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  1. Nowt as queer as folks

    Was it doggy style?
  2. Islamification of Europe

    …”I thought their medieval view was going to change with time…but after having seen these situations occur repeatedly and observing what was happening around me, as a volunteer, I have had to recognise that the Muslim refugees have grown up with values that are totally different, they have undergone brainwashing from childhood on and are indoctrinated by Islam and absolutely do not intend to adopt our values. Worse, they regard we infidels with disdain and arrogance.” “It was a jarring perception when I noticed that these people I had helped, who were eating, drinking, dancing and laughing with me, who didn’t pray, who didn’t go to the mosque, who didn’t respect Ramadan, who made fun of religion and deeply religious people, called me ‘the stupid German whore’ when they were eating my food and were in my garden.”
  3. Be fair, you guys - the beeb managed 2 whole words on tbe 6pm radio news before starting to lie - "The controversial Republican memo..."
  4. Van of Peace? Or accident?

    Is it possible that Kirsty Wark is Cathy Newman in disguise?
  5. Formula 1 Grid Girls axed

    For some reason, the above image put me in mind of this:
  6. My Social Skills Fail Me When...

    Rules 8 and 10, perhaps?
  7. Miracle Mineral Solution ....

    Hmmm. Interesting. The “traditional” method of performing a fecal transplant is via more of a, umm, backdoor route.
  8. Hunt for TONA's new babe magnet motor

    This'd get him noticed:
  9. Miracle Mineral Solution ....

    Not impossible that people with autism have gut flora with a huge predominance of unhelpful bacteria that are contributing to the autism in some way. Bleach kills them and possible the rest. Gut bacteria is repopulated from yogurt (and mushrooms!) etc consumed after the bleach treatment, and voila child is a lot better. Possibly.
  10. Particularly dangerous time for Trump until the memo is published, I would think. The sooner the better the safer.
  11. Are you saying (c C.Newman) that the agencies store more information than the comms companies? That they have their own interception and storage facilities that are more extensive than the comms companies own facilities?
  12. All this stuff about "missing texts" must be complete b.s. mustn't it? Texts aren't like say gold bars or Ming vases - when you hand them over you no longer have the gold bar or the vase you started with. With texts you MAKE A COPY of the texts that are STILL ALL HELD by the comms companies. Lost your copy? Go and get another one. Or am i missing something?
  13. Flatpack coffin needed

    6 packs of Pepsi? Surreal thing - or was that Coca-Cola?
  14. Jordan Peterson

    I can't find a single youtube video of someone who thinks Cathy N did a decent job in the interview. Anyone got any link please?