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  1. MRICS

    Yep and the survey will be 90% clauses that say you should get X Y Z specialist to check his work as he's not an expert.
  2. Rat deterrents

    Causing injury was wishfull thinking Most have got the message now and are off when they hear the door latch
  3. Rat deterrents

    The cunts normally safely out of reach going ner ner ner by the time the rock gets to where it once was. Fuckers.
  4. Rat deterrents

    And if I injure the cunt with a rock while its pissing on my plants?
  5. Rat deterrents

    Too big. It would probably just eat children/neighbourhood pets/the postie (not that any of those is necessarily a bad thing). I think this pair... little one to get in the cracks, big one for the runners
  6. Rat deterrents

    More ratting entertainment Don't click if your some sort of snowflake wuss...
  7. Rat deterrents

    Farm yard cats. Ours used to disappear for days eating rabbits & rats (stable loft used to be the place for eating them judging by the pelts left).
  8. Trip to Hull

    Maybe I suggest a virtual presence device?
  9. “I’d go gay for...”

    The wankers will have the last laugh*, when all those who don't get prostate cancer! * Well... not laugh... obviously, cancers bad. Get faping!
  10. reducing the girth

    Mines with NW, I've had no charges except when I overpayed too much in one year. Just ERC on the amount that was over the allowance.
  11. reducing the girth

    I have an offset, but not in name. I could have paid it off last time the fix ended, but a 5year 1.29% fix with £0 fees? Why bother. Got the money sat in PBs instead. If house prices were not so bonkers I'd have moved up 'the ladder' by now and may need to think more seriously given the larger sums involved.
  12. reducing the girth

    I went for reducing the term on mine as my overpayment since switching to a new fix is limited to £2500 a year. Reducing the payment would limit the amount I was able to pay off a year. I often find myself pondering 'what if' scenarios, and I honestly don't know whats best. There are many scenarios in this fucked up world where you're better off with debt if you lose your job, especially if you have no savings. I'm a bit annoyed at myself, when I first took out the mortgage the 5 year fix allowed a overpayment of £500 a month before ERC. The new fix changed that and I didn't spot it (basically it says if you take the mortgage out before 20XX its £500 after 20XY is £500pm up to £2500 a year), I didn't twig that taking a new 5year would change the date my mortgage was taken out for this purpose. If I'd known I'd have reduced the term significantly and blasted through it. Suppose I don't have a habit of walking out of jobs though And could pay it off from savings in hard times, its £179pcm.
  13. Deluded Old Scrapper Birds On Dating Sites

    I'm not sure what the rainbow bit is, but I'm fairly certain its in relation to Jap guys being very small, not lasting very long and massively overpaying for Thai girls
  14. Islamification of Europe

    Well of course so many inmates are going to be brown/black when the police unfairly target these groups!