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  1. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

  2. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I agree, it left Maitless looking a bit stupid. In Maitless' world view Mandela is a hero, and she's forgotten what he did earlier in his career because she has such simplistic thought processes ["Mandela ended his life as a hero therefore he must always have been a hero" kind of thing]. All she could do was mumble something about Mandela being about apartheid and TR being about contempt of court. I agree, Gerald had a good reply - probably had it ready in the event of the comparison being challenged. Edited: Well, that was really THE POINT of the comparison: some people start their careers as outsiders, criminals or whatever, and are later recognised as heroic. Can't KNOW that TR is of that ilk, but it's possible.
  3. DocH

    Trump's progress

    a) I heard on some Qanon-related video [possibly by Peter Shiff?] that the NSA hoovers up all communications from everywhere, and has thus got all the communications between the Cabal that it needs to "put them all away". ie the different agencies have different functions, and the narrative has it that the NSA both: 1) Holds genuine patriots and supports the constitution rather than the Cabal, and 2) Has access to ALL communications all over the world, and is thus different from the CIA, FBI etc. It could be as simple as patriots vs the cabal, rather than a financial power-play. b) Perhaps this is a ploy to make the Cabal think they have "Gotcha" evidence against Trump, and to invite them to make this class of evidence admissible, and then we'll discover that there's nothing in this recording at all, BUT there is a LOT in analogous, and now admissible, recordings of members of the Cabal. Alternatively, this is bs and Trump's ex-lawyer is just a dick.
  4. DocH

    When prophets fail

    I thought this thread was going to be about either Qanon or Tommy Robinson.
  5. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Yes, well put - perhaps Gerard can weave that into his comments if/when his use of the word "cult" is challenged.
  6. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    Well the MP in question is of the religion that thinks it stands to benefit after this tipping point is reached, is she not? So it's not that surprising that she doesn't see a problem. The identity politics is strong with this one, isn't it: Honour Killings, like Islamic-inspired terrorism, are nothing to do with Islam. She's got to force it into her "Men wicked, Women innocent" identity politics inspired narrative. So she's against "gendered violence" which i take to mean violence performed by men against women. But early in the article it describes how shes supporting a girl murdered by her parents - what, are her parents both men? Of course, that stubborn insistence that "It's nothing to do with Islam" and it's Men (boo) against Women (awww) means that honour violence against men must be ignored or minimised. The mentality of these blind stupid hypocritical people really gets to me nowadays.
  7. DocH

    Soft Fruit Industry...

    Edward Woodwouldn't.
  8. DocH

    Childless Politicians and the Death of Europe

    Is that what's known as a "high sex drive"?
  9. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

    You could be right- he may be bring to bring about a change in perception about it, so people don't automatically defer to it. I expect a lot of pushback from Imams etc if this happens, but it would certainly, IMHO, be a very good thing. Personally, I would like to see Islam treated in the same was as say Scientology is treated - tolerated, but no special concessions made, and a general attitude of "Well I suppose we have to tolerate this even though it's daft" prevailing towards it. No concessions at all to dietary "requirements" or mutilation of infants - how would the state react if Scientologists said their children could only eat food prepared with goats milk, for example, and that the state therefore had to provide it?!
  10. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

    I think it's a strategic error for Batten to refer to Islam as a "cult", however much he feels that to be the fairest description. It's just too alienating to most people, I think - most people in the West have been brought up with the idea of "The Three Great Monotheistic Religions" - it's just too much of a breach in most peoples' reality...
  11. DocH

    Qanon: high level intel, AI or LARP?!

    I thought the "hacking" was theft via memory stick by Seth Rich, or are there different hacks?
  12. DocH


    Don't agree - I think that these values are a significant part of the driving force behind the free tommy movement. They see it not just as "Free this bloke cos he's been jailed unfairly" but as "Free this bloke cos he's standing up for Britain and British values against the multiculturalism that we're constantly told is wonderful but in fact has got horrible (and non - British) downsides.
  13. DocH


    Don't know if many dosbodders are on Facebook, but there's an active FB Walkaway group with video walkaway biographies posted regularly. Very nice welcoming, supportive feel to the group.
  14. DocH

    Going to school during Eid certificate

    ... beware the IDEs of ... Ramadan... ?
  15. DocH

    I predict a riot. A pussy riot.

    More of a titty riot,surely?