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  1. We will not assume the gender of staff members. Or we will get the hose again.
  2. I hope she was responsible and checked the weather forecast, tides, local conditions and location of Japanese whalers before going in the water.
  3. Like a psychological horror film where you don't need to see the monster to be scared, even the idea was bad enough.
  4. It was a better thread before you remembered it Born in 1956?. She's not much older than the majority of poster here, I'd always assumed she was around 70-80 going by appearances.
  5. So this will be how it ends - not a nuclear winter or pandemic but tight jeans and flat batteries.
  6. Kilham


    If I had a secret underground complex, the last thing I'd put on the top of it is that. The whole thing screams Decoy.
  7. Have you by any chance read Bobiverse?.
  8. Kilham

    Who are you?

    I'm sure your lot has already made contact, if the state of the world is anything to go by.
  9. Kilham

    Who are you?

    I thought the Vorlons had finally made contact when I saw the thread title.
  10. It is possible that TR etc. are controlled opposition - after all, why risk losing when you can back all the runners?. However having seen what he (and others) have been put through, I find it hard to believe. Even if they are being supplied as a 'safety valve' though, once there's enough support that valve is going to take more pressure than they can keep control of.
  11. Anyone know which prison the rapists he was reporting on were sent to?.
  12. Yet apparently, under certain circumstances, a 13yo girl can.
  13. I seem to remember it crashing after the referendum result, with Carnage wailing 'the Pound is crashing, we must do something to save it'. Followed by interest rates being slashed by 50% and another 75 (?) billion of printy.
  14. I believe he was wearing a rug by the time he played James Tiberium.
  15. Are you sure about that? You'd be surprised at the posters on here who are in 'rug denial'.