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  1. first time for us, could of bought plants I suppose, but this is educational for my sons.
  2. I think Nightingale hospital proves that we can still get things done, or rather our military can. Note, that the military have now been put in charge of distributing PPE, as the state has otherwise utterly failed. Many examples of the private sector stepping in to get things done too. I just have zero confidence in many parts of the public sector to rise to the challenge, thank fuck the Army hasn't been entirely consumed by identity politics.
  3. new cases appear to flat lining, or more likely, limit of 10K tests per day with a 40-45% positive test rate?
  4. Early days yet, but strawberries are doing something ...
  5. not in Malmo, perhaps that's the idea.
  6. that sounds more plausible than Oxford's 70%
  7. papers have been written suggesting Vit D deficiency can make you 70% more likely to suffer a respiratory infection. However, for people not deficient, there isn't as much benefit in taking additional Vit D.
  8. if people are looking for fake news stories in the media, you will find them, that's nothing new. Bastards always fake stories and reuse footage as it's cheaper & safer than doing it for real. Remeber the Kentucky firing range? on the other hand, just because the media are fake, dosn't mean there is a conspiracy everytime they fake their stories.
  9. it's grossly simplified, dosn't show the center corridor with all the shops/offices etc either.
  10. darker skin at this latitude and living in the shadows of tall buildings, gives an even greater chance of Vit D deficiency, you'd think the medics would understand this, but perhaps not.
  11. The same Bloomberg that hates Trump and stood for dem primary?
  12. conceeding defeat too soon, if this is a damp squib, people will fight back.
  13. atm we are consenting to this as we understand the exceptional circumstances. However, if, and as it seems, we will be asked to lockdown again & again in order to keep the borders open, they can fuck off.