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  1. >>10685374 4734 Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: e03d53 No.10685190 Sep 17 2020 15:40:53 (EST) images.jpg data/media/27c751e7eb153ca2e7fce523b36216db0e1ab64aee420a313d7f8444128e7198.jpg Focus on content [information]. Research for yourself. gatekeeper noun a person that controls access, as to information, often acting as an arbiter of quality or legitimacy: an open internet allows innovators to bypass traditional gatekeepers and promote their work on its own merit. a guardian; monitor Deploy camouflage. Drop all references re: 'Q
  2. There was a long post on c-vine yesterday saying rig for read means for q followers to remove references to qanon from posts, groups, twitter handles etc as big tech will close down groups etc that refer to q. Ie disguise the fq t you're referring g to q or risk being g zapped by Zberg etc Time to rename this thread? To archive it?
  3. I think I read that Obama (and possibly previous presidents) supposedly gave themselves a (not widely publicised) total pardon for any and all crimes committed, as their last Presidential act. So to "get" Obama legally he would have to be 'allowed' do do crimes post his term, as he cant forgive himself for future crimes.
  4. Do we know this is true though? If the patiots "Have it all" then they have knowledge/ proof re Seth Rich. Perhaps it's a ruse to persuade the Brits to allow him to be extradited, believing he wont blow too many gaffes, for example. Or to persuade the Dems to make some kind of tactical error. I'm suspicious of everything...
  5. DocH

    Escape from LA

    I guess the struggle continues, in jail...
  6. "A senior high court judge has halted a charter flight hours before up to 20 asylum seekers who crossed the Channel to the UK in small boats were due to be forcibly removed to Spain, a country they had previously passed through. The judge, Sir Duncan Ouseley, ordered the flight to be grounded because of concerns that the asylum seekers due to fly might be left destitute in the streets of Madrid, as happened to another group earlier this month." https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/16/uk-judge-halts-home-office-flight-to-remove-asylum-seekers?utm_term=0987b9b262389654c8
  7. I find x22 a bit irritatingly Panglossian and he tends to go on about masks excessively. But i quite liked this presentation, from about 29m 30sec or so. Stuff about antifa fire starters, more on the personnel behind the planned US colour revolution and their cinnection to thee european colour revolutions and the harassment of Trump, and other things.
  8. DocH

    Escape from LA

    Excellent, informative Twitter thread.
  9. Is it something to do with Alice?
  10. DocH

    Escape from LA

    Classic rant from Tim Pool on Antifa members complaining about being doxxed by Andy Ngo. (Well, legitimately reported on, since he's sharing their police mugshots, which were taken after their arrests, and which are public documents, and before their [ridiculous] releases. In other words, he's doing "Journalism").
  11. Further on in the same thread: Raheem Kassan talking to someone fleshing it out a bit more:
  12. DocH

    Escape from LA

    I recall seeing a group of black Trump supporters describing how they had sat down in a certain spot at a Trump rally, and they could see the MSM adjust where their cameras were pointing, away from them and towards a whiter section of the audience. So they asserted, anyway.
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