary life at all, we've had a few decades, shouldn't have adapted by now? even 100,000 years is fuck all in evolutionary terms.
  13. I think humans can't grasp the concept of geological time, showing graphs of CO2 levels changing over 250 million years and then concluding life can adapt in a few decades.
  14. oh the climate models are pseudoscience impo, I'm not arguing that point, just that rapid change is bad, whatever the cause.
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