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  1. youtube blocking embedding.
  2. I was referring to people being in effect, immune. Or infection at such low level that their immune systems do not develop antibodies or become infectious themselves. If this is common, then it would make all the mathematical models wrong.
  3. yes, or many of us are less susceptible to infection than first thought.
  4. also some unexplained observations ... why when a care home was infected, didn't all residents get infected? why were so few health care workers infected?
  5. yes, it's just my observation was that the lockdown wasn't strict enough to be effective, or at least as effective as the graphs indicate.
  6. exactly, the lockdown did next to fuck all other than destroy the economy. We should be mandating Vit D supplements for the coming winter, it's possible the seasonality is the result of Vit D levels.
  7. yeah, the price seems a rip off, but then they are made in the UK? or is that another brand?
  8. yes, but you can't make money of suckers with that model
  9. you could say that about many places. Someone mentioned that the case rate was higher because testing was higher in Leicester, any explanation as to why more testing in Leicester? hospital admissions were about the national average.
  10. seriously, it's likely to be care hostels for those with <50% survival chance if treated? need to prioritise those most likely to survive. There's only so many cancer surgeons and radiologists, no matter how many beds they throw at the problem.
  11. back to Leicester, watched a bit of the news today about the regional lockdown for Leicester, smells suspiciously like a set up to me, they want to test how regional lockdowns will/wont work ahead of a real need to do so? If it doesn't work, back to national lockdowns?
  12. all very well testing, but where are they going to get treated?
  13. yes, as I mentioned, I've been working on form, and I don't heal strike One thing that surprised me, all these sport scientists are quoting 180spm is the ideal cadence, and this seems to come from someone counting the cadence of elite runners. Not exactly science is it, can these sports scientists do maths? here's a clue ... seems to me there could be a dosbods start up opportunity to calculate individual optimal natural running frequency as it's likely to vary between individuals, height, weight, inside leg, weight of shoes … etc
  14. lower cancer survival rates are baked in now, up to 30K fewer cancer diagnosis per week was being quoted. These patients will present at some point at a later stage, just when the NHS is trying to catch-up with it's existing backlog of known cases. A double hit to survival rates for at least a year I think, and that's assuming no 2nd wave lockdown.