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  1. Which would they prefer to control though, a population of free thinkers that question everything or a herd of claptards?.
  2. The Brazilian variant removed its spike proteins to evade the vaccine.
  3. Yep, just a letter and piece of card. I'll have to laminate it, I have a feeling it'll be needed for a while yet. I've yet to see any lanyards being handed out but we do usually go late when the Karens have packed up for the day.
  4. Annoying thing is I have the 'NHS' card but didn't bother to take it. I wasn't going to argue as the driver rammed the forks into the pallet with the grace and delicacy of a rutting stag as it was.
  5. It's that time of the month again!. It would be interesting to know what the raw materials costs are for other industries. If there are similar increases elsewhere there's a lot of inflation coming down the production line.
  6. Went to collect something bought at an auction this afternoon. Outside in a secure yard, about two acres of concrete a long way from any building, just the 2 of us and the forklift driver. 'Put your masks on'.
  7. I wonder how long the GPS satellite network would work if SHTF. It would gradually lose accuracy without anyone to tweak it but how long would it take for enough satellites to drop out. 10+ years?.
  8. For those still in need of cheering up, Humble bundle have just the ebooks for you: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/survive-everything-skyhorse-books
  9. It might be time to start a thread 'This weeks sunak snatchback', though I think the real bill will be presented next year (and the year after and...)
  10. Didn't even make it to the end of the month. Remember the days when suppliers issued a weekly price list?.
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