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  1. This is a sad tale. Obvs the cat's human is the stupid one
  2. I had a choice of LibConLab and Greens. I used a big black marker saying, 'None' across the names and drew a thick line through the tick boxes. Very liberating
  3. Careful counselling. Followed by non-disclosure agreements. Possibly
  4. That's a rather bleak and depressing picture . I'm sorry that you've had that experience. MP junior is at an Academy too. The OP could also look at the school's Ofsted report to see how they tackle bullying, learn who the Governors are from school website. Arm yourself with knowledge.
  5. Schools do take bullying very seriously, and if they don't then they should. Schools have a duty of care and are obliged to ensure that children are kept free from harm. Read your school's Anti-Bullying policy on their website. Talk to your son/daughter and make notes of when it started happening, particularly, where it happens, who and what is being done to them. Phone and ask to speak to the Head of Year as a matter of urgency. Explain your concerns and request politely but firmly that they report their observations back to you as soon as possible. When they report back and say everything is just fine and dandy; send an email confirming your conversation etc. Now you have your first written evidence that you have reported the matter. If it continues to happen, then go directly to the Head teacher. They definitely don't want the Governor's to become involved. I've been through this process both in primary and secondary and both times it was dealt with robustly, and there are some real low life twats at MP junior's school. And do get into any type of Martial Art. I particularly recommend Taekwondo Good luck!
  6. You may be right. Coincidence?
  7. Interesting. Why all the vitriol. Did he upset you?
  8. I think you're wrong. People want answers, and they want honest and transparent reporting as a whole. They want the truth about what is going on. The camera footage of the man clearly shows that he had, not just one machette, but TWO. So, what the fuck is going on? If there is one thing that epitomizes the state of London, and the UK, in 2019, it is that footage of a 'man' brandishing a machette; the reaction of the girl in the window; and the 'see it, say it, we'll sort it' message; AND everyone jumping in on skin colour on social media. You have to ask yourself what is causing this absolutely shocking, in your face, daily violence. Yes, absolutely, TPTB are bringing this country to its knees, and its citizens with it. I think we have a right to feel angry, and we have right to demand answers, and we also have a right say what we feel the causes are.
  9. That's awful. I hope you'll give it some more thought and report it. You might inadvertently be saving someone else's life.
  10. Yes, there is definitely a dumbing down, but it's not through the actual educational system itself. Children are already dumbed down, or are in the process of being dumbed down during their years in primary school - either by lazy parenting, and/or, being subjected to the relentless 'programming' from mainstream television that their parents have on in the background 24 hrs a day, including dross such as Jeremy Kyle, and Good Morning Britain, to name just two, out of the countless number of ridiculous, and mind-numbing pointless shows before they walk out the door in the morning. This is where the dumbing down begins.
  11. Teachers have been told to teach it that way. Many teachers are exasperated by the varieties of ways they are told to teach long division, multiplication, fractions etc, when they would much rather teach the most straight forward and easiest method. But's all about 'diversity of learning styles' for children.
  12. Absolutely shocking that anyone is allowed to teach without the basics in Maths. I fixed the last sentence for you