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  1. Kilham

    Blow Up Dolls

    So you're dreaming of electric sheep as well?.
  2. Kilham

    DIY SOS - The big build

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment it'll just mean they will make sure you're dead instead to avoid the ongoing costs - see the Chinese road traffic accident posts.
  3. Kilham

    Blood Moon?

    I watched the last of the silver crescent disappearing about 4.40, it was a clear still night, excellent weather for it. Not very red though, more of a dim Neon orange.
  4. Kilham

    What would you put in your Brexit box?

    I probably have some of those as well.
  5. Kilham

    What would you put in your Brexit box?

    This is as sad as it gets... photographing out of date ketchup
  6. Kilham

    What would you put in your Brexit box?

    Nope, just standard plastic squeezy bottles. What was the bbe date on that one? maybe they removed some preservatives.
  7. Kilham

    What would you put in your Brexit box?

    That is strange, I have some ketchup in the stockpile bbe 2010 and it's still OK. The dried stuff will be fine as long as it hasn't been damp. The Fosters will probably taste like piss so no change there. Fray Bentos pies are like Dwarf bread, they were inedible 10 years ago. Edit to add - brown sauce otoh seems to ferment quite soon after the bb date.
  8. Kilham

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Equality of access and opportunity is all that was required. I remember my mother telling me how she wanted to take Chemistry but was shuffled off with the girls to do needlework. She bloody hated needlework and just wanted to play with a Bunsen burner.
  9. Kilham

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    That is also true, I suspect the competent female engineers who got there through hard work and ability are more than a little pissed off at being diluted by box-tick appointments.
  10. Kilham

    The Demonisation of Masculinity continues

    Discrimination is discrimination and 'positive discrimination' is simply some vested interest choosing which group to disadvantage.
  11. Google translate, which probably has much the same effect. I could ask somebody I know in Ukraine to do it but it would probably translate as 'small penis' then.
  12. We can only hope it's been so much fun he's simply forgotten about us miserable sods.
  13. Strange, I was reminded of him reading the brexit box thread earlier, his idea of a stockpile would probably be one case of spicy sauce and another of crossbow bolts. I kept looking out for headlines such as 'Horror of cannibal accountant's basement' but he seems to have just vanished.
  14. Kilham

    Northern loon

    We should all be thankful we live in such a safe, crime-free country where our police have nothing else to do...
  15. Kilham

    Stolen UK Cars Facebook Group

    There must be room for some innovation in 'heavy iron' security devices, all of the current stuff is compromised and electronic security systems are now trivial for the unskilled to bypass.