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  1. Kilham

    Islamification of Europe

    I didn't think the Chinese or Koreans would object to bicycles.
  2. Kilham


    Nobody crosses da Clintonis.
  3. Kilham

    When the cost of washing becomes just too much

    I remember it being Sunday night, ready for the school week. There was also getting washed standing in the scullery sink.
  4. Kilham

    When the oil (and sand) runs out

    And of turning the waste population into food. It'll have to look like it's made from something else of course...
  5. Kilham

    Islamification of Europe

    Lies, damned lies and government statistics.
  6. Kilham

    Islamification of Europe

    Resistance is not only futile, it's illegal.
  7. Kilham

    Smallest books in the world

    They still wouldn't have won it without us though.
  8. Kilham

    Had the twats won the Brexit vote

    Quite logical though that any place you would want to emigrate to is going to be difficult to get in. The opposite is also quite obviously and observably correct.
  9. Kilham

    Projector instead of a big telly?

  10. Kilham

    Ahh was pikey

    They seem to have these thing planned with military precision for bank holiday weekends, such as turning up 5 minutes after the council offices close to tarmac over a field. By the time anyone with clout is available the next Tuesday, it's too late.
  11. Kilham


    Another vote for this - name changes confuse me these days...
  12. Kilham

    Impostors from TOS

    You're both wrong. It's 'paedos'. Presumably peadophiles are legume fanciers.
  13. Kilham

    Have you ever looked up an ex on social media?

    Can you access social media on a PS4?
  14. Kilham

    Question Time

    Couldn't this be considered some kind of self-harming?. Very pleased to be telly-free and to let you suffer so I don't have to.
  15. Kilham

    Impostors from TOS

    Annoying Bruce may have been a very bad idea. Don't underestimate the waponry at his disposal if he decides to retaliate. He'll have Vengers email address for a start.