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    Stylish and practical with a positive message. I wouldn't be without mine.
  2. Any reason something like this can't be used permanently plugged in? I need something for my kitchen and just want something to plug my portable player into via an AUX IN. I was thinking possibly a single active monitor, but can't find anything small/discrete/inexpensive enough...
  3. LC1

    Owen Jones

    It was written as a cautionary tale, but became the blueprint.
  4. Suggestions this was a fig leaf for supplying the cartels with guns. Fits with the view that some of these gangs will sometimes moonlight as a private army for certain US political factions, e.g. MS13 as assassination squad for the Clinton's/Dems.
  5. Yes, an amnesty with honesty boxes for them to hand them in voluntarily. Simples.
  6. Insane. The cartels own Mexico. We always suspected, now officially confirmed.
  7. that one was proper lol. About 6min 10s, what sort of scum parent takes a kid to the front line of a protest they know is likely to get violent. Kid looks about 7 and rightly terrified. Wankers.
  8. ANTIFA are people just like you and me... only joking, haha.
  9. Not Q, but another anon considered by some to be an insider, like FBIanon that some here will know of. This one called Biggus Dickus (BD), aka Ghostanon. Usual disclaimer that could be a LARP. Talking of timeline for indictments etc. Make of it what you will:
  10. Public service announcement: Zionism is a creation of British intelligence. That is all.