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  1. Fresh silage is fine, when it goes bad its rank. I grew up on a small holding and during the winter we'd feed it to the cows. As we only had a few a large bail would be delivered and then manually split to feed them. The silage was a nice job to do after breaking ice on the water barrels and bucketing the water out as it was steaming warm Our next door neighbour died by silage... he was cutting the strings on a bail which was above him (on a tractors lift) and it gave way and crushed him.
  2. I would but that would mean having one in the first place
  3. Ah crap, now my Youtube suggestions are full of this stuff! I only just got rid of the bathwater thot bs.
  4. 1-2 longer ones a year, a handful of off/ons.
  5. We tend to just shower (hot water tank not a combi) and go to bed if its in the evening, if its during the day then we'll go out for a walk. Most annoying thing is all the bloody alarms for 1h+ after the power comes back on.
  6. Well if you Google 'whatsapp' you get this: You don't even need to use additional terms like 'owner' :)
  7. Bring on a GE and lets sort this mess out... absolutely sick of Brexit!
  8. I had a 500w Bafang kit on my old 26" MTB. I used it for commuting 22miles a day with ~2000ft of climbing. I believe I had a 36Ah battery and it just did both ways before needing a charge. Loved it as during the winter I could wrap up in waterproofs and not end up a boil in the bag. Did a snowy commute one day too which was slightly hairy due to lack of stopping power. Sadly it got nicked. I spent last summer doing the commute the old fashioned way but stopped in winter and never got back in to it this year... Have a Bafang kit sat in the garage but motivation to do anything is on the floor atm so its not been fitted
  9. Most don't get Whatsapp is owned by FB. I was on site the other week and a girl was telling everyone how she's deleted her FB account because they spy on you etc etc. another asked "how she communicated with her friends?", "Whatsapp" she replied. Moron :)
  10. Zero. Tend to push my luck too, quite a few times I've expected one in the post and it never came.
  11. Well 'Never' would be correct if we were ejected or the EU disbanded before we Left, where as we could Leave in 2119 and the 2021+ crowd would be correct
  12. Maybe she was slim until she ate her partner post copulation? The bloke with her is just the cuck
  13. Having unfortunately had the displeasure of attending the fertility ward of our local hospital, as a casual observer its the overweight and the middle aged mostly frequenting the ward. Adds to the frustration of those who are there on time and not blobs! GF has plenty of stories about fatties at work being told to drop weight after a visit to the hospital due to difficulties conceiving though, so there is some hope that the extreme PC culture hasn't trumped basic medical science just yet.
  14. First thing you need to do is 'fix' the tail pipe: Whoever signed off on this shit needs their head testing!