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  1. Qualify please? You can't? Ok more re moaner sloppy 'journalism' then? Righto.
  2. Cosmic Apple


    Well after not bothering for so long, getting the forms and then not bothering some more, getting pissed off at having to go to the branch to sort out some details (~1h as they had one clerk on the desk who after waiting for 45minutes told me to go upstairs), wishing I'd not bothered some more... I got £1600. I'm fairly certain the initial outlay was <£300 in monthly premiums so pretty reasonable rate of return :)
  3. Wrong way to view it. The cyclist 'owns' the entire lane for the length of their bike and can position as they see fit. You should only pass when safe to do so same as you would overtake a car - i.e. not when coming up to obstacles that would cause them to change position such as parked cars and shouldn't sit in their space if they are doing the same speed as the car in front*. Unfortunately the 'so-called' cycle lanes painted on the gutter of the road give drivers the impression that only that space is for the cyclist. A glance over the shoulder is simply to check for someone who doesn't know how to drive and save the cyclist from injury/death. * in 20/30 zones on downhills I'll ride 'command' to stop someone sitting next to me then squeezing in for every traffic island as they seem to completely ignore my presence otherwise and simply maintain a distance to the car I'm following.
  4. Had a txt from my sister last week asking me what I knew about defaulting on a mortgage... was confused at first as I know she hasn't bought (thankfully I manage to put her off every time I speak to her - she frequently brings up BTL as she's in the forces and accommodation is provided - wants something to do with her money). Anyway... new boyfriend has a Bulgarian property he owes 'a lot' on and apparently the block its in is a ghost town, unsalable, unrentable... mortgage is with a UK bank and he has other assets. Better pay up boyo...
  5. 25th as normal I believe. Makes 0 difference though. Who's running their finances hand to mouth?
  6. Remoaners in the office happy. Leadership challenge... delay brexit... just won't work lets cancel it. No just No Deal this fucker and lets get on with it.
  7. Cosmic Apple


    Why not just stay at home, alone in Belfast stroking your sausage?
  8. For what I'd expect to be in a 2L diesel I'd expect £8+. Been a while since I weighed some in though.
  9. Warmed with ice cream or failing that double cream. I don't mash them up though, I like to make fine adjustments to the ratios with each spoon :)
  10. How is building a massive snake made out of clay with some fugly plastic bottles stuck in it helping with anything, ever, anywhere? Idiots.
  11. And don't forget to take your battery to the local scrappy - £8-10 depending on the weight