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  1. Would just be reversed by President Harris, presumably?
  2. Yeah, and I didn't notice it was so old! I'm watching it later too, apologies if already posted.
  3. Dr Shiva (4 degrees from MIT) gets a fact check warning from Twatter for this vid (duh, maths is fake news!) https://www.bitchute.com/video/bAElGK47mCnq/
  4. What that they are a CIA-created fig leaf for US funding of extremists?
  5. 2020: the year all the "conspiracy theories" came true.
  6. LC1

    Tefal non-stick pan

    We do most of our cooking in cast iron pots like those. Brilliant things.
  7. CodeMonkey has uploaded 2 vids allegedly showing a Dominion worker downloading data onto a USB (or uploading?!) and then plugging it into his laptop before pocketing it... Sounds dodgy as fuck.
  8. I think Giulliani and Ellis et al are in a holding pattern with the lower level stuff while negotiations are going on behind closed doors about the more sensitive national security side of things.
  9. @Bus Stop Boxer I haven't watched this yet, but I think he is one of the go-to sources for military movements in the US... One of the comments under that vid: "Several of my mil spouse connections don't know where their hubby's are right now. in last couple weeks a lot of units have left ON BLACKOUT".
  10. Simon Parks, isn't it? I like him, but he's a bit out there, IIRC. I did hear about the large-scale military aircraft activity, and an unusual number of flights down to Guantanamo Bay. Very interesting, we'll see... Altogether now, "It's beginning to look a lot like Gitmo, everywhere you go..."
  11. Once in a holiday let where the knife was so blunt to be virtually unusble, I got a razor sharp edge using the unglazed ring on the bottom of a coffee mug. Left it stained black, so hid it at the back of the cupboard
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