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  1. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    If they're used to driving a Lotus there won't be any willy-waving as the damn car has usually broken down before there's time to unzip and whip it out.
  2. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    Don't laugh at them or you'll wake up with a sheeps head next to you.
  3. Nastiest Most Horrible Forum

    We self medicate moderate on here.
  4. Clif High

    He gets retweeted at times in the 24knews feed. Realistically though, does anyone other than a time traveller have any idea where crypto is going, paid or not?. My guess is the technology is here to stay and there will be fortunes made and lost but where is a different matter.
  5. And they say that property is expensive

    Yep, kitchen taps as well. Do not use.
  6. And they say that property is expensive

    Looks even more fun with property bee
  7. Charity plastic bags

    You should have just offered her a crusty roll.
  8. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    This is the one part of the country you'd expect the emergency services to be well trained in handling a chemical/biological threat, even if their expectation was of an accidental release. If they can't handle it here, what chance has the rest of the country got?. Or it could be an act, in which case we should probably be even more concerned.
  9. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    They're either pretending to run around like headless chickens or they really are this incompetent.