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  1. Virtually nothing around my neighbourhood tonight compared to the last few weeks of pots and pans, whistles and fireworks. Opposite neighbour hung out of their window rather than grandstanding on the doorstep and counting the clappers. They were the only one on my street. Very strange.
  2. There were two handbags stolen. The first one isn't obvious unless you look closely a number of times @ 0:09, and video is spliced. Scissor hand man drops it down the stairs.
  3. Exactly. It was all a set up.
  4. Anyone else notice the theft of the girls' two handbags? This was classic theft by distraction.
  5. T' is true. They've been getting better every week. Have not listened to LBC for 3 weeks now. Don't listen to or watch so called BBC.
  6. This is a sad tale. Obvs the cat's human is the stupid one
  7. Interesting. Why all the vitriol. Did he upset you?
  8. That's awful. I hope you'll give it some more thought and report it. You might inadvertently be saving someone else's life.
  9. Yes, there is definitely a dumbing down, but it's not through the actual educational system itself. Children are already dumbed down, or are in the process of being dumbed down during their years in primary school - either by lazy parenting, and/or, being subjected to the relentless 'programming' from mainstream television that their parents have on in the background 24 hrs a day, including dross such as Jeremy Kyle, and Good Morning Britain, to name just two, out of the countless number of ridiculous, and mind-numbing pointless shows before they walk out the door in the morning. This is where
  10. Teachers have been told to teach it that way. Many teachers are exasperated by the varieties of ways they are told to teach long division, multiplication, fractions etc, when they would much rather teach the most straight forward and easiest method. But no...it's all about 'diversity of learning styles' for children.
  11. Absolutely shocking that anyone is allowed to teach without the basics in Maths. I fixed the last sentence for you
  12. Afrikaans. Its roots are Dutch and German mixed with English. My mum used to speak 'fanagalo' (pronounced funny galore) which was a mixture of the above with other native tongues - originating within the kitchen as that's where most women spent their time; hence it was called kitchen taal, or language. I'm not well versed in etymology, but language does interest me.
  13. There's another language in which c does not feature. Do you know which one?
  14. I didn't know about the Greek pronunciation - with the hard c sound.
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