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  1. Cue my only condom joke: Guy in chemists: "Ninety-nine condoms please." Girl behind counter: "99 CONDOMS!! Fuck me!" Guy: "Make it a hundred!!"
  2. "This is a shockingly racist country, I risked everything to get here and now they're trying to make me leave! Terrible place!"
  3. Strangely consistent with a Sidney Powell telegreet or whatever it's called: https://t.me/SidneyPowell/382
  4. Kate Winslet? Although I think they're not married now, she goes through husbands quicker than I go through a packet of Jaffa Cakes.. Not her/them, but thanks for your interest. Seems a bit mean not to give a clue. I'll just say, they're not european. 🙂
  5. They're supposed to disown and repudiate it all, aren't they?
  6. What's Tina Fey "in"? I recognize Amy Koehler from Parks and Recreation (which I think is pretty good).
  7. Us this the pub brawl in which Christopher Marlow was killed? Your description rings a faint bell...
  8. Same applies. All I can reveal is that my partner is the sister of a film star who has been in some pretty big films, and who is married to a film director who has directed some pretty big films. Can't say more ...
  9. I'm not sure she's been charged with anything. That doesn't mean that she can't be a danger to national security or to the national interest.
  10. The UK state cannot strip anyone of citizenship arbitrarily. Most importantly, it cannot leave people stateless. So it can only deprive someone of UK citizenship if they have dual citizenship so they are not left with no citizenship when their UK citizenship is withdrawn. I believe Begum's legal case is about arguing that her citizenship was wrongly withdrawn (because the UK argues that she had, or had entitlement to, Bangladeshi citizenship). The court has simply said "You don't have the right to argue your case from within this country when your presence here is a danger to that majority of
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