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  1. Fuck that. Free or not I'm not bringing up someone elses DNA.
  2. Well we've known from the start there could be issues with conception due to her family and medical history, so its not come as a shock at all. Hopefully that will serve to keep hopes in check etc. Nevertheless I've kept things like finances deliberately separate, no joint accounts, we live in my house she has her own (currently let), no joint bills etc. and I'd help her in any was possible if she decided a kid was more important than me (I'd be fucked off and heartbroken too, but I've run through it so many times in my head I'd like to think I'd be prepared).
  3. Seems to be the prevailing opinion that the male in the situation doesn't matter. RL experience - GF and I have been trying for a few years and have not been successful. We've been going through the hormone treatments etc. and have now come to the point where the next step (on the NHS at least) would be IVF. I'm dead set against this route and have been honest from the start about that. Anyway GF tells me of many conversations where she's told by various friends/family that 'she' has options - never ever is it that 'we' have options! Seems to most people I just need to cum in a cup and let her do what she wants with my DNA...* * Fortunately this isn't my GFs view on the matter!
  4. GDX/GDXJ are on AJBell too in ISA/SIPP, GDX also has a GBP equiv GDGB. SIL isn't though.
  5. Probably pictures of cocks and they had no idea which cock the vote was for...
  6. 4ish times a week when I can be bothered. Does manage to get some crap out. However I'm not sure its necessary... after a bad experience with orthodontics as a teen I didn't go to the dentist for 12 years and just brushed twice a day and used mouthwash. Besides not looking great cosmically due to my teen years drinking coke/tea a lot with braces and not doing as much as I should have done, my teeth were fine after 12 years of no checkups. Now I go once a year and just have a check, sometimes a clean. Normally sets me back ~£30.
  7. Did she explain she was role-playing a failed hurdler?
  8. It seems to me a lot of otherwise intelligent people do not question the myth that you need a TV licence just to own a TV. Until someone educates them otherwise (until they hear that its optional in the MSM/BBC) there will be a large core of people paying it.
  9. Cosmic Apple


    My mother did this when she was more able, had quite a few odd folks stay at her place and I believe she used it when she was in Columbia for a time - even more mad as she's disabled and uses an electric wheelchair! I recon you're only one step away from being murdered in your sleep and having your corpse violated... Only used AirBnB once, we stayed in someones summer house in the middle of Cornwall as we were down for a few days for a wedding. No other way we could have had the setting, it really was quite nice and certainly better than a travel lodge on that occasion (we had proper digs for the night before the wedding/wedding day so no issues with the cramped conditions trying to get dressed up).
  10. I only did when one bod came to my door, I was outside doing the gardening. I just asked who she was, got defensive and she buggered off
  11. Chris Evans? He's on Virgin now...
  12. I've been through countless loops of the Crapita letters, they just go round and round. Even had one visit, she didn't put up much of a fight and quickly figured she'd be getting no commission and moved on.
  13. Well ok, 1 can do as they like, I was more clarifying that it wasn't a pass to fiddle kids or do strange things to the family pet as long as it was behind closed doors
  14. We picked apart the methodology of the NW/Halifax Indexes a decade or more ago, when people came up with the same comments as you are now. They are based upon mortgage approvals by those banks, which are of course in them selves going to be a select set of the market. LR will give more accurate figures but again will not account for asking prices/asking price reductions which is what you are seeing. I often see houses sit, reduced, before disappearing with no sale, these will show on none of the 3 measures mentioned. As has been the case since 2007, we need VOLUME in the housing market*. Edit: * And of course we're only going to get that at much lower prices.