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  1. Good advice. Go and do it please.
  2. Its 500 recs (hence you got in way before 500 posts), post good shit get there quicker
  3. While the subject of CRE is being bought up... @DurhamBorn You've previously mentioned Newriver, what would your thoughts be on them in a post covid world? I believe you favored them as they'd secured longer term debt at low rates and their centers were more B&M than Habitat (do they still exist?), which should do better than the high end fancy debt fuel'd more upmarket placees?
  4. What the hell has this got to do with Property Prices or the Economy? Get the fuck out of here you degenerates.
  5. Well worth the price imho Just in time for the new version coming out with a lot more spit/polish. Anyone gets in to it let me know, playing with a friendly PvE group we'll be starting the server over when the new version comes.
  6. One of our guys has I suspect done exactly this after 15 years with current employer... will be commuting into Leeds as well rather than semi rural. Probably all about the money due to kid/partner only part time due to study, and not being particularly frugal.
  7. Same age as you and I still have occasional bad dreams where I'm back at the school where I took my GCSEs... not knowing the lesson plan/time table. They sort of resolve themselves when I remember (still in the dream) that I've got a full time job and don't need to carry on studying there. I would guess its related to being moved to a 'college' for my A levels and had a very shit 2 years pretty much blowing it including being arrested... (in the school I'd have done 3-4 full A levels, I was lucky to get 2 1/2).
  8. Soon to be cited as a reason we need to teach reception about trans people, gays and what ever they add to LGBTQ+ next!
  9. Fairly easy engine swap out, my first foray in to anything more involved than brake discs was to put a 1.8T engine in to a Fabia (same chassis as the Polo), they are really easy to work on as the whole front end comes off, gearbox is a sealed unit etc. I know you have tools etc. You should have a go if you are ever faced with the situation again
  10. Same, yesterday and today. Not unusual to have it on in to June on an hour by hour basis, this house stays cool for better or worse.
  11. Also worried about this. First kid due in 2months too so extra worry on top. Thankfully I have reserves but I'm not looking forward to the looking for a job thing. Last time I was free single and homeless... it was easy as I could work anywhere. 10 years later now
  12. Cosmic Apple


    First time ever the bin men didn't take my bin t'other week - probably due to weight as I'd put some stones/crap from the garden in. Bloody annoying. Drove past the tip the other day, the queue was bonkers.