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    Kilham reacted to spygirl in A Dose of Reality   
    Pols are listening to epidiemilogists like Prof Pantsdown too much.
    There is always the risk of a virus ripping it's way thru Europe.
    Ukgov was right to build the nightingale hospitals. It was very very wrong to allow Heathrow's to stay open. Or at least let fuckknows who turn up and travel freely.
    The death rates for the non lardasses, not poorly, whites under 70 is tiny.
    The sick n old  should have locked down. Everyone else should have been allowed to continue with some restrictions - no pubs, concerts.
    Theres no vaccine or sniff of a vaccine.
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    Kilham reacted to eek in A Dose of Reality   
    I'm glad I only have the freebie version..
    Surely the opposite would be a better option, pay up or an XXY full frontal is randomly inserted every x pages.
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    Kilham reacted to GBDamo in A Dose of Reality   
    If that picture of the pensioner's scrotum the other day is anything to go by, they probably are...
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    Kilham reacted to Austin Allegro in A Dose of Reality   
    State school careers advisor options 1970:
    Factory worker
    State school (online) careers advisor options 2020:
    Amazon stacker
    Uber driver
    Bloke who does odd jobs for cash
    Full time mummy
    Nail Bar technician
    Youtube try-on haul thot

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    Kilham reacted to crashmonitor in A Dose of Reality   
    Feels a bit like Cambodia 1975, Government set on destroying all productive capability. In its stead we have useful stuff like Thursday evening worship and lockdowns. Woe betide anybody that tries economic activity.
    Then it was the kids in charge now its those with comorbidities and senile dementia. You can't make this shit up.
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    Kilham reacted to Melchett in A Dose of Reality   
    Im not sure about the long term damage thing.
    Remember ~20 years ago everyone was terrified that everyone was going to be a drooling idiot with BSE by now? Well, (arguably), that hasnt happened....
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    Kilham reacted to Funn3r in Contact Tracing Apps   
    Don't forget that they also have to pay a 20 pound registration fee by bank transfer under the Covid-19 Tracing (Protection) Act 2020
    You can supply a suitable account number. 
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    Kilham reacted to Battenberg in How old are you?   
    Sorry to break it to you but that crack was definitely in the arse.
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    Kilham reacted to unregistered_guest in How old are you?   
    I'm old enough to remember the old jibe, "Act your age, and not your shoe size!"
    Another thing the EU ruined!
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    Kilham reacted to The XYY Man in How old are you?   
    These days I look in the mirror, and pray that those cracks are in the glass...
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    Kilham reacted to Bus Stop Boxer in How old are you?   
    54 on Sunday, now in fact, tomorrow.
    Everybody pay attention to me.
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    Kilham reacted to unregistered_guest in Religiosity of DOSBODDERs   
    And while we're on the subject of His Noodly Oneness...
    Why is it that when the BBC need a talking head from any one of the many sects of atheism out there, they never choose the man with a pasta strainer on his head?
    Diversity and inclusion? My arse!
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    Kilham reacted to unregistered_guest in Religiosity of DOSBODDERs   
    In my universe it's the Mandala Effect.
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    Kilham reacted to The Generation Game in Religiosity of DOSBODDERs   
    My thoughts on religion are firmly in the agnostic camp. Have no reason to believe in sky fairies but reserve the right to change my mind should evidence convince me. Same with the afterlife. 
    I leave people to get on with their own mysticism as long as they:
    1. Aren't destructive with it.
    2. Don't aggressively push their ideas onto me. 
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    Kilham reacted to sarahbell in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    I think they need to get us out of lockdown before we go back in later in the year.
    People bring over cautious is doing then no good.
    If you're vulnerable and want to go out then go out at six am. It's warm and sunny and No one is about.
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    Kilham reacted to Melchett in The Not Coping Well With This Shit Thread   
    That’s because nobodies getting any and are trying hard not to think about it.
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    Kilham reacted to stokiescum in The Big' Lying China Government Thread   
    I’d judge dread that
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    Kilham reacted to spunko in The Big' Lying China Government Thread   
    Better to blame our globalist cabal for thinking that making 70% of the world's supply of paracetamol in China would be a good idea...
    The Chinese eating bats in wet markets in rundown shit holes are as bad as the ones in salubrious parts of Beijing eating ground tiger's penis... they'll never change, they're barmy, it's part of their culture so called. 
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    Kilham reacted to Van Lady in Absentee Amnesty Thread   
    I blame @Turned Out Nice Againfor asking back in anyone find things a bit boring just now . Then the virus became the topic of discussion while we were watching the crisis unfold and now most people are either fed up, stressed etc of it all. However I thank posters for ongoing news, information from studies, links etc and opinions. Nobody knows how it’s going to pan out so I do still like to read up on it.
    I enjoy a lot of the humour posted on the forum, threads about gardening, music, hobbies etc and read a lot of the basement economic stuff.
    It’s not compulsory to read anything on the forum. If I’m not interested in a thread I just move on.
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    Kilham reacted to LC1 in Absentee Amnesty Thread   
    This. The whole fucking world is full on CV at the moment. I'm bored to tears with it, and likely most others too. Some people don't want to focus on every little minute factor of it, they don't want reminding of it every day and become totally depressed. Hence it is quieter in here. 
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    Kilham reacted to Gloommonger in Absentee Amnesty Thread   
    This site and tos entertainment levels are reflected by what's going on in the world, it ebbs and flows. When the whole world is stuck at home, there's not so much to talk about.
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    Kilham reacted to Wight Flight in Absentee Amnesty Thread   
    I think the beauty here is that people here debate with opinions, not people.
    For example, I disagree frequently with @sleepwello'nights yet just as often we up vote each other's posts when we are in agreement.
    I see that as a healthy sign.
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    Kilham reacted to swiss_democracy_for_all in Absentee Amnesty Thread   
    I'm a bit bored of it, most of the damage is done now and it's clear the hysterics, either manipulated by the bankers/elites or not depending on how you see it, have won nearly everywhere except Sweden. 
    The massive recession/depression is on it's way, we are now in the equivalent situation to those standing on the beach looking at the fish flapping on the sand as the water flowed out from the beach in Phuket on Boxing Day 2004.
    But If @Turned Out Nice Again posts another thread saying it's all a bit boring, we might get an asteroid strike as well!
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    Kilham reacted to ashestoashes in Pandemic coming? - Coronavirus April / May 2020 (Part 3)   
    masks at home is a bit much, but stopping nurses having family sized meals is a step in the right direction
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    Kilham got a reaction from Bear Hug in Who is having a crap, sorry, mean clap, tonight?   
    Get a set of grey chalks and do it in monochrome.