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  1. DocH

    trans madness

    Captain Marvel.  Didn't he invent the boxed set?
  2. Straight for the White House. Mind you, she might not reach it...
  3. H A Goodman keeps insisting that HRC will run.
  4. DocH

    Help: Shoes

    Can you give me some thoughts on what kind, where you get them etc, how they're stuck on? I have had Clarkes shoes in the past and found them comfortable and hard-wearing. But more recently I've taken to getting the cheapest trainers in Go Outdoors [there's always some at the bottom end of the price range], BUT sometimes the sole wears a lot quicker than the upper, which is irritating and a pain. I have thought about patching the soles, especially before they've even started to wear much, and way before they've become leaky, so would appreciate your thoughts.
  5. DocH

    BBC2 9pm tonight

    I'm sorry for the guy, but the question that this kind of case raises is "Don't they have a health system in Bangladesh?"
  6. For a moment I wondered what the yellow thing was, then I realized the image depicts a cheese-eating surrender monkey.
  7. They didn't do it in a badly-clad tower block,did they?
  8. It'd be interesting to know what, if any, part h played in the election. Was he a vote-counter, for example? That would possibly give him the opportunity,
  9. I thought the "...has a Government directive to make sure many votes get burned" was an interesting comment. Perhaps his notion that that is in place emboldened him to feel safe in bragging about his claimed part in the process on this occasion.
  10. BBC and TDS: I was pretty disgusted to hear Matthew Taylor on The Moral Maze last week (about the 75th anniversary of D-day), say that if Hitler had been alive today Trump would probably consider him a mate. Portillo, in fairness, objected to this very strongly.
  11. Complex but fascinating. Makes one think that they were so determined that the goods would be planted on Trump's server that they continued with the "Russia hacking" hoax even after the Italians failed to do the planting, so the evidence they expected to be there, wasn't.
  12. DocH

    Careless hunt

    There was a young lass from Bombay Who was put in the family way By the mate of a lugger, And ignorant bugger Who always spelt kunt with a k.
  13. Is that where you experience coitus and then eat a load of hot dogs?