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  1. Comment from that ZH article above. Reposting it here, not because I agree with it all, but it does chime with thoughts I've had RE larger context behind Q:
  2. I fully endorse the SJW Birthstrike. How can we support this brave movement?!
  3. No pic, but had a similar view of the Mersey today. Lots of happy-looking people about. Lovely.
  4. Bared lower arsecheeks is a fashion I don't fully understand but can get on board with. I hope you're fattening it for the pot?
  5. LC1

    thirsty work

    Really?! That surprises me. I think you're probably on your own there, mate.
  6. LC1


    These weak puns of yours are pretty insensitive. In fact they're positively incendiary: Paris is like a tinderbox right now.
  7. LC1


    Yeah. I assumed this thread would be ripping it apart. Awful, unfunny and painful to watch. Horses for courses, I guess.
  8. You have clearly inherited The Gift. Don't fight it.
  9. I wonder if the MSM are being fed BS stories to see whether they'll take the bait and embarrass themselves?
  10. The important thing to remember about all that Vault 7 stuff is that THEY ONLY USE IT FOR GOOD, OK?