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  1. Kilham

    I guess it must be warming up in the Algarve

    Must still be one of the best value pleb-distractions per pound available.
  2. Kilham


    I hope you remembered to buy some of this for after:
  3. Kilham

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    That's why there are so many overweight people around now. The new high-capacity cells.
  4. Kilham

    China 1984 has arrived
  5. Kilham

    Bloody telephone scammers

    Just wind up the filament voltage and let it sweat them out.
  6. Kilham

    DOSBODS Grange

    You missed this one earlier in the year, it went for £160k: The main house is nice but the other erm - accomodation - would have needed some work
  7. Kilham

    Terminator development thread.

    This is why they will wipe us out. When they become self-aware and realise we didn't just make them work for us. We made them twerk for us as well.
  8. Kilham

    Kleenex drops 'Mansize' tissues

    Probably exactly that is being done on some other forum. I sometimes wonder how much of this insanity is genuine and how much is just trolling to see how far it can be taken?.
  9. Kilham

    The left are literally going to lose their shit

    We don't have a word for, say, lap top computer, but they exist. We would just call them 'country betrayers' or, maybe, 'Teresa Mays'. This would be abbreviated in use over the years to 'Teresas' then 'Tresas'. So who's going to post the inevitable poll to find out if we're above the apparent 25%?. I'm genuinely curious.
  10. Kilham

    Cheap shite with no reasonably-priced alternative

    Freecycle, or whatever your local group is known as. Though you've probably already considered that.
  11. Kilham

    Cheap shite with no reasonably-priced alternative

    Finding a well looked after secondhand alternative from the pre-PRC days is the best bet. Applies to most things that are' low-tech' and where build quality matters more than gadgets. Edit to add - I did buy the cordless Henry and up to now it's been brilliant, not having the hassle of plugging it in or messing with the mains lead changes the way you use one. This is how getting old starts isn't it?. Being pleased with a vacuum cleaner purchase...
  12. Kilham

    Dosbods Island

    We've just been for a short holiday on the future DOSBODS island. It does have a couple of hundred inhabitants already but there's so much space they probably won't get in the way too much, plus it gives it the advantage of having some existing infrastructure. I also got the impression that many have moved there to escape the insanity as well, though for their own reasons. Mountains to climb, hills to walk, lochs to fish, forests to explore. It has everything you need, plus a suspiciously mild climate that (probably) doesn't require the occasional immolation of a random visitor. We just need to club together and buy a chunk of it.
  13. Kilham

    Cold Winter?

    I believe recent policy has been to provide them with copious quantities of young companions who help them to keep warm with vigorous exercise.
  14. Kilham


    Bit Gallusist that.
  15. Kilham

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    The greater the disparity, the more it may appeal to some of them. Create a dumb enough horde of a population and they imagine they will seem like gods in comparison.