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  1. fooked

    No Deal Brexit Hoarding

    I've made my preparations from watching I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here....rice and beans, rice and beans, rice and beans!
  2. fooked

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    Well that's fucking working well then!
  3. fooked

    Police are very close to 'losing the streets'

    <facepalm />
  4. fooked

    Xbox for dummies

    If you have a Nintendo Switch I believe you can crossplay Fortnite with an Xbox. Obv not the other games though.
  5. fooked

    Google losing the plot

    Scary shit...I wonder if they can track you via other phones picking up your bluetooth/wi-fi connection?
  6. fooked

    Google losing the plot

    Oddly enough a rather large white box arrived from Google the other day. Inside was a lot of empty space and what looks like a base for Google Home device. All I need to do is speak to one of their "Cloud Specialists" and they send me a "free" device so they can listen to me in my house too.
  7. fooked

    Google losing the plot

    I wouldn't be surprised if they also scan wi-fi networks to locate you too.
  8. fooked

    Another loon converts to islam

    Looks like the one on the left accepts both first and second class....
  9. fooked

    kids films you can watch yourself

    And The Muppet Movie I'm a very manly muppet... even that scene brought a tear to my eye!
  10. fooked

    kids films you can watch yourself

    Monsters vs Aliens is funny..."I'm a brave President" How to train your dragon Wreck it Ralph Despicable Me Big Hero 6 Wall. E Ratatouille Kung Fu Panda 1 Jungle Book (new version)
  11. fooked

    kids films you can watch yourself

    The series of this (1&2) are especially good.
  12. fooked

    Islamification of Europe

    and so it continues..
  13. fooked

    Islamification of Europe

    I can't believe I'm reading this shit... "Currently, the men numbered one, two and three in the images are being treated as suspects" "We’ve already spoken to the victim" How about go and get the fucking 'suspects' ?
  14. fooked

    I'm under attack by the Workplace Diversity Nazis

    Yes, but you were self-employed! ;-)
  15. fooked

    The normalisation of female obesity

    I knew i'd seen her before......