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  1. Islamification of Europe

    Luckily, cocked not cucked...
  2. Islamification of Europe

    Gladdened my heart to see that.
  3. When did Nelson become controversial?

    I would've thought it'd be easier to find a mouse on board ship.
  4. When did Nelson become controversial?

    Nelson? White wasn't he? 'nuff said.
  5. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I thought there was a recording of her talking to her cousin made a week or so ago, isn't there?
  6. On a lighter note (or two)...
  7. Perhaps they can argue that any such orders are racist and deeply offensive, and demand compensation for having been given such orders in the first place...
  8. I don't usually take pleasure in other people's discomfort, but I've allowed myself the odd chuckle over the last few days at the incredulous quaking rage of various BBC hacks when interviewing Hungarians who had the temerity to vote the "wong" way. TeeHee!
  9. Child migrants - a review

    Sorry, who's "no-brain"?
  10. Yes I've been wondering whether the recent demonization of Russia has been a prelude to a false flag nerve gas event so we're all primed to respond to a "Russia has done it again we must respond immediately" narrative.
  11. Vehicle Crashes into crowd in Germany

    Here's a much, much briefer account of Islamic enslavement of Africans.
  12. Chinese spam again?

    Sometimes the Dosbods topics go right over my head.
  13. Chinese spam again?

    Are they just doing their I.T. assignments?
  14. Something happening at Salisbury hospital

    I thought I'd check the cat's Facebook account, and d'you know what?! - there's no sign of one! In other words, the bastards have already deleted it!!! getting really serious now...
  15. Men's thread - join the resistance

    It's supposed to be water, but it is rather incompetently realised, I know...