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  1. I assume it will be a green giant, for Greta?.
  2. Just a quick comment on the 'featured news' side on that page just now, the images are 1x koala, 1x beaten-looking bloke and 7x wimmin. Diverse!.
  3. I can already see it in gold on white, dangling from overpriced fashion tat.
  4. They tend to be the worst - I believe the drivers are paid a flat rate that only works if there's a number of easy deliveries in a small area. IME in order of problems: Herpes Royal Fail Parcelfarce FeudEx, tied with DHell Oops Surprisingly no problems with DPD, which I haven't found a name for yet. TNT think I live 10 miles away and still haven't found me.
  5. Kilham

    EU short of money?

    To be accurate, the EU has no money but what it takes from others. We are still blindly walking that road to serfdom.
  6. The game is given away by the number of children of telly 'stars' that seem to end up on the box. Either it's: a: A rare gene that allows certain families to pass on acting and presenting skills us mere peasants are unaware of b: Having family in the business guarantees you the job whatever abilties you may not have.
  7. Is there anyone she doesn't have a fucking tentacle wrapped around?.
  8. So in the coming misandric dystopia, we will be farmed for spunk and blood. Well that's something to relieve the boredom I suppose.
  9. Kilham

    trans madness

    To avoid school they now identify as a 16 year old eco-activist.
  10. Kilham


    The US eccentrics just have the opportunity to get their hands on more fun ex-military toys than us British eccentrics as the best stuff is, despite our 'special relationship', illegal to export to the UK.
  11. The broom has had 5 new heads and 3 new handles but it's still the same old broom. I would like to be wrong this time but the best we can hope for is what is good for Boris will eventually be good for the country.
  12. What you all need is something Christmassy to get you in the mood.
  13. I was considering starting a thread last week, something like 'It's starting to feel it's not like Christmas'. I sell things which are a discretionary purchase, often for presents. Sales are well down this year, though much of that is due to moving house a few months back. Everyone I talk to feels it's quieter this year. Adverts on the radio a couple of weeks back from John Lewis for furniture still available to be delivered before the 24th, I don't think I have ever heard that before. In an Asda last week, it just felt like any other day except for a few christmassy food items such as the shelves of mince pies. I'm just not feeling it this year, and am not the only one.
  14. Kilham

    Fancy a Chinese?

    If you forget to take your decoration down in time he's going to come crawling out of that card to get you.