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  1. All part and parcel of shopping in a city.
  2. Wasn't something supposed to happen today, the 19th?. Or has it been rescheduled to the 12th of never?.
  3. No. they'll just not bother checking.
  4. I wouldn't have objected to my liver going to George Best, even though it would have a short but interesting life. Mandelslime, it has been said, already has the heart of a child* so I doubt he'd need mine. *In a jar of formaldehyde in his study
  5. Never before has the choice of word replacement been so apt.
  6. I'd like to have a referendum on this as well to decide. Acid or Alkali.
  7. I see disgraced ex-HPC poster boy is amongst the list of traitors. We had a fucking Peoples vote almost 3 years ago. If there is a second referendum and Remain wins, can they guarantee we can have a third, just to make sure they knew what they were voting for?. (Endless punishment screwings by the EU for daring to even think about leaving).
  8. The fact they're even holding a vote to consider an extension is a betrayal of democracy. Be honest - they're not going to let it happen. Votes, extensions, false flags, wars, alien invasions, they'll throw whatever crap it takes to avoid leaving.
  9. Remember back in the days when you'd go into a shop to buy something and they'd stick your card in a hand-operated machine with a multipart paper slip above it, pressing the embossed face into it to record the details?. Apparently these were being stolen by the fistful from bins round the back of the shops so the idea was to provide an extra number that wouldn't be recorded on them.
  10. The only reassurance you're going to get is that we'd believe the scum would pull something like that.
  11. Kilham


    I could send some used hydraulic fluid...
  12. I fear that is not the alternative but the plan.
  13. One swallow may not make a spring but for the DM, it makes an article.