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  1. A company that does "successful elections" eh. Successful for ... who, I wonder...
  2. Yes,the cameras weren't specially installed to monitor the ballot count, they were there anyway as part of the function of that building. [I heard someone say that the tapes were often requested when there had been an injury or accident or dispute in that area]. So it's just luck that we have these recordings - unless Trump's team installed a whole load of cameras we've not heard about yet ...
  3. But if several states don't certify, and their legislatures send Republican electors, which I understand they are entitled to do, then Trump could have the greater number of projected electoral college votes. I suppose it partly depends on "when" the votes are "projected".
  4. I suppose the point of hiding them there is that if Biden had been doing well, they wouldn't have needed them, but when it became clear that Trump was doing better than Biden, well, then - time to breakout the extra ballots!
  5. Is this supposed to demonstrate that the Democrats are taking the piss?
  6. These people are utterly disgusting. I fervently hope the fraudsters see the inside of a jail soon, and no amount of whimpering and saying "Do you know who I am?" will help the bastards.
  7. Yes, but is it a bombshell?! Will listen now. 🙂
  8. Not so easy to reverse executive orders any more, since a ruling in the supreme court (?) That Trump couldn't reverse one of Obama's .
  9. You know, I'll actually be more surprised if there isnt a "big reveal" than if there is. Trump's had years to prepare, he was tweeting about election fraud and computer vote-switching back in 2012, he's issued an executive order targeted very precisely on election fraud, he's suffered years of attacks and must have known an electoral attack was coming, and so on. If he didn't prepare ... well, can he really be such a dullard? [Swallows 11 oclock dose of hopium]
  10. I'm still consuming hopium (in ever-decreasing doses), but...
  11. Really?!?! Electoral fraud has suddenly ceased to be a crime??
  12. I hope they frisked him before taking him to the President.
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