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  1. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    I wonder which page this is on:
  2. DocH

    Why are channel 4 such arseholes?

    Yes, there's also Reagan, Nixon, Bush, Bush, Lincoln, a Roosevelt, and a couple of others.
  3. DocH

    Where's Jamal?

    If the description of the world is as Q says … [I know, big if…] THEN: Well, according to Q, the cabal has 3 financial legs, the pre-bin Salman regime, and 2 others. And last autumn, the Saudi leg, according to that model, was amputated when bin Salman rounded up various Princes/Cousins and extracted some of their wealth and become the most powerful person in Saudi Arabia, and supposedly started to move Saudi in a less Wahabi-favouring direction. A win for Q and his associates. A loss for the cabal. Part of … The Plan. I see the fuss about Khashoggi as being push back by the cabal. As many people have pointed out, no-one gives much of a damn when Saudi Arabia beheads miscellaneous people for acts we wouldn't regard as crimes, or when they cause many deaths in Yemen. So I am experimentally seeing this as push-back by the cabal. And who is kicking up the biggest fuss, and what do they want? I've head US Democrat Senators [more likely to be part of the cabal?] saying how shocking it is and how action must follow. And just this morning some talking head on the So-Called BBC was saying that the "right thing to do" would be for bin Salman to be step down or be overthrown, to be replaced by another Crown Prince. And Trump (anti-cabal) seems to be offering a way out for the Saudis - "accidental death during questioning…" Hmmm. Edited to add: From this point of view, Pompeo's visit to Saudi is probably an exercise in how to maximise damage-limitation, rather than a "quest for the truth".
  4. DocH

    12 years to save the earth

    As long as they don't stash a Quran somewhere safe..
  5. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    It was just mentioned in passing in the article. Not focussed on particularly. I think the idea was that he had some inside information because of where Khashoggi was around the time of 911, the contacts and colleagues he had at the time.
  6. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    The Spectator article on Khashoggi claimed that he had kind of inside information on high-level people in Saudi Arabia and their connection with 911.
  7. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    I'm hoping for at least 2 things - that Q's prediction that various traitors will be taken off the streets will turn out to be accurate, and that Linda Sarsour will be one of these traitors...
  8. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    Especially people like Linda Sarsour - no attempt to disguise her Islamism ("we are not here to integrate" etc), yet beatified by US wimmin. Incomprehensible.
  9. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    not a nice way to go, though...
  10. DocH

    Islamification of Europe

    Interesting. So Khashoggi was actually a Muslim Brotherhood-supporting Islamist! Who'd have thunk it. And he was behind a new Muslim Brotherhood -based political movement in the Middle East which might be a threat to the new [genuinely reformist?] Crown Prince in Saudi.
  11. DocH

    Trump's progress

    That'd look good on a red hat...
  12. DocH

    Why are the So-Called BBC such arseholes?

    Afua Hirsch on Newsnight just now talking about tomorrow's headlines, apparently striving to pack the maximum possible number of falsehoods into the shortest possible space. She was talking about the issue of the army sacking the soldier who took a selfie Tommy Robinson: "I think that this story which is about the army disciplining a soldier who expressed support of Tommy Robinson is really the only common sense approach. The army can't have its soldiers publicly aligning themselves with political parties especially those that are on the extreme far right and do pose a threat to national security." I've emboldened and underlined what I think are her falsehoods. Quite dense lie-packing, it seems to me.
  13. DocH

    Tommy Robinson thread

    Reminds me of a joke: Sergeant: "Didn't see you at camouflage practice this morning, Wilkins!" Wilkins: "Thank you very much, sir!"
  14. DocH

    Another example of refusing to face reality

    "... black and minority ethnic public employees were paid anything up to 37% less on average than their white counterparts. " Rather depends on the meaning of "counterparts", doesn't it. If BAME people get 37% less for DOING THE SAME JOB, well, that's wrong. However, I suspect they don't mean that. But careful use of deceptive language is used to try to hide the writer's dishonesty.
  15. DocH

    Another example of refusing to face reality

    Nah, sorry - wrong empire.