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  1. So long as they're planning on taking their WMDs back over the border?
  2. Neon on Flynn, Turkey and Clinton Foundation:
  3. LC1

    Bus bashing..

    Fucking antifa activist. Suddenly it all comes slightly more into focus...
  4. LC1

    Bus bashing..

    Yes, because Brexit
  5. LC1


    That's my general outlook on life.
  6. It really is an illness, like a collective mania. These people need help
  7. LC1

    Next PM

    There's a joke in there somewhere*. * His name is Matt Hancock
  8. Goes well with that bulldog-that-swallowed-a-wasp face of hers.
  9. +1 I'd go for the ploughman's lunch first, followed by the fish and chips, but only if I knew it would be good (so often disappointing). Wouldn't really ever eat anything else on that graphic.
  10. Just doing the hot water bottle. Nighty night.
  11. I've never seen so many white people in one place. Whitby is waaaaycissss!!!!
  12. LC1

    Help: Shoes

    Not to derail the thread, but what are the best value walking boot brands these days? Taking a cue from the army surplus angle, I'm now looking into Lowa and Asolo brands, having never heard of them before. (I've just repaired a 15 year old pair of Berghaus boots, but not sure the glue will hold for long and it seems those kind of highstreet outdoor brands don't make 'em like they used to....)