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  1. Ive read that the extra weight from the valve cap replacements can cause balance issues, or even cause the valve to rip.Some even rust and sieze on to the valve, but iirc they were LED only. Read reviews carefully is my advice.
  2. He's wearing a red tie (with thin white lines, edged in blue.)
  3. I assume the +21 is a reference to the something big happening within 21 days posted 20 days ago? now extending the window because Mueller's report hasn't been released yet? FFS does Q know anything that the rest of us don't already know?
  4. I really think the governments are missing something here, in the West, people were far more motivated to protest/riot before the internet came along. Being able to post shit and be an armchair warrior has made people lazy and less likely to act in the real world. Forums like this act as pressure release valves. Take that away, and we'll just have to go back to traditional ways of communicating our dissatisfaction. Same with porn, easy access to porn = fewer sexual assaults (needs citation)
  5. He also mentioned the option of "Associated State" they could of made UK a test case for this, but I guess that if it included free movement, or customs union, the UK wouldn't want that either.
  6. Well the media have been telling the families for 48 hours that it is Trump's fault, I'm not going to criticise grieving relatives for believing what the media is telling. The media really has no shame.
  7. Trump's fault, he cut funding for the high speed trains in California, and well, trains are a bit like trams, clearly this moderate person flipped on a tram because he thought Trump hated dutch trams.
  8. I dont have time or inclination to read his manifesto, but seen/heard enough to know the left are lying about it and leveraging 49 deaths to further thier causes. Scum,
  9. oh wouldn't it be nice if Mueller's report actually focuses on the Clinton cabal, especially as the house has already voted for it's public release. Page and Strzok testimony clearly implicates Obama's DOJ, Comey, McCabe. It would be one hell of a twist plot if Page and Strzok are actually white hats and their supposed bias was all an act to cover for the real purpose of Mueller's investigation. Never going to happen though, but we can dream
  10. It was with the locsl IAM group that I've joined, start training for advanced test next month.
  11. I went for my first group ride today, they should probably call themselves the BMW Riders group, about 20 riders, 10 of which were on GSs 5 on Tigers, and 5 on other similar bikes. I just about managed to keep up on my Vulcan S, though I really couldn't keep up with them on some the bumpiest fenland roads, was like riding a bucking bronco at times, and that was with the suspension on 2nd highest preload setting. Was great fun though, will go again, hopefully not so windy next time