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  1. There's something I find really irritating about this story, her attitude, and the way it's being reported. Firstly, a lot of commentators have said: (1) "She is in a refugee camp, so she wasn't free to criticize ISIS and explain that she really felt remorse etc", to push the idea that she is, actually, remorseful but just can't show it, and so she should be brought back ASAP. But something like the opposite argument can also be made: (2) because she was being interviewed by a UK journalist she wasn't free to describe how she still completely subscribes to the ISIS worldview and can't wait to get back to the UK and explode a few bombs for the glory of Allah. Why should narrative (1) be more plausible than narrative (2). After all, she chose to stay with ISIS until the bitter end (I say "chose" because I believe that others managed to flee, though it may not have been easy). And there's the matter of her words [I'm assuming she's being quoted reasonably accurately] "That's why I really want to get back to Britain because I know it will be taken care of - health-wise, at least." There's something disgustingly grudging about the "at least": She could have said something like "… I really want to get back to Britain because I know the UK will help me and my baby and I'm grateful to it for that." But the "health-wise, at least" means: "The UK cannot provide the other important needs, like the spiritual ones, because it's an infidel land, but I'll use it for what I can get from it, the health of my baby, even though it's so lamentably deficient in other respects." I find the grudging-ness of that really infuriating. Here's some advice: Apply for asylum in a Muslim country, part of the Ummah - you know it will fit your religious beliefs much better than the UK would, and give you both the finest Islamic healthcare AND the spiritual sustenance that you desire. But FUCK OFF as far as coming back to the UK is concerned."
  2. DocH

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    It certainly LOOKS like all the missiles I've ever seen, and unlike any of the helicopters I've ever seen. Helicopter? Really??
  3. Ken Clarke on Any Questions: "She's British in every sense of the word". Hmmm.
  4. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Ex-BBC script-writer speaks. Short and informative.
  5. Well they were burning something, so it may well have been a heat preacher.
  6. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    hasn't been born yet.
  7. As a devout Muslim why can't she seek asylum and medical treatment in one of the lovely, Godly, generous Muslim countries in which she would feel much more at home?
  8. I'd bet A LOT that she's not 9 months pregnant, and that she'll continue to "be" 9 months pregnant until the time she's brought back to the UK. Its a ploy to expedite her return. The fucking chutzpah of it!
  9. DocH

    Everyday Feminism - lunatic SJWness

    You ain't seen nothing yet... She does seem to be a bit penis-obsessed. I had no idea.
  10. I hate this bloke. Perpetually on the edge of sniggering. Yuk.
  11. DocH

    Granny Grease

    At first glance, the one second from the right looks surprisingly Islamic.
  12. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Yes, and by quoting JS's confusion over blackcurrant and blackberry, TR makes John S look like both a spendthrift [with other peoples' money, of course] and a bit of a pseud-y dick.
  13. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    If only that "something" was to re-think the wisdom of bringing in large numbers of culturally incompatible people.