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  1. Temperature drop as the saturated air expands, have a look at how early cloud chambers operated.
  2. Driving in my motor car. Lockdown means I won't get far.
  3. Kilham

    Dosbods Island

    I've just realised we are going about this in the wrong way. We need to found the cult of DOSBODS. @unregistered_guest can provide the background material and we can nick some ideas on sheep herding from the collected works of Elron. Before long we'll have hordes of young maidens throwing everything they've got at us (including the money to buy an island).
  4. I assume not all crowded foreign destinations will be off the list though?.
  5. How much power-hungry manufacturing has been hidden in China so we can pretend to be green?.
  6. Rather a shotgun approach, though I shouldn't complain.
  7. The £10k bung for rated premises was intended as another landlord benefit, otherwise they'd have helped businesses based on their tax return history..
  8. Whichever pharma company our politicians bought shares in 6 months ago.
  9. Kilham

    Three Gorges Dam

    Only if you're backing it up with holdings of rice and tuna fish.
  10. Are you sure there was a decimal point in there and it wasn't just a speck of fly dirt?.
  11. Wow, that sucks. The ventilator market didn't pick up then?.
  12. After looking more at the figures here: -12% is probably wildly optimistic and -20-25% is possible. Edit: I think they'll just dispense with the percentage and second quarter GDP will be reported as 'We're screwed'.