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  1. Well, all but one, obviously.
  2. Article on Islamaphobia in the Grauniad: "The Labour party has formally adopted a definition of Islamophobia, arguing that it is vital to tackling the rise of far-right racism. A party spokesperson said its national executive committee had adopted the working definition produced by the all-party parliamentary group on British Muslims “to help tackle Islamophobia, build a common understanding of its causes and consequences, and express solidarity with Muslim communities”. The definition reads: “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.” " ...
  3. I'm not sure. I think if they just said "an Italian" they know that plenty of people now look at the alternative media and will say "Hang on, he's actually from Senegal - the So-Called BBC are lying to me". So they come up with this compromise.
  4. 107 actual attacks in the uk in 2017? That seems very high. One every 3 or 4 days?
  5. DocH

    trans madness

    "You're 11,000 years old! Well would you Adam-and-Eve it!?"
  6. I think she's in practice for her next smuggling run.
  7. On R4 news he was described as "An Italian of Senegalese descent."
  8. He sounds pissed as a newt. And it's almost unlistenable-to because of the ridiculously LOUD BLEEPS bleeping out the sweary bits. (Presumably).
  9. Brilliant. At first glance it looks as though Trump is twidding his thumbs and rudely ignoring the earnest legislators behind him. But what's going on gradually becomes clearer, and Trump is seen to be praying and ignoring those foolish, anti-American siren voices.
  10. Yes, exactly. The guy on the podium says "Who believes the Quranic punishments are the best for humanity? Put you hands up!" And of course they all do - they can't be seen to disagree with that! after all - that'd be denying the truthfulness of the Quran. Whether they really believe in these punishments or not. But to me the point is that the guy on the podium is the one with the power to mobilise the rest, to shame them, to make them behave the way he wants them to. I'm reminded of that Brigitte Gabriel clip where she says over and over again "The silent majority is irrelevant". It doesn't matter whether they would throw the stones with gusto, or sheepishly - they'd still do it so as not to alienate the boss and the rest of the stone-throwers.
  11. Radio 4 news at 1 STRONGLY implied that this was an attack on Muslims, without quite stating it. "Mosques have been evacuated", Police have surrounded "A building" etc etc.
  12. Egg boy is being widely praised on Facebook and no doubt elsewhere. Apart from those ultra-anticolonialists who hate him and the people promoting him because highlighting him diverts attention from poc's. Ho hum...
  13. Perhaps they'll rediscover the idea that a wall is a good idea after all... Isn't this just the thing that Labour are discovering in places like Tower Hamlets? That "community leaders" rather than "solid Labour leaders" are getting the votes?
  14. Someone mentioned ed Jo Cox / Thomas Mair up thread. Here is a different analysis of Thomas Mair. Where does the idea that he had a lot of pics of Jo Cox in his room come from? According to his brothers he had no interest on politics.
  15. Interesting find. How many mosques are there in Christchurch?
  16. #NotAllEggs This was mentioned on R4 news. Of course, the Senator was a bad guy for reacting...
  17. The Beeb have been describing Darren Osbourne as the man who "Drove into a Mosque in Finsbury Park". I suspect most people now think that's what happened. I think that I'll complain later, when I have some free time.
  18. Someone wondered upthread about where the info came from about Islamist-caused deaths in the last 30 days. I suspect it was from here:
  19. Well, not the one(s?) who said that in his opinion TR was no risk. I gather from the video of TR being asked about New Zealand that a police sergeant claimed that (even though he had been involved in policing EDL events for years) he had no idea who TR was. It'd be interesting to know his name and look at his facebook page to see how often he mentioned TR before this case... TR has made a point of saying how well he and his kids have been treated by the Bedfordshire police, and how badly by the Cambridgeshire police. [I think that's the right way round]. So it's NOT TR vs. ALL Police by any means.
  20. DocH

    Bloody Sunday.

    I thought the big [and unanswered] question is: Were shots fired at the paras before they fired [back]? I thought it was claimed that McGuiness or possibly the other chap was IRA head in that city at the time and may have been involved in firing on the troops (first).
  21. Hiya JackieO, I've missed your posts. Good to see you here again.
  22. In one of the recent Q drops and/or its interpretation, there is speculation that, when arrests are made or deep state actors are accused or there's some really big news, ... that the deep state will try to interfere with the usual means of communication to limit the dissemination of this bad (for the deep state) news as much as is humanly possible. And then, lo, a couple of days late there's some interference in Facebook's means of communicating with its followers. So I see it not so much as cleaning up data as a possible experiment in limiting the spread of Deep State Bad News. Interesting timing at least, I thought.
  23. He does actually mention the possibility in one of his videos. Half jokingly, but still ... he said it.