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  1. morphic pippin

    Man with 'massive machete' tasered at Tulse Hill tube station, London

    I think you're wrong. People want answers, and they want honest and transparent reporting as a whole. They want the truth about what is going on. The camera footage of the man clearly shows that he had, not just one machette, but TWO. So, what the fuck is going on? If there is one thing that epitomizes the state of London, and the UK, in 2019, it is that footage of a 'man' brandishing a machette; the reaction of the girl in the window; and the 'see it, say it, we'll sort it' message; AND everyone jumping in on skin colour on social media. You have to ask yourself what is causing this absolutely shocking, in your face, daily violence. Yes, absolutely, TPTB are bringing this country to its knees, and its citizens with it. I think we have a right to feel angry, and we have right to demand answers, and we also have a right say what we feel the causes are.
  2. morphic pippin

    Man stabbed on train

    That's awful. I hope you'll give it some more thought and report it. You might inadvertently be saving someone else's life.
  3. morphic pippin

    The big teacher thread

    Yes, there is definitely a dumbing down, but it's not through the actual educational system itself. Children are already dumbed down, or are in the process of being dumbed down during their years in primary school - either by lazy parenting, and/or, being subjected to the relentless 'programming' from mainstream television that their parents have on in the background 24 hrs a day, including dross such as Jeremy Kyle, and Good Morning Britain, to name just two, out of the countless number of ridiculous, and mind-numbing pointless shows before they walk out the door in the morning. This is where the dumbing down begins.
  4. morphic pippin

    The big teacher thread

    Teachers have been told to teach it that way. Many teachers are exasperated by the varieties of ways they are told to teach long division, multiplication, fractions etc, when they would much rather teach the most straight forward and easiest method. But's all about 'diversity of learning styles' for children.
  5. morphic pippin

    The big teacher thread

    Absolutely shocking that anyone is allowed to teach without the basics in Maths. I fixed the last sentence for you
  6. morphic pippin

    Going to the loo in class?

    I reckon it's a bot.
  7. morphic pippin

    Going to the loo in class?

    Disbelievement is not even a word, is it. Meant to say disbelief
  8. morphic pippin

    Going to the loo in class?

    overclockers (General Discussion - Teachers should be respected more by kids) momforums etc
  9. morphic pippin

    Going to the loo in class?

    Same topic on at least four other forums - all by someone called Misslauren. Same responses from those forums as here - disbelievement.
  10. morphic pippin

    Going to the loo in class?

    Seems our Misslauren is taking the piss on other forums too.
  11. morphic pippin

    Going to the loo in class?

    Nail head
  12. morphic pippin

    Going to the loo in class?

    Something almost sadistic even What teacher describes their children in this way? I'm surprised that you have the time as a Year 2 teacher to write on an open forum on the internet about something that will be clearly set out, not by you, but by your school, with regard to toilet breaks for children. You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with suppressing natural urges with young children who don't yet have the bladder control of an older child. "Squirming"; "legs crossed"; "peeing in the car" - what a lovely picture you paint. You, misslauren, should not be allowed anywhere near children.
  13. morphic pippin

    Tube incident

    I can relate to this having lived in the Middle East. Drivers are reckless. Life or death is in the hands of Allah, no matter what my actions. It is 'his will' should I or you die through my carelessness and stupidity. It is a mind set that most people just cannot even begin to comprehend.
  14. morphic pippin

    Gender Neutered

    My cats cornered a poor wee bat with a broken wing this evening. I did my best to stop them tearing it to shreds, or playing with it till it suffered heart failure due to shock. So I guess I was applying my ideology in trying to save the bat.
  15. morphic pippin

    Do you know what I mean?

    Or people who nod affirmatively on every single word you say. I have to stop myself nodding back.