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  1. fooked

    WTF ...... a group of teens launched an attack on terrified pensioners. The youths invaded the bowling green in Teignmouth, Devon armed with stones and chairs before singling out one of the elderly players who was reportedly then punched in the face. A 69-year-old man needed hospital treatment for cuts to his face and is now recovering at home. ----------------------------- They should strap the fuckers up naked and let everyone bowl their balls.
  2. Wait until they remake Trans-formers!
  3. Yeah, I bet they don't know whether they are coming or going :-) Must be strange as parent, knowing that you can never shout the words "JOHN, COME HERE RIGHT NOW"
  4. He killed him bit by bit
  5. I went to see the Jungle Book 4D at Milton Keynes. It was pretty cool (the opening sequence moving through the jungle was excellent). Haven't had the urge to go back though.
  6. A few years back I picked up a cheap Optoma HD Projector and a 110" screen. The equivalent of 4 trips to the cinema with the kids, popcorn etc and it was paid for although nearly all new films are total shite so mainly watch Netflix, boxsets etc.
  7. Let's hope there isn't a button that says 'blow'
  8. Not sure that really counts ;-)
  9. Yep, I was one of them. That was until I learnt that I just needed to eat loads and lift heavy. Urgh, makes me feel sick now thinking about all those lovely protein/weight gain shakes. Some of them were truly yuck. 1700 calories a portion, yum! Which brings me onto another subject, body dysmorphia. Towards the end of my body building period I would look in the mirror and still be convinced I was this 10 stone weakling even though I had put on almost 6 stone.
  10. When I was a skinny 16-year old, my mate and I joined a local gym. We came across Joe Weider Anabolic Mega Packs and convinced we were going to be the next Arnie. 6 months later we were still as weedy as hell.
  11. Yes I experienced that (and the shrinking nuts!)
  12. I was the same but I did end up doing a 3 month stint of 'roids. Looking back now I think what the hell was I thinking. But it did have a dramatic effect at the time so I can see how guys get addicted to the stuff.
  13. Now that is one hairy pussy! (Sorry, don't get many opportunities to say that anymore)