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  1. LC1

    Bus bashing..

    Especially if it was then apparent that there may be video footage of her, a grown woman who should know better, essentially attacking a child (in the eyes of the law). They would have to start appealing to the media with their preferred narrative of "homophobia" pretty smartish... Would explain a few things.
  2. LC1

    Bus bashing..

    Is it that the militant antifa one thought she was a special-protected-flower-minority and so went on the offensive first thinking that such was her right (in the face of fascist patriarchal oppression, innit) and was surprised to discover that London kids don't give a fuck and will punch you in the face whoever you are? If yes, I suspect that you are right.
  3. LC1

    Miley Cyrus

    That video of Britney coming out with a split personality voice is pretty freaky and strongly suggestive of some sort of abuse (imo).
  4. Fourth "notables" from Neon:
  5. LC1

    Bus bashing..

    "...a doctor from Uruguay and a Ryanair flight attendant..." Well, which is she, a doctor or a stewardess?
  6. WTF is he on about with this whole buying Greenland wheeze?! He's slowly losing the plot
  7. Aha! The close-up pic cleverly obscures several of her chins...
  8. Yes, but it all starts getting a bit silly as soon as you have someone in your family who is non-white. Is your child white, or black (for example)? It seems to be the accepted custom that such a child identifies as black, presumably because their skin is quite dark and their hair quite curly. But why? They are as much white as anything else. And what if that person has a child with a white partner (so three white grandparents)? Is that child white, or what? Ad infinitum. I still think we should self-identify with the most appropriate name on the Dulux colour chart.
  9. Some gingers like to claim that they are "strawberry blonde" or "aubern"
  10. LC1


    Tight-lipped daughters... Ooh er
  11. Yep, it's looking like a big nothingburger. I got very excited that the Epstein arrest would be the start of the dominos toppling. But then I also thought that about the NXIVM bust. All quietly swept under the carpet. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear any more from Q. Probably time to bow out gracefully before it becomes embarrassing.