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  1. I haven't read a print newspaper for years. Eyesight isn't what it used to be.
  2. Madness. Surely the right thing to do is make him swim for it. Am I right in believing a breach of lockdown is a criminal offence and will result in a record?, if so I think that little detail has been lost on most who think it's 'just a fine'.
  3. Good thing you didn't christen him XYY. Could have been confusing.
  4. How well did it handle the residents of Twatt?.
  5. Nobody I know who has to work for a living wants it to continue and if their attitude and intentions are anything to go by it will be effectively over by the beginning of next month despite whatever wee fishy wants.
  6. Somebody I care about has been slowly cracking up because of this lockdown, I've done what I can over the phone but the change has been frightening. She is in the 12 week club having 2 illnesses putting her on the vulneravle list. I broke lockdown and went to stay for a week a few weeks back but it didn't take long for the depression to return once I'd gone. I'm certain if I hadn't gone and taken her out for a walk on the beach, she wouldn't have survived this long. Thanks Krankie.
  7. I gave an acquaintance an AVO 8 for Christmas. Now his political leaning is such that he would consider us on here to be a bunch of whining leftie snowflakes so I thought he would appreciate it. I may have to suggest turning it around 180 degrees for him to get the joke though.
  8. I now need to decide if I should find a way to fold space and travel to Kelso within 5 miles or wait for the lockdown to end. Now which would be quicker?.
  9. Send your neighbours here for week, after listening to my cunting neighbours three cunting alsatians barking nonstop at 2.30am they'll be thankful to have a neighbour who wants to sort it out.
  10. Sorry but I'm taken . Plus I suffer from feuxphallicphobia.