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  1. Reminds me of that old joke, the punchline to which is "we've just established what kind of woman you are, now we're simply negotiating on the price"
  2. TheArtOfSound and AudioKarma forums for music/hifi chat. I take a passing interest in the topics and have hardly posted on either much, but both smallish forums with friendly and knowledgeable folk shooting the breeze...
  3. LC1

    Immigration Map

    That's a cheap shot. I see similar in hospital waiting rooms in central Manchester (son has regular appointments) - what's particularly striking to me is that the numbers seem much higher than the % of immigrants in the wider city population. Why is this? Genetic health defects due to inbreeding? Genuinely wondering.
  4. If I never see mention of Blaze TV ever again, it'll be too soon Pinny! I don't get the joke and refuse to ask as that would only encourage you.
  5. Talk of Antifa dressed as white supremacists causing a ruckus. Worst case shooting up the place a bit. Then the news will be white people + guns + Trump = bad, from now until the election.
  6. Is that KM?! I thought it was a promotional shot for one of those Big Fat Gypsy Wedding type shows...
  7. LC1

    Avocado seeds

    Avocado means testicle.
  8. LC1


    Hey, I am working you know Two hours is looooooooong.
  9. LC1


    Can you give a 2-3 sentence overview please so I can decide whether to listen
  10. LC1


    (looked a bit like this, I imagine)
  11. LC1

    Laptop fan gone noisy

    About to upgrade ram and put a ssd in an old MacBook pro - wish me luck!
  12. Seems to me that his biggest crime was being an embarrassment to her. Seems like she essentially manufactured a reason to feel "betrayed and heartbroken" so that cutting him out of her life would appear a legitimate response.