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  1. That is around the point they ran out of book. After that, it appears they've used the opportunity to write new material to get woke.
  2. But it would read zero on AC anyway (assuming a symmetrical waveform). You'd need a rectifier in series, the meter will then behave as the smoothing capacitor returning us to (almost) no current. I accept your original point stands though. Edit to add: Wasn't there supposed to be something about dragons in this thread?.
  3. Diane Abbot with a jetpack?. Certainly a nice day for it.
  4. Back on topic I had a nasty feeling this was going to happen back when it was obvious they would run out of books to use. For me, Jon Snow is still dying on top of the Wall. I may have a long wait to see what happens next.
  5. Could we crowdfund a crate of these to be delivered personally to Treason?.
  6. This has been on the radio news all day. It must be the best £4500* their advertising department has ever spent. *More like £500 before markup, assuming it hadn't been in their cellar for 15 years.
  7. Kilham

    VCR question

    To be fair, it was only intended to block imported TVs from being sold in France. They never actually expected anyone to try using it.
  8. Kilham


    There's only room for the first 25 members in the secret lair. About that key though, it might be worth changing the lock before dumping the builder for peace of mind.
  9. Kilham

    Ahh was pikey

    In Dundee it's called blue wine. Elsewhere you'd still ask for methylated spirits.
  10. A genuine democracy would have a 'none of the above' option on the paper. If it received the most votes the election would be rerun with new candidates, the original losers forfeiting their deposit. (in my less tolerant moments, also executed for being useless)
  11. Probably short-lived coup attempt by US-backed opposition. Apologies for the zerocred link but there's not much else at the moment.
  12. Let's just hope they don't march Killary naked through Washington. The horror...
  13. Kilham

    TATA boom

    It would have been a pig to get out if it did.
  14. Kilham


    Bit Apist that. Have you considered using it to try making some Mead?.
  15. Our so-called leaders have, since recovering from soiling themselves after the result, spent almost three years obfuscating and delaying with exactly that objective in sight - being able to claim 'we tried but it can't be delivered'.