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  1. I have no idea who these people are but it sounds quite innocent. He simply misread 'election simulation'.
  2. If only we knew how to build reactors. Whoever the first country in the world was to have desgned, built and operated a commercial station must have all the cheap power they need by now and none of these third-world blackout problems to look forward to.
  3. My doctors don't know I moved over a year back, nevermind my mobile no.
  4. I have an ancient mobile and a 4g router with a sim card for broadband. Both received the original lockdown text but neither have had anything about the drone tracking app.
  5. Wait and see how popular he is the day they start asking for the money back. (I expect they'll wheel out a replacement 'bad chancellor' for that job though).
  6. The seem to have a few veggie/vegan pies now. Though they probably don't contain much less meat than the originals.
  7. It used to be that you would be granted a shotgun certificate unless the police could show a reason why not. A FAC is much harder in you have to show a good reason for having one. Probably a bit tighter now but I found in my renewal last year that the air weapon certificate required more checks than the shotty.
  8. Don't worry, I'm sure they will soon. The second implanted version will fix that.
  9. That will be for the low battery reminder. Charge it up or else.
  10. Which has a permanently activated camera and can't be switched off.
  11. Kilham

    Broadband Jammer

    I have that exact TV in my pile of junk, it needs a new CRT but that shouldn't stop it
  12. About time we got some return on our income tax and start that war we're still paying for then.
  13. So what is a camel with three humps called then?.
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