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  1. Playground and local park heaving today: families mixing and chatting in the sunshine, big game of football going on, teens hanging out, kids running around like loons, and not a mask in sight. Was beautiful to behold.
  2. When I was about 20 I went to Mexico with some friends for 5 weeks. One of those friends had arranged for us to attend this ceremony, not far outside Mexico City, overlooking the Teotihuacan pyramid site. It was being organised by a shaman-type character who was trying to preserve the tradition. There was about 40 people, a mix of about 50/50 Mexicans and white Americans, with us the only Europeans. The white people were generally new age types keen on learning about these things, and I freely admit it was a kind of spiritual tourism. But very down-to-earth, people sleeping rough on stony grou
  3. They seem to get some good reviews, but then I suspect the quality of the internal components must be shit. Essentially just foam, aren't they? Maybe comfy for a year or two, if you're lucky.
  4. Sure. But stupidity is also a convenient fig leaf to hide behind. "Who could ever have predicted this would happen?!" Well, some of us here, for starters I don't know. Never ascribe to malice... etc. But this does all seem to have the whiff of some larger agenda, I'm just trying to work out the most likely candidate
  5. Assuming an evil cabal really was doing this (interestingly I recently saw the 1st series of Utopia for the first time, and the parallels were obvious) - and I'm not yet convinced, but it also wouldn't surprise me - they would need people to want it, to ask for it, to absolve them of guilt/responsibility. It's an occult thing, apparently.
  6. LC1

    Ultimate Man Cage

    Disguise it as a gazebo?
  7. Is he an infamous manslut with a granny fetish?
  8. The possibility had occurred to me too: the virus is part A, the vaccine part B. Immune system becomes compromised and virus constantly mutates so more and more jabs are needed...
  9. Did you see that photo of people gardening at some local community project? All wearing masks (bravo!), but every single mask covered in brown muck at the front where people subconsciously touch them, constantly. Masks themselves become a medium of viral transmission because nobody has sufficient mask discipline.
  10. And if you don't have a phone? I thought this about the Chinese model of social credit score and surveillance - all done through your phone. If it comes down to it I would be prepared to smash it with a hammer. What then? The gulag?
  11. Future anthropologists will scratch their heads and finally conclude that it was a ritual offering to the god of death. And who's to say they'll be wrong: as good an explanation as any I can think of
  12. Really? I think it's just as unlikely that he tied his own wrists to the bed as it is that he locked himself inside that holdall. Now, I'm fully prepared to accept that his death was by misadventure rather than international spy stuff, but still think it almost impossible that somebody else wasn't involved.
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