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  1. snaga

    The US Supreme Court

    not sure I'd believe that, perhaps in some routine way, but if shes unable to attend and listen to legal arguments for a case then she can't pass judgement. It would be challenged very quickly if her vote was the deciding vote on case she had never attended, listened to testimony, or even discussed with the other judges.
  2. snaga

    The US Supreme Court

    If she is unable to vote, then that's as good as an extra vote for the conservatives during this period. Doubt they can keep her alive for another 6 years.
  3. snaga

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Easy one, Brexit :-)
  4. presumably they only caught him when he posted about it on twitter?
  5. snaga

    I've No More F**ks To Give..

    but who gives a fuck.
  6. snaga

    Question Time

    can't be her, she got 1/3 of all the tweets, that's half for being female and half for being black.
  7. snaga

    Settled Status

    May just dosn't want the hassle of having to refund everyone when A50 is revoked.
  8. snaga

    Hoax hate

    but Trump started it...
  9. snaga

    Brexit Betrayal thread

    I still have this incline feeling, perhaps based on latent knowledge, that any private member's bill has limited time for debate and can very easliy be filibusted. Only government bills are guaranteed parlimentary time? if so the government needs to do nothing, and thus deny the chance of an ammendment?
  10. snaga

    Sensible lightweight motorbike suggestions

    happy you wern't hurt, that visor saved your face, and why I always wear full face and have the visor down.
  11. snaga

    Hoax hate

    god forbid, but perhaps one day people wont simply belive what they are told.
  12. snaga

    Hoax hate

    tbh the more of these stories the better, everytime it happens more people wise up.
  13. snaga

    Trump's progress

    that's 22 secs more than I watched C4 this week.
  14. snaga

    Tablet Remorse

    I have an asus 7" tablet, it's great for a bit of quick browsing, watching youtube, even streaming to the TV, it's totally shit for posting on here, or anywhere, and I'd never consider using a tablet for producing anything. But for consuming, it does the job, and battery lasts forever.