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    Kilham reacted to Wight Flight in The GREAT BIG General election thread   
    I am hearing all manner of promises coming from all sides.
    I find myself just listening and laughing. I don't believe a word of it anymore. I have a feeling I am not alone.
    It is going to take at least a generation to undo the damage these twats have done.
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    Kilham reacted to One percent in Epstein   
    And we now hear the real reason behind all this Epstein stuff
    hidden cameras everywhere and a team of people monitoring the feeds. 
    guess he has a lot of dirt on a lot of people 
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    Kilham reacted to One percent in Piety   
    We have @stokiescum and @The XYY Man for the scum stuff but underneath the pair of them are more intellectual and intelligent than many who pass themselves off as such
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    Kilham reacted to ninjaborrower in Amazon video thing vs Netflix   
    My suggestion is bin the lot, what are you gonna do but watch some lame american box set, invest time in something that will, by series 10 leave you feeling that you have been robbed hours off your life
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    Kilham reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Epstein   
    Nonce ?
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    Kilham reacted to Hopeful in Tv in the bedroom   
    I haven't got a TV in the house
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    Kilham reacted to The XYY Man in Tv in the bedroom   
    I'd rather have a transvestite in my bedroom than a television...
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    Kilham reacted to PatronizingGit in Islamification of Europe   
    The stats for Peterborough are the ones I find incredible. Out of dozens of mayors, 3 muslim (all since 1996). Only 3 have been done for vote rigging/electoral fraud...and all 3 just happen to be the muslim ones. 
    Its almost like its not just a tiny minority that are the problem, its all of them. 
    Plaid want to have Wales become a refugee centre, and yet they cant even vet those in their own party with very open social media accounts. 
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    Kilham reacted to Mirror Mirror in Islamification of Europe   
    What these “open borders” twats fail to realise is that you have a choice where you want your borders. 
    You either get them around your country, where they should be, or you have them around every market, pedestrian zone, church, airport etc.
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    Kilham reacted to The Grey Man in Islamification of Europe   
    Has mayor Khan joined in this....I mean to.comment.
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    Kilham reacted to JackieO in Epstein   
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    Kilham reacted to The Masked Tulip in Epstein   
    It would be unheard of IMPO if the So-Called BBC demanded full editorial control. That would have been, um, negotiations.
    The choice of the Newsnight team to do the interview surprised me. Not some fawning royal correspondent but a production team who many often criticise for being incredibly left wing. 
    I do hope the choice of interviewer didn't come down to:
    "Maitliss? That old totty? Hmm, but she does wear those incredibly short skirts. She might even do a tug or tug two whilst probing me. Ah, probing - whatever happened to Gizzy? I miss Gizzy. Right, Maitliss it is. Get her round the back of the palace sharpo. I'll do a quick roger roger with her and then we can do the interview. What could go wrong? I'm brill I am!"
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    Kilham reacted to maynardgravy in ladettes   
    Think of a Munter
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    Kilham reacted to mooncat69 in ladettes   
    Totally OT, but I had to disable my ad blocker to view that page. Fuck me, the amount of crap it downloads is ridiculous. My browser couldn't cope.
    It's been noted many times that these sorts of sites are bigger than the whole of Doom, a full game with map and 3D rendering engine.
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    Kilham reacted to Roger_Mellie in ladettes   
    I've never understood anyone being attracted to Zoe Ball, she looks like an alien. 
    Another one who would be a 3x3 living in a shithole council flat if it wasn't for her dad.
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    Kilham reacted to Thombleached in ladettes   
    Body language tells you everything in that shot of them together recently. Him still loving her and her...well recoiling in disgust. 
    He's about to embark on a great period of his life though. He's aged very well and now can take the pick of pretty much any non-alcoholic lady he likes. Whereas she is going to trade down and down until she drinks herself to death or buys lots of cats. 
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    Kilham reacted to Libspero in DIY Question (LED lighting)   
    Haven’t read that thread..   sounds like I may need to sit down first.
    Might not be possible afterwards 
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    Kilham reacted to The Masked Tulip in Epstein   
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    Kilham reacted to spunko in Epstein   
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    Kilham reacted to Van Lady in Epstein   
    Could be the reason.
    The certainly in my mind is that there’s definitely an underlying reason that has forced Andrew to do this interview. Just isn’t plausible to me that he would willingly choose to do it.
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    Kilham reacted to The Grey Man in Epstein   
    Prince Andrew has just announced he is not feeling suicidal. Is  fit and healthy with no issue with illicit drug  or alcohol use.. he has a chauffeur who is sober.
    Hes also done a TV interview about Epstien.
    Good luck.
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    Kilham reacted to Bedrag Justesen in Epstein   
    Never Say Di.
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    Kilham reacted to GBDamo in Epstein   
    Calm down you lot, this is pre recorded, rehearsed and edited. We are being fed. Whatever we are seeing is what they want us to see.
    Suicide in a week, partying with Jeff in two.
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    Kilham got a reaction from sarahbell in Bolton fire   
    RFA, they float rather than fly.
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    Kilham reacted to One percent in Bolton fire   
    Its almost as if they have set out to destroy western civilisation.