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  1. I thought Mack was NXIUM rather than Epstein. ?
  2. Blimey it is long. But it includes my 5 favourite sources for info on this stuff, so I'll schedule in a listen today some time. Thanks for the heads-up. ☺
  3. She obviously took the maxim "Charity begins at home" extremely seriously...
  4. Had a quick look. Didn't see that the >60,000 employee was named. XYY man should automatically become an honorary member, I'd have thought...
  5. How do you know the £60,000 doesn't go to one of the other 6 or 7 employees?
  6. DocH

    Owen Jones

    You could just do it a bit and wear glasses?
  7. DocH


    This year it's the received wisdom that the predicted cost of HS2 is about 56 billion, but that there may be a cost over-run on this starting prediction. But i remember when the quoted predicted cost was 32 billion. What happened to that prediction?
  8. They're not called "rolling hills" for nothing!
  9. A link he recommends in his Twitter thread: Tim Pool's account of the history of Google's biases. A good watch.
  10. DocH


    Never heard of Evernote. I use Onenote and like it a lot. All my knowledge from very different domains is there, and I can search all of it really easily. Nice.
  11. DocH

    US White Clock

    Their sense of colour balance, perhaps. Who knows. Here is a quote from a Jewish historian, Noel Ignatiev: "The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists." Do you think he considers himself to be part of that white race he would like to see "abolished"?
  12. DocH


    Tracy Beanz claims the "suicides" are NOT Wiener laptop-related, because of the far-and-wide districts the cops came from, and I'm inclined to take her seriously. I would have amended my post above but can't edit it (can't edit once it's been quoted, perhaps?).
  13. DocH


    Well, Garner died on July 17th 2014, so the point about the statute of limitations having been exceeded sounds reasonable (assuming the time period for whatever crime it was being cast as, was 5 years).
  14. DocH


    I thought the mid year exam refers to the (re-)opening of the Clinton email mishandling matter. What video, @MaskedTulip? ? Where? Also, there was a spate of NYPD cops being suicided a few weeks ago - to prevent them going public on the laptop's contents?