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  1. I remember our school getting this (I'm late 30s). They did a test first on the forearm, then you had the jab. I didn't get it as I 'passed'(?), still ended up with a bruised arm as it was a thing to punch the injection spot... twats.
  2. Yes. Spoke to my boss on Friday as I'm off on 'holiday' this week. Says we're all getting paid and staying working. If client work dries up we'll be working on internal stuff where applicable. We're expecting a few clients to go down the pan but fortunately have a spread of client's in different industries (e.g we have one who's now making springs for ventilators... On the other end of the scale cruise holiday sales). Will be a tough year he reckons, but has enough in reserve.
  3. This is why I'm continuing to go to the office, get some time away from the gf! Also means I get a good hours+ walk. Only the boss is going in, for the same reasons as I am. 2 of us in 80sqm we're getting good at social distancing
  4. But that involves going there All the smaller shops will be Asian ones... probably more riddled even than the supermarkets as I know they are largely ignoring the lock down around here. Guess I'll try my luck at Sainsbury's at opening time, about as posh as it gets around here
  5. Need to do a shop for some fresh stuff, GF doesn't want to use her NHS card as she's not front line anyway and besides, I don't want her to be doing it. Any ideas on what the best time to attend the supermarkets is? Minimal times in the mile long queue while still having stock? (we're ok for bog rolls!)
  6. Another heart attack? Like the guardian reports regarding the 21 year old. Were either tested for Covid (guardian reports the girl in the UK was not)?
  7. Instant access to their collection, playlists/radio which can take you to stuff you've never heard, cached playlists on a mobile device (great for long journeys). I have 100s of GB of FLACs and MP3s but have not touched them in years, so no new stuff as my tastes have changed. Yeah I figured I'll use Youtube/Amazon music and internet radio instead.
  8. I supported Spotify by canceling my Family Premium. They kept sending me emails advertising 'Duo' which I can't fucking get despite it being perfect for the 2 of us... decided its not worth it with so many other methods of listening to music and it being more than Amazon+Netflix combined.
  9. No that's something different, normally when you are leaving. I offered to take the 80%, maybe myself and my counterpart could take alternative weeks but the boss wasn't interested. Said we'd carry on and be paid full time even if there wasn't work to occupy us both full time. Tbh there have been periods over the last 9 years I've been underemployed, but need to be there if shtf so I'm used to it. May look at some online courses to do while I'm working
  10. If they are B2B sales, they are not trying at the moment. We've not had a cold call in weeks. Quite a few companies we deal with are furloughing sales staff or moving them in to plug gaps in CS.
  11. You can generally maintain the no claims for a year, but check with the provider first. We won't be canceling the GFs insurance just because of admin fees and its really easy to just tax the car again and off you go, where as insurance can be a pita to sort out.