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  1. Still, it's worth sacrificing the younger generations for. Stay indoors.
  2. LC1

    Escape from LA

    What's he armed with? A rolled up newspaper?
  3. This. The whole fucking world is full on CV at the moment. I'm bored to tears with it, and likely most others too. Some people don't want to focus on every little minute factor of it, they don't want reminding of it every day and become totally depressed. Hence it is quieter in here.
  4. No expert, but pretty sure it's mainly the use of lighting/reflectors/diffusers.
  5. Nobody is coming out of this analogy covered in glory!
  6. LC1

    TV aerial interference

    He can't communicate in a normal way, from the sounds of it, so don't expect him to suddenly develop that skill. Maybe drop a kindly worded note through her door (keep a picture of it on your phone) saying that your aerial hasn't been moved in 12 years, so any recent problems she's having must be from something else, and then leave it at that?
  7. Yes, they were the best value supplier I could find. Hard to know the quality versus other brands, but the blurb on their site is fairly reassuring, and also a lot of positive reviews on Amazon (though more expensive to buy them there).
  8. Ignoring the 3 for 2 offer, these are the same price per tab (£0.05) for 4000IU plus the benefit of K2
  9. I just took delivery of 360 high strength vit D plus K2 from Phoenix nutrition. Yes, prices had gone up a bit since my last purchase, but not significantly. Cheaper than those in the link above and made in UK too.
  10. I love how there has been basically no publicity around this, and particularly how you choose to opt out. I will be, once I figure out how the fuck to do it. More on principle than anything, cheeky cunts.
  11. It really is easy. I love that it is a "headless" system - just connect via your networked screen device of choice. Phone is easiest for me most of the time, though I much prefer the look of the interface on a larger display. I went for this approach so that the "hifi" is effectively invisible, out of sight among books on a shelf (pi behind the books, amp wedged in between two books so that I can twiddle the knob if needed, fnarr fnarr). So many other options need to be on show and take up precious space on a dedicated surface.
  12. I foolishly watched the video. I doubt I'll sleep tonight
  13. Preaching to the choir, mate. Orgonite crystals are probably the best bang-for-buck upgrade you can buy.