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    There is an active Beekeepers Association near me, which has mentoring, introductory classes, monthly meetings (indoor lectures etc during the winter, outdoor visits to apiaries in the summer). One of the members regularly has newbies along on saturday afternoons to get experience viewing and handling frames etc before they have taken the plunge and bought expensive gear. (They provide beesuits, for example!) The association also do 1 and 2-day "Introduction to Beekeeping" type courses. I guess that similar things exist near you - google "Beekeepers Association" with the name of a town close to you and you'll probably find a group which can help you with all of the above. I wouldn't dream of starting something like beekeeping without tapping into the network of friendly local people who know what it's all about! Luckily, beekeepers seem to be a friendly lot. I hope this helps. There's something indescribably wonderfully satisfying about lifting up and beholding a frame full of honey, newly-sealed with pure white wax.
  2. Barr seems to be measured, deliberate, calm, matter-of-fact, and I'm quite prepared to believe that he is profoundly ethical and impartial and determined to perform honourably in all he does. So it seems to me that the Democrats' new policy of implying that he is acting as Trump's yes-man, or that he's hiding things by his redactions, or that he's deliberately misleading congress, is very dangerous to them. I think that it will only strengthen his resolve that the wrong-doers will be pursued and dealt with justly but firmly. The more they insult, berate and demean him, the more firm his determination will become... My 2 penn'orth.
  3. I bet Newsnight is outdoing C4 for utter BS. eg Trump has damaged himself by HIM going on about "Russian Collusion" so much over the last 2 years. !!!
  4. Anyone know if the Barr press conference is going to be livestreamed somewhere? Ah, looks like here:
  5. On the 11am BBC Radio 4 news it was anncounced that in Spain security would be increased for Spain's cathedrals. "Security" - didn't say "Increased fire-marshall presence", so perhaps they know something that isn't generally being announced.
  6. DocH

    Why I Left UKIP

    2 hours! Sorry, can't do this.
  7. I thought this was an interesting watch, even though I'm not generally a fan of "This was a false flag" kind of explanation. At the time, it struck me as extraordinarily draconian for New Zealand to decide that anyone could be IMPRISONED for 15 years for HAVING A VIDEO on their computer. I'd never heard of such a draconian thing. Astonishing. His claim is that it was a false flag, [ie it was genuine in the sense that people were killed, but false in the sense that the events were not exactly as described by the authorities]. He argues that the guy who did the life-streaming botched it somewhat, and his botching reveals clear evidence of its false flagness: the helpers/co-conspirators are clearly visible at certain points, he is notified that people out of his line of sight are getting away and he charges off to get them even though without collaborators he can't know they're there, the timeline shows that a single shooter could not get to the 3 mosques in the required time-frame, (wasn't there a multiple shooter "theory" announced at the time, but the other shooters have now been dropped?), and a few other things. Just thought it was interesting in the light of the intense desire for the New Zealand authorities to prevent people from watching the livestream video. [Also: bit of a cross-threader: some people have said that members of the Deep State have boltholes in NZ (they were going to have them in Kauai, Hawaii, but the idea of having them here was abandoned because people could be brought from there to the mainland US). It's argued that Deep State actors would be a lot more comfortable among a disarmed population. One of the aftermaths of the shooting was the immediate introduction of tighter gun laws.]
  8. Lot of UK pressure (MPs etc) for Assange to be returned to Sweden. Not obvious to me why rape accusations should be considered more significant than US National Security ones. Perhaps it's the UK Deep State wishes to avoid a hand-over to Trump. [Do I need a tinfoil hat?}
  9. The above is an excerpt from a longer Tucker. I've cued it up (below) to the point where Tucker reduces a Democrat opponent of Trump to shouting and incoherence because he can't argue with the impeccable argument of "Trump is offering these rich liberal places what they say they want, how can anyone possibly argue with that?". Class act.
  10. Sidney Blumenthal now on Newsnight talking about Assange working with the "Russians who hacked the DNC emails" - I thought that had long been debunked because the time-stamp of the files showed that the email downloading had to have been done locally. (Allegedly by Seth Rich). That's one of the interesting things Assange can tell the world - where did he get, or at least, where did he NOT get, the DNC emails from... It would be very timely if he revealed the Seth Rich did it, just as the walls are closing in around Hillary.
  11. I believe m'learned colleague is making a reference to a certain "Plan".