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  1. Hung a door yesterday. Is nobody else still working full time hours?!
  2. My 6 and 4 year old kids get regular 9.5-10 hours. We get 7 usually and it is enough, but since the lockdown I'm quickly getting used to a bit of extra time in bed and am grateful for it. So I think 8 would be my natural default without an alarm clock.
  3. In two different houses I've had the plastic box-shape compost bins with small ventilation holes and a flip top lid. With no real attempt to layer green and brown (but adding old toilet roll tubes and egg boxes ripped up as we use them for some carbon), our kitchen scraps and some garden leaves plus grass clippings would soon be turned into amazing rich dark hummus. I never really turn the pile, but would occasionally fork it a bit if it looked too compressed and also keep it damp in warmer weather, but not sodden. I don't think it really ever hot composted, it was more the work of the worms and insects that made it their home. Particularly the worms that seemed to find their own way in and became numerous. Not earthworms, of course. I suspect I seeded them by sweeping up a load of damp autumn leaves that they must have been inside. Amazing to see the level drop over several weeks as they work it. Top it up a little every day of course.
  4. Interesting frame geometry - what's the advantage of it, do you know?
  5. I can empathise with that feeling. There's always been this kind of hopium peddled over the years, and I was cautiously optimistic that this might be more than that. The thought that it isn't angers me, but I'm fairly pragmatic and open to it still. I find it interesting, and still too many 'Q proofs' for it to be dismissed as some spotty yoof LARPing in his basement.
  6. Is that including the bollocks you just posted above about encouraging fevers to fight colds?
  7. No fucking chance. This whole thing stinks to high heaven already. If they roll out a mandatory vaccine I'll be 100% convinced it's been a set up all along.
  8. Can't argue with any of those as a wishlist, and they've been in the pipeline for decades now... But the current situation would allow them to push some more than others. So bye bye any rights to refuse a vaccine (we're pretty much already at the social shaming stage), but also what do people often do at times like this? Withdraw a shitload of cash! So that might be tricker. Will be interesting to see how it develops....
  9. I sometimes wonder whether things like that at times like this are premeditated psyops, in this case to measure levels of passive and uncritical acquiescence to pointless authoritarian diktats EDIT: I see others came to the same conclusion before me!
  10. Doom break I love the old photos that you used to find in things like LIFE magazine circa 50s and 60s, they show a way of life that is increasingly alien to us today. Self reliant ruggedness and simplicity. Not saying life was easy, but I imagine it made a lot more sense. Must have been fun being a kid in US back then, plus the clothes were fucking cool. Check out the denim!
  11. Is it possible that this virus mutates so rapidly that a person can have it in one form, no symptoms, but then it keeps circulating in different forms, which they are then also exposed to, increasing their viral load. On and in until it overwhelms you?